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Fly over Construction

Name: Emmanuel Oruero Student ID 15954111 Course: MSc. PM

Executive summary In recent years there have been serious traffic congestion experienced in the city of Warri. To tackle this problem and ease traffic congestion, the construction of a fly over bridge has been approved by the delta government of Nigeria. Though this will cause a minimum traffic disruption, the project team has identified a temporary alternate route which has been planned to make ready within two weeks of the fly over project start receiving final approval for its design and layout. Hence, at the end of the project a well constructed fly over bridge that will ease the congestion experienced by the good people of Warri in recent years will be presented to the public for trial and feedback by the 6th month mandated by the delta state government due to the upcoming international summit in Warri

Background of Fly over Project The project was conceived due to the traffic congestion experienced in the city of Warri that has prevent the free flow of traffic there casing undue hardship on the populace who find it so difficult to get to their destinations on time. Just as the saying goes time is money, hence many has lost their livelihood due to not meeting up with time. Others have been given query, and in some cases outright sack from their places of work. The government has also lost revenue in the form of taxes. Hence, the objective of this project is to construct a fly over bridge to ease congestion, to identify a temporary alternate route for commuters, complete all construction activities by the 5th month, conduct infrastructure clean up, finishing & painting by week 2 of the 5th month, open fry over for trial in week 3 of the 6th month and finally placing entry & exit signs in week 4 of 6th month. Moreover, the objective of this project is to apply the techniques and concepts of the week 2 of module 2 to the construction of the fly over project ((University of Liverpool/Laureate Online Education, 2012, p. 1)

Fly Over Objective

To design & construct fly over in the city of Warri to ease traffic congestion before the upcoming international summit and to construct a temporary alternate route for commuters and to ensure commuters & workers safety at site.

SOW Table 1: Tasks, Resources & Tasks Duration TASK Ground breaking Design Site preparation Foundation Pillar construction Segment casting Super construction Segment erection Procurement of mixer, bull dozer, truck, roller & crane Traffic diversion RESOURCE Dicson (civil) Thomas (electrical), dicson (civil), dave (mechanical), ese ( architect) Dicson (civil) Dicson (civil), Thomas (electrical) Dave (mech) Vic (mech) Efe (civil contractor) Ese (mech) Ozezi (site supervisor) Smith (site supervisor) DURATION 5 days 30 days 15 days 10 days 25 days 22 days 15 days 12 days 25 days 14 days


Fly over Project

Ground breaking segment casting Segment erection


site preparation foundation Pillars erection

super construction request for proposal select contractor perform work




Figure 1: WBS of Fly over project

Methodology The different stages in the life cycle of a project were considered namely, planning, monitoring & control, execution & closing (Sanghera, 2010, p. 11). And in creating the project management plan several approaches were taken namely, collect requirement process, define scope process & create WBS process. Hence with these the project team was able to define activity for project schedule, determine project duration, estimate cost, plan quality, plan procurement, identify risks & determine budget ( Sanghera, 2010, p. 102). The Adaptive Project Framework PLMC model was chosen due to elaboration processes experienced on similar projects undertaken previously (Wysocki, 2009, pp. 414, 415). Also, the 3-point technique was used for tasks duration estimates (Wysocki, 2009, pp. 151, 152).

Resources Table 2: Required Resources Resource Architectures Civil Engineers Electrical Engineers Mechanical Engineers Unskilled Workers Quantity 7 7 5 5 50 daily Amount ($) 420000 420000 250000 250000 120000

Site Supervisors Cement Bricks Steel Rods Stones Sand Metal Sheets Cement mixer Bull dozer Trucks Rollers Crane Total

5 1000 200000 1000 50 trips 100 trips 100 5 4 6 4 2

360000 150000 200000 25000 15000 10000 1000 500 400 600 400 500 1845400

Factors Influencing Resource Choice (University of Liverpool/Laureate Online Education, 2012, p. 4)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

The type of project Project goals & objective Performing organization Activity resource requirement Stakeholder requirement Organization process assets Enterprise environmental factors

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