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mCommerce - THE FUTURE OF YOUR BUSINESS IN THEIR HANDS Unless you have been living in a cave for the last few years, no one could possibly be oblivious to the dependency most consumers now have on their mobile devices for all aspects of their lives, or the pressure on businesses to react to the ever-increasing momentum of mobile. Some businesses have embraced the mobile revolution with open arms but worryingly most UK businesses still haven’t mobilised. Only 10% of sites are fully optimised for mobile, meaning 90% of sites aren’t meeting mobile customer demands. We at eibDIGITAL advise businesses to take action right now - today! Future projections state that mobile browsing will surpass desktop browsing in 2014. If businesses continue to stick their heads in the sand then the simple fact is their future survival is in question. Embracing change and truly understanding and reacting to your web and mobile customer needs and behaviour are critical to success. So not only knowing what your visitors are doing, on what device and why, but importantly being able to act upon that knowledge. Today’s consumers are impatient and demand relevant information almost instantly at their fingertips. Fail to deliver this and your competitors will reap the benefits. eibDIGITAL’s mCommerce Guide is the most comprehensive publication available. It provides essential insights through expert advice, research and a host of case study success stories all explained by leading industry figures. So whether you are just embarking on a mobile strategy or are a seasoned mobile marketer looking for inspiration I really hope you find our guide a useful and powerful tool. Enjoy! In today’s new world of mobile it is quite simple - take action or be left behind.

By Alex Murray Chief Creative Officer, eibDIGITAL by eibDIGITAL


mCommerce guide

10 Key Decisions For mCommerce Success Introduction About This Guide Who Is This Guide For? About eibDigital

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Chapter 1 - Making The Business Case For Mobile Commerce What Is Mobile Commerce? The Applications Of Mobile Commerce Making The Arguments For Mobile Commerce Start With The Analytics To Review Current Mobile Usage Use Published Stats To Support Your Case Use Competitor Benchmarking To Review The Potential Making The Financial Case For Mobile Commerce

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Chapter 2 - Mobile Payment Options The Mobile Payment Ecosystem Mobile App Payment Model 1: Web-based Payment Mobile App Payment Model 2: Mobile App payments Mobile Payment Model 3: Operator (carrier) billing Mobile Payment Model 4: Payment Specific Apps Mobile Payment Option 5: Contactless payment Mobile Payment Option 6: Mobile Wallet

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Chapter 3 - Mobile Optimsied Site V App The HTML5 Question 5 Top Tips For Producing Great Mobile Sites Predictions For App Mobile Growth The Case For Apps What’s The Consumer Benefit For Apps? 5 Top Recommendations For Producing Greats Apps Three Predictions For App Growth

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Chapter 4 - Creating Effective Mobile Optimised Sites Reasons For Creating A Mobile Optimised Site Defining The Mobile Value Proposition Assembling The Team Defining The Mobile Optimised Site Version 5 Tops Tips For Producing Great Mobile Sites Building Mobile Sites Of The Future With HTML5

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Chapter 5 - Reaching And Activating Mobile Users Using Advertising Part 1 - Bridging The Gap Between Offline, Online And In-Store Part 2 - Mobile Advertising Mobile Ad Format 1: Mobile Search Mobile Ad Format 2: Mobile Banner Ads Carried On Mobile Sites And Apps Mobile Ad Format 3: Rich Media Ads

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mCommerce guide

Chapter 6 - Mobile Search Search Queries On A Mobile % Of Overall Google Queries Which Are Mobile Hourly Distribution Of Searches By Platform Targeting Tablet Users As They Search Search Engine Marketing For Mobile Users Targeting Mobile Search Through Pay Per Click Targeting Mobile Users By Device Mobile Ad Formats Making Sure Your Site Is Mobile Optimised For SEO

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Chapter 7 - The Opportunities Of Location-Based Marketing And Social Media Integration How Location-Based Services Can Support Business Goals Managing The Permission Issues Surrounding LBS Marketing Consumer Usage Of LBS Marketing Integrating Social Interactions With Mobile Location-Based Services

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Chapter 8 - Using Mobile CRM And Mobile Coupons To Develop Loyalty The Reach And Activate Steps Of Mobile CRM Developing A Plan To Increase Mobile Opt-Ins Optaining Opt-In The Act Stage Of Mobile CRM Driving Traffic To Mobile Sites With Specific Landing Pages Encouraging In-Store Interactions Through Barcode Scanning The Convert Stage Of Mobile CRM Using Mobile Coupons To Encourage Conversion To Sale Three Mobile Coupons Options The Engage Stage Of Mobile CRM Improving Mobile-Based Customer Service

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Chapter 9 - mCommerce Analytics And Reporting Challanges of Mobile Analytics Tools: mCommerce Analysis And Reporting Services Specialist Mobile Analytics Tools Measures: What Do You Need To Track And Report?

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Chapter 10 - Mobile CRO Creating A Mobile CRO Plan

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10 Key decisions for mCommerce success

Today, the need to develop mobile experiences for customers is a given. Yet it’s not easy to develop compelling experiences that bring commercial advantages. There are many different areas of mobile commerce (mCommerce) to get right and there is a risk of not getting the return-on-investment unless you take the right decisions. mCommerce has become and will be the battleground for retailers whose survival and prosperity depends on delivering multi-screen sales and marketing messages to an increasingly mobile and tech savvy customer base. Traditional bricks and mortar retailers are now racing to win competitive advantage and market share by taking advantage of mobile commerce as consumers make increasing use of smartphones and tablets.

HOW WILL THIS GUIDE HELP ME? We’ve created this mCommerce guide to help businesses take the right mobile commerce decisions. It covers all the issues across mobile commerce, giving a comprehensive guide to help you create and roadmap based on the right decisions.

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ABOUT THIS GUIDE The guide covers the 10 key areas you need to consider for mCommerce success which will help you create a plan to refine your approach for mCommerce: CHAPTER 1. Making the business case for mCommerce options 2. Mobile payment options WHAT YOU WILL LEARN How to assess the need for mCommerce to ensure return-on-investment. The 6 key methods of taking mobile payment including a rating of their relevance. The requirements for effective mobile optimised sites and Apps plus where each is most appropriate. Options for using mobile commerce to encourage loyalty. How to deliver more relevant options for online customers. How to create awareness and usage of your mCommerce services. How to get better visibility for your mobile sites and Apps within the search engines. Techniques to integrate social participation and sharing into mobile services. How proximity marketing can be harnessed. Methods to set goals, track and report mCommerce effectiveness. Techniques to optimise your mobile site to increase sales.

3. Mobile optimised sites versus Apps

4. Using mobile coupons & CRM to develop loyalty 5. Personalisation 6. Mobile Discovery and promotion 7. Mobile search

8. Integrating mobile, social and local

9. Tracking and Analytics 10. Mobile CRO

To help you get the most actionable takeaways from this guide we highlight some of the keys issues in each area including strategic recommendations and practical tips. Each area is also packed with examples of good practice to inspire you. by eibDIGITAL


10 Key decisions for mCommerce success

WHO IS THIS GUIDE FOR? We’ve designed this guide to help you if you’re involved in reviewing how to make the most of the opportunities of mobile marketing. Whether you’re looking at your mCommerce strategy for the first time or reviewing your existing approaches to optimise them we have content to help. The advice and examples have been selected to help: Company owners We introduce the most important mobile concepts and show how they can support growth of a business, highlighting strategic recommendations along the way. Marketing Directors and Managers Each chapter gives advice on different marketing approaches with mCommerce success stories showing how companies have approached marketing. eCommerce Directors and Managers In addition to the strategic, commercial advice on mobile marketing and the more technical advice on payment methods, user experience, testing and optimisation will help eCommerce specialists. User Experience and marketing team members The guide also gives many practical suggestions and examples which will be useful for those creating mobile experience and running mobile campaigns.

CHAPTER FEATURES To help you understand the potential of mCommerce and summarise the actionable takeaways we’ve highlighted these in each chapter.


MCOMMERCE EXPLAINED to cut through the jargon


KEY MCOMMERCE DECISIONS important issues to consider in a strategic review

PRACTICAL MCOMMERCE TIP issues to raise with your mobile agency or developers

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ABOUT EIBDIGITAL We’ve designed this guide to help you if you’re involved in reviewing how to make the most of the opportunities of mobile marketing. Whether you’re looking at your mCommerce strategy for the first time or reviewing your existing approaches to optimise them we have content to help. - we create, develop and implement B2B and B2C digital commerce sites that help you reach, convert and engage more - we create engaging and commercially effective web & mobile sites - we implement behavioural merchandising solutions to optimise conversion - we develop successful digital marketing campaigns focussed on response Our clients include some of the global top 100 super brands, multi-national blue-chip corporations and UK’s leading high street retailers. eibDIGITAL have over 100 digital experts in our team and offices in Harrogate and London.

ABOUT THE AUTHORS This Guide is written by Rob Thurner of Burner Mobile. Rob is an established specialist mobile consultant, commentator, trainer and speaker. With 20 years’ digital and traditional marketing experience gained with agencies and international media owners, Rob helps solve clients’ business problems with innovative mobile solutions. Rob’s mobile client contacts include British Airways, Carphone Warehouse, GlaxoSmithKiine, Heineken, King of Shaves, Microsoft, M&S, O2, Reed Business Information, Royal Mail, STA Travel, and multiple agencies.

The guide is co-written & edited by Dr Dave Chaffey. CEO and co-founder of Smart Insights, a digital marketing advice site that helps businesses succeed online. He is author of 5 bestselling books on eCommerce including Digital Marketing: Strategy, Implementation and Practice and has been recognised as one of 50 marketing ‘gurus’ worldwide who have shaped the future of Marketing.

Dr Dave Chaffey CEO and co-founder of Smart Insights

Rob Thurner Burner Mobile

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