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Why has there been a revival of community-based crafts in recent years?

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Abstract A highly skilled work which is produced by any individual in forms of small scale goods manually using traditional techniques is defined as crafts. Craft is generally referred as historical term and it came in to existence to the world during Medieval Ages. Earlier it was primarily used to describe the products which were produced by textiles, clay, glass, metal and wood (Adamson, 2009). Community based crafts in recent years have been revived wherein the people who are not aware of the artistic works are helped by the professional artists, designers, and craftsman in creating an art. This engagement of professional artists or craftsman with the people who dont know about artistic work is defined as community based crafts. In recent years, the rural and urban people together started to recognize the talent, art and culture of the tribes people.

Literature Review Before the beginning of the 19th century the crafts industry and their importance was on the good situation but as the increase in technology and mass production their crafts and their talent started to decline by the people. The modern technology made attention of the human to the new beautiful and technology made products with fine design. This created a crisis for the people from rural areas who were engaged in the crafts and design. But soon traditional community based occupations struggle to survive in the industrially based economics. This new technology in the beginning of the 19th century became bigger at the starting of the year 19th century. This led to the rural craftsman and designers in to a new standard of living, working and advocated the reform at each aspect.

Social Development in Villages Before 19th centuries, every work that relates to design and crafts was done in the villages and so villages are known for producing of the crafts and design using wood, clay and textiles. In the villages the people, who were involve in crafts and design never know how to convert their talent and skills in to the right business than can affect to the crafts and design industry. These rural people need help and advice from the experts and firms in manufacturing so that crafts and design products can be manufactured according to the customer needs.

Environmental Issues Environmental issue is always a concern of the people in the world for a long time. Some countries like USA, UK have already taken initiatives in order to reduce the development of the products that harm to the environment but some countries like India, environmental issues are too high but some initiatives have been taken for improvement. There is need of finding out the substitute of plastics for the craftsman and designers in huge numbers. For example, use of jute bags instead of plastic bags is a substitute of plastic bags.

To Increase the Awareness In earlier time, crafts and design were considered as hobby for the people in rural areas as they did it for their own enjoy and time pass. But few of the people, who were well versed in crafts and design, took it as their living profession but also they set up this profession in to a small scale enterprise. These small enterprises started to give employment to the people as well who were good in arts and design. In order to ensure that the crafts and design products can be reached to across the world, there is need of reviving the artists work. Through, establishing of the associations, guilds, and education awareness, the craftsmen and designers can be together.

To Act as Substitute Products

Some of the handicrafts like Jute bags, and fibre bags can be used as the substitute of the plastic bags for the so that environmental should not be harm and can easily be disposal. The green environment in the world is seemed to be a primary requirement, because of increasing the danger of plastic bags as it causes position in to the environment. Therefore, some of the governments in countries like USA , UK and Canada are forcefully allowing to the craftsmen and designers to use the substitute for the plastic bags. In this scenario, the existence of the community based crafts is quite reasonable. Handicrafts are considered as the biggest saver of the green environment and most popular community based crafts across the entire world (Kaplan and Wendy 1937). Product Development Product development is the process of any field which takes places over the time continuously but after some time it becomes stagnant. Similarly, in the crafts and design field, this also happens. In earlier days the craftsmen and designers only focus on developing artistic work based on their choice but at the technology based world it is not true now. Because of this craftsmen and designer focused on the development of the goods or products based on the tastes of the customers and also according to the requirement of the business perspective. This business demand and requirement of the people and the work on craftsmen and designers increase, so in order to that community based crafts manufacturing was revived.

Establishing Small Scale Organizations The most important part of the community based crafts is to establish the small scale organizations so that the people in the rural areas can show their talent and skills across the world and can earn their living expenses. There are several people who start their crafts and design business in the village but end up in doing nothing. In order to socialize these people and to show their skills across the world so that these people in the rural areas can do something based on their talent and skills. It is recommended that small scale organizations establishment is very necessary in the area of crafts and artist field to ensure that every craftsmen and artists get employed.

Conclusion In the recent years, it has been now a necessity of revival of community based crafts for various reasons. In order to increase to showcase or to tell the world of the

crafts and products of the talented people and their skills, or to expand the crafts and arts market, establishing the small scale organizations, to provide the employment for the people, it is most important now to revive the community based crafts because it can only be achieved through it.

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