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Rush Limbaugh is one of most well known and famous disinformation experts around. His talk radio show, despite his recent controversies, circulate all across America. Rush has a First Amendment to show his views, even if I disagree with them. Hence, I totally reject the Fairness Doctrine, because it’s about censoring the airwaves (and it’s a blatant violation of the Freedom of Speech or the First Amendment). On his show, he uses profanity, suggestive innuendo, and other indecent topics. He did an interview with “Playboy Magazine.“ Rush Limbaugh claims to be a conservative, but did an interview in a magazine controlled by the pro-Alfred Kinsey puppet Hugh Hefner. He’s a tool of the grand ‘ole boy Republican network. He praised Janet Reno for her role in the Waco massacre of innocent men, women, and children (who were Branch Davidians) by the Feds. Attorney Jack Thompson accused Janet Reno of being a repeat drunk driver. Limbaugh’s an ultimate traitor to real Patriots by classifying the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and the Skulls and Bones as legitimate and holy groups. The Bohemian Grove to him is about wholesome male bounding fun, which is a great lie.

The truth is that the Bohemian Grove incorporates wicked, occult rituals. During

the Cremation of Care ceremony (in the redwoods of Northern California near a 15ft. owl statue), a mock human sacrifice is performed along with the worship of the owl statue [this has been captured on videotape by Alex Jones. I don‘t agree with Jones on every issue though. The owl represent wisdom and it was an old logo of the Bavarian Illuminati]. Minvera or the Goddess of Wisdom is a famous representation of the owl. Mainstream news reports found that prostitutes of both sexes service the members of the Grove. How sick and both Bushes, Nixon, Reagan, Eisenhower, Jimmy Carter, Cheney, were or are members of the occult Bohemian Grove. Rush’s proclamations during the Bush Jr. term seemed like a Democrat is President. Rush rightfully exposes Bill Clinton as anti-American, but he views Bush and his Republican cronies as almost divine. Actually, the leadership of the Democrats. and the G.O.P. are working together to form the N.W.O. Only a few authentic liberty loving Democrats. and G.O.P. members are around in Congress and politics. Rush hates the Conspiracy truth. In other words, he denies that a conspiracy exists in the world that promotes the creation of the new world order or global government. Conspiracies have been with us all throughout time and even mentioned in the Holy Bible (Ezekiel 22:25-28, Jeremiah 11:9-10, and Psalms 2:1-4). David Rockefeller, George H. W. Bush, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, and others have all called for the new world order. President Franklin Roosevelt on November, 21, 1933 even wrote a letter to Col. Edward House, President Woodrow Wilson’s chief advisor, saying:
“The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the larger centers has owned the government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson.”

David Rockefeller’s chapter “Proud Internationalist” in his book MEMOIRS (2002) has conclusive evidence on this issue. This is where Rockefeller begins by referring to the CFR, of which he was chairman for 15 years, and then admitting that he’s apart of a secret cabal wanting to create an one world. The quote from his Memoirs book is found here: "For more than a century ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents such as my encounter with Castro to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it." -SOURCE: David Rockefeller, from his own book, Memoirs.

Even Richard Nixon revealed in his book called THE REAL WAR (from 1980) that: “the nation’s immediate problem is that while the common man fights America’s wars, the intellectual elite sets its agenda. Today, whether the West lives or dies is in the hands of its new power elite: those who set the terms of public debate, who manipulate the symbols, who decide whether nations or leaders will be depicted on 100 million television sets as ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ This power elite sets the limits of the possible for Presidents and Congress. It molds the impressions that move the nation, or that mire it.” Rush Limbaugh is a coward for hanging up on callers who talks about the CFR, the new world order, EU, etc. Rush supports NAFTA, GATT, and the WTO, which are all globalization creations. These unfair trade deals have depleted our manufacturing jobs and contributed to our economic woes now in 2009. Rush during the 1990’s supported the Mexican peso bailout (with pressure from the CFR member Alan Greenspan and CFR member plus Bohemian Grover Newt Gingrich), which has done damage to the Mexican economy. Therefore, prominent players admitted that elite people want to create the new world order in a conspiracy-like fashion. Rush Limbaugh is a hypocrite, because in his September 24, 1997 broadcast, he said that hidden forces outside of Washington were advancing NAFTA. That tells me that Limbaugh is spewing disinformation. The Destruction of the Bill of Rights by Patriot Act I, our Economic woes, the ascendance of Big Brother, the spread of Homeland Ssecurity in every sector of our lives, and the Iraq War are adored by him. He even ascribed to the torture of Iraqi prisoners (some children) at Abu Ghraib prison [around October 2003],

which is sick. He called it a “fraternity prank” and “blowing off steam.” These acts against the Iraqi people instead were intentional and premeditated acts even allowing a dog to bite a man causing him to bleed profusely. These Iraqi prisoners were also sexually assaulted by a few criminal military officials. Seymour Hersh, who is a NY Times reporter, divulged that these war criminals from the Pentagon knew of this in January, but never responded publicly until months afterwards. Rush Limbaugh is a notorious racist speaking racist quotes for 30+ years on air. These are some: “….As a young broadcaster in the 1970s, Limbaugh once told a black caller: "Take that bone out of your nose and call me back." A decade ago, after becoming nationally syndicated, he mused on the air: "Have you ever noticed how all composite pictures of wanted criminals resemble Jesse Jackson?" In 1992, on his now-defunct TV show, Limbaugh expressed his ire when Spike Lee urged that black schoolchildren get off from school to see his film Malcolm X: "Spike, if you're going to do that, let's complete the education experience. You should tell them that they should loot the theater, and then blow it up on their way out." In a similar vein, here is Limbaugh's mocking take on the NAACP, a group with a ninety-year commitment to nonviolence: "The NAACP should have riot rehearsal. They should get a liquor store and practice robberies." When Carol Moseley-Braun (D-IL) was in the U.S. Senate, the first black woman ever elected to that body, Limbaugh would play the "Movin' On Up" theme song from TV's "Jeffersons" when he mentioned her. Limbaugh sometimes still uses mock dialect -- substituting "ax" for "ask"-- when discussing black leaders. Such quotes and antics -- many compiled by Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR) for our 1995 book -- offer a whiff of Limbaugh's racial sensibility. So does his claim that racism in America "is fueled primarily by the rantings and ravings" of people like Jesse Jackson. Or his ugly reference two years ago to the father of Madonna's first child, a Latino, as "a gang-member type guy" -- an individual with no gang background. In 1994, Limbaugh mocked St. Louis for building a rail line to East St. Louis "where nobody goes." East St. Louis is home to roughly 40,000 residents -- 98 percent of whom are African-Americans. One of its 40,000 "nobodies" is star NFL linebacker Bryan Cox. Once, in response to a caller arguing that black people need to be heard, Limbaugh responded: "They are 12 percent of the population. Who the hell cares?" That's not an unusual response for a talk radio host playing to an audience of "angry white males." It may not play so well among National

Football League players, 70 percent of whom are African American.” (From Limbaugh: A Color Man Who Has A Problem With Color? by Jeff Cohen and Steve Rendall on June 7, 2000)

Even recently (from years back), Limbaugh got into hot water [while on ESPN] over his utterances on the black quarterback Donovan McNabb from the Philadelphia Eagles who played at 2 NFC Championships, voted unto Probowls, he was a 1st Round draft pick, and is a great athlete. You can’t talk about Rush without discussing his drug scandal. Back in 1998, Limbaugh seeked that people selling drugs are to be “convicted and they ought to sent up.” So, he wants them to go to prison, but in 2004; he admitted use of oxycottin (an illegal drug for non-prescript users). His former house keeper [Wilma Cline] was

utilized as a supplier. Cline said that Limbaugh’s lawyers gave her $80,000 in what he owe to her plus another $120,000 to ask her to destroy the computer that contained any Email records.

Now, Rush ironically surmises a conspiracy of his enemies trying to get him. Roy Black his new lawyer. Black asserts that the West Palm Beach state attorney’s agents seized his medical records, which violated Limbaugh’s privacy (contrary to the 4th Amendment). According to the great Al Martin, Roy Black is one of the 6 major Republican attorneys in South Florida, a former CIA counsel, and even defended Carlos Lehder (the Colombian drug cartel leader). In the 1980’s, Roy Black retained counsel of record of the Dade County Latin American Chamber of Commerce and the Dade Country Latin American Republican Club. [which Jeb Bush chaired and controlled by the CIA in the 1980s plus Jeb Bush played a prominent role in Iran Contra mischief making] Clear Channel, with ties to Bush, even objected to the investigation more than Roy Black. Rush is a hypocrite for desiring drug offenders to go to prison, yet when he’s accused of illegal drug use; he doesn’t want to go that route. I don’t think he deserves prison time despite his hypocrisy. Black denies that Rush laundered money and purchased drugs from other parties which are lies. Limbaugh should be held accountable for the illegal drugs though. Rush supported John McCain’s President campaign reluctantly. McCain lost and Barack Obama is elected President. Rush Limbaugh in 2009 said that he wishes Barack Obama to fail. The reality is that I don’t agree with Obama on every issue, but even I don’t want America to fail. I agree with Barack Obama that Gitmo should be closed and we should ban torture more explicitly in our laws. I disagree with Barack Obama mostly on his radical pro-abortion views. Rush Limbaugh manifests decreased impact over the years, but he is still a neo-con threat to liberty. Limbaugh is a wolf in sheep’s clothing promoting the unconstitutional, undeclared war in Iraq. He’s a phony conservative. Rush Limbaugh spoke at the CPAC conference about opposing the Democrats. Yet, he won’t talk much about the real issues from the martial law threat, warrantless wiretapping, the illegal strikes in Pakistan, and international bankers seeking a global banking system (to control our money). You can make the case that Rush Limbaugh is apart of the Hegelan Dialetic of political pundits arguing with each other in order to faciliate more compromise in America. Rush advances the new world order/globalism agenda that his socalled “enemies” support. I have to thank God that I’m not one of his DittoHeads. Sean Hannity is a follower of Rush Limbaugh. Teno Groppi is a conservative Constitutionalist that has exposed Rush Limbaugh for years.

By Timothy (aka TruthSeeker24)

October 14, 2004 12:35 pm. EST Edited: January 22, 2009

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