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LibUsb-Win32 Change Log V1.2.4.

0 (04/11/2011) ======================= * Removed get configuration request from the core driver set_configuration function. This caused problems with some non-compliant usb devices. * Added device descriptor dump to test applications. V1.2.3.0 (03/16/2011) ======================= * Fixed bug-id 3117686 reported by Tim Schuerewegen. * Added LIBUSB_IOCTL_GET_OBJECT_NAME. This new IOCTL code retrieves object from the driver. The only valid object name index is 0. Index 0 is returns the devices plug and play registry key pathname. * Removed maximum timeout restriction for vendor class requests. V1.2.2.0 (10/02/2010) ======================= * Added install-filter-win.exe. A gui installer for device filters. * Added new libusb0.dll function usb_install_np_rundll(). This function is designed for rundll32.exe and takes the same parameters as install-filter.exe. * Updated install-filter.exe. This application has several new features. Type "install-filter --help" for more details. * Updated libusb-win32-devel-filter package. This package is once again available for download as a setup.exe. * Updated libusb-win32 "bin" package format. inf-wizard.exe has been moved up one directory. * Updated driver_installer_template.iss example. This is an Inno Setup Script showing how to create your own setup.exe for installing your application and driver. * Fixed missing byte order marker in inf-wizard.exe .inf files. (libwdi) * Fixed auto-configuration issue when there is more than one driver in the stack. * Fixed BSOD when using the filter driver with devices that are auto suspended by other drivers in the stack. * Fixed BSOD for devices with endpoints that have '0' for wMaxPacketSize. * Fixed BSOD when cancelling large transfers on high speed devices. V1.2.1.0 (07/28/2010) ======================= * Updated bulk.c to include async i/o example code. * Fixed usb_install_driver_np() issue with inf-wizard generated infs.

* Fixed inf2cat.exe issue with inf-wizard generated infs. * Added 'Install Now' feature to inf-wizard. (libwdi) * Added embedded libusb-win32 binaries to inf-wizard. (libwdi) * Added libwdi ( to inf-wizard. * Added get cached configuration request to usb_open(). This is a new control code that involves no device i/o and allows usb_set_configuration() to be omitted if the driver has already configured it. * Fixed set_configuration() failure for devices that do not properly support get_configuration(). V1.2.0.0 (07/07/2010) ======================= * First signed driver release! The libusb-win32 kernel driver (libusb0.sys) can now be used on x64 Windows machines that require signed drivers. * Fixed 2128187 reported by Tim Green. usb_get_descriptor() can fail because the given buffer of 8 bytes is too small. * Fixed 2928293 reported by Tim Green. Sometimes the call to usb_fetch_and_parse_descriptors() in usb_find_devices() can fail. This patch moves the LIST_ADD to after a successful read of the device's configuration descriptors. * Fixed issue causing libusb-win32 to not act as power policy owner when it should. * Fixed issue in which on rare occasion, a libusb-win32 filter device could run as a "normal" device. * Fixed filter driver issue for device using wudfr.sys. * Added large transfer splitting to driver (bulk, int, iso). NOTE: The dll continues to break transfers in the same manner it always has. V1.1.14.3 (06/12/2010) ======================= * Remove get_configuration() request from usb_open(). This caused claim interface to fail when used as a filter driver. V1.1.14.0 (06/01/2010) ======================= * Updated logging functions and standardized log message display format. * Updated inf-wizard to use the new directory format for the libusb-win32 binaries. * Updated package directories to reflect the winddk BUILDARCH env variable. (i64 := ia64, x64 := amd64) * Added request to get the current configuration in usb_open(). * Fixed 2960644 (reported by farthen) crash on shutdown with x64 based systems while using inf files for each libusb device.

* Added additional log message only included in debug/chk builds. * Updated default log levels to highest verbose level for debug builds. * Added test signing support to the libusb-win32 make.cmd. This allows libusb0.sys and libusb0.dll to be signed with a digital signature. (see make.cmd for mmore details) * Added MSVC 2008 project files * Moved version defines to an include file (libusb_version.h) This file is generated from with "make.cmd makever" * Removed all "dist" commands from cyg/mingw makefile. Instead use "make.cmd" in the "ddk_make" directory. * Fixed filter setup not running in 64bit mode * Fixed 64bit inf-wizard, testlibusb-win builds * Added set initial config value #1 when the driver is not a filter. optionally, the initial configuration value can be specified in the inf file: HKR,,"InitialConfigValue",0x00010001,<your config value> * Added support for querying device registry keys (LIBUSB_IOCTL_GET_CUSTOM_REG_PROPERTY) * Added support for querying device properties (LIBUSB_IOCTL_GET_DEVICE_PROPERTY) * Fixed possible race condition in kernel add_device() * Updated default ddk build version number to to facilitate Microsoft WHQL submission. * Added DDK build distribution system. Official libusb-win32 releases (after are built using Microsoft's WinDDK. (see make.cmd) * Fixed 2658937 (reported by Tim Roberts) The libusb-win32 driver always acts as a power policy owner.