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Reg No: 198700034E MICA (P) : 099/03/2012

Sector Update
30 October 2012

Singapore Property
A Theory of Relativity
Wilson LIEW (65) 6432 1454 HK measures may lift Singapores high-end demand. W.e.f. 27 Oct, the Hong Kong government will impose a Buyers Stamp Duty of 15% for all residential property purchased by non-HK residents. The Sellers Stamp Duty (SSD) is also extended to three years from two. This comes nearly a year after Singapore introduced its Additional Buyers Stamp Duty of 10% for foreigners, and two years after Singapore extended its own SSD to four years, but the combined effect is more onerous than what the Singapore government has implemented. Singapores relatively more attractive. We think that a sufficient time has passed for the Singapore measures to sink in with investors. HKs measures, largely targeted at PRC buyers, may divert investment flows into Singapores high-end segment, where underlying prices remain relatively cheaper compared with projects of similar positioning in HK. In addition, there is a wide selection of high-quality freehold projects for investors to choose from, which is unavailable in HK. At its peak, PRC buyers accounted for 11% of CCR purchases in 3Q11. We see a good chance of the proportion of PRC buyers rising back to around 10% from 5% in 3Q12, following the HK governments latest move. Rising heat in 3Q12. According to the official statistics released by the URA on Monday, private residential property prices rose by 0.6% in 3Q12, up from the 0.4% increase in 2Q12. Prices of non-landed private properties grew by 1% in the Outside Central Region (OCR), 0.8% in the Rest of Central Region (RCR) and 0.1% in the Core Central Region (CCR). However, the figures only reflect conditions before the latest cooling measures implemented on 5 Oct capping home loan tenures. Demand for shoebox units appears to be moderating. Following the URAs change in planning requirements to restrict the number of shoebox units (<50 sqm) within each development in the OCR, demand for such units appear to have cooled in 3Q12, as they accounted for 16% of the new sales in the quarter vis--vis 19% in 2Q12. As a corollary, units priced at below SGD750k each accounted for 18% of new sales in the quarter, down from 27% in 2Q12. Signs of life in the high-end segment. New home sales in the CCR rose to a seven-quarter high, as developers sold 703 new homes in the region during 3Q12, comprising 647 uncompleted units and 56 completed ones. While uncompleted units posted a marginal 0.5% decline in prices, completed ones enjoyed a 0.7% gain for overall prices in the CCR to mark a 0.1% increase in 3Q12. High-end to be the relative outperformer. While we do not rule out further cooling measures from the Singapore government, we think that any new measures will be more specifically targeted at curbing price appreciation in the mass market segment, where affordability is the main concern. We continue to favour developers with a more sizeable exposure in the high-end segment, namely Wing Tai (WINGT SP; BUY; TP SGD2.10) and Ho Bee (HOBEE SP; BUY; TP SGD1.79).


Singapore Residential Sector Update Figure 1: Comparing residential stamp duties in Singapore and Hong Kong Singapore 10% for residential properties purchased by foreigners/ non-individuals wef 8 Dec 2011 For properties bought on and after 14 Jan 2011: SSD is 16% if property is sold within one year of purchase, 12% if property is sold between one and two years of purchase; 8% if property is sold within two and three years of purchase; and 4% if property is sold between third and fourth year of purchase.
Source: URA, Inland Revenue Department of Hong Kong

Additional Buyer's Stamp Duty Seller's Stamp Duty (SSD)

Hong Kong 15% for residential properties purchased by non-HK residents wef 27 Oct 2012 For properties bought on and after 27 Oct 2012: SSD is 20% if property is sold within six months of purchase, 15% if property is sold between seven and 12 months of purchase; 10% if property is sold within 12 and 36 months of purchase.

Figure 2: Transactions in the CCR by nationality

80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 2010Q1 2010Q2 2010Q3 2010Q4 2011Q1 2011Q2 2011Q3 2011Q4 2012Q1 2012Q2 2012Q3 % of CCR transactions by Singaporeans (ex-companies) % of CCR transactions by PRC nationals (ex-companies) % of CCR transactions by PRC nationals amongst foreigners
Source: URA

30 October 2012

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Singapore Residential Sector Update Figure 3: Private residential units sold by size and price

Source: URA

Figure 4: Non-landed private property price index (PPI) by market segment

Index (4Q98=100) 220 200 180 160 140 120 100 80 2004Q1 2004Q2 2004Q3 2004Q4 2005Q1 2005Q2 2005Q3 2005Q4 2006Q1 2006Q2 2006Q3 2006Q4 2007Q1 2007Q2 2007Q3 2007Q4 2008Q1 2008Q2 2008Q3 2008Q4 2009Q1 2009Q2 2009Q3 2009Q4 2010Q1 2010Q2 2010Q3 2010Q4 2011Q1 2011Q2 2011Q3 2011Q4 2012Q1 2012Q2 2012Q3 Non-landed PPI in CCR
Source: URA

Non-landed PPI in RCR

Non-landed PPI in OCR

30 October 2012

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Singapore Residential Sector Update Figure 5: No. of units transacted in the CCR

New Sale Period 2Q09 3Q09 4Q09 1Q10 2Q10 3Q10 4Q10 1Q11 2Q11 3Q11 4Q11 1Q12 2Q12 3Q12
Source: URA

Secondary market Sub-total 1,453 1,186 864 1,927 699 516 994 581 578 236 194 138 444 703 Sub-sale 600 502 294 390 313 260 214 173 221 169 152 77 122 107 Resale 872 1,118 765 949 962 825 806 604 831 606 486 376 750 691 Total 2,925 2,806 1,923 3,266 1,974 1,601 2,014 1,358 1,630 1,011 832 591 1,316 1,501

Uncompleted 1,386 1,148 852 1,914 672 484 876 536 526 207 161 129 403 647

Completed 67 38 12 13 27 32 118 45 52 29 33 9 41 56

Figure 6: Recap of the cooling measures in Singapore Effective date 14-Sep-09 Measures 1) Reinstatement of the Confirmed List for 1H10 GLS 2) Removal of Interest Absorption Scheme (IAS) and Interest-Only Housing Loans (IOL) 3) Non-extension of Jan 2009 Budget assistant measures (mainly pertaining to Residential Property Act) 1) Introduction of Seller's Stamp Duty (SSD) for properties sold within 1 year of purchase (advalorem up to 3%) 2) Lowering LTV to 80% for all housing loans provided by FIs 1) SSD increased to 3 years (i.e. 3% 1st year; 2% 2nd year; 1% 3rd year) 2) For buyers already with one or more outstanding housing loans (incl. HDB loans): i) Minimum cash payment is increased from 5% to 10%; ii) LTV is lowered from 80% to 70% Round 4 14-Jan-11 1) SSD increased to 4 years (16%; 12%; 8%; 4%) 2) LTV lowered to 50% for non-individuals 3) LTV lowered from 70% to 60% for individuals with one or more outstanding housing loans. Round 5 08-Dec-11 1) Imposition of Additional Buyer's Stamp Duty (ABSD) over and above normal ad-valorem stamp duty of ~3% a) Foreigners and non-individuals buying any residential property will pay 10% ABSD; b) Permanent Residents owning one (excl. overseas property) and buying second or subsequent residential property pay 3% ABSD c) Singaporeans owning two and buying the third and subsequent property pay 3% ABSD. Round 6 06-Oct-12 1) Capping all residential loans at 35 years. Loans >30 years will attract higher LTV, applicable to both private and HDB properties. i) For individuals without outstanding home loans: - LTV is 80% if loan tenure does not exceed 30 years, or loan period is within retirement age of 65. - LTV is 60% if tenure is 30-35 years, or if it extends beyond retirement age. ii) For individuals already with outstanding home loans (incl. HDB loans): - LTV is 40% for new home loan. ii) For non-individuals, LTV for residential home loan is lowered from 50% to 40%.
Source: URA

Round 1

Round 2


Round 3


30 October 2012

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Singapore Residential Sector Update

P K BASU Regional Head, Research & Economics (65) 6432 1821 WONG Chew Hann, CA Acting Regional Head of Institutional Research (603) 2297 8686 THAM Mun Hon Regional Strategist (852) 2268 0630 ONG Seng Yeow Regional Products & Planning (852) 2268 0644

Suhaimi ILIAS Chief Economist Singapore | Malaysia (603) 2297 8682 Luz LORENZO Economist Philippines | Indonesia (63) 2 849 8836

WONG Chew Hann, CA Head of Research (603) 2297 8686 Strategy Construction & Infrastructure Desmond CHNG, ACA (603) 2297 8680 Banking - Regional LIAW Thong Jung (603) 2297 8688 Oil & Gas Automotive Shipping ONG Chee Ting, CA (603) 2297 8678 Plantations Mohshin AZIZ (603) 2297 8692 Aviation Petrochem Power YIN Shao Yang, CPA (603) 2297 8916 Gaming Regional Media Power TAN CHI WEI, CFA (603) 2297 8690 Construction & Infrastructure Power WONG Wei Sum, CFA (603) 2297 8679 Property & REITs LEE Yen Ling (603) 2297 8691 Building Materials Manufacturing Technology LEE Cheng Hooi Head of Retail Technicals

Stephanie WONG Head of Research (65) 6432 1451 Strategy Small & Mid Caps Gregory YAP (65) 6432 1450 Technology & Manufacturing Telcos - Regional Wilson LIEW (65) 6432 1454 Hotel & Resort Property & Construction James KOH (65) 6432 1431 Logistics Resources Consumer Small & Mid Caps YEAK Chee Keong, CFA (65) 6433 5730 Healthcare Offshore & Marine Alison FOK (65) 6433 5745 Services S-chips Bernard CHIN (65) 6433 5726 Transport (Land, Shipping & Aviation) ONG Kian Lin (65) 6432 1470 REITs / Property Wei Bin (65) 6432 1455 S-chips Small & Mid Caps

Sukit UDOMSIRIKUL Head of Research (66) 2658 6300 ext 5090 Maria LAPIZ Head of Institutional Research Dir (66) 2257 0250 | (66) 2658 6300 ext 1399 Consumer/ Big Caps Andrew STOTZ Strategist (66) 2658 6300 ext 5091 Mayuree CHOWVIKRAN (66) 2658 6300 ext 1440 Strategy Suttatip PEERASUB (66) 2658 6300 ext 1430 Media Commerce Sutthichai KUMWORACHAI (66) 2658 6300 ext 1400 Energy Petrochem Termporn TANTIVIVAT (66) 2658 6300 ext 1520 Property Woraphon WIROONSRI (66) 2658 6300 ext 1560 Banking & Finance Jaroonpan WATTANAWONG (66) 2658 6300 ext 1404 Transportation Small cap. Chatchai JINDARAT (66) 2658 6300 ext 1401 Electronics Pongrat RATANATAVANANANDA (66) 2658 6300 ext 1398 Services/ Small Caps

Katarina SETIAWAN Head of Research (62) 21 2557 1125 Consumer Strategy Telcos Lucky ARIESANDI, CFA (62) 21 2557 1127 Base metals Coal Oil & Gas Rahmi MARINA (62) 21 2557 1128 Banking Multifinance Pandu ANUGRAH (62) 21 2557 1137 Auto Heavy equipment Plantation Toll road Adi N. WICAKSONO (62) 21 2557 1130 Generalist Anthony YUNUS (62) 21 2557 1134 Cement Infrastructure Property Arwani PRANADJAYA (62) 21 2557 1129 Technicals


Edward FUNG Head of Research (852) 2268 0632 Construction Ivan CHEUNG, CFA (852) 2268 0634 Property Industrial Ivan LI, CFA (852) 2268 0641 Banking & Finance Jacqueline KO, CFA (852) 2268 0633 Consumer Staples Andy POON (852) 2268 0645 Telecom & equipment Alex YEUNG (852) 2268 0636 Industrial Warren LAU (852) 2268 0632 Technology - Regional Karen Kwan (852) 2268 0640 China Property

Michael KOKALARI, CFA Head of Research (84) 838 38 66 47 Strategy Nguyen Thi Ngan Tuyen (84) 844 55 58 88 x 8081 Food and Beverage Oil and Gas Ngo Bich Van (84) 844 55 58 88 x 8084 Banking Trinh Thi Ngoc Diep (84) 844 55 58 88 x 8242 Technology Utilities Construction Dang Thi Kim Thoa (84) 844 55 58 88 x 8083 Consumer Nguyen Trung Hoa +84 844 55 58 88 x 8088 Steel Sugar Resources

Jigar SHAH Head of Research (91) 22 6623 2601 Oil & Gas Automobile Cement Anubhav GUPTA (91) 22 6623 2605 Metal & Mining Capital goods Property Ganesh RAM (91) 226623 2607 Telecom Contractor

Luz LORENZO Head of Research (63) 2 849 8836 Strategy Laura DY-LIACCO (63) 2 849 8840 Utilities Conglomerates Telcos Lovell SARREAL (63) 2 849 8841 Consumer Media Cement Kenneth NERECINA (63) 2 849 8839 Conglomerates Property Ports/ Logistics Katherine TAN (63) 2 849 8843 Banks Construction Ramon ADVIENTO (63) 2 849 8842 Mining

30 October 2012

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DISCLAIMERS This research report is prepared for general circulation and for information purposes only and under no circumstances should it be considered or intended as an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy the securities referred to herein. Investors should note that values of such securities, if any, may fluctuate and that each securitys price or value may rise or fall. Opinions or recommendations contained herein are in form of technical ratings and fundamental ratings. Technical ratings may differ from fundamental ratings as technical valuations apply different methodologies and are purely based on price and volume-related information extracted from the relevant jurisdictions stock exchange in the equity analysis. Accordingly, investors returns may be less than the original sum invested. Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance. 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Singapore Residential Sector Update DISCLOSURES

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Analyst Certification of Independence The views expressed in this research report accurately reflect the analysts personal views about any and all of the subject securities or issuers; and no part of the research analysts compensation was, is or will be, directly or indirectly, related to the specific recommendations or views expressed in the report. Reminder Structured securities are complex instruments, typically involve a high degree of risk and are intended for sale only to sophisticated investors who are capable of understanding and assuming the risks involved. The market value of any structured security may be affected by changes in economic, financial and political factors (including, but not limited to, spot and forward interest and exchange rates), time to maturity, market conditions and volatility and the credit quality of any issuer or reference issuer. Any investor interested in purchasing a structured product should conduct its own analysis of the product and consult with its own professional advisers as to the risks involved in making such a purchase. No part of this material may be copied, photocopied or duplicated in any form by any means or redistributed without the prior consent of MKE.

Stephanie Wong | CEO, Maybank Kim Eng Research

Definition of Ratings
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Applicability of Ratings The respective analyst maintains a coverage universe of stocks, the list of which may be adjusted according to needs. Investment ratings are only applicable to the stocks which form part of the coverage universe. Reports on companies which are not part of the coverage do not carry investment ratings as we do not actively follow developments in these companies.

Some common terms abbreviated in this report (where they appear):

Adex = Advertising Expenditure BV = Book Value CAGR = Compounded Annual Growth Rate Capex = Capital Expenditure CY = Calendar Year DCF = Discounted Cashflow DPS = Dividend Per Share EBIT = Earnings Before Interest And Tax EBITDA = EBIT, Depreciation And Amortisation EPS = Earnings Per Share EV = Enterprise Value FCF = Free Cashflow FV = Fair Value FY = Financial Year FYE = Financial Year End MoM = Month-On-Month NAV = Net Asset Value NTA = Net Tangible Asset P = Price P.A. = Per Annum PAT = Profit After Tax PBT = Profit Before Tax PE = Price Earnings PEG = PE Ratio To Growth PER = PE Ratio QoQ = Quarter-On-Quarter ROA = Return On Asset ROE = Return On Equity ROSF = Return On Shareholders Funds WACC = Weighted Average Cost Of Capital YoY = Year-On-Year YTD = Year-To-Date

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Singapore Residential Sector Update

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