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Project Fine Art features some of the best local artists in the Fort Lauderdale, Miami and South

Florida region. Each artist has their own unique style and background, creating a broad spectrum of work in our gallery shows and online exhibition. Each month, a handful of our artists are featured in our physical art gallery space, located in Fort Lauderdale. If you are interested in purchasing a piece of art, you can come to our art gallery and see some of these works in person, or view all of them online and order directly from the website. From avant-garde multi-media to realist oil paintings, Project Fine Art offers artwork that will satisfy any art lovers taste buds.

Brian Buzzella

My work depicts sporadic moments of progression and understanding; acknowledging the internal struggle with incessant thought and the engagement one has with the idea of living entirely within the present moment, absent from both past and future weight."

Eddie Mendieta
Originally from Union City, New Jersey, Eduardo Mendieta has been living in West Palm Beach, FL for the last 20 years. Starting at a young age he was interested in graffiti and the fine arts. Now at the age of 37 he is showing in various locations throughout South Florida, and being featured in publications such as XS Magazine, City Link Magazine, Palm Beach Times, FreePress Magazine, and Closer Magazine throughout the years of 1997 to 2002. While also being selected to participate in the 1999 Hortt Exhibition, Museum of Art in Fort Lauderdale. Eduardo is currently working as a graphic designer, and after an eight year interim has finally returned to his artwork.

Within the last two years his work has been displayed all throughout South Florida in such areas including Palm Beach International Airport as part of the Palm Beach County Arts in Public Places Program; Jan & Gary Dario Gallery, Palm Beach State College; STUDIO 1608, West Palm Beach, part of Right Here Right Now SPRING GROUP SHOW; GAB Studio, Miami Art District, Group Show; Area 23 Art Gallery, Miami Art District, 20x20, Group Show; Art Nouveau, Group Show; Art Heart, Group Show; Gallery 101, Fort Lauderdale, Group Show, JF Gallery, West Palm Beach, Group Show and Lois Brezinski Gallery, West Palm Beach, FL.

Jessie Trinchard

Jessie Trinchard was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. She has lived and attended schools in San Francisco, Ca, Houston, TX, New Orleans, LA, and Miami, FL. Every location has had some sort of influence on her work and technique. She now resides in Miami, Florida. She first started experimenting with spray painting in 2007 while living in Houston, Texas.

All her work is done with spray paint, lace, fabrics, stencils, and various objects used as stencils. Her main influence being textile design. She's been showing her work since 2009 - both solo and group exhibitions in New Orleans and South Florida. Other than painting, she does photography, graphic design, and modeling.

Jose E Lopez

Jose E. Lopez grew up in South Florida and lived in a home where art was well accepted. It was a place where creativity and imagination was always celebrated. Being a part of such an environment has inspired him to pursue his passion for art within the graphic design world, leading him to earn a Bachelors of Fine Arts in graphic design.

His style and many of his inspirations stem from Dadaism, Expressionism, Constructivism and Mid-century illustration and design. In addition, graphic artists Ryan and Don Clark, Stefan Sagmeister, Shephard Fairey, Jim Flora, Paul Rand, and others have and continue to inspire him. Each has had a tremendous influence on how he views and creates well-made and thoughtful visuals through his work. Jose's work has been included in various art exhibits and has been displayed in the Museum of Art | For Lauderdale for their "Be Inspired" exhibit. Currently, Jose Lopez runs and owns his own graphic design business in Fort Lauderdale called Freedom Art Inc. Jose is also the creator, producer, and curator for his art exhibition series project in South Florida called For Art's Sake! He has the fervent desire to enhance the growing art culture in South Florida, specifically in the Fort Lauderdale area. He also sits on the Museum of Art | Fort Lauderdale's steering committee, "All Together Now"

Richard Vergez

Richard Vergez is a Cuban-American visual/sound artist based in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. He employs manual techniques such as tape splicing and photomontage to create minimal and abstract contemporary works, with a style firmly rooted in the AvantGarde. His visual work makes great use of white space and abstract structures, using mixed medias such as collage, printmaking, found objects, and unconventional mark making.

He studied graphic design at FAU and is well-versed in creating commercial art as well, ranging from magazines to album covers. Richard records and performs under the name Drowning the Virgin Silence, a musical project which explores electro-acoustic and post-industrial music through the use of prepared tapes and manipulated sound. His most recent concentration is scoring for modern dance as part of the Psychic Youth Inc. collective. Richard's visual work has been featured at the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood as well as numerous blogs and international publications such as PluzUltra from Argentina and Mekanik Copulaire from France. His musical collaborations with choreographer Ana Mendez and the Psychic Youth collective have been presented at the Adrienne Arsht Center, Miami Art Museum, and the De La Cruz Collection.

shannon jackson is a self-taught photographer from south Florida who draws from life experience and emotions in her conceptual self portraits. mixing images and writing, she explores ideas including but not limited to identity, emotion, body image and perceptions. she takes an intuitive approach to composition and lighting and uses a variety of scenes in her creations. as an artist, she challenges the viewer to think beyond the surface.

Shannon Jackson

jackson has been involved in almost every form of the arts since she was a child, dabbling in violin, singing, theater, painting, stained-glass and many others but photography and writing has always been fundamental. she considers herself a 'creative artist with a camera' when it comes to her selfportrait work. she is the subject and the artist, both creating emotive pieces that portray raw passion and depth.

Trevor Chavers
Trevor was born in Pascagula, Mississippi in 1968 and began drawing at age 1. He grew up in Florida, Colorado, California [Carmel], and Hawaii [Maui]. Trevor now lives in Hypoluxo, Florida. He started painting seriously in Maui in 1990 and has had shows in numerous galleries in Lahaina.

Trevor is completely selftaught. His early influences include: John Pietre, M.C. Escher, Salavdaor Dali, Robert Lynn Nelson. His hobbies include surfing, skateboarding, fishing & hanging out with his son.

L. M. Gardner
L.M.Gardner is a visual artist currently residing in Miami, Florida. Born in Pasadena, California to Antiguan immigrants, her eclectic heritage plays a role in inspiring new works which explore personal history, human states, and the interconnectivity of people. An avid traveller, she has visited and lived in several cities including New York, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Berlin, Paris, London, Brussels, and Amsterdam; each new location informing her collection of work.

Drawing upon a love for the human form, and a deep appreciation for literature and text, her paintings are a unique blend of found writings and carefully rendered imagery. In a process guided by serendipity and intuition, she fabricates new narratives from the remnants of discarded discourse, and places within them the representations of individuals, both lost and found. A B.F.A. graduate of New World School of the Arts in Miami, FL, L.M.Gardner has exhibited at the Kampong Botanical Gardens, Arte Americas Latin American Art Convention, as well as the Cisneros Foundation for the Arts.

Born and raised in northern West Virginia, Nikki Rotunda was inspired to photograph the Appalachian wilderness at a very young age. In 2009, Rotunda received her bachelor of arts in art history from West Virginia University. A deep appreciation for the arts led her explorations of several visual art mediums, but photography broadened her horizons most. Rotunda made the move to Miami after becoming intriged by the city's stark contrast to her childhood home. Her core fascination with photography is its ability to make a private moment public, as well as finding the connections between people and the places they inhabit.

Nikki Rotunda

Paul Morris

Since the first time Paul Morris picked up a camera in the 1970's he was inspired by early masters of the craft such as Weston and Stieglitz to create finely crafted, dynamic photographs that captivate the viewer. Paul is compelled to create images just for fun and actively produces personal fine art imagery for print shows and sale. He continues to explore new avenues of photographic creativity, shooting remote locales in Britain, Europe and China as well as The Great Smoky Mountains, Florida's Everglades and other American treasures closer to home.

In today's world of contemporary art photography Paul is pushing the boundaries of the medium by combining classic techniques of photographic traditional with advanced technologies to create one-of-a-kind works of art for a new century.

We will be open October 27 during Fat Village Art walk in Fort Lauderdale from 7-11pm. Make sure to stop by the Project Fine Art gallery and see featured work by a collection of our artists. We are always looking to showcase new artists in our space. Feel free to send us some samples of your work along with a few words about yourself!

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