A Guide to the University Library for International Students Welcome to your University Library!

How the Library works To enter the library you will need your student card, which is also your library card. This also contains your account ID which you will need for logging onto the University computers. How to find things When searching for information the best place to start is by using the Library Search Engine ‘Find it at Lincoln’. This can be accessed from the main library page (http://library.lincoln.ac.uk/) You will be able to find a number of print and electronic resources. Just try typing a key word of the subject area you are searching for and the results will be displayed. Remember that you will need to make a note of the numbers and the letters of the print items (e.g.658.hor) to find the items on the shelves. Taking items out of the library You can borrow: • 16 items (full-time and part-time undergraduates) • 20 items (postgraduates) Online: To renew an item online log on the ‘My Account’ section of the Library Catalogue using your account ID and PIN. In the summary of your account, click on ‘Items out’ and tick the box next to the item you wish to renew. Finally, click the ‘Renew’ button at the top of the list. By phone: 01522 88 6222 In person: At the main desk of the library. If an item is requested it cannot be renewed! Help with finding information If you are struggling to find items in the library any of the library staff will be pleased to help you. If you need more in depth help on finding information there are a number of options open to you: Your Business Librarian Daren Mansfield and Martin You do not have to pay to borrow items but each item will have its own loan period. These times range from 24 hour loans to normal 2 week loans and will appear on the spine of the item. It is important to return or renew books by the date stamped otherwise you will incur fines! You can renew books in a number of ways:

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Osborne are your business librarians. For help using the library resources or any other issue that crops up, contact them at businesslibrarian@lincoln.ac.uk Workshops We run workshops throughout the year on a range of topics Including finding information, essay writing, referencing and other study skills. You do not have to book, just come along and learn. Further details are available on the learning development library pages: http://library.lincoln.ac.uk/home/learn ing-development/ 1-to-1 Learning Development Drop In Sessions No need to book an appointment, come to the Learning Development room on the ground floor of the Library at the following times: Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday 10:00 – 12:00 14:00 – 16:00 13:00 – 16:00 10:00 – 12:00

The Business Librarian Blog is useful for tips and advice from videos, news and information: Businesslibrarian.blogs.lincoln.ac.uk Help with studying Maths and Stats (MASH) Drop In Sessions Please contact MASH with any queries: mash@lincoln.ac.uk MASH is a drop-in support service, here to help students with Mathematical and Statistical worries The English Language Centre (ELC) provides a wide range of support for international students. Our services are designed to help students learn and improve in all areas of their English language and academic study skills. For more information please contact the ELC on 01522 886425 or email englishlanguage@lincoln.ac.uk

Wednesday 11:00 – 13:00

Daren Mansfield occupies a slot on Mondays from 10 – 11am, and Martin Osborne has a slot on Thursday from 1 – 2pm Business Librarian Drop In Sessions Every Wednesday morning 9.30 – 11.30 on the ground floor of the Business and Law building.


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