Faith, Love, Time and Dr.

Gregorio Brillantes

Author’s Background
 Greg Brilliantes was born in Camiling , Tarlac in 1932  a Palanca Award Hall of Famer  a multi-awarded fiction writer is one of the Philippines’ most popular writers in English  he obtained his Litt. B. degree in Ateneo de Manila University  he also published a short story entitled “The Distance to Andromeda”

 Dr. Lazaro house, specifically, at the Sala.  Outside the town – the station after the Agricultural High School and before the San Miguel bridge.

 Dr. Lazaro house, specifically, at the Sala.  Outside the town – the station after the Agricultural High School and before the San Miguel bridge.

Summary of the Story
Dr. Lazaro is a country doctor, a husband to Mrs. Lazaro, and a father to Ben Lazaro. Due to the harsh reality and concrete problem that he encounters every day, Dr. Lazaro loses his faith, love, and time. One night, a man phoned him named Pedro Esteban, asking him to come their house because his new born baby is seriously ill.

she seemed absorbed in some contemplative prayer. and love. from the description of Esteban to him that the baby has a terminal case of tetanus and won’t survive. the boy’s face relaxed. In the bibble. He was full of darkness but surrounded by Light. Love – (but is distant from) “ in the glow of the dashboard lights. And by the time he sees his son baptizing the week baby. smiled. Lazaro is man who died but Jesus made him alive again. Dr.Dr. Lazaro no longer believes in.  Ben – son. Literary Devices  Lazaro – GOD of help. hope. He knew. As they were on the road. Faith – “in the circle of the yellow light.” Life – his self Baby – innocence Wires – communication with God . a big problem which is spreading  Pedro Esteban  Light – it is associated with all the things Dr. full of faith. And this journey from their home to Esteban’s home became a spiritual journey most especially to Dr. her head bowed. the faith of Ben opens his faith to GOD again. he checked the baby but it’s too late and he can’t do anything about it. Lazaro and Ben had some conversation about Ben’s achievement. Lazaro.  Tetanus – An infection. Lazaro agreed and asked his son Ben to drive him to Esteban’s place. When they reached Esteban’s house.

Ben. The tetanus of baby also means an illness of our country which is spreading throughout. He is simply tired of all the things he sees with his profession. It is a big problem that we encounter everyday but with so much love and faith. which was so innocent and let him die with a terrible illness? And also his self. and time. Pedro. But what’s good thing about the Filipino’s is we don’t lose our faith. he is a doctor but wasn’t able to help his own son with his problem. his love. . He loses his faith to God. He probably asking if there is a God. He is not an evil man though. Each of us also suffers and surrounded by darkness and pain in this world. love and hope that he lose. Lazaro. why he would let us suffers in so much pain. and we can also associate his HOPE. we have so much time to change and be a united as one and have this country be clean country with no crime and be back on its innocency. Mrs. There’s so much pain with Lazaro but he is surrounded by light.Theme Dr. Believe that there is still so much time for him to gain back the faith. And knowing that he lost one of his child because of suicide. He cures other people but with his own son he wasn’t able to do it. by hope. helps to believe again. by faith. by love. by empathy. Why would he let a baby. Lazaro on this story is a man who is full of darkness inside. If someone loses his faith. friends or families will be there to support and help us through all the sorrows and problems we are facing.

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