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The scope of the Conceptual Study entails    Investigating a suitable location for a gas gathering hub to commingle all

contributing gas streams Process analysis and simulation of the final condition of the commingled gas streams. Investigate the major process equipment necessary to transport 2200 MMscfd of natural gas to the NGC Terminal Station at Itoki, Ogun State at a gas condition that shall meet with WAGP Specifications. Sizing a pipeline to evacuate excess gas from Oben Node to Oben Gas Plant.

Study Objective:   To boost gas supply to consumers, especially the power generating companies, along the Escravos-Lagos axis. Ensure gas minimum arrival pressure at Itoki is 42 barg

Methodology: 3 cases were considered. Case 1: The base case (plan period 2012 / 2013) presupposes   Result:   Maximum volume of gas deliverable is 1234 MMscfd Gas demand is 1285 MMscfd the completion of on-going ELPS and looping it with the existing ELPS. no installation of pressure boosting compressor stations

Case 2: (plan period 2012 / 2016) entails the installation of:    gathering manifold at a suitable place booster compressor stations at any of the existing pigging stations found suitable sizing of a suitable pipeline to evacuate excess gas to Oben gas plant.

Result:    Oben node found most suitable for the location of gathering manifold. Through various simulation scenarios Oben node (PS1) and (PS3) were found most suitable for installation of booster stations. Line pipe size 42" was found most suitable for evacuating excess gas to Oben gas plant.

Arrival pressure of 42 barg at Itoki was achieved . Total consumers demand 1285 MMscfd. Higher non required pressure was obtained 1560 MMscfd of gas was able to be delivered to consumers. Case 3: Project execution phasing. Result:    Cost: Phase 2: Two options were considered viz: 1. 3 phases were considered. Arrival pressure of 42 barg at Itoki was achieved Option 3: Entails the installation of five (5Nos) booster stations at PS3 Result:   Enables delivery of 2200 MMscfd as per study scope. Increasing the number of the booster compressors at PS1 to five (5Nos). Phase 1: Entails locating 3 booster compressors at Oben node. Locating three (3Nos) booster compressors at PS3 Result:    1560 MMscfd of gas was able to be delivered to consumers. Result:   1920 MMscfd could be delivered to meet the maximum demand of all currently known consumers. Arrival pressure of 42 barg at Itoki was achieved 2.Constraints:   Gas supply not coping with demand and system's available capacity Integrity of existing pipeline likely not to cope with gas pressure more than 86 barg as per NDT preliminary survey report. Total consumer 1285 MMscfd.

Details of study: .