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Power Point - An Introduction PowerPoint is a programme, which allows us, to prepare s lide presentation having text, pictures, tables,

charts, audio and video. We can prepare presentations on different topics, record them and use in a lecture. PowerPoint allows us to write text in different styles ( font & size), Make it Bold, Italics or Underline. It also allows putting picture from its libr ary or by drawing of your own. We can write title in a variety of ways. We can h ave different types of animation. STARTING POWERPOINT: The PowerPoint is started in the same way as you start e very application in MS-OFFICE i.e. from the programs menu, click at the desired program to start PowerPoint, you need to follow these steps. 1. Click the start button in the lower-left corner. 2. On the start menu, position the insertion point on programs and click Mi crosoft PowerPoint. (See fig 1.1)

PowerPoint Window: When you start PowerPoint widow may look like the one shown in Fig (1.2)

PowerPoint is a Microsoft presentation program and like any other MS Window prog ram, it has got all the standard window elements namely Control Menu, Title Bar, Window Resizing button, Menu Bar, Tool Bar, etc. Menu Bar Like any other MS Windows program, PowerPoint Menu has menu opti ons namely File, Edit, View, Insert, Format, Tool, Slide Show, Window and Help. Standard Toolbar Like any other MS Window Application, PowerPoint too has a Stand ard toolbar for performing command like New, Open, Save, Copy, Paste, Undo. Apar t from the above-mentioned commands, PowerPoint has tools for e-mail, to insert hyperlinks, and the most commonly required PowerPoint commands like insert new s lide, slide layout, slide background etc. Formatting Toolbar Formatting Toolbar of PowerPoint has fonts, font size, font styl e, apart from regular font style it has got one more style that is text shadow, aligning buttons, tool for animation, etc. What All can you create in PowerPoint: You can create quite many useful things in PowerPoint. PowerPoint can let you create any or all of the following: On-screen presentations

You can use all of the PowerPoint special effects and features to make an onlin e presentation exciting and complete. You can use such things as slide transitio ns, timings, movies, sounds, animation and hyperlinks. After you decide that you are going to use a computer to give your presentation, you have many options on how to deliver it. Web pages for web use You can broadcast a presentation, including video and audio, over the Web; in th at case, your slides become web pages used for broadcasting purpose. You can use broadcasting for a company meeting, presenting to remote groups, or holding a t eam meeting whose participants are at several different locations. Overhead transparencies You can create a presentation that uses overhead transparencies by printing your slides as black-and-white or colour transparencies. You can design these slides in either landscape or portrait orientation. Colour and Black and White printouts You can design your presentation so that it looks great both on the screen in co lour and when printed in grayscale or pure black and white on a laser printer. 35mm slides A service bureau can transform your electronic slides into 35mm slides which ca n be used for quite interesting purposes. Notes, handouts and outlines To support your presentation, you can give your audience handouts-smaller versio ns of your slides that are printed two, three or six slides to a page .You can a lso print your speaker notes for the audience. As you are working on a presentation, you can print your outline , including slide titles and main points. Summary ? MS PowerPoint is a programme, which allows preparing slide presentation having text, pictures, tables, charts, audio and video. ? PowerPoint is used to prepare presentation on different topics, record t hem and use in a lecture. ? MS PowerPoint can be started by clicking at following steps: Start ? Programs ? Microsoft PowerPoint. ? PowerPoint can let you create any or all of the following: On- Screen presentation, Web pages for web use, overhead transparencies, colour & black and white printouts, 35mm slides. ? The slide components that are used for reference are: Handouts, Notes, Outlines. OBJECTIVE TYPE: 1. MS PowerPoint is a programme, which allows us to prepare slide presentat ion having ____________________. 2. To start PowerPoint what all steps we follow - _________________. 3. You can create a presentation that uses _______________ by printing your slides as colour or black & white transparencies.