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Pizza Brain Restaurant and Museum Timeline for use in museum displays.

Know your American Pizza History! 1894 – Chicago’s Italian peddlers sell pizza from a washtub at two cents a chew. 1905 – Lombardi’s opens in Manhattan. First American pizzeria. 1910 - Jersey’s first pizzeria, Joe's Tomato Pies, pops up in Trenton. 1925 - Frank Pepe opens his Pizzeria Napoletana in New Haven, originating New Haven style thin-crust and the white clam pie. 1933 - Goodbye Prohibition. Hello Pizza Taverns. 1939 – The D’Amore Family brings pizza to Los Angeles. WWII – American troops in Italy take comfort in pizzerias, and bring home a craving. 1943 – Deep dish is born at Pizzeria Uno in Chicago. 1945 -- Returning soldier Ira Nevin develops the gas-fired Bakers Pride pizza oven. 1948 - Roman Pizza Mix--a prefabricated dough mix--hits supermarket shelves. 1951 - Rose Totino of Minneapolis invents the frozen pizza. 30 years later she sells the patent to Pillsbury for $22M. 1953 - 100,000 U.S. stores sell frozen or refrigerated pizza. 1953 - Dean Martin compares moonlight and amore to a “big pizza pie” in the face. 1954 – Shakey’s Pizza debuts in Sacramento. Goes on to open 500 shops in 20 years. 1958 – A little shop called Pizza Hut opens on Wichita State University campus. 1960 -- 23 year-old Tom Monaghan of Detroit borrows $500 to buy a store and opens delivery chain-pioneer Domino’s Pizza. 1970s -- Pizza delivery becomes a recurring pornographic plot vehicle. 1977 -- “Hiya Tony. Two or three?” John Travolta seen Stayin’ Alive on double-decker slices in Saturday Night Fever. 1977 -- Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre offers families food, entertainment, and an indoor arcade. 1980 - The first known uncooked pizza vendor is Philadelphia’s own Mom's Bake at Home Pizza. 1980s -- Independent pizza makers already on the decline as chains and door-to-door coupons proliferate. 1982 -- Wolfgang Puck introduces super thin crust “designer” pies, popularizing California-style upscale pizza. 1982 - Spicoli orders pizza from his desk at Ridgemont High. 1984 -- Moviegoers learn about a group of pizza delivery boys who start a break dancing team in Delivery Boys. 1984 - The Fat Boys rap about stuffing their faces with “pizza galore.” 1985 - Two Beverly Hills attorneys open California Pizza Kitchen, winning customers with non traditional toppings like BBQ Chicken.

1985 - Carmela Vitale patents the “Pizza Saver,” a plastic, 3-legged stool that protects your pizza from a sagging box. 1987 - A hit TV series and action figure line launch four wise-cracking, pizza obsessed, mutant superheroes to stardom. Turtle Power! 1988 - Julia Roberts comes of age in Mystic Pizza. 1989 - Avoid the Noid! Domino’s advertising creation snags its own computer game. 1990 -- “When pizza's on a bagel, You can eat pizza anytime!” 1991 - Tallahassee restaurateur Lorenzo Amato cooks a 10,000 ft2 pie. 1991 -- A Wisconsin pizza company asks, “What do you want on your tombstone?” 1991 -- Pizza Hut unveils the Bigfoot: 2 square feet of pizza and 3 toppings for $10.99. 1992 -- Wayne’s World sells out to Pizza Hut. 1992 -- Bill Clinton dons an apron at New Haven’s famed Pepe’s Pizzeria. 1990s - “30 minutes or it’s free”: Delivery dominates with the rise of Domino’s, Papa John’s, Little Caesar's, Giordano’s, Godfather’s, and more. 1994 - Total pizza sales in the US exceed $20 billion, claiming 10% of all food sales. American’s are eating 350 slices a second. 1994 - Pizza delivery sales hit record high during O.J. Simpson’s slow speed chase. 1995 - Terry Collins of Pepsico and Thomas Morrell of Wendy’s unleash a new franchise: Papa Murphy’s Take ‘n’ Bake. 1999 - Nationwide cheese shortage sends shockwaves throughout the pizza industry. 2002 - Association of Pizza Delivery Drivers, a new internet-based labor union, is formed. 2004 - German couple Manfred and Loretta Krupka invent Pizza Scissors. 2006 - Midamar Corporation markets kosher and halal frozen pizzas. 2007 - Round Table Pizza introduces mascot the Pizza Knight, “defender of family night.” 2010 – Philadelphia’s first pizza-based art show, Give Pizza Chance opens at Rocket Cat Café to unprecedented response. 2011 -- Congress rules pizza is vegetable. 2011 – Fishtown resident Brian Dwyer claims Guinness World Record for “world’s largest collection of pizza-related items.” 2012 – Pizza Brain opens. World’s first Pizza Museum.  

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