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Shanti Ananda English Medium Upper Primary School 5/2011 Special Newsletter 5/2011

The Spiral

Flowers and incense sticks in the centre of the spiral

area: On July 20th a very important ceremony was conducted on the new school area a Hopi arrow stone was buried. Some months before we already deposed a Sree Yantram in the ground – one of the most important spiritual symbols in India.

Linda and the four directions

All the school members participated – 145 students, 9 teachers, the crew on the new land including the construction workers, Linda – conducting the ceremony – and I. Four students of the 7th class - as the embodiments of the elements connected with the directions of the sky (North – air, South – fire, East – earth, West – water) buried this arrow stone symbolizing the energetic connection of our area with the Hopi people. This well known Red Indian tribe traditionally has a very good and loving relationship with Mother Earth. Afterwards head mistress Sabitha, project manager Horst Wagner and I spoke prayers; as the highlight of the ceremony we sang and danced; Premananda as the main musician guided us.

singing Dancing and singing in the medicine wheel

According to the tradition of the medicine wheel we had arranged a circle of stones around the centre; for our ceremony a second circle of stones additionally had been prepared. The centre of the spiral as the most holy and sacred focus is something like a temple. The spiral is a very important symbol leading into higher dimensions of consciousness. As mentioned before our octagon shaped class rooms will be arranged in the form of a spiral; every class will have an own room enabling teachings in a silent and peaceful atmosphere close to the nature. We are a Nature School, and the Earth is our temple, our church or our mosque. Our main donor Professor Weyer likes the spiral as a shape and as a symbol very much as well. Because of this he seems to be our “right” donor. In a letter to his employees – thanking for a book prepared for his 60th birthday (with a big variety of artistically arranged spirals) he wrote the following words: „There is a special shape

focused in the book, the logarithmic spiral, a wonderful form, very beautiful, full of mathematical secrets and a miraculous symbol of a new unfolding world. In the book the logarithmic spiral is approaching us in new variations again and again, a

wave of spirals. Waves and spirals are the basic patterns penetrating my life – and obviously life in general…. On the first page of the book - with the map of Mudigubba - the spiral is present already: We can visualize the new school buildings; in the centre the classes of the beginners and outside the classes of the students leaving the school within the next time. A spiral is always opening; it is showing to the outside enlarging our consciousness.

It takes away the Ego mindedness of the singular centre.
I say cordially Thank you for the joy caused by this book and as well for the strong support for children far away from us, at the end of the spiral.“
Last not least: We perform our spiritual ceremonies because we want to initiate a WE based consciousness in the centre of the spiral. We are – besides – not only a Nature School; but our education is grounded on human values. Human values – beyond cultural specifics – are the fundament for every good education. Selfless service for others and for mankind should be in our focus. We want to nurture the big WE and not the small Ego. And the spiral is the symbol for this consciousness spreading and growing more and more. With cordial greetings, Yours, Helga Shanti Fründt

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