1) Jan. 19-23, 2011: $597.52, Education Learning Briefing in San Francisco.

What is the Education Learning briefing and why did the Chief Superintendent go?

This is an Educational Leadership Briefing hosted by Apple which brings together the nation's top education visionaries to discuss/learn about using technology in the classroom. Chief Superintendent was invited to attend. The CBE has established ambitious goals that center on student success and providing students with relevant, personalized learning experiences. Digital technology is a key lever we are harnessing to help achieve this goal. Approximately 50% of our CBE computers used by students and teachers are Apple computers. Apple's presence in the education sector is a reflection of a longterm commitment the company has made to education. The company has also demonstrated an interest in sharing information about its education strategy and to ensure that it is responsive to those jurisdictions and schools that are viewed as shaping the future of education. This executive briefing meeting was offered by Apple to a small number of educational and system leaders who have been recognized for their visionary leadership and action in the transformation of education in Canada. This meeting provided an opportunity for CBE (as well as a small number of School Superintendent's and accompanying system leaders from other provinces) with the means to learning about Apple's education and product strategy as well as a forum to discuss the various perspectives on the future of teaching, learning and technology. This open exchange of ideas and the sharing of information has contributed substantially to our ability to effectively plan for the future and has also been instrumental in ensuring a key vendor is aware of what our priorities are how they might better contribute to the accomplishment of our goals related to students and learning.


Aug. 9, 2011: $525 to Perry Thompson Photography (from Pcard statement). What is this for?

This is a sitting fee for Chief Superintendent Johnson to have formal photographs taken for various CBE periodicals, website, etc.


Sept. 9, 2011: $997.50 for Paypal 21 Century 4029357733 (from Pcard statement). What is this?

This is the conference fee for the Canadian Framework for 21st Century Learning & Innovation Conference Chief Superintendent Johnson attended February 15-16, 2012. The forum invites 50 educational leaders from across Canada with a focus on designing a 21st century learning framework

pertinent to the Canadian realty. It involves creating conditions for student success, identifying and promoting teaching and learning practices that are in alignment with the 21st century.

4) Nov. 19-27, 2011: $4,151 for France and Spain trip. I understand from the piece posted on the CBE website (http://www.cbe.ab.ca/new/spotlights11-12/122111-visit-to-spain.asp) the trip was to sign an MOU. I’m wondering what else was done on this trip, and whether it was justified, given the expense.

The MOU signing was an extremely important event as it has given the CBE the ability to provide partnering opportunities to our French immersion schools. This has provided students with opportunities for authentic communication in the language they have been intensively studying for most of their school lives. Of course the actual signing the MOU was only a small part of the time there. The week was packed with school visits and meetings with government officials to plan next steps. As a consequence of this official visit, all of our high school immersion programs are planning their first reciprocal exchange program that will be beginning this year. In addition, several of our middle and elementary schools have begun active virtual partnerships that will provide some excellent interactive virtual projects for our younger French immersion learners. This last summer also thanks to the MOU, 18 French teachers spent one month studying French language and culture in Besançon. Each one successfully challenged the DELF exam at the end of the course. The DELF is a language credential that is recognized worldwide.

5) Feb. 24-29, 2012: $3,422.71 for Canada’s Outstanding Principal Awards in Toronto. The hotel bill is $1,822. I wonder why the Chief Superintendent went for five nights?

During this time Chief Superintendent Johnson used the opportunity of being in Toronto to meet with Directors from the Learning Partnership, she met with the Deputy Director for the Toronto District School Board, the Deputy Minister of Alberta, and attended the Canada's Outstanding Principal Awards reception. One night's accommodation and meals were for personal use and Chief Superintendent Johnson reimbursed the CBE.

6) March 28-30, 2012: $1,787.90 to Pearson Education Idea Centre Tour in Arizona. I’m wondering why the Chief Superintendent went on this trip and what did she do there.

Chief Superintendent Johnson was invited by Pearson Education to visit their Idea centre and meet with senior executives from Pearson . This was an opportunity to better understand their vision and what is driving the development of new digital learning resources and see the new generation of resources that are underdevelopment as well as they underlying digital infrastructure that provides enhances access and management of these resources. The focus was on innovation and assessing the opportunity for there to be strategic and mutually beneficial collaboration between Pearson and the CBE. This trip was an outcome of our ongoing work with Pearson on the development and implementation of the provincial Collaborative Online Resource Environment (which is built using digital resource management technology developed by Pearson and acquired by CBE through the RFP process). Pearson has come to understand the strategic emphasis CBE places on supporting innovation within the jurisdiction and also the manner in which CBE establishes ethical and mutually beneficial relationships with organizations that share a commitment to improving student success. This trip provided the Chief Superintendent with a tour the Pearson Idea Centre and the opportunity to gain first-hand experience and insight into one of the most distinctive means by which Pearson initiates and fosters innovation within its organization. It also provided an opportunity for Pearson to share its strategies and emerging products and for the CBE to detail its priorities, interests and perspectives. This has resulted in a constructive relationship with Pearson that has kept the CBE informed of new developments and provided a better understanding of what lies ahead in relation to digital infrastructure and resources for learning. It has also enabled Pearson to understand how the CBE sees the future of teaching and learning and to better align its work within the CBE.

7) Dec. 12, 2011: $432.30 for a Priority Pass. This appears to be a membership to gain entry to VIP airport lounges. I’m wondering what level of membership this is, and why the Chief Superintendent needs it.

This is a membership for entry into VIP airport lounges and was intended to provide a quiet place to work and relax while the Chief Superintendent is travelling on business. Chief Superintendent Johnson has seldom used this membership and as a result, it has been cancelled.

8) Over the two year period, there are a series of bills to restaurants. Below is the list. I’m wondering what these were for. I’m not looking for an explanation for each one of things, just a general idea. I am interested in a few more details about two: the $1,122.99 at Alloy Restaurant from Feb. 13, 2012, and the June 2012 at Murietta’s for $542.55.

The $1,122.99 (Alloy) was a year end recognition event and a retirement recognition for superintendents team and their spouses. There were 14 people in attendance.

The $542.55 (Murietta's) was a dinner with external executives (5) and internal CBE staff (5).

January 13, 2011: 341.90, Bonterra Restaurant in Calgary. Supper Meeting/Internal

Sept. 9: $173.30, Bonterra Restaurant. Lunch Meeting/External

March 23, 2011: $47.48, Chop Chinook, Calgary Lunch Meeting/External

March 30, 2011: $101.35, Blink Restaurant. Lunch Meeting/Internal

March 31, 2011: $50.15, Teatro Calgary. Lunch Meeting/Internal

June 28, 2011: $194.58, Teatro Calgary Year-end employee recognition/Internal

Dec. 27: $181.18, Bonterra Restaurant. Holiday Reception/Internal

Jan. 3: $63.40, Bonterra Restaurant. Lunch meeting - Internal

Feb. 13: $1,122.99, Alloy Restaurants. See above

June, 2012: $542.55, Murrieta’s Bar and Grill, Calgary. See above

June 18, 2012: $154.13, Bonterras Restaurant. Employee Recognition/Internal

June 28, 2012: $311.19, Petite Bistro, Calgary. Year-end employee recognition /Internal

June 29, 2012: $316.11, Bonterra Restaurant. Employee Recognition/Internal

June 29, 2012: $142.49, Borgo Trattoria Borg, Calgary Employee Recognition /Internal

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