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Kmail Jalankan Konqueror kemudian isikan pada bagian location /home/nama user anda/.

kde/share/apps/kmail/mail/local folder/ dan Anda bisa membackup email yang ada didalam folder Local Folder. KMail doesn't have that kind of feature. But you can easily backup the relevant and it will work just dandy after a restore.

: Code: tar cvzf kmail.tar.gz ~/Mail ~/.kde/share/config/kmail* After the format and with the new user account already created, logged in as that user: restore: Code: tar xvzf /path/to/kmail.tar.gz -C ~ If the user happens to have a different numerical user-id after the re-install you'll need to do this as root: Code: chown -R <username>:<usergroup> /home/<username>

Your webmaster search is: backup kmail opensuse 11.1 office server. Then i need to move whole of my email from kmail to outlook on personal laptop. This is my exporting history [whole process in opensuse is using terminal console] : 0. I would like to thanks to Max2 at mandriva forum. A. Opensuse side 1. Back up Kmail linux@linux:/ # cd /home//.kde4/share/apps/kmail/mail linux@linux:/ # tar cvf inbox.tar inbox/cur/* linux@linux:/ # tar cvf sent.tar sent-mail/cur/* linux@linux:/ # tar cvf trash.tar trash/cur/* 2. Move back-up file linux@linux:/ # mkdir temp [i'm failed to extract .tar on FAT32 hardisk mounted, therefore i'm still working at current directory] linux@linux:/ # mv *.tar /home//.kde4/share/apps/kmail/mail/temp 3. Extract .tar file linux@linux:/ # cd /home//.kde4/share/apps/kmail/mail/temp linux@linux:/ # tar xvf inbox.tar Also for sent.tar & trash.tar 4. Rename email message to .eml linux@linux:/ # cd /home//.kde4/share/apps/kmail/mail/temp/inbox/cur linux@linux:/ # for f in `ls -1`; do f2=`echo $f | sed ’s/[\.,]/_/g’`; mv -v $f $f2.eml; done Also for sent-mail and trash directory 5. Compress .eml files linux@linux:/ # cd /home//.kde4/share/apps/kmail/mail/temp/ linux@linux:/ # tar cvf inbox.tar inbox/cur/*.eml Also for sent-mail and trash directory 6. Copy .tar files USB linux@linux:/ # cp *.tar /media/<USB>

B. Window side 7. Extract .tar files Open copied .tar on USB and extract using unrar, tugzip or others file extractor. 8. Create dummy account at Windows Mail Start | All Programs | Windows Mail This dummy account made for transfering .eml files to .pst [office outlook personal folder] next. 9. Move .eml to Windows Mail Select All .eml files on extracted inbox directory then drag to inbox folder. Also for extracted sent and trash. 10. Import from Windows Mail to Office Outlook Start | All Programs | Microsoft Office | Microsoft Office Outlook After have setting up email account at Office Outlook, then import whole email on Windows Mail : File | Import and Export | Import from another program or files | Outlook express 4.x,5.x,6.x or windows mail. Once you click ‘Yes’ Button on confirmation windows, whole email will import to Office Outlook.