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My meditation tracks produce best results if you listen them with eyes closed and using good earphones that block external sounds.
Please do not use speakers...
The Benefits of Using My Meditation Tracks

The benefits of using my meditation tracks may be seen almost IMMEDIATELY and some over a period of 1-2 months. If you find that these demo tracks are interesting then you have already planted THE SEEDS OF CHANGE.

This is NORMAL and can happen in traditional meditation. You should be in a comfortable position with EYES CLOSED. flooding of ideas Ability to consider most options before taking decisions . It is part of mind's cleansing process. In the deep meditative states mind is unaware of rules of the external world and can find creative solutions to the problems at hand Better focus and better learning Occasional surfacing of deep burried emotional traumas.from desapir to hope Sudden flashes of insights. . faster healing. Thought Sweeper The track Thought Sweeper is very powerful track that has same action as broom-stick used to sweep cluttered room. leave your mind exactly where you normally keep your shoes.Here is a list of criteria to judge whether my meditations have helped you       A change in attitude after a meditation session . vivid and lucid dreams. You should DISCONTINUE use of these tracks if you experience physical or emotional discomfort. Improved immunity. or if you have history of epilepsy or if you are taking any psycho-active medication.decisions taken with quite mind are most beneficial. For this we need to "initialize" our brain for a fresh start or a fresh start or perspective. creative designing or writing etc. Brainwave entrainment will not have good effect with eyes open. You should NOT use this track if you have installed a pacemaker. or visit my guest-book or to share your experiences or anyother information with others visit my blog. computer programing. When we reach a dead end such activity we often need to start afresh. Many of us who are involved in highly intense brain activity often end up in a mental state wherein thinking clearly often becomes difficult. Typical examples of such brain activity are. Do not react to any experiences while listening to the track. slow ageing of body ( this will be experienced only after a period of few weeks when you do your lab tests ) General Instructions       You should use good earphones or headphones that cut environmental distracting sounds. Email me your comments.

upper theta . violence. The intensity of the dreamy state is proportional to amount of your mental clutter. Click here to download Depression Buster IMPORTANT instructions for using Depression Buster  Use of good headphones/earphones is a MUST for listening this audio track. Go though the general instructions before trying out this track. When frustration builds up. Download Thought Sweeper for $3. depression”. then alpha . logical and emotional parts of our brain are unable to function optimally. It sends different audio signals to left and right hemisphere of brain through your right and left ears.You need NOT listen to this track completely to achieve the desired cleansing effect.. We become too emotional and less logical in every aspect of our life and the result is wide spectrum of symptoms ranging from irritability.upper theta. up and down. Do NOT play this track on a audio system with speakers. I have created a FREE track which may be tried by those frustrated/depressed individuals who are reluctant to opt for conventional treatment. This track stimulates the left hemisphere of your brain in entire beta band. It is possible to correct this depression by stimulating left hemisphere in the beta region and right hemisphere in the alpha-theta range. You may obtain further information on this subject by googling on the terms “EEG.lower theta gradually. i. Correct placing of earphones is extremely important (there are instructions at the beginning of track to identify left-right earphones). taking antidepressants. asymmetry. depression start building up when our brain is destabilized due to excessive demands of modern life. .e.Thought Sweeper does this initialization of our brain quickly by dissociative stimulation. You will enter in no time into an intensely dreamy state.00 (Size ~54Mb) Depression Buster Frustration. emotional breakdown to suicide!! There is lot of well researched literature in the neurology and psychology journals that report the link between brainwave abnormality and depression. The result is magical. The right hemisphere of the brain is stimulated as beta-alpha. anger.

1990 Feb. Annual Conference. Also this track may induce drowsiness while listening and therefore it is extremely dangerous to listen to this track while driving.106(3):376-85 Frontal Asymmetry Changes Reflect Brief Mood Shifts in both Normal and Depressed Subjects. Society of Neuronal Regulation 40 Hz 40 Hz is a frequency of gamma band.. J Pers Soc Psychol.. Best time recommended time for this track is in the morning. Saron. Heller W. M. Discontinue use of this track immediately if you experience any physical or emotional discomfort.S. It must be comfortable. Patterns of regional brain activity differentiate types of anxiety. References Approach-withdrawal and cerebral asymmetry: emotional expression and brain physiology I. PhD. & Rufus Baehr. I have created small track that stimulates brain at 40 Hz. 1997 Aug. The one marked with “L” should be on the left ear and the one marked with “R” should be on the right ear. Wallace V. Friesen.A. It is reported that frequencies of gamma band play important role in information binding across different parts of the brain. Joseph A. . Annual Conference. J Abnorm Psychol. It is extensively researched and discussed in the neurological literature.58(2):330-41. Elsa Baehr.      Placement of phones is EXTREMELY important. PhD. Ekman. QEEGT.. Do not use this track if you have history of epilepsy. Neurotherapy Lab. Robert Lawson. J. Clifford D. Davidson. QEEGT and Tim Barnes.. Do not use this track more than two times a day. PhD. Do not give this tracks to elders (age > 60) suffering from depression without consulting a doctor. Senulis. M. This is designed and crafted very carefully to induce experience of "journey". Richard J. Robert Lawson and Eugenia Bodenhamer-Davis. Annual Conference. Peter Rosenfeld. I listen to this track before sleeping . Wrong placement of headphones/earphones may aggravate your symptoms.. Society of Neuronal Regulation EEG Asymmetry and Depression Severity: A Comparison of Various Asymmetry Measures.. University of North Texas. Society of Neuronal Regulation Anterior Alpha Asymmetry in Anxiety and Depression.. Paul. While listening the volume level should not be too loud or too low.

I have had such experiences number of times when I had opportunities to meet people who were my heroes. for Shaktipat. But in my opinion Shaktipat is kind of a positive stimulation leading to mystical experience (that can not be explained using common logic) resulting in mood elevation. Yet another study reprts imrovement of IQ scores Note: To save on download size the demo version is encoded at 64Kbps. Pennsylvania State University) and my cousine Dr. Since 40 Hz is frequency of higher brain function . Those who want to explore unchartered territories of mind may try out this track. Bhushan Kulkarni (MBBS. and motivation to achieve your goals.00 Alpha Magic My friend Dr. Bombay) in a blissful trance induced by Alpha Magic.and invariably have compensatory dreams. In this track I have used primordial and natural sounds along with brainwave entrainment techniques. You can also use full version of Alpha Magic for improving IQ! Click here for a copy of PhD thesis which reports use of 10Hz and 18 Hz improved IQ scores of ADHD children. listening a symphony or just by tuning your mind to the forces of Nature. Download the track . Shaktipat can happen by reading a book.Digital Shaktipat-II (Improved!) . To download this track make a small donation of $1. Digital Shaktipat (A Free MP3 Track) Shaktipat is a Sanskrit term for transfer of mystical powers from divine origin (normally from a spiritual master) to a seeker of a such powers. Jayant Kirtane (PhD. Jayant Kirtane Dr.everyone will have different experiences of this track.the ability to get impressed. I don‟t think one always needs a master or a ritual. Dr. cessation of pain. Only quality in me that made this possible was . Bhushan Kulkarni Download Alpha Magic demo version. I learnt a lot many things without they actually teaching me anything. So. „Shaktipat‟ may have some esoteric explanations and some people may even challenge whether such transfer takes place at all.

. It has had more than 10000 downloads sofar and I stopped counting the downloads after that.repeatitions .. a cup of cofee or a glass of alchohol o when we watch sea waves and listen to their sound o we listen or watch any slow. This is that RIGHT FRAME OF MIND you are longing for. But we are conditioned and expected to follow norms everywhere. Download my tracks . experience and share. This is the time when conscious mind relaxes its sensorship on the material produced by your mind.repeat listening to it till your minds starts producing echoes of the instructions in the track. "I need fu*#ing right frame of mind to do this".I Inner Voice (Free) . These echoes are the signs that subconscious mind has taken over. or going for drive or while smoking a cigarette or after consuming a glass of alchohol.enjoy. This is achieved normally o when we are travelling in a train o when we are driving on a highway and we dont recall the last mile o when we resort to stimulate ourselves smoke a cigarette.I is my most successful track.. How can we be creative on demand? Mind produces creative ideas or finds creative solutions to the problems when the conscious mind gives away its control temporarily to the sub-conscious mind. . The state of our brain which is most suitable for finding creative solutions is alpha state when it produces frequencies between 8-12 Hz as dominant frequencies. soft rhythmic sound or visuals This happens because our brain starts resonating with outer stimulus whether it is photic (visual) or aural (audio). Creativity is impossible unless you break norms. The secret of making the audio track "Inner Voice" work for you is simple ..Inner Voice and No Mind A Meditation for Problem Solving How many time you say this to yourself.Inner Voice . It is possible to achieve this state with years of practice of meditation. This is the time when people around you find that you are lost into something.

or when you are travelling etc. I would gather just enough funds to purchase good EEG set up to do advanced testing of my tracks. "No Mind" was uploaded a few weeks ago in October 2005. Had I received. you may find your mind responsing with solutions some other time such after you get up from the bed.But to try anyone of the above. I am sure you will come back to me and demand more. just $1 help from each of you who downloaded "Inner Voice".host for this web-site.00. Unfortunately. 2005 My track "Inner Voice" has been a great success. After you make a payment the file will immediately start downlaoding.December 8. And you are looking for something free and less time consuming.. As this track significantly enhances your ability to reach the 'problems solving state' of your mind. Though I am very happy and satisfied that my work is helping people. You should not look for single instance of success or failure but total number of successes."A Meditation for Problem Solving" Note: Some of you may experience sudden flashes insights or ideas flooding in your head while listening to this track. The size of the file 21MB and the duration of the track is 44 min. you have to spend either time or money or both. It has been downloaded by 1300+ visitors... But for fact you will experience drastic reduction in your need for sedatives. I do not want to stop here. . Note & Request . I would love to make more and more FREE tracks with better and better tools. subliminals Try it! Its free. Download my track . I uploaded it in July 2005 and since then its number of downloads are 4700+. Please read general instructions before using this track.. and/or stimulants o It doesnt have suggestions. The price of this track is $3. doesnt give detailed statistics for "Digital Shaktipat" which I uploaded just a month ago. You may also consider purchasing full version of the track "A Mediation for Problem Solving". Nature may follow its own course for she doesnt understand social laws and demands. There is lot more to be done. Freewebs . am I right? My free MP3 audio track "Meditation for Problem Solving" (6MB) will help you achieve exactly the same in 12 minutes: o You can listen to it privately or in group during a brainstorming session o You do not have to consume anything .