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LEVINAS [The Cambridge Companion to] LEVINAS - Simon Critchley & Robert Bernasconi (eds) [Sunny Series in Contemporary French Thought

] BEFORE THE VOICE OF REASON (Echoes of Responsibility in Merlaeau-Ponty's Ecology and Levinas's Ethics) - David Mic hael Kleinberg-Levin [Meredian Crossing Aesthetics] OF GOD WHO COMES TO MIND - Emmanuel Levinas [Meredian Crossing Aesthetics] ADIEU TO EMMANUEL LEVINAS - Jacques Derrida Emmanuel Levinas - NINE TALMUDIC READINGS Joshua James Shaw - EMMANUEL LEVINAS ON THE PRIORITY OF ETHICS (Putting Ethics F irst) Emmanuel Levinas - OTHERWISE THAN BEING OR BEYOND ESSENCE Paul Marcus - BEING FOR THE OTHER (Emmanuel Levinas, Ethical Living & Psychoanal ysis) [Routledge Critical Thinkers] EMMANUEL LEVINAS - Sean Hand R Clifton Spargo - VIGILIANT MEMEORY (Emmanuel Levinas, the Holocaust, and the U nujust Death) [Meredian Crossing Aesthetics] GOD, DEATH, AND TIME - Emmanuel Levinas Emmanuel Levinas - BEYOND THE VERSE (Talmudic Readings & Lectures) Emmanuel Levinas - ENTRE NOUS (Thinking of the Other) David Michael Kleinberg-Levin - BEFORE THE VOICE OF REASON (Echoes of Responsibi lity in Merleau-Ponty's Ecology and Levinas's Ethics) Tanja Staehler - PLATO AND LEVINAS (The Ambiguous Out-Side of Ethics) Nicholas Bunning et al (eds) - LEVINAS _CHINESE AND WESTERN PERSPECTIVES Totality and infinity: An Essay on Exteriority Exitence and Existents The Levinas Reader (Blackwell REaders levinas and the wisdom of love Searching: Emmanuel Levinas (Basic Philosophical Writings) Humanism & The Other Time and The Other Ethics and infinity (Conversation with Difficult Freedom alterity and trancendence outside the subject levinas: an introduction the face of the other and the trace of god discovering levinas to the other the ethics of emmanuel levinas levinas and buber facing nature ethic-politic-subjectivity critical excess testing the limit appositions of derrida and levinas a philosophy of exile is it righteous to be origin of the other SARTRE Dominique Chateau - SARTRE ET LE CINEMA Jean-Paul Sartre - WAR DIARIES (Notebooks from a Phoney War 1939-40) [The Cambridge Companion to] SARTRE - Christina Howells (ed) Neil Levy - SARTRE

[Suny Series in Contemporary Continental Philosophy] David Sherman - SARTRE AND ADORNO (The Dialectics of Subjectivity) Robert C. Solomon - DARK FEELING, GRIM THOUGHTS (Experience and Feflection in Ca mus and Sartre) Jean-Paul Sartre & Benny Levy - HOPE NOW (The 1980 Interviews) Charles Guignon (ed) - THE EXISTENTIALIST (Critical Essays on Kierkegaard, Nietz sche, Heidegger, and Sartre) Being and Nothingness by Jean-Paul Sartre Sartre, Jean Paul - Existentialism and Human Emotions

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