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The activity of Marculesti Marcules international free airport i 2011 i t ti lf i t in 2011

Free International Airport Marculesti is dislocated on the territory of the former military base (MiG(MiG29) at a distance of: 100 km Romania (EU) Roma 45 km Ukraine raine
6 km Floresti city; ity; 28 km Balti city; 150 km Chisinau city; ity; 1 km the railway net ; 1 km the fuel base with a capacity 14 000 tons; 2 km the refrigerator with the capacity of 1 500 tons.


Created to accelerate the development of air transports, aeronautical and logistics services, industrial production oriented to export, foreign commercial activity
(Law of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova 178-XVI dated July 10, 2008) 178-

Total surface 266 ha: airport territory (206 ha) & development territory (60 ha).

206 ha

60 ha

the regime of contingency and licensing at the import and export of goods (services) shall not be applied; applied; exemptions from customs duties; duties; VAT tax rate to zero; zero; exemptions from excise duties. duties.

favorable geographical location/crosswords E &A/ absence of an analogical object in the region; in regio staff, staff, inclusively flight and technical skilled; technical skilled; possibility of hiring skilled labour power ; special guarantees from the part of state. state.

During the last years of activity the enterprise succeeded in showing up on the international market of air transport, including the aircraft from the endowment (after repair, extension of resources and modernization) in contracts on UN humanitarian programs and ensuring, at the same time, the humanitarian actions to the command of countrys leadership (Africa, Indonesia, Afghanistan etc.) and needs of National Army (participation in Partnership for peace and others).

Number of residents
As of 01.01.2012 the Free Airport had 12 registered residents. During the reporting period, 10 residents conducted financial and economic activities, between of them: SE Marculesti International Airport, MSC Basa Consnav LLC, CA AIM AIR LLC, AIR AIM Handling LLC, LLC, CA Hangar Leasing Grup LLC

The average number of employees

working at the Free Airport during the reporting period was 404 persons. At the end of 2011, most people were employed by: SE Marculesti International Airport - 281 persons Marculesti Airport MSC Basa Consnav LLC - 87 persons

Total amount of investments

throughout the period of the Free Airport activity (May 2009 - December 2011), as of 01.01.2012 the 2011), 01.01. investments volume amounted to 7.92 million USD, including 1.56 million USD in 2011. 2011. The general investor - SE Marculesti International Airport invested individual financial resources in the amount of 6.8 million USD including: USD, including: 5.9 million USD of capital fund construction of buildings and structures, purchase of aircraft, machinery, equipment and trucks, and 0 .9 million USD in infrastructure development capital repair of buildings, construction of pipeline and power backup system, roads pavement, hangars refitting into warehouses, etc. etc.

The volume of construction and assembly construction works in 2011 7.9 mil MDL, 2011 the volume of wholesale 3.4 mil MDL, the volume of auto services 10.0 mil MDL, 10. the volume of taxes 5.3 mil MDL. taxes MDL. The amount of net wages for the reporting period was 11.22 million MDL and the average 11. monthly salary, for residents separately was from 980 up to 3,040 MDL. MDL.

MDMD-5028, Lunga, Floresti Republic of Moldova e-mail: i il@ i t l ti ChisinauChisinau- Office Vasile Alecsandri 100/A Tel.:/Fax.: +373 22 234299