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Brand elements, sometimes called brand identities, are those trademarkable devices that serve to identify and differentiate the brand. The main brand elements are brand names, URLs, logos, symbols, characters, spokespeople, slogans, jingles, packages, and signage. Independent o f the decisions made about the product and how it is marketed, brand elements can be chosen in a manner to build as much brand equity as possible. That is, according to the customer-based brand equity model, brand elements can be chosen to enhance brand awareness; facilitate the formation of strong, favorable, and unique brand associations; or elicit positive brand judgments and feelings. The test of the brand-building ability of brand elements is what consumers would think or feel about the product if they only knew about its brand name, associated logo, and other characteristics. A brand element that provides a positive contribution to brand equity,

4. Likability. 5. although this form of the word is rarely if ever used WHAT'S IN A NAME? NOKIA'S NEW LUMIA AND ASHA LINE EXPLAINED . Transferability. 2. 3. Adaptability. meaningfulness. The first three criteria ㅡ memorability.for example. noki means soot and nokia is its inflected plural. In modern Finnish. Meaningfulness. there are six criteria in choosing brand elements (as well as more specific choice considerations in each case): 1. are more “defensive” in nature and are concerned with how the brand equity contained in a brand element can be leveraged and preserved in the face of different opportunities and constraints. NAME The origin of the name "Nokia" is obscure. would be one for which consumers assumed or inferred certain valued associations or responses. and likeability ㅡ can be characterized as “brand building” in nature and concern how brand equity can be built through the judicious choice of a brand element. CRITERIA FOR CHOOSING BRAND ELEMENTS In general. however. The latter three. Memorability.

Despite finding "lumi" to be an out-of-date Spanish slang term. which translates to door in Finnish. wallpapers and themes for Nokia handsets. it's not THAT simple. none of the services offered by the company will be affected other than having the name changed. before this catchy. And there. Of course. but the company's marketing team did make a concerted effort to find a moniker ending with a vowel sound. The transition is likely to begin in July and will be finished by 2012. We know how this genesis story ends. so we'll spare you the obvious marketplace conclusion. Before Ovi was born. "only a handful" survived and were then parsed by linguistic experts to avoid any embarrassing malapropisms and pronunciation difficulties across 84 dialects. And as for that new Asha range? Well. lies the poetic branding key to Espoo's first. Alright. great Windows Phone. that just seemed apropos. albeit odd.What rhymes with Nokia? Why.000 tech trademarks. of course. NOKIA TODAY DECIDED TO CHANGE THE NAME OF THEIR SERVICE BRANDING FROM OVI TO NOKIA According to Nokia. Lumia." and thus it was saved. Ovi. and as the line is intended for emerging markets. resulting surveys found most Spaniards associated the term with "'light' and 'style'. the thinking there is quite simple. It's the word for hope in Hindi. Nokia was running Club Nokia. a mobile store for ringtones. After broaching that hurdle. was launched in 2007 but was not promoted much by Nokia before 2009. But Club Nokia was soon closed down . Click through to the source for a more detailed walk through this mobile origin story. fellow gadget freaks. a list of potential winners had to be cross-checked with over 300. name could be settled upon.

The radio station created a record of sorts by having the maximum number of live callers on a single day airing on Red FM's network of 47 stations across India. The tagline can be seen both literally and figuratively. The only difference consumers can expect to see is the replacement of the brand Ovi with Nokia.because network operators were dissatisfied with Nokia "stealing" their customers. Nokia is also sending out the message that it cares about human relationships. and as such it deals in connectivity. Literally. RED FM ENGAGED IN A MEDIA INNOVATION FOR NOKIA. However. The name change will affect the device software and web as well as printed material and online media. STRAPLINE Nokia have used the tagline "connecting people" since the 1990s. Instead Ovi saw the light. Nokia is a telecommunications company. . offering photo sharing and digital maps. that a phone call is all it takes to reach out to those that matter to us. FOR WHICH THE RADIO STATION CHANGED ITS TAGLINE TO CONNECTING PEOPLE Red FM devised an innovative activity to commemorate cell phone manufacturer Nokia's 15th year in India. Later Ovi started offering Ovi Mail and Ovi Store (app store) and Ovi Music.

Red FM. nokiamoments.000 calls were aired on the radio station on the day. Red FM created a programming roadblock for Nokia. On July 30. Besides. which urges consumers to register their moments. the actual number of calls received by the radio station was much higher. wherein all the links were dedicated to the mobile phone giant. Red FM's popular tagline. More than 3. Listeners who participated in the activity were awarded Nokia merchandise. all the 47 radio stations of Red FM celebrated Nokia Day for 17 hours." says B Surendar. through which listeners could post their wishes for Nokia. Nokia is running a campaign on Red FM promoting traffic to Nokia's website. The radio station urged listeners to call and share their favourite Nokia moment with the radio jockeys. The promo encouraged listeners to share their Nokia moments on Red FM on the Connecting People. A radio blog was also created. 'Connecting People'. was changed for the day to Nokia's tagline. . in sync with the phone company's tagline.which is unique innovations and connecting with people. senior vice-president and national sales head. which were also aired. OB jockeys went over to various cities to get people to share their Nokia moments.A countdown promo for five days culminated in the activity which took place on July 30. radio jockeys from across cities called each other on-air to share their personal Nokia moments. We were able to elicit spontaneous reactions from people because of the powerful brand Nokia is. Currently. Bajaate Raho. "We share the same brand attributes as that of Nokia .

the infamous „Nokia Connecting People‟ logo came into being. made every effort to make its logo represent the company‟s mission. Picture Perfect! There is a perfect image of two people almost joining hands with each other on the Nokia logo. high-tech gadgets and new ways to communicate and explore. So when it came to designing their logo. This has made the Nokia logo stand out from the rest. like the company. The Nokia logo. What’s in a Slogan? The Nokia logo consists of a very burly slogan that gives the brand a truly strong position in the telecommunication industry. . Nokia Co. which is to connect people without barrier and distance.LOGO Nokia Corporation has been in the telecommunications business since the 1960s and has become a global leader of the industry. The slogan cleverly expresses the company‟s mission. The image has given a proper support to the logo and has brilliantly complimented the company‟s mission and the slogan. is synonymous with mobile technology. And thus. Features of the Nokia Logo: Let‟s look at the features of the Nokia logo that make the brand so attractive.

NOKIA JINGLE Among the many iconic jingles out there. Nokia's has to be up there among the most recognizable. also offers it‟s customer other corporate functions which include multimedia devices and applications. enterprise solutions and network services. and will be obtainable from the Ovi Store. Apart from being celebrated for its mobile phones. Nokia is a powerful player in the mobile telecommunication industry. This further makes the Nokia logo a common household icon. . Undoubtedly. Nokia Co. After a few reiterations since 1994. The winning ringtone will be placed next to the standard Nokia Tune within select phones of Nokia's 2012 portfolio. Its mobile phones and gadgets have been infiltrated globally in mobile markets and are the customers‟ favorite. Nokia is now offering you a $10000 USD reward to create a refreshed version of the Nokia Tune.A Powerful Brand.