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WHAT ARE ELECTRONIC THESES AND DISSERTATION (ETDS)? Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs) are Masters theses and PhD dissertations submitted, archived, organized into a digital library and made accessible electronically via networks such as the internet. THE CASE FOR CREATION ELECTRONIC THESES AND DISSERTATION (ETDS) IN CUEA The purpose of thesis writing is to provide an experience in scholarship, which give students understanding how new knowledge is acquired and communicated within the chosen field. However at present in Kenya like in other developing countries there are some lacunas in publication, control and access to theses information. The Kenyan thesis literature is beset with many problems like lack of systematic acquisition, lack of access, uncertain publication practice, and enormous growth in the number of theses etc. Production of ETDs presents the following benefits

Enhances discovery and access to local academic output. Traditional methods of archiving and storing theses and dissertations are inefficient and unwieldy for access purposes. Many theses and dissertations lay gathering dust in university libraries with no efficient way for researchers to locate the information that may be contained in them. Allows authors to be read by a larger audience, and perhaps, if their research is especially significant, allow them to achieve early recognition in their field. Highlights the intellectual contribution of the universities in the country, gives trends in research in each area, gives trends in productivity of local researchers, helps in determining ones research area, avoids duplication in research work, and promotes resource sharing. Will result in a more efficient and less costly process for the researcher in terms of the cost and time involved in making multiple paperbound copies ETDs save students and libraries money (no binding costs or shelf space), increase readership, and introduce students to electronic publishing. With free, electronic access, authors will enjoy a substantial increase in exposure of their work. Greater availability of the research will result in a broader dissemination of their ideas and could contribute to a growing reputation. ETDs can accelerate the scientific research level of the country, increase visibility and improve communication among researchers. Advantages for users around the world will include free, remote access to a searchable database of abstracts and free, remote access to the full text of the theses themselves. By having a digital version accessible online, and readily searchable, it greatly enhances the researchers visibility.