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MSME Finance MSME Finance takes care of the funding needs of Micro, Small and Medium enterprises.

Keeping in view the specific requirements of these units, IDBI Bank has introduced a range of attractive products. The products are designed to cater to various segments among MSME borrowers. The Bank has the products that cater to all the stakeholders in a value-chain viz., the vendors, the manufacturers as well as the dealers. In addition there are tailor-made products for special category of borrowers such as Medical Practitioners, Transport Operators , Professionals & Self-employed etc. With a view to make business easy for the Micro and Small Enterprises(MSEs), the Bank has introduced collateral free loans . The Bank not only offers finance to its MSME customers but also takes care of their all banking needs under one roof with full range of other banking products and services. The Bank is in constant endeavour to introduce new products with a view to offer wide array of solutions to the MSME units IDBI BANK SME PRODUCTS:
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Sulabh Vyapar/ Business Solutions (Loan for traders/Service Sector) Dealer Finance/ Dealer Solutions Vendor Financing/ Vendor Solutions Funding under CGFMSE (Collateral Free Loans) Loans to Small Road & Water Transport Operators Finance to Medical Practitioners Loans to Professionals & Self-employed Lending Against the Security of Future Credit Card Receivables Laghu Udhyami Credit Cards (LUCC) Property Power (Loan Against Property) SME Smart Line of Credit

Sr. The product aims to provide hassle free finance to traders and to meet their business and financial needs at competitive interest rates. travel. IDBI Bank offers solutions to all the financial needs of the wholesalers/traders/retailers under the Product. also service sectors like restaurants.. assets financed by bank.Sulabh Vyapar/ Business Solutions Traders act as a vital link between the manufacturers of goods/commodities and the consumer. Super market.  Fund Based: Over Draft /Cash /Term Loan/Bill Discounting  Non Fund Based: LC/BG Up to Rs. hotels.g. Any individual or a firm (partnership or proprietorship) engaged primarily in buying and selling mercantile goods is eligible for this mode of finance. Wholesalers. Field No 1 Eligible Segments Contents Traders and Service Sector viz. receivables. Collateral:   2 Facility 3 4 5 Loan Amount Pricing Security Immovable Residential or Commercial property Loan amount up to 90% of the property value 25% on Stock & Book Debts 25% for Term Loan (New Assets) 6 Margin   7 Processing Up to 1% of the loan amount Charge . Malls. entertainment etc. 500 lakh Interest Rate linked to Bank Base Rate and scoring model Primary: Hypothecation of stocks. Retailers e.

etc. · Other working capital facilities like Bill Discounting. while in the former. · TL: Acquisition of fixed assets. renovation of premises. Field No 1 Eligible Segments 2 Facility Content 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Distribution chain partners comprising dealers. the manufacturing stage (Accounts Payable Cycle) and the post-manufacturing stage (Accounts Receivable Cycle). Loan Amount · Minimum: Rs. funds are required to acquire the raw-materials. etc. in the . Charges Vendor Financing Programme Realization of funds tied at various points of the value chain is one of the primary concerns of those involved in the business of manufacturing & supplying of various kinds of goods.10 lakh · Maximum: Rs 500 lakh Margin 25% Margin Tenor · OD/ CC: One year. Funds are required by the manufacturers/suppliers at two stages of the production viz.. Cash Credit. stockists. distributors. Pricing Interest Rate linked to Bank Base Rate. Purpose · OD/ CC: Working capital.Dealer Finance Programme Dealers are one of the important channel partners through whom a substantial volume of business is conducted by most of the manufacturers. Sr. Processing As per Bank’s Extant Guidelines. · Non-fund based facilities: LC / BG. · Other working capital facilities on case-to. Term basis Security · Exclusive first charge on all assets created out of Bank Finance · Personal Guarantee (PG) of the proprietor / partners · Collateral: In the form of immovable property/ liquid security. IDBI Bank's "Dealer Finance Programme" is designed in such a way such that it leads to a better liquidity position by providing various facilities to the dealers. · TL: Up to 5 years with interest reset clause. thereby improving the overall business environment. · Overdraft.

Field No 1 Eligible Segments 2 Nature of Loan Facility 3 4 5 Purpose Pricing Security Content All Vendors of large Corporates /Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). . Sr. the Government of India and SIDBI had set up "Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Micro & Small Enterprises" (CGTMSE). Keeping this in view. Pre sale funding: Post sale funding:   First Charge on current assets. thereby leading to a smooth functioning for the vendor. Second charge on the fixed assets of the vendor on reciprocal basis with the term lenders. On the basis of the guidelines issued by CGTMSE. 1 crore and enable MSEs realize their dreams. (if any)  Accepted Bill / invoice by the authorised officials of OEM Personal Guarantee of directors/ partners / sole proprietor. IDBI Bank offers collateral free loans up to Rs.latter it's required for smooth functioning till the produces are sold and realized into cash. Bill Discounting /Financing against Invoices To fund the manufacturing and receivable cycle Interest Rate linked to Bank Base Rate.  Overdraft / Cash Credit  Letter of Credit. Fee Funding Under Credit Guarantee Scheme for Micro and Small Enterprises (CGMSE) Providing security for the loan availed by the micro/small enterprises units (MSEs) has been found to be a major roadblock for their inability to access banking systems. IDBI Bank's "Vendor Finance" product is so designed such that all the links in the value chain always remain adequately funded. 6 Processing As per bank's extant guidelines.

Max 180 days for foreign LCs. 2 Purpose / Facility   Fund Based: Working Capital & Term Finance for capex/ takeover of existing loans. Term Loan: Max 5 years. Bank Guarantee (BG) and Letter of Credit (LC). 1 crore. 1 Eligible Segments  Should be a Micro/ Small Enterprise (manufacturing/ services) as defined under MSMED Act and by RBI. Interest Rate linked to Base Rate. CIBIL etc.. Bank Guarantee: Not to exceed 12 months. Bill Discounting: Max 90 days for inland.(FUNDING UNDER CGMSE) Sr. Minimum: No minimum amount Maximum: Rs.  Should not appear in the defaulters list of RBI. Letter of Credit: Max 90 days for inland. Cash Credit: 12 months. 3 Loan Amount        4 Tenor 5 6 Pricing Security   (Primary security is the asset created out of the credit facility extended to the borrower and / or which are directly associated with the business / project of the borrower for which the credit facility has been extended)  No Collateral / Third party guarantee Loans to Small Road & Water Transport Operators (SRWTOs) . Max 180 days for foreign bills. Primary: Exclusive charge on current and fixed assets. Field Content No. Non-Fund based limit viz. ECGC.

auto-rickshaws. 7 8 9 Guarantee Margin Processing Charges Finance to Medical Practitioners If you are a doctor or a medical practitioner. Sr.  Exclusive Charge on assets financed  Collateral as per Bank's norms. Personal guarantees of the promoter directors in case of limited companies Depending upon the nature of the facilities As per Bank’s Extant Guidelines. taxi-cars. bulk carriers for carrying petroleum/ edible oil Water transport units such as small boats. launches. etc. 1 Eligible Segments Content     All goods / passenger transport vehicles including light Commercial vehicles.Road & Water Transport Operators play a key role in the socio-economic development of the nation by providing transport and communication services to the society in general and the industry in particular.00. 2 crore OD/ CC/ BG – 12 months. Term loan Cash Credit/ Overdraft Bank Guarantee Min. Sr. 2 Facility    3 Loan Amount     4 Tenor 5 6 Pricing Security Interest Rate linked to Bank Base Rate. This product enables various transport operators acquire fleets of vehicles/ vessels thereby offering cheap yet safe and convenient solutions to transport related issues. 1.000/Max. TL – Up to 5 years. Field No. setting-up /up-gradation of a new/existing clinic or capacity expansion plans. Field No 1 Eligible Content · All medical practitioners/ doctors/ . motor-buses and lorries Small refrigerated vans. we have the right product that takes care of your need for financial assistance for day-to-day business requirements. Borrower must have relevant prior experience in transport business.

Personal guarantee of the promoter directors (in case of limited companies) As per nature of the loan. Contractors. · Collateral: Up to 50% of the loan amount. · Minimum: 50. accounting for more than 50% of the GDP. Term loan & Overdraft/ Cash Credit • OD/CC: To meet Working Capital requirements • Term Loan: For Purchase of specialized medical equipment. Expansion of infrastructure in existing clinic/ hospital. etc. Sr. Charges clinics· · Minimum Qualification: MBBS/ BAMS/ BDS/ BHMS / GAMS. · Term Loan: Exclusive Charge on assets financed. Loans to Professionals & Self-employed Service sector is the biggest contributor to India's growth story. Architects. Engineers.Segments 2 3 Facility Purpose 4 5 6 7 Loan Amount Tenor Pricing Security 8 Guarantee 9 Margin 10 Processing As per extant guidelines. Company Secretaries. Field Content No 1 Eligible All the Professionals and Self-Employed Segments persons including:  Chartered Accountants. With a view to provide financial assistance to those who are professionals and selfemployed and engaged in service activity for the different sectors of the economy this product has been designed. Expansion of infrastructure in existing clinic/ hospital. 000/· Maximum: 2 crores Term Loan: Up to 7 years Linked to Bank’s Base Rate. Management Consultants . Surveyors. · Working Capital: Exclusive charge on all the current assets.

furniture. Healthcare Centres Packaging. Processing As per Bank’s extant guidelines Charges Lending Against the Security of Future Credit Card Receivables In today's environment. More and more number of people are taking to electronic payments by . there has been a phenomenal change in the way business is run and payments are made.    Doctors/Medical Practitioner. undertaking development expansion. Over Draft / Cash Credit 2. fixtures. Term Loan Non Fund Based: Bank Guarantee & Letter of Credit  OD/Cash Credit: To meet working capital requirement  Term Loan: For purchase of premises for conducting business.  Primary: Book debts. computers.Travel Agents Event Management. Storage & Warehouse Services Transport/Taxi Services. additions. repairs and renovation of business premises and infrastructure    4 Loan Amount Tenor Pricing Security Minimum: 1 lakh Maximum: 500 lakh Term loan: Up to 7 years 5 6 7 Interest Rate linked to Bank Base Rate. Travel & Tour Operators. Publicity & Media Coverage 2 Facility 3 Purpose Fund Based: 1. stocks and Assets created out of loan proceeds  Collateral: Security in form of immovable property such as residential house / flat / bungalow/ commercial property etc 8 9 Margin Depending on the nature of the loan. equipments.

Such borrowers are provided with the credit limits up to Rs.  Over Draft  Term Loan: For acquisition of fixed assets. Large Petrol Pumps.    Small business units Retail traders Artisans . As per bank's extant guidelines. in the categories viz. IDBI SME product – "Lending against Future Credit Card Receivables" . Field No 1 Eligible Segments 2 Facility Content Reputed Restaurants. whose dealings with the bank have been satisfactory for the last three years.  Primary: Hypothecation of future card receivables. Hotels. artisans.means of credit or debit cards. retail traders. Sr. Up to Rs 500 lakh  Overdraft: One year. Tour Operators etc.  Term Loan: Up to 3 years. The salient features of the Scheme are given below: Sr. etc. Interest Rate linked to Bank Base Rate. renovation of premises. 10 lakh under the said Scheme for a period of three years. professionals and self employed persons. Field Content No 1 Eligible All existing customers having a satisfactory Segments dealing with the Bank for the last 3 years. 3 4 5 6 Loan Amount Tenor Pricing Security 7 Processing Charges Laghu Udhyami Credit Cards LUCC Scheme is for the Existing borrowers belonging to Small business units.  Collateral: Mortgage of residential/commercial properties for appropriate value.provides financial assistance to the business entity accepting payments through credit/debit cards. IATA approved Travel Agents. small scale industrial units and tiny units. village industries.

Sr. 10 lakhs. receivables. Maximum of Rs.  Collateral: Existing Collateral would continue. 2 Facility  Term Loan/ Overdraft limit to fund all kinds of business needs (excluding for speculative purposes) . balance transfer/ takeover or any other business exigencies. 10 lakhs per borrower. 2 3 4 5 Facility Purpose Loan Amount Tenor / Validity Only working capital in the form of Overdraft/ Open Cash Credit is permitted To meet the credit requirements of the categories mentioned above. No. 6 7 Pricing Security Interest Rate linked to Bank Base Rate. The end use of the loan would be for various business related purposes or to take care of any financial requirements viz.   Valid for a period of 3 years Enhancement can be effected subject to the review within the prescribed ceiling of Rs. etc.. machinery. public and private limited companies engaged in the business for the last 3 years. 25% 8 Margin Property Power The Product aims to cater to the needs of MSME segment and other small corporate customer by way of providing loan against their existing commercial and residential properties. office equipment etc. retiring of high cost debt. as specified for existing limits. partnership.   Village industries Small-scale industrial units and tiny units Professionals and self employed persons.. Field Content 1 Eligible Segments  All proprietorship.  Primary Security: Hypothecation of stock in trade.

500 lakh Term Loan: Max 7 years OD: Max 12 months 4 Tenor   5 6 Pricing Security Linked to Bank Base Rate and Rating  EMT or Registered Mortgage of Residential / Commercial property Personal guarantee of the borrower As per Bank's applicable rates 7 8 Guarantee Processing Charges Home | Top SME Smart Line of Credit Availability of timely and adequate credit has always been a point of concern for the MSME Sector. MSMEs stand to lose out on any emerging business opportunities because of want of access to credit at the proper time. No. 1 Field Eligible Segments Content  All MSME clients as defined by MSMED Act. 2006 Composite loan with the following components   2 Facility Term Loan Working Capital (Fund Based and Non-fund Based) Maximum 500 lakh for corporate borrowers Maximum 250 lakh non-corporate borrowers Term Loan: For capital expenditure. Bank has introduced this Product where financial assistance is offered to the MSMEs by way of pre-approved composite loan. retiring of high-cost debt Working Capital: To meet working capital requirement Term Loan: Max 5 years 3 Loan Amount   4 Purpose of Advance   5 Tenor  .3 Loan Amount   Minimum: Rs. expansion. 5 lakh Maximum: Rs. modernization. Sr. Keeping that in view.

 CC: Max 12 months 6 7 8 9 10 Pricing Security Guarantee Margin Processing Charges Linked to Bank base rate Both Primary and Collateral Security Personal Guarantee of the borrower/promoters/parteners to be obtained. Depending upon the nature of the facilities As per Bank's applicable rates .