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Ashley L.

3914 Archibald Way Knoxville, TN 37938 OBJECTIVE Cell: (865) 705-2204

Dietetic Internship that utilizes the skills in problem solving, communication and leadership The University of Tennessee, Knoxville Bachelor of Science in Health & Human Sciences May 2013


FOOD & NUTRITION East Tennessee Childrens Hospital Knoxville, TN EXPERIENCE Nutrition Tech/Diet Clerk Apr. 2011- present Prepare infant formulas based on caloric, nutritional, and medical need Assist foodservice staff/administration with various tasks Prepare foods for kitchen and cafeteria when needed Train employees, including other techs on different foodservice tasks Analyze 3-Day menus used in the hospital using Nutritionist Pro Make Nutrition Facts labels for items made for cafeteria Collect selective menus for patients, and review for possible allergies/restrictions Gondolier Italian Restaurant & Pizza Knoxville, TN Waitress, Server Aug. 2009 - present Provide exceptional customer service Established a great working rapport with management, other servers, and kitchen staff Train new employees Manage side work in back of house, such as cleaning and refilling food/drink supply, while maintaining tables on the floor Assist customers questions regarding food, and sometimes, nutrition/nutritional content questions, such as gluten free diets NEAT/Kids in Motion/Kids in the Kitchen Volunteer, Nutritional Educator at YMCA, Halls OTHER EXPERIENCE Knoxville, TN Sept. 2010 - Nov. 2011

Marilyns Model and Talent Management Knoxville, TN Model, Advertiser Sept. 2009 - present as needed Promoted business for companies, such as Hardees and Chevy, during events, including UT football games Halls Cinema 7 Knoxville, TN Usher, Cashier May 2008 - Jan. 2010 Sold tickets in the box office Managed money Assisted in gathering daily totals and summaries Participated in promotional events such as parades and advertisements Trained 3 new employees Prepared popcorn and other foods for consumer consumption Cleaned bathrooms, theaters, and work area when needed

Knox Co. Learning Center Knoxville, TN Peer mentor, volunteer Jan. 2008-May 2009 For both Gibbs High and Central High School Tutored for tests and homework Provided mentoring for those needing encouragement or guidance UT Vet School Volunteer Knoxville, TN Volunteer, 500+ hours Sept. 2005-Oct. 2008 Worked exclusively with large animal dept., shadowing a veterinary technician Learned how to insert an IV into a horse, draw and centrifuge blood, dress wounds, and listen with a stethoscope for heart murmurs Prepped large animals, such as tigers rescued, for surgery Assembled catheter kits, complete with syringes of Lidocaine per request of the vet. tech. Cared for donor horses living there: bathed, walked, fed, etc. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

-Familiar with Microsoft Office software, Nutritionist Pro, NutriCalc Plus

-Two years of Italian, and participated in the Italian Club, UTK Chapter -Working knowledge of Spanish -Member of the KAND since October 2012 -Member of the UNSA from August 2010 to May 2012 and participated in handing out information regarding eating disorders