Tarile din fereastra 10/40 Date statistice: 2/3 din populatia globului traieste in aceasta zona. 90 % din oamenii care traiesc aici sunt neevanghelizati. Multi dintre ei nu au auzit Vestea Buna nici macar o data. 85 % dintre cei care locuiesc aici sunt cei mai saraci de pe glob. Religiile predominante sunt: islamismul, budismul si hinduismul.

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General info : - is situated in Southern Asia bordering the Bay of Bengal, between Burma and India. Etymologically, the word Bangladesh is derived from the cognate VANGA, which literally means wetland - Population : 144,319,628 (July 2005 est.) - Capital Dhaka 10,979,000.  Languages: - Bangla (official, also known as Bengali), English  Labor force - by occupation: - agriculture 63%, industry 11%, services 26%  Unemployment rate: - 40% (includes underemployment) (2004 est.) - Musulmani 85.63% - Hindusi 12.38% - Crestini 0.72% - Budisti 0.62% - Traditionali etnici 0.57% - nereligiosi/altii 0.08% Pentru multi ani Banglades a fost considerata cea mai saraca tara din lume. ( For many years Bangladesh was rated the poorest county in the world . )

Banglades este tara cu cea mai mare densitate de populatie. Aici traiesc peste 144 milioane de oameni intr-o tara nu mai mare decat statul Wisconsin(5.5 milioane ). (Bangladesh has one of the highest density rates in the world. There are currently 144 million Bangladeshis living in a country no bigger than the state of Wisconsin. ) The use of intimidation and violence in order to remove occupants or covert minorities to their religion. The use of gang rape as weapon to intimidate and force migration of minorities. Murder, assault, battery, destruction of homes, churches, temples, and businesses. Lack of police protection and corruption in general. [Note: Bangladesh was rated as the most corrupt nation in the world by the IMF]. We need to pray for the persecution to be removed against the helpless & persecuted. Islamists focused their energies on three main agendas. 1) The conversion of non-Muslims to Islam. 2) The push for “Land Grab” had non-Muslims having to leave their land and thereby leave Bangladesh. 3) The marginalizing of nonMuslims within Bangladesh society.

Motive de rugaciune :
1) Sa ne rugam ca sa continue cresterea Bisericii si ca Duhul Sfant sa patrunda adanc in vietile oamenilor. Pray that the church growth will continue and that the Holy Spirit would move deeper in peoples lives. Peste 230 de milioane de bengali ( grup etnic ) traiesc in diferite tari ale lumii. De departe ei sunt cei mai neevanghelizati oameni de pe glob si cei mai multi traiesc in Banglades si India . Sa ne rugam ca mult mai multi bengali o sa aiba oportunitatea sa auda Evanghelia.

Over 230 million Bengali people live around the world. They are by far the largest unreached people group in the world and most live in Bangladesh and India. Pray that many more Bengali would have an opportunity to hear about the gospel . 2) Sa ne rugam pentru crestinii care sufera multe dezavantaje si persecutie. Christians suffer many disadvantages and persecution . 3) Sa ne rugam pentru abilitatea Bisericii de a lucra cu oamenii in nevoile lor psihice si emotionale, cat si spirituale. Pray for the ability of the church to minister to people in their physical and emotional needs, as well as spiritually. 4) Sa ne rugam pentru pace si stabilitate in Banglades. Pray for peace and stability in Bangladesh. 5) Mai mult de jumatate din populatie nu stiu sa citeasca. Sa ne rugam pentru acesti oameni sa aiba posibilitatea sa auda Evanghelia prin Radio , filmul Isus sau pri alte mijloace media. Over half the population cannot read. Pray that these people will be able to hear the gospel through radio, the JESUS film and other media . Surse: Operation World, Joshua Project, CIA-The World Factbook

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