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Crawford College

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Principal’s Signature: Received Copies of Parent’s ID Copies of Student’s Birth Certificate/ID Copies of Reports Registration Booklet Source Family/Sibling Local Area Word of Mouth Reputation Gr 1, Gr 8 Internal Referral Advertising Other Marketing Street Pole Ads Newspapers Website Events & Exhibitions WEEKLY Estate Agents Relocation/ Contract Have not seen Other

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% (011) 914-5192 (N001175)

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Details of Parents / Guardians
Parent / Guardian 1 1. Marital Status 2. Relationship to Applicant Marital Status

Parent / Guardian 2

Crawford College

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Please submit the following with this application form:
1. Copies of the applicants 3 most recent reports 2. A recent passport sized photograph 3. A copy of the applicants ID or Birth Certifcate 4. Copies of both Parents/Guardians IDs 5. A non refundable Application Fee of R700 6. Deposit 7. Foreign Nationals: Work/Study Permit 8. Lurits Number if previously registered in a school in SA. PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY Preferred Name

3. Title & Surname 4. First Name(s)
ID/Passport No. ID/Passport No.

5. Identity Document Nationality 6. Residential Address Code Code

Applicant Details
1. First Name(s) 2. Surname 3. Date of Birth Y Y Y Y M M D D

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7. Postal Address Code 8. Occupation Code

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8. Applicant Cell No. 10. Starting Date Y Y Y Y M M D D

11, 12 and 13 required by the Department of Education

9. Business / Employer 10. Home Tel. Whi Other Business Tel. Cell. Fax E-Mail
Name Name

11. Religion

12. Race Classification Father


Col Mother


13. Please indicate with an X if either of the applicants’ biological parents is deceased. 14. Previous Education School / Institution Tel: Tel: Tel: 15. Achievements

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11. Alternate Contact Person


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Tel No.

12. Old Crawfordian





13. Correspondence Addressed to:- Indicate with an X General 16. Health Medication Disabilities Documentation Attached 17. Siblings Name YES NO School Grade
Full Name of Applicant

Residential Address 1 Residential Address 1 Residential Address 1

Postal Address 1 Postal Address 1 Postal Address 1

Residential Address 2 Residential Address 2 Residential Address 2

Postal Address 2 Postal Address 2 Postal Address 2

Other Other Other

Reports Accounts

X both 1 and 2 if separate copies should be sent to both parties I / We the Parents / Legal Guardians of:-

hereby apply for his / her admission to Crawford Schools. I/We confirm that the information contained in this application is complete and accurate. Should this application be successful:I / We acknowledge and accept that a securing deposit as per school policy, will be required on completion of the “Rules and Conditions for Admission to Crawford Schools.” This deposit will be repaid free of interest when the student leaves Crawford on written request, provided that no outstanding fees or other outstanding amounts are due. If no such request is received within 12 months of leaving, the deposit will be transferred into the Uthongathi Trust Account to aid deserving students to attend Crawford. I / We agree that Crawford Schools acceptance of this application is conditional on my/our timeous completion of the “Rules and Conditions of Admission to Crawford Schools” documentation, including but not limited to the Code of Conduct, Indemnity Form(s) and Conditions of Admission. Parent/ Guardian 1 Signature

18,19 and 20 apply to applicant not living at home during school terms

18. Term Address

19. Local Contact Person 20. Telephone No.

Code 21. Immigrant YES Y Y NO Y Y M M D D
(22 and 23 only apply if YES)

Date Date Date

Parent/ Guardian 2 Signature Applicant Signature

22. Date of Entry into SA.

23. Country of Origin