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By Rabbi Richard Gamboa Ben-Eleazar I have the firm belief that angels help enable us to accelerate one of the most urgent and essential to establish world peace: peace among religions. My whole existence in the physical world, all received professional training, I received rabbinical ordination is specifically addressed in this mission; all clerical exercise of my ministry is focused on that task. One of the greatest historical shame that we have people of faith, especially those who belong to the Abrahamic tradition (Jews, Christians and Muslims who make up 65% of the total world population). It is that we have our hands stained with innocent blood. For 3500 years we have killed each other by differences in religious beliefs and practices, and even today this trend is especially prevalent in countries confessional. In the last 2000 years nearly all the wars in the world, have led or supported the Children of Abraham. This is brutally embarrassing! In the name of God, our religion and our sacred texts have directly or indirectly killed more than 500 million people of all nationalities, ethnic groups and religious beliefs just because they do not believe or pray like us. We have destroyed all the temples and shrines built by natural persons, accused of being "dens of demons, altars of idols, witches and sorcerers hideouts children of the Devil." God has put hundreds of thousands of angels as guardians of sacred places all around the world, so when a church, synagogue, mosque, pagoda, maloka (a native American shrine) or any other artificial or natural sanctuary has been destroyed over the centuries by the human hand, we have directly attacked the guardian angels of those churches, and have done that angels shed tears of pain and sadness. When assaults a priest, pastor, rabbi, bishop, imam, grandfather, sheikh, monk, lama, or any other religious leader of any religion and spirituality just because it does not abandon their own religion and submit to our religious beliefs, is also attacking the guardian angels of those religious leaders. The Children of Abraham we have nothing to be proud of. On the contrary, as we have caused death, destruction and injustice around the world and make a permanent penitential exercise continually ask Heavenly Father for forgiveness to use religion as an instrument of conflict, we must vindicate before the Heavenly Father teaching the truth the world that God has nothing to do with religious differences, that He loves all people, that we are His beloved children and that divine love is above any racial, social, religious or national distinction.

We must reverse the current and teach the truth about religions, the truth that we have refused to proclaim for centuries: that no single religion "true" but this has been a selfish and arrogant theological fallacy invented to impose our own religious denomination in the world, as were many centuries under the narcotic sleep time has come to say against humanity that both preach and raised millions die by not embracing our own religious denominations, did not make nor never will be part of God's plan for humanity. The fact that religious leaders have to show the world that as nobody is going to save by being enrolled in a particular religious association and no one will condemn them for not doing so, then we have no other choice other than to work together, support each other's religions each other, value our religious diversities, exchange ceremonies and proclaim together everything that religions have in common1 and as brothers we are, it behooves us to accelerate the world peace by first establishing peace among religions, as said the German theologian Hans Kng: "there will only be peace in the world when there is peace among religions.". For those who still refuse to accept other denominations and religious traditions and persists in imposing their own beliefs as "the only true religion on earth", we must remind the words of Swami Vivekananda in his closing speech to the House of Parliament of Religions in Chicago, IL (United States) on September 27, 1893: Holiness, purity and charity are not the exclusive possessions of any church or religion in the world, and that every religious tradition has produced men and women of the highest character. Given this undeniable evidence, if anybody dreams of the exclusive survival of his own religion and the destruction of others, I pity such a person from the bottom of my heart, and point out that despite early resistance in the standard each religion is written: "Help and not fight," "assimilation and not destruction", "harmony and peace and not discord"2.

Based on the World Scripture compiled by Andrew Wilson in 1991, the religious leaders who participated in interfaith workshops during the International Leadership Conference held in Seoul, Korea, in July 2009, we were able to make comparative readings of the sacred books of all religions old and new in the world ... we discovered that all the Holy Scriptures teach exactly the same spiritual values, ethical and moral by 73%, leaving 27% for the particularities and identities of each religion. That is, the world's religions have much more in common than previously thought. The conclusion that religious ministers arrived workshop participants was as follows: Why do not we stop fighting for that 27% that makes us different, and rather we join in fellowship to work based on that 73% that we in common?

Cited by GONZALEZ, Jess. La misin y responsabilidad de los Embajadores de la Paz [online], [consulted on April 18, 2010], in Internet:

We have to learn and accept with humility! the angels, like the Heavenly Father, have nothing to do with the differences in religious doctrines that human beings and we have imposed that have separated us instead of uniting us as one family under God. The radical, fundamentalist, legalistic religions fight with all his rage and hatred against peace among religions claiming they are doing "syncretism", is to say, being stirring all religions to form a unique cosmic religion. The fear is not of religious people themselves, the fear is of those who hold so selfish and obsessive political and bureaucratic power into religious structures. They are most afraid of Ecumenism3 and Interreligious Peace, because they want to share with others, they do not want live for the sake of humanity, they do not want to be enlightened by the angels ... they do not want world peace unless it is established under their own hand, dominion and authority. In fact the alleged merger of all religions to form a unique cosmic religion never happen, those from the professional Theology we know it! I know that none of us will gladly abandon their own religious identities, and does not need to happen to achieve peace among religions. Diversity unites everyone fraternity without losing its particularities and identity. We have a God who loves diversity! The Holy Quran emphasizes this: "Men! We created you from a male and a female and made you into peoples and tribes that you may know each other4. Alexandra Navarro, creator of Blue Leaf therapy method angelic, stressed the same principle that all have angelologysts statement: "they [the angels] not belong to any religion, are here to help us with anything and give us spiritual peace"5. Meanwhile my teacher, Irish angelologyst Lorna Byrne, teaches to us as following:

Ecumenism is the set of activities and dialogue between Christians of various churches to reach unity. The world is pushing Christians to be unified for once and not further divide among themselves, as the divisions and wars among churches old and new, east and west, historical and evangelical or Pentecostal, is from outside of Christianity as a major scandal and raises more wars in the world ... because of word missionaries preach love, but in practice many Christians wielding banners of war and discrimination among themselves and against non-Christians. This fight must end if Christians really want world peace (one aspect of this global need to be resolved through open and honest dialogue, for many Christians, or distorted by literal readings of the New Testament point of "Antichrist" at all person or initiative that attempts to lead the advancement to establish world peace, thus aggravating the wars and the culture of discrimination existing) and should be humble enough to recognize the presence of God in other religions other than Christianity. It is a challenge that Christians can not overcome alone: they require the help of other world religions.

Korn Al-Huyurt 49:13.

NAVARRO, Alexandra. ngeles in Tierra de ngeles [online], [consulted don June 1st., 2012], in Internet:

The angels are not only found in Christian churches: they are found in synagogues, mosques and all the holy places. The angels dont care what is your religion. They have told me that all religions should be under one roof. Muslims, Jews, Protestants, Hindus, Catholics and people of all other religions should be united. Maybe we seem different, we have different beliefs, but we all have a soul. There is no difference between a Muslim's soul and the soul of a Catholic. If we could see the soul of the other people, we do not kill it because of our different interpretations of God6. My teacher Reverend Sun Myung Moon confirms what Lorna has taught, stating: What is the purpose of religion? Its purpose is to establish God's ideal world. The reason for the effort to bring more people into the religious world is making more and more people become citizens of God's world. If everyone would become citizens of the kingdom of God would have a peaceful world without wars and divisions. In short, the way forward by religions is peace. God created a world of love and peace. Insist that only religion one professes is the way to salvation - thus creating divisions - not what God wants. What he hopes is that everyone in the world to work diligently for peace, reconciliation and coexistence. If there are divisions in the home because someone in the family to church, do not hesitate to say that the first care of the family. Religion is only a means to build a world of God, not an end in itself7. As mentioned above, the radical, fundamentalist, legalistic religions view on Ecumenism and Interreligious Cooperation "dangerous dynamic syncretism" because there are economic and power interests behind these warnings. But angels have been working hard in recent decades to convince humans about the urgency of establishing peace between religions. There are some religious leaders around the world who have been allowed to listen to their guardian angels and have been working, either leading or supporting any ecumenical or interfaith initiative. Many people waited until after the 9-11 tragedy, Christianity and Islam to immerse themselves again in the midst of a religious war of apocalyptic magnitude. Certainly there were Muslim and Christian clerics called on their congregations to war against those who considered themselves "children of Satan", but fortunately the angels pushed so very special hundred religious leaders of Christianity and Islam to come out later to terrorists

BYRNE, Lorna. ngeles en mi cabello. Bogot: Sefir 2009, p. 33. MOON, Sun Myung. A Peace-Loving Global Citizen. Seoul: Gimm-Young Publishers 2009, pp. 290-291.

and strengthen their relationships in different ways to avoid a global religious war. Millions of Christians and Muslims took to the streets holding hands in cities around the world and showed that they were not going to stop manipulating obeying the voices calling for God to kill other people, just because these people were of the belief otherwise. Angels are also doing their best to make the United Nations decreed the creation of an Interfaith Council. The reason why it is urgent to establish a lower chamber in the body composed of representatives from all traditions and denominations is because all aspects of human life are represented in the United Nations except the religious, which has been the driving the foundation of peoples and nations throughout history. What would the nations of the world without the existence of religion? UN is a golem8 that has a physical body (represented by Member States) but has no soul, and therefore have made wrong decisions for the world. Only religions, expert in humanity, have the power and the wisdom to stop wars and convince political leaders to establish situations in their countries jealous respect for human rights, social justice, equity, solidarity and progress without natural resource depletion. In Colombia there is something of an interreligious council as advisory body to the Government on issues of religious freedom, this body could have been a great blessing for Colombians were it not that there are only a few religions represented, especially old religious structures who refuse to recognize the importance of all other religious denominations that do not belong to their jurisdictions, and new other faith traditions and spiritualities, both ancient and emerging. This is not right in the sight of the Heavenly Father because religious freedom and conscience are for all people without distinction. The angels have shown to me that they work together and they procures always the sick of each other: angels of Christianism help to angels of Judaism and they work for the sick of the angels of the Christianism and Islam; angels of Buddhism help to angels of Unificationism and Confucianism, angels of the great religions help to angels of ancestral and emerging spiritualities. Every angels of a faith help to the angel of the another faith and never there is any kind of fight among them because every angels are united in love of God. Therefore religious leaders cannot being discriminating between the "great religions" and many say unfairly as "cults" just because these faiths have doctrines and practices of worship different from the prevailing structure. That is why the angels have been guiding me to organize Interfaith Parliament in Colombia, in which they can speak with a voice all

In Jewish tradition a golem is a mythical creature in human form, made of clay by human hand but has no soul, so as such has no life. Some rabbinic traditions say a golem may have life in his right hand if you write the Hebrew letters Aleph, Mem and Tav (the word emet, meaning "truth"), but if you wanted to kill, it would suffice to erase the Aleph and so would be in his hand the word meth (which means "death").

religious entities that are identified with peace among religions and adhere to such advice, and from which to significantly defend religious freedom and interfaith cooperation as the basis for peace in Colombia and the world. Since 2001, year after year, I have summoned clergy from various churches and denominations to unify us in a common prayer for peace on the occasion of Rosh Hashanah (Hebrew New Year). In Colombia religious structures I have fiercely criticized and condemned "such audacity of syncretism" and have sought repeatedly to boycott the meeting interreligious prayer. During my stay in Korea, Rev. Sun Myung Moon encouraged me to continue promoting this interfaith liturgy. Then Lorna Byrne, both via email and via his Twitter account, I insisted: "You have to keep working for interfaith peace, this work is very important for the world." And then my friend, angels confidant Alixon Medina, showed me a message from the angels that was exactly the same lines. To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Great Interfaith Service (September 2011) in honor of the Hebrew New Year 5772, I called the theater American School of Bogot leaders of 18 religious organizations of all expressions of faith. What happened there that night broke the hearts of hundreds of people of all faiths attending political ideologies. We showed that when we unite around the love of God as when children gather around the love of their parents, the arrogance and triumphalism theological disappeared. We show that if we can unite in a common prayer for God's forgiveness for using religion to attack others and to cry for peace in our country and the world. Jews, Christians of various churches, Muslims, Buddhists, spiritual leaders of the native peoples of Colombia and new traditions of faith and spirituality ... all together around the love of the Heavenly Father. But we were not there, and went far beyond the religious leaders signed a joint statement protesting against all forms of aggression and religious discrimination in our country, pledging to work together to promote a culture of peace ... and sent to the various branches of government Colombian national and various international agencies a copy of that statement. This was an event that had never been seen in the history of Latin America. But the surprises did not stop there. Lorna Byrne has always said he would like to see how the angels are all religions if they were all gathered in one place. After Interfaith Service I sent through her representative Jean Callanan some pics of the interfaith liturgy. This is a sample of them:

When we collect the photographs were taken, we find that absolutely all the photos appeared moved, none became clear. Nobody came out and explained why. Nobody could take a single photo perfectly. Several people approached me to tell me they had felt during the interfaith liturgy energy vibrations so strong and so full of light that had never experienced in their lives. They didn't know why they felt these "power surges" such tremendous... but I did have the answer: the theater was packed with guardian angels of all faiths were represented there, plus the guardian angels of the hundreds of people who attended. That not only manifested through the environment in the school theater, but also that was reflected in the photographs taken that night and the following year's interfaith liturgy.

Religious leaders co-officiants of the Great Interfaith Service for Peace and Freedom. Bogota, August 23, 2012.

God wants to see His children together and not fight over differences between us that nothing will serve when we return to the Father, when we depart to the spiritual world. There are not going to ask whether or not we become a particular religious denomination, but we are going to ask how much we love people who both live in the physical world for the sake of others. Oneself has to be a complete slob antisocial and bloodthirsty as not wanting world peace, and even though this concept sounds like a beauty queen answer, the reality is that the world does not support another war more, much less if it is waged in the name of God or religion. The future of humanity, the welfare of future generations will depend largely on the joint work between the various creeds, as the religious fact is in itself a power that not even the empires political, military or economic possess. Every nation that has risen disregarding the religious feelings of its citizens has fallen. That was the great failure of atheistic communism, which would start from the hearts of the people in the light of Heavenly Father and what finally realized in countries where it imposed was that the religious be strengthened further. I saw it myself in Russia and Cuba, when I listened intently to the testimony of faith of the people I interacted in those nations I visited that confirms what I said. Angels know that peace among the religions require the goodwill of people, religious education inclusive, respectful and fraternal families should begin, hold in the school and consolidate the social and political praxis countries. Campaigns should be promoted and established laws that prohibit discrimination in any of its edges and under any pretext9, and that States must ensure that none of its citizens suffer at the hands of another human being or through another person nor through any social structure of any kind. So for Heavenly Father and the angels, it is essential that the people and their representatives to establish laws that guarantee the preservation of human life and dignity from conception to natural death, the zealous respect for all human rights and so special religious freedoms of conscience and religion, and that these liberties are the true foundation of all other freedoms and rights. If these freedoms are violated, restricted or manipulated, so will the rest of Human Rights. God wants fights between religions for peace to end approaching fast growing nations. The religious leaders must give up their theological arrogance and triumphalism fraternal and learn to work hand in hand with clergy of other faiths and spiritualities in promoting opportunities for love, justice and brotherhood.

In Colombia we have made at this point by Act 1482 of 2011, known as the Anti-Discrimination Act.

My experience with a clergyman of the Presbyterian Church and a pastor of the Mennonite Church, among other brothers of other faiths and non-denominational social sectors, with whom founded the Teusaquillo Territory of Peace Corporation10, is a sample of what they have to do clergy and other spiritual leaders in their respective countries ... an indication that it can be if we learn to listen to the angels and love all people regardless of religion, ethnicity, nationality, gender, ideology, social or economic status. God put His angels to us, not only to help but to join together between Heaven and Earth. We need you to help us angels, but the angels also need our help to do the Father's Will. Learn to listen to the angels, let us advise by them, lets put ourselves under their wings and let's work together, humans and angels, to gladden the heart of the Heavenly Father ... so that when they saw us together helping each other, He can exclaim as the psalm: hinh mah tov umanam shevet achm gam yachad! (Behold how good and pleasant it is for brethren to rest in unity!)11.

Known initially as Permanent Bureau Teusaquillo Territory of Peace and founded in April 2009, the Corporation seeks to be a facilitator space from which to support the efforts of grassroots organizations of civil society to build a culture of sustainable peace through justice comprehensive social and sustainable human development, serving as a bridge between the public and educational institutions to strengthen the public state, in an atmosphere of civility and fellowship. We are the only group in Colombia formed by clergy and civil society representatives working, not eventually but almost daily to promote peace between religions and the spread of the 10 Thematic Axes that should be implemented to establish a fraternal, solidarity and peaceful: 1) coexistence and good treatment, 2) Respect for Fundamental Rights, 3) Peace with the environment, 4) non-violent resolution to conflicts, 5) NO to carry arms and zero homicides, 6) Food guaranteed , 7) negotiated solution to the armed conflict in Colombia, 8) Citizens and authorities under the Uniting for Peace Act, 9) Promoting ownership and 10) Respect for conscientious objection.


Psalm 133:1.