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Hemant Bhatt is an advocate from Valsad,
Gujarat and also practices his family profession of being a trained pandit. He has been writing regularly in the Modern Astrology magazine of Gayatri Devi Vasudev. He has been very enthusiastic about BSPs and drives every month from Gujarat to Mumbai to attend the Saptarishis Astrology Mumbai Club meeting. His undying spirit and extreme hard work in testing techniques out serves as an inspiration to SA Mumbai Club members, the reason is give him a BSP and he would test it on 30 charts in 2 days flat, thats his speed and dedication.

Hemant Bhatt, India.
Technique: Saptarishis Astrology Readership Level: Very Advanced Software Courtesy: Jagannatha HoraVer 7.62 Editor: Dr Arjun Pai


ith obeisance to Lord Ganapati, to beloved Saturn who is the cause of Karma in our lives. We submit this technique at the holy feet of Sage Bhrighu, the founder of Bhrighu astrology, the greatest one who no doubt is most beloved for showing us all that we do not know astrology yet. May he accept and bless this technique. May the ones who follow the rules of Jyotisha Purusha be able to use this technique effectively.

B S P - 27
Sage Bhrighu’s Easy Methodology (Bhrighu Saral Paddathi) 27
BSP- 27 Postulates: i) Saturn implements in the 4th House from itself in the 24th and/0r 48th year. In some cases, the events of 24th year could not be validated as the native’s were unable to recollect the events that panned out in that specific year of their life. In some cases, even at an elderly age of the native it was not possible for them to remember the earlier life events unless and until the native was in their late 30’s / 40’s. At the age of 24 chances of love affairs, some serious relationship and its breakage are also very bright so also job, occupational issues, etc. And at the age of 48 it is common to observe issues relating to the native’s family, children, parents. At this age children are at the pivotal junction of education/career, native has not much time to come out and parents are generally aged. Let us check this on some practical charts. Broader sense is taken to understand the technique. Chart 1- Male: Saturn in 5H DOB: 12-Jan-1954; TOB: 16:15:00 Hrs (+05.30 east); POB: Chikhli, India, 73 E 57, 23 N 26.

a) The Saturn lord of 8H and 9H is posited in 5H with Mars the 6L of service and 4th from there is 8H where Rahu is posited in Capricorn the natural zodiac sign of

karma/occupation. Also 8H is aspected by retro Jupiter the lord of 7H and 10H. Rahu is in Sun Nakshatra. b) Sun is the karaka of government/father, Saturn is karaka of Profession/career and Rahu is the karaka of Aishvarya. 8H also indicates bond of marriage/sex and is the house of sudden gain. c) The native got his permanent government job in 24th year and after a week, he also got engaged. d) 8H is also house of bequeath/inheritance; the native who left the ancestral house when he was 2/12 years of age returned to his village to take care of his father’s house and reside therein permanently. The event happened in his 48th year. Thus the BSP rule of Saturn implementing its energy 4th from itself in the 24th and 48th year works above. Chart 2 - Male: Saturn in 3H DOB: 20-Sept-1935; TOB: 13:35:00 Hrs (+05.30 east); POB: Valsad, India, 72 E 56, 20 N 38.

a) Retro Saturn lord of 2H of income sits in the 3H and 4H from itself is 6H which is our focus house, now the 6H indicates many things, one of them is job. b) At the beginning of his 24th year [Sept 58-Sept 59] the native completed his education and got a permanent job [October-1958]. The job was at a cement factory in a remote place near a jungle. c) 6H is 12th from 7H of business indicating losses in business or closure of business and Rahu [cheating] aspects 6L Venus. 6H indicates disputes and cheating and ones debts from this life or previous life. The karaka of this house is Saturn. Retro Saturn also indicates that others may cheat the native. All this energy is transferred to 6H of loss of business due to that. Now let us analyse the events that panned out as per BSP-27.

d) On 1-Jun-1977 he started his own construction business. His 48th year would be from Sept 1982 to Sept 1983. Around October-1982, just as his 48th year had commenced he was cheated in his business and could not stand-up to loosing face in the society. As a result of this incident he was forced to shut down his business. Chart 3 - Female: Saturn in 9H DOB: 22-Feb-1963; TOB: 11:00:00 Hrs (+05.30 east); POB: Sihor, India, 78 E 07, 25 N 41.

a) The natives family members do not remember what happened in the natives life in the 24th year, so this technique cannot be validated b) The 48th year would be from Feb 2010 to Feb 2011, Saturn sits in the sign Capricorn, the 4th from it would be the 12H of exit and the sign is Aries which indicates Brain in Kalapurusha. Mars (blood/brain) aspects this Saturn (disease/death karaka) who carries his 4th house energy to Aries, incidentally the dasa and antardasa was of Saturn give force to the BSP technique to implement. Doubly Saturn is with Ketu (exit), with Moon the 3L of death and maraka Mercury, thus Saturn will take these all negative energy to the 4th from itself in the 48th year. Incidentally if you use BCP (Bhrighu Chakra Paddathi) in the 48th year the 12H would be active. c) The native dead at 48th year on 7-December-2010 at 15.00 hrs at Indore as per death certificate; the reason recorded by the doctor is brain aneurism; the native was in coma for three days before his death. d) Shri Prabhodh Yagnik in his lecture at Saptarishis Astrology Club Meeting mentioned that see the 3H for death before 48th years and some take it as 60 year that is the half of general accepted longevity of 120 years whereas I have taken 50]. Mars is karaka of blood diseases and aneurism is blood bubble and clot in micro veins in brain (Aries where Saturn’s 4th aspect of 48th year is implementing).

Chart 4 - Male: Saturn in 8H DOB: 04-Sept-1956; TOB: 22:07:00 Hrs (+05.30 east); POB: 72 E 54, 20 N 37.

a) Saturn lord of 10H of profession and 11H of gains is conjunct with Rahu (cheating) in 8H of cheating and 4th there from is 11H of mishaps, enemies and litigations. 11H is a double edged sword as per some as 11H is 6th from 6th and 12th from 12th and considered to be the utmost Maraka. 11H also stands for own sources of income and most importantly loyalty of partner or spouse. In this chart, retro Mars karaka of legal process posits in 11H giving troubles and the native is involved in criminal case in foreign land. Partner betrays him and made him a scape goat [bali ka bakra]. b) The native in his 48th year [Sept 2003 to Sept 2004] from 13-Jan-2004 started losing money and lost both Motels, legal problems started after April 2004. Chart 5 - Male: Saturn in 4H DOB: 20-Dec-1963; TOB: 04:23:00 Hrs (+05.30 east); POB: Jalgoan, India, 76 E 32, 21 N 02.

a) 24thYear: Saturn is lord of 4H and 5H is in 4H and 4th there from is 7H. Saturn is with Moon the 10L of business and Venus the LL and Saturn will transfer all their energy to 7H of business. A powerful raja yoga is formed in the chart. 7H is posited by Aries sign lord Mars is karaka for construction material and the native has started his own business of trading in cement in his 24th year 1987. b) 48th Year: In his 48th year, the residence flat purchased by the native is litigated and the native has still to leave on rent worth Rs. 40000/- per month. c) In 48th year i.e. beginning of the January-2011, native came to know that the builder has constructed illegal stories of floor levels and the entire property is litigated. Government seized the same where he had booked his residential flat. 7H is 4th from 4H also indicated properties (arudha of 4H of property), and its lord Mars is posited in 3H with lord of loss Mercury, Ketu the lord of mishaps and Sun the lord of Government. Chart 6 - Male: Saturn in 1H DOB: 05-Oct-1961; TOB: 12:05:00 Hrs (+05.30 east); POB: Valsad, India, 72 E 56, 20 N 38.

a) Saturn is lord of 2H and 3H is posited in 1H. Saturn as per the above mentioned postulate implements itself in the 4H of this native. The 4H is aspected by 9L Sun. b) In 24th year on 8-December-1984 the native got married and started his Gruhasth Ashrama (home life1) and also started his own profession (Saturn career karaka). 4H is home life, which is 4th from Saturn and 4L aspects 10H of profession where Sun sits who in turn aspects 4H. c) In 48th year (Oct 2008-Oct 2009), the native purchased residential flat outside his birthplace without loan. 4H stands for property as Saturn is in ascendant. The native
1 We

have earlier mentioned about 4H being one of the houses of marriage, it can be traceable in Chandra Kala nadi and for an Indian it is obvious since it is said in hindi ‘Ghar basa lo’ meaning get married, ghar means house, that means starting your home life with your wife. - SA

also sold off his commercial property in the same year. Sale took place in February2009 and flat purchased in July-2009. 4L is Jupiter debilitated in exchange to Saturn and aspected by Mars the karaka of buildings and Moon the natural karaka of properties of zodiac chart. Chart 7 - Male: Saturn in 4H DOB: 14-Aug-1964; TOB: 13:15:00 Hrs (+05.30 east); POB: Mumbai, India, 72 E 50, 18 N 58.

a) The event of 24th year was not remembered by the native, so we cannot confirm the same. b) 48th Year would be from Aug 2011 to Aug 2012. Saturn sits in 4H and implements its 4 th aspect energy into the 7H of business and business partners so some events in business can happen in the 48th year, the native reported that he had to face losses in his business due to betrayal by his business partner. c) 5H is children, its lord Jupiter sits in the 7H where our focus house (4 th from Saturn) is there. So some event can be anticipated in the life of the son in the 48 th year of our native. This 7L goes in the 8H of disappointments with the 6L of separation and disgrace conjoined with Rahu, his son’s marriage engagement was broken [December2011] in the 48th year and he was somewhat humiliated in society. Readers are advised to rigorously test this technique of BSP Saturn implements in the 4th House from itself in the 24th and/0r 48th year. Please share your finding with us by sending your mail to

SA Editor


t is important to mention here a significant point that has been missed by Vedic astrologers in general and which we have repeated earlier. No planet is 100 % good or bad, though it has been the norm of our ancient writers to label it that either way. Each planet will give good and bad results depending on various influencing factors. Some of them are mentioned below. Let’s assume in the 24th year of a native’s life he is going through Jupiter dasa and transit aspect of a functional benefic Jupiter on the natal Saturn, then there could be propensity of a good event. Let’s assume in the 48th year the natal Saturn is being aspected by a malefic Rahu in transit and Ketus dasa is running then can be propensity to give malefic events. Also Saturn is karaka of Karma, from 24th to 48th year the native has done many evil deeds and thus the bad karma has added up then in the 48th year during aspect of a malefic transit bad results will manifest. More important than transit, more important than dasa, more important than BSP is Yog (yoga), the Yog will tell which year what event will manifest, unfortunately not a single astrologer has worked on Yogs in a comprehensive manner hence we all students of astrology are lost. Yog will dominate above all factors.

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