Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard

Protecting the citizens OF Oakland County,

…But who is protecting the citizens from his department
1. Oakland County Deputy Timothy Keesling, Arrested for Driving Drunk and Injuring numerous citizens; 2. Oakland County Deputy Timothy Stratton, Arrested for Drunk Driving and being armed with a gun; 3. Oakland County Deputy James Tyler, Arrested for Drunk Driving, fleeing the scene and hiding under a deck; 4. Oakland County Deputy Tom Mance, Arrested for Drunk Driving; 5. Oakland County Lieutenant Clay Jansson, Drove Drunk Officer home and did not arrest him; 6. Oakland County Sergeant Jeff Clark, Drove police car drunk and was not arrested; 7. Oakland County Deputy Jeff Clark, charged with window peeping; 8. Oakland County Sergeant Robert Cain, participated in illegal sex party; 9. Oakland County Deputy Russell Sherman, participated in an illegal sex party; 10. Oakland County Deputy Gary Garza, Arrested for Drunk driving and fleeing the accident scene; 11. Oakland County Deputy Randy Praski, illegally used law enforcement computers; 12. Oakland County Lieutenant Timmy Atkins, Wasted taxpayer money; 13. Oakland County Deputy John Hawkey, Stalking women; 14. Oakland County Sergeant Barry Dodson, Inappropriate sexual conduct with an employee; 15. Oakland County Deputy Kelly McChester, arrested for Domestic Violence; 16. Oakland County Deputy Gerald Hall, Assaulted a citizen; 17. Oakland County Deputy Craig Cejmer, stole $1700 cash from a citizen; 18. Oakland County Sergeant Roy Coates, Arrested for manufacturing methamphetamines; 19. Oakland County Sergeant Joe Scarpelli, regular MARIJUANA SMOKER, stored it in police car and Smoked Marijuana while driving police car; 20. Oakland County Deputy Daryl Anderson, had sex with a prisoner on four different occasions; 21. Oakland County Deputy Russ Sherman, committed sex crimes at bar.

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