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DMDW II-mid questions

1. What is cluster analysis? What are the variouys types of dat in cluster analysis? 2. Discuss about mode based clustering methods? What are the categories of major clustering methods explain? 3. Discuss about density based clustering methods in detail? And 4. Explain about grid based methods? And also explain semi-supervised analysis? 5. Explain k-means and k-mediods algorithms? and explain about outlier analysis?

1. Explain about mining of data streams? And what are the charactaristics of social networks? 2. What is sequential pattern mining explain? And briefly discuss about scalable methods for mining sequential patterns? 3. Explain periodicity analysis? Give brief note on tuple id propagation? 4. Explain the following methods for mining frequent subgraphs i. Apriori based approach ii. Pattern- growth approach 5. Define multirelational classification? And also explain the classification with ILP?

1. 2. 3. 4. What is multidimensional data analysis? Discuss about genaralization of structured data? Explain the construction and mining of object cubes? What is multimedia database? Explain mining of multimedia database? Explain the following i. Latent semantic indexing (LSI) ii. Probabilistic Latent semantic indexing (PLSI) iii. Locality preserving indexing (LPI) 5. Describe web usage mining? Briefly discuss about generalization of structured data?

1. Discuss in detail the applic ation of data mining for financial data analysis? 2. Write a note on i. Statistical data mining ii. Visual and audio data mining 3. Discuss social imoacts of data mining systems? 4. Discuss the application of data mining in business or retail industry? 5. Discuss in detail applications of data mining for biomedical and DNA data analysis and telecommunication industry?