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WALTHERSON IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION MONTHLY MEETING November Meeting & Annual Elections When: November 7th, 2012 @ 7:45 PM Where: Harbel 5807 Harford Rd

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November 2012

Bottles Cans and Paper Every Tuesday! Trash every Thursday! Bulk Trash (Call 311 to schedule)

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The Walthersonian
Next Meeting:

November 2012

Our next meeting will be held at Harbel @ 5807 Harford Rd at 7:45 PM on November 7th. We will be having our annual elections of the Waltherson Board and we will have guests attending to speak about a potential new restaurant they wish to open at the old Blockbuster building at 5501 Harford Rd.

President’s Letter
Hello, Thanks to all who came out to the Pot Luck, it was great to see the new faces and I hope to see you all at our November meeting. We have our annual elections at that meeting which is very important for our neighborhood. Please vote in the national & state elections on November 6th and vote for your community representatives on November 7th. Thanks Ronnie Lesperance

Individuals running for Officer Positions President: Ron Lesperance 1st Vice President: Helene Quinn 2nd Vice President: Frank Williams Treasurer: Francis Beane Secretary: Tavon Braxton Member-at-large: Lisa Hom Parliamentarian: Paul McCartney Sergeant At Arms: Sue Kessel IN AND AROUND WALTHERSON Note about Styrofoam Recycling
If you want to recycle Styrofoam but cannot make it to the sanitation yard, Waltherson member Louise Harmony has offered to drop it off. Please get in touch with Robert Walshe at a meeting or by e-mailing us at if you are interested. Please be patient, we will reply to e-mail towards the end of the month. You can also leave a message for us on Facebook or tweet us @WalthersonAssoc. Note: CHECK THE BOTTOM OF THE STYROFOAM CONTAINER FOR A NUMBER 6. Only number 6 items are accepted. No peanuts or packing material.


The Walthersonian
Upcoming Neighborhood Events:

November 2012

NOVEMBER  2nd – First Friday Art Crawl: Art openings at Hamilton Gallery, 5502 Harford; Studio 55, 5529 Harford; Charmed Life Studio, 4505 Harford; Hamilton Arts Collective, 5440 Harford  2nd – HLMS celebrates the Transformative Art Project thanks to PNC & BOPA. The party starts at the Green Onion, 5500 Harford Road at 6 PM and then moves to the Tuesday Market site at 4500 Harford Road at 7:30 PM.  6th, US National Election, please vote  7th, Waltherson Community Meeting 7:45 PM @ Harbel & Annual Elections DECEMBER  5th, Waltherson Community Meeting 7:45 PM @ Harbel  7th - First Friday Art Crawl: Art openings at Hamilton Gallery, 5502 Harford; Studio 55, 5529 Harford; Charmed Life Studio, 4505 Harford; Hamilton Arts Collective,  8th – Holidays on Harford – see for details. JANUARY  4th - First Friday Art Crawl: Art openings at Hamilton Gallery, 5502 Harford; Studio 55, 5529 Harford; Charmed Life Studio, 4505 Harford; Hamilton Arts Collective,

*Please check with businesses for details of their events

Biddison Family Cemetary: Fall Clean-up
Some Waltherson Members in conjunction with the Catholic Brotherhood helped do a fantastic cleanup of the Biddison Cemetery in October. Great Job everyone!


The Walthersonian

November 2012

Start the next wave of small businesses in right here in Waltherson!
The old Hamilton volunteer firehouse located in the northwest corner of our neighborhood in Waltherson was purchased by Hamilton-Lauraville mainstreet to be a springboard for new small businesses in our area but they need help renovating the building. Small businesses are the lifeblood of a community. They define a neighborhood’s character, provide a gathering place for neighbors and locals, and drive economic activity. Main streets and their businesses are an asset that all of us share and enjoy. Starting a new business is hard work though, with a lot of challenges and risks. It takes serious motivation, experience and a can-do attitude to survive. And, sometimes, a little help from your friends. Since 2008, Hamilton-Lauraville Main Street has been a friend to small businesses along Baltimore’s Harford Road corridor—businesses like Touloulou Artisan Pizza, which was recently named a Baltimore Best! “Without Hamilton-Lauraville Main Street, I would not have had the opportunity to open my business,” attests owner Shawn Lagergren. HLMS is building a new business incubator space so the next Shawn Lagergren can bring great services, amenities and character to the neighborhood. The former Volunteer Firehouse will be a springboard for the next wave of small businesses bringing economic and cultural vitality to the neighborhood. HLMS will use the space to help owners get started and provide them with business mentorship before moving them to a permanent space in the neighborhood. Let's help local entrepreneurs get established and thrive in Baltimore!
How can you help?

HLMS has the space, now they need our help to renovate it! Your gift will fund the renovations to the interior and exterior of the building so that it can become a retail incubator, providing new locally owned businesses with a first home.

The Connector Fall Edition is out
Hamilton Lauraville Mainstreets newspaper is out, a few articles written by great Waltherson neighbors can be found inside. You can find it at your favorite local business on Harford Rd or on the web here at under the Connector Paper link.


The Walthersonian

November 2012

Comprehensive Real Estate and Economic Development Assessment of the Belair Road Corridor

As many of you may remember the Urban Land Institute (ULI) created a Technical Assistance Panel (TAP) of experts in the engineering, development, landscaping, architectural and real estate industries to evaluate the Belair Road commercial corridor. They recommended that the first step in redeveloping the corridor was to initiate a market study or a Comprehensive Real Estate and Economic Development Assessment of the Belair Road corridor. The members of the TAP made it clear that developers would not seriously consider investing in the corridor until such a study was performed. Since the issuance of the TAP report, an ad hoc group of representatives from the Baltimore Development Corporation, HARBEL, Belair Edison Neighborhoods, Inc., the Gardenville Belair Road Business Association, the Greater Baltimore Committee, the Baltimore City Department of Planning, the Baltimore County Department of Planning, and the Urban Land Institute have been meeting to ensure this first step was accomplished. Largely through the efforts of 2nd District Councilman Brandon Scott, Kristen Mitchell of the Baltimore Development Corporation, Cathy Kratovil of the Gardenville Belair Road Business Association, and Naomi Benyowitz the Executive Director of HARBEL, HARBEL is now offering a Request For Proposal (RFP) that asks qualified firms and organizations to:        Evaluate the current health of the business environment Determine the potential for retail, office, entertainment, institutional, housing, and mixed-use development Identify appropriate niche markets Specify the intensity and scale of uses for redevelopment Identify areas best suited for redevelopment opportunities in the near-term, mid-term and longterm, using the framework for nodes and opportunity sites laid out in the ULI tap report Evaluate the community perception of the retail environment through a consumer-intercept survey Explore existing public incentives that may facilitate economic development potential

This is great news, and it is the first step in revitalizing the Belair Road Commercial Corridor. You can view the RFP at: *Thanks to Mike Hilliard and Harbel for providing the information


The Walthersonian

November 2012

2012 PR ESID EN T IA L g en er a l ELEC T IO N Baltimore City Board of Elections
417 E. Fayette Street Room 129 Baltimore, Maryland 21202 Office: 410-396-5550 Fax: 410-962-8747

7:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Presidential General Election Early Voting

Saturday, October 27-Thursday, November 1 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

*Sunday Hours:

12:00 Noon-6:00 p.m.


Edmondson-Westside High School # 400 501 Athol Ave. (Rear of Building) Baltimore, Maryland 21229
The League for People with Disabilities 1111 E. Coldspring Lane Baltimore, Maryland 21239

St. Brigid’s Parish Center 900 S. East Ave. Baltimore, Maryland 21224
Public Safety Training Center 3500 W. Northern Pkwy. Baltimore, Maryland 21215

Maritime Industries Academy School #431 5001 Sinclair Lane (Rear) Enter on Truesdale Ave. Baltimore, Maryland 21206
Armstead B. Crawley Jones, Sr., Election Director


The Walthersonian
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November 2012

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