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Anatomy questions

1. Scalp (blood and nerve supply) 2. What is black eye? 3. Facial artery and nerve. 4. Maxillary artery and its branches. 5. Muscles of mastication. 6. Temporomendibular joint. 7. Posterior triangle. 8. Deep cervical fascia and its components. 9. Nerve and lymphatic supply of tongue 10. Cartilages , muscles and nerve supply of larynx and movements of vocal cord. 11. Internal ear (detail) 12. Extra ocular muscles of eye and movement of eye ball. 13. Little`s area of nose 14. Draw and label blood and nerve supply of nose 15. Sinus ( straight sinus, confluence of sinuses and cavernous sinus) 16. Secretomotor pathway of parotid gland 17. External carotid artery. 18.Inguinal canal and hernia. 19.Difference b/w inguinal and femoral hernia. 20. Rectus sheath. 21.Stomach bed 22.Blood supply and lymphatics of stomach. 23. Epiploic foramen 24.Hepato billary segments 25.Duodenum and pancreas (relations and blood supply) 26.Blood vessels of abdomen

27. Surgical approach of kidney. 28. Portal vein. 29. Sites of portocaval anastomosis. 30. Supports of uterus. 31. Branches of internal iliac artery. 32. Pouches of dougles 33. Perineal body. 34.Ischioractal fossa. 35.Pudendal canal and contents. 36. Difference of prostatic capsule and thyroid capsule.

37.Cross sections of brain. 38. 3rd and 4th ventricles 39. Blood supply of spinal cord. 40. Blood supply of cerebral hemispheres. 41. Circle of willis 42. Cerebellar pudencles. 43.Function of cerebellum and nuclei. 44.Names of ascending and descending tracts. 45. Corticospinal, fasiculus gracillus, cunateus and spinothalmic tract 46. Cranial nerves 47. Nuclei of nerves in medulla, mid brain and pons. 48. Function of thalamus , hypothalamus and pituitary 49. Internal capsule. 50. Names of association and commisure fibers and details of corpus callosum 51. Functional areas of cerebrum. 52.Visual area, broca`s area and speech area(name and blood supply)

53.Looping of heart. 54.Development of atria. 55.Arches , pouches and derivatives. 56.Development of kidney. 57.Development of urinary bladder. 58.Development of gonads. 59.Development of adrenal gland. 60.Rotation of gut.and development of duodenum and pancreas. 61. Parts of brain. 62. Development of vertebra. 63. Development of spinal cord.

64.GIT 65.Difference b/w jejunum and ilium 66. Epithelium of respiratory tract. 67.Respiratory brochiols and conductor and respiratory parts. 68.Pancreas, adrenal , epithelium of ureniferous tubules. 69.Testis , mammry gland and fallopian tubules. 70.Visual and auditory pathway.

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