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Check out our line-up of workshops, lectures, and Fall events!
Notes and Updates from Awbury Arboretum
A Farewell to Summer
It was a memorable summer, jam-packed with visitors, volunteers, interns, workshops,
celebrations, and good old-fashioned community-building. We are proud to have reached new
milestones, like harvesting our first honey from the Apiary, mapping nearly 3,000 trees with
GIS, and welcoming 1,000 children and caretakers for environmental field trips.

In addition to our partners` ongoing Micro Farming and Apiary programs, we offered 6 weeks
of field trips and environmental lessons with Summer Field Studies for Children. Volunteers
from PECO, PA Dept. of Environmental Protection, the Garden Club of America`s Philadelphia
Chapter, Arcadia, and LaSalle helped us tackle some big projects, while Garden and Grill
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!"#$ brought community members to the grounds every Friday. We hosted a meeting of
Communities of Learning for Urban Environments and Science (CLUES), and a Gas and
Electric Arts Workshop. The Philadelphia School and West Oak Lane Charter School made
special visits as well.
Did you see Awbury in lights on the PECO Tower this summer? We can thank Jovan, our
LaSalle Communications intern, for that dazzling promotional opportunity. There was a stellar
intern behind every project: four WorkReady high school interns helping with Summer Field
Studies, one horticultural intern assisting our Landscape Manager, and multiple Temple
University graduates making our GIS mapping dreams a reality. We couldn't have done it
without Jovan, Karen, Brandon, Susan, Dan, Jay, Travis, Vera, Andrea, Rafiq, Haussan, and

Events included the annual Neighbor Bring a Neighbor picnic with the Awbury Neighbors
Association, the Board Orientation and Landscape Tour, Charity Jones` Music Days for
preschools, and the Waggle Dance: a new tradition to benefit the Green Sanctuary Community
Apiary at Awbury.

Thank you to all who contributed to our summer of partnerships, new growth, and learning.
Stay in touch: Fall is here and we`re not about to slow down!

Hearth and HorticuIture
Is there a woodworker, horticulturalist, chef, home
decorator, or artist inside you who just needs a little
encouragement? This fall at Awbury, you can discover new
interests and pick up new skills.
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Hearth and Horticulture is a
series of adult and family
programs focused on home,
community, and seasonal
landscapes. Workshops,
tours, and lectures will span
arts, crafts, gardening and
homesteading. Choose from
oil pastels, "Collaborative
Cooking," "Botany of Woodworking," "Gilded Gourds," an
Awbury landscape tour, and "Horticultural History of
Germantown," or take them all!
Receive expert instruction, connect with like-minded folks,
and be inspired by autumn`s changing beauty, all without
leaving the city. Register now: this unique line-up is not to
be missed.
NicoIe Juday on Germantown's
HorticuIturaI History
Did you know that the
Germantown neighborhood
played a significant role in the
development of horticulture both
regionally and nationally?
Philadelphia`s love of plants and
nature has its origins in the 17th century. We`re all part of
a continuing legacy of green space preservation, home
gardening, and environmentalism.
On Sunday November 4th, at 4pm, horticulturist, writer,
and Germantown resident Nicole Juday will present her
lecture, "Forest, to Field, to Flower: The 300 Year
Horticultural History of Germantown." Pre-registration is
strongly suggested. Click here for more information and to

Layers of Change:
HistoricaI Paint AnaIysis

Upcoming Events
AnnuaI RevoIutionary
Germantown FestivaI
Events at historic sites throughout
10/ 6-7
Deep Roots ÌÌ: Days and Nights
on the Farm
Multimedia art installation by
Meei-Ling Ng, farm festival, and
evening light show.
Weavers Way's Mort Brooks
Memorial Farm
1011 East Washington
Lane, 19138
Impressions of Autumn CoIor: A
Workshop for Women
Capture Autumn in oil pastels with
artist Lucretia Robbins.
The Francis Cope House - 1
Awbury Road
$25 - Register Now
Autumn at Awbury Walking Tour
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The students of architectural conservation in the Graduate
Historic Preservation program at the University of
Pennsylvania are currently working on an architectural
archaeology project at the Cope House. The project was
conceived by Professor Catherine Myers, also of Myers
As part of their assignment
for a seminar on the analysis
and conservation of historic
architectural finishes, they
have been tasked with
identifying the original
finishes in the double parlors,
the entrance hall, and
features of the exterior of the
house. They are identifying
the type of paint and the
color originally applied in
those spaces, as well as finishes applied in periods of
Using a combination of approaches, they are currently
analyzing samples in the lab and combing archival records
both at Awbury and elsewhere. They will present their
conclusions on October 17 at UPenn, and complete a
written report describing their findings and offering
recommendations for additional research. Details of the
public presentation are forthcoming.

FaII FieId Studies for ChiIdren!
Fall Field Studies is off
and running, hot on the
heels of our successful
Summer educational
programs. Schools, day
cares, and community
centers can now visit
year-round for seasonal
lessons and field trips. Our varied landscape and
Agricultural Village make the perfect playground for
inquisitive minds and active bodies. Our educators harness
Join Landscape Manager Denis
Lucey for a tour of autumn color in
the city.
Awbury Arboretum
$10 - Register Now
The Botany of Woodworking
with Ernie Seskin & David Hewitt
The Francis Cope House - 1
Awbury Road
$35 - Register Now

Forest, to FieId, to FIower
Lecture by Nicole Juday on The
300 Year Horticultural History of
The Francis Cope House - 1
Awbury Road
Free (Pre-Registration Required)
- Register Now
GiIded Gourds
Create decorative holiday gourds
with artist Kate Joyce.
The Francis Cope House - 1
Awbury Road
$35 - Register Now
Stone Soup: Collaborative
Learn to make delicious and
nutritious soups with chef and
food writer Anna Herman.
The Francis Cope House - 1
Awbury Road
2- 4pm
$30 - Register Now

Questions? Call 215-849-2855

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kids` natural curiosity and use inquiry-based learning to
promote environmental literacy. All lessons are aligned
with PA State academic standards.
Lessons are affordable to encourage repeat visits. We are
forming ties with children and teachers from the
community who are coming to rely on Awbury as a source
of fun, supplementary education.
To register your group,
contact us via phone: 215-
849-2855 x21, or email us
at edprograms@awbury.org.
For more details and a
program brochure, visit our

Edwin JeIIett's Flora of
Germantown Rediscovered

A recent resurgence of
interest in an early 20
century Germantown
horticulturalist has led to
an exciting discovery.
Edwin Jellett was an
expert on Germantown`s
natural history, and a
champion of its historic
public gardens. His
books, Germantown Old
and New: Its Rare and
Notable Plants (1904),
and Germantown
Gardens and Gardeners (1914), can be found in libraries
and digital archives today, but it`s his unpublished work,
The Flora of Germantown, that has sparked excitement at
Re-discovered in the library of the Germantown Historical
Society, The Flora of Germantown is a collection of

AnnuaI Meeting
Nov 4 - 3pm
Not a member, or need to
renew your membership?
Click here to become a
member, or renew!
10128112 WeIcome FaII at Awbury
617 us4.campaIgn-archIve2.com1Zu=b7581d9d98c60e6234c6205b8&Id=7b781c252e&e=
Jellett`s weekly magazine articles. There are 350 pages
embracing Mt. Airy, Chestnut Hill, and Germantown.
We will be mining Jellett`s articles for insights on Awbury`s
unique place among Germantown`s wealth of public
gardens. Remarkably, !"#$%&provides a comprehensive
listing of the "heritage plants of Germantown." We hope to
further characterize and illuminate Awbury`s horticultural
identity as we compare Jellett`s listing with the specimens
found over our 55-acres.

Longwood Graduates Bring
Creativity and Community to

The Longwood
Graduates` Professional
Outreach Project (POP)
at Awbury is well
underway. The students
have already designed
new signs for the
entryways and perimeter
of the arboretum, and signs to improve wayfinding
throughout the grounds.

The University of Delaware Public Horticulture students are
working with us to attract more visitors and increase
community use of our grounds. Awbury is the perfect site
to learn about the value of community outreach for public

Read more about the graduates and their project in this
Delaware Online article: "Native Delaware: Longwood
program helps shape Philly arboretum."
Landscape Manager's Corner
Please notice the missing hedge near the Washington
Lane Train station, opening up a view of the meadow to
train passengers and providing more security for visitors.
G"<H+($I)We're EpIsode 17:
CIIck here to IIsten!
Read about the connectIon
between Awbury's IoundIng
IamIIy and Ouaker quIItIng
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Railroad ties and declining trees
and shrubs have been removed
along Chew Avenue frontage, and
we are awaiting the results of the
Longwood POP project, some of
which will focus on improvements
to the Chew Avenue Entrance. As
summer turns to fall, sugar maples are beginning to "color
up" with yellows and oranges, and black gums are turning
their signature red. -- Denis Lucey, Awbury Landscape
The Mission of the Awbury
Arboretum Association is to
preserve and
interpret Awbury's historic
house and
landscape, thereby
connecting an urban
community with nature and
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