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PRIORTO HOSPITALIZATION Patient loves to eat meat, fish and vegetables. He eats anything that is being served to him. He does eat junk foods. He is not taking and food supplements frequently. he only eats 4 spoons of rice with viand, according to him due to his cough he now do not have appetite for food. Patient voids 7 times a day, and defecate twice a week. he doesnt experience any pain and difficulty in terms of his urination. when Previously his vitamins




HOSPITALIZATION ANALYSIS The patient is on diet The patient can eat any food he wants as as He small tolerated eats with long as it is dry, thickened, and frothy. It dry, to avoid aspiration. frequent aspiration precaution. should be in a small frequent feeding, as thickened food on a feeding. He is advised to chew food properly.

2. Elimination

The patient does not defecate or urinated during the conduct of the interview.

The patient did not defecate during his entire stay at the hospital due to decreased gastric motility related to decrease physical activity. For most people defecation is a private affair experienced easily only in the comfort of ones own bathroom (Fundamentals of Nursing 5th edition by Taylor, page 975 & 979)

defecation pattern is daily, but condition exacerbated, it is also affected.

3. Exercise

Patient do not involved himself in any exercise activities. His only exercise is when he carries heavy bags and luggages of the passengers.

Deep breathing and coughing are patient decreasing as the performed. exercises and The has function disease advised

4. Hygiene

Patient takes a bath every day, brushes his teeth once a day. he wears slippers while inside their house. he feels that her hygienic practices are adequate, the nature of his job makes him sweat a lot thus making his body smell sometime. Patient is a known-smoker although he denies the use of illicit drugs. He is also a drinker.

progresses. Encourage to practice and maintain hygiene in his hospital stay

5. Substance Use

The patient doesnt use any prohibited like cigarettes is substances alcohol, and illicit drugs. Sleeping pattern to routine

The patient does not use any addictive substances. Illicit drugs are strictly prohibited in the hospital premises, even cigarette smoking and alcohol drinking.

6. Sleep and Rest

He does not have 8 hours of sleep at night. He experiences interruption from sleep due to

also interrupted due hospital