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CASTEISM It all started due to the Varna system. If it wasn’t for the varna system.

priests are Brahmi, the warriors are Kshatriya, the merchants are Vaishya, and the artisans are Shudras People derived caste on the basis of work they were involved in. And therefore the priests were known to be the most noble persons as they worshiped donated and indulge in charity, next were the warriors known for safeguarding the kings and sacrificing their lives in wars that took place between the rulers of different kingdoms, then the vaishyas who were carrying on business also known as merchants and the last social classification were shudras who were involved in menial jobs such as cobbler, cleaning etc. Mahatma Gandhiji once said work is work and one should not be ashamed of what they do as its one’s duty to complete own tasks.

There would be no regionalism today if such lines were not drawn. It is seldom said that everyone encourages their own communities. These people are fools not to understand that language, caste, creed, colourcan not change the fact that we all are one. In Mahabharat Dronacharya did not teach the archery to Karna and Eklavya as they were of low caste. It was because Dronacharya only taught Kshatriyas archery. Why such casteism? Karna was also in kurukshetra fighting a war and not deprived of his right to fight as

he was strong contender and duryodhana had full faith in him. In todays time, the lines are drawn on the basis of wealth, property and qualifications one possesses. All out traditions, cultures and behavior are directed from our ancestors and thus the ancestors play a very important role-their lifestyle, thinking, values behaviour, moods everything. I say so because today when shudras are learned people and wealthy the Brahmins and other castes treat them like they would treat their Brahmin friends. The caste disappears when a person has wealth and fame. People like to be associated with famous, wealthy people. It is after going through various hurdles in life one understand the value of a good natured, high thinking, simple living people. Materialism was there since inception and so was jealousy, attachment, greed, lust. It also happens that a person changes as per the weight in his pockets increase. Arrogance lives in the person till his pockets stay heavy but he too changes back to square one as soon as there is a hole in his pocket. Nobody is a saint to judge who is right or wrong as a person because in real nobody is bad. Had I been a minister highly empowered I may not be as humble as I am as a normal person. It is attachment greed and lack of humility that drives us to commit sins in life. I realized the Dushasanna’s lust, Dritarashtra’s attachment to

Duryodhan, All the rishi munis anger resulting in to curse, Duryodhana’s jealousy, Dronacharya’s casteism, Draupads’s arrogance, Pandava’s cowardness, is considered humane and I fail to see the difference between that time and now. Let me gather todays tradition. The very moment a child realizes he is alone and nobody loves him is when he choses the wrong ways of deriving happiness. It is important to note that there is difference between a family and a group of friends. We all turn to our family in need. A)Children are brought up by the maids while the mother is busy filing her nails and waiting the beautician to remove the facial mask and wax her legs. Results: Child Abuse, accidents, learn bad things, not monitored, valuable time lost, no good manners inculcated, children turn independent and disrespect parents, no discipline, studies affected, concentration levels hampered, moral level zero. B) Maturity level has gone down in parents. Ignorance of parents towards children Subsiding Ego plays a very crucial role in parenting. Fightingverbal abuse, physical abuse in front of children, father comes drunk home, abuses childrenphysical, sexual, mental, no guidance. Results: Repulsive, defensive, over-independent, find no difference between bad and good, use

wrong means and ways to derive happiness, no control, disrespect parents, lose trust, disrespect t and no value culture & traditions, zero moral value, bad behavior, Immoral activities - (smoking drinking, robbery, drug peddlers, steal money from home, prostitution, bad company), no fear in doing wrong as no attachment with parents, affects career, call centers, no importance for qualification or degree, training internships etc . C) Earlier ways of parenting and schooling restricted mobile phones, watches any kind of jewelry, long nails, short skirts, indecency, left out hair, flicks, bangs etc. with a simple reason in mind to eliminate any forms of distraction and encourage the values of discipline, focus, career, goals etc which makes or breaks a person in toto. Somehow the opposite that is having said that the ways of teaching by the earlier schools or the parents of earlier generation were orthodox, to term it today-UNCOOL..well the results are clear. Results: over maturity, growing fast but learning all wrong things fast, wrong definition of being modern, selfish, arrogant greedy, completely immoral and unethical. D) Modernism misunderstood The only difference and reason that today children are faster, smarter, advanced is due to

the smart technology and trust me it is only limited to technology and nothing else. Children of today may be smarter at operating mobile pgones, laptops, playstations but the children of yesterday are disciplined, humble, cultured and are definitely more respectful than the children today. The sad part is he parents are who were children yesterday are to be blamed as they compete with other parents and are in the league to become cooler, more stylish, classy and modern. The definition of modern is completely different for these parents lost in jealousy and greed destroying their clan without any guilt. Well for these Modern parents it is not the thinking but the clothes we wear. Modern in real and true terms means a better and enhanced thinking an outcome of the developments, change in the lacunas of the orthodox system of living. Today sati, Un touch ability is abolished that is modernism, living with the generation is modernism. Buying the clothes that the generation wears has nothing to do with how the world survives. It is the technology, profession, business, politics, govt, laws that a person should always keep updated and that is modernism.