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According to Wikipedia “Customer service is a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction that is, the feeling

that a product or service has met the customer expectation.” The Customer Service department is responsible for handling, order processing, product and service questions, pricing information, system transfers, and other general inquiries. Like every organization, BK is also highly concerned regarding customer satisfaction, where increase customer satisfaction relates to increase in the productivity of the BK. In order to increase its customer service, the bank has applied and experiment the concept of Total Quality Management and Kaizen

Responsibilities at Customer Service Department at BK

a. Attending Customers At BK, when clients pay visit into the bank, they are first greeted by the front line staff positioned at Customer Service Department and they are asked about their purpose of visit. Then Customer are guided or followed by the staff as per their requirement, after understanding their purpose. For example if they want to open an account, they will be systematically guided by the staff through the selling process.

b. Explaining Products and Services to Clients There are various functions about CSD; Selling function is one of the core functions of CSD, where any tangible products aren’t sold but bank’s intangible products that are the banks deposit accounts are explained to the customer. BK has various products and service; each and every

and after opening an account. ATM issued registers. At CSD I had to maintain hard copy documents including account application form. and if they are able to align the product attributes with their requirement then they likely to open a bank account. check requisition. which are basically attached to the customer in the account opening form. and statement registers. and check requisition form is processed to develop customer’s checks. I had to work for CSD. If the Customer is convinced. After processing the check requisition. . c. is managing customer data base. the hard copy data such as signature specimen card and application forms should be efficiently managed. check inventory. This opportunity made me familiar with the banking software. we provided them checks them within two days of receiving check requisition. were had an opportunity to use Pumori Banking Software. e. Here at CSD. Managing Clients Information System Another important functions carried out at CSD. from clients first account entry to clients account termination. d.product is explained in general to the customer. which would benefit overall corresponding departments. for further smooth and efficient functioning. for example Cash and gold loan department. that generate. These documents where correctly managed with the objective to provide reference in future.Maintaining Customer Files As operational duty. After the clients information are kept into the information system of bank. for future reference. clients information. Providing Checks and Receiving Checks Requisition At CSD Check requisition form received. including other crucial information such as customer’s account number to their funds deposited at the banks. where I was also assigned to manage the files and Documents relating to customer accounts. where Information of account application was assigned to be processed form into information system.

call to the respective department was another responsibilities carried out at Customer Service department.1Customer Service Department (CSD) Customer Service Department is the most important department in the bank. At Customer Care Department. So in order words. ATM /DEBIT card application. the image and status of any bank depends upon the effective functioning of this department.4. we send the applied form to concerned department of Head office. first customer gives. This was basic process explained in short about the ATM/DEBIT card issuing and verification process. As in terms of Nepalese Market. 2. then after receiving. first priority is to fully satisfy the customers' n e e d s towards bank. Attending telephone calls Attending phone calls of customer and transferring the. I had to manage the disbursement through an effective process. and when thing goes properly the card is given to the card holder or the right customer. ATM and Debit Card Issuing and Verifications. Customer Service Department perform variety of activities .f. card pin number at first and then the customer’s signature must be done to ensure the card goes into the safe hands. there are many opportunities such as to manage the disbursement of ATM and Debit card of Smart Choice Technology (SCT). Therefore. we had opportunity to learn some receptionist experience too. When customers arrive at CSD to receive their card. Thisdepartment is also often called as information desk as customers first contacts to thisdepartment for any type of their queries. and then ATM/DEBIT card is received to the branch CSD after around two weeks of time. people are getting much more mesmerized by the ATM (Automated Teller Machine) card culture and people are highly interested having one. Customers are the life b l o o d o f the bank therefore. verification of the card no. g.

hence the department must be prompt and effective ins a t i s f y i n g employed at the customers' needs and queries. e a c h o f t h e m h a s t h e i r o w n s p e c i a l f e a t u r e s mentioned below:10 Current Deposit Current a\c means accounts of amounts deposited in a banks which may be drawn atany time on demand . some of t h e m w e r e p r a c t i c a l l y o b s e r v e d a n d d o n e d u r i n g t h e i n t e r n s h i p p e r i o d w h i c h a r e presented below: Offering Different Account EBL offer different account to its customers. s c h o o l .Especially business man opens the current accounts which tomake a number of payments everyday. answering their queries. There is no limit on the amount of chequein current accounts. T h e d e p o s i t o r s c a n o p e n t h e a \ c w i t h a minimum balance of Rs500.Generally. explaining the process of receiving services and providing various customers services during and after the purchase of the services.such asdealing with customers.There are several essential activities carried out through this department. Delivering the information about thedifferent account to the customers is the main functions of this department. issuing bank statement and transactionstatement. their first interaction goes with thecustomer service department. c o l l e g e s e t c . receiving mail and delivering it to the concerned department etc. responding to calls. Thus accounts are mostly suitable for trading. Money from these accounts can be withdrawnas many time as desired by the depositors. The personnel t h i s department should present him/her in such a way that customers feel they are highly precious and their value immense for the organization which result in building goodrelationship. issuing application forms for openingnew accounts and ATM. Under current a\c the bank collect deposit in theform of Nepalese currency. This department is mainly responsible in assisting customers to explorethe services offered by the bank. when the customers enter into a bank. There ared i f f e r e n t a c c o u n t s p r o v i d e d b y E B L . businessh o u s e s . Current account is a non-interest bearing account. The main advantage of current a\c is safe custody of deposit andother facilities to the a\c holders. Call Deposit . i n d u s t r y .

11 EBL offers call a\c to cater to institutions and c o m p a n i e s w h o h a v e t h e requirement of collection of funds. Interest w a s provided on mutual agreement in this account.This account has the features of both saving and current account. Fixed deposit can beopen from 15 days to 60 months. The longer the period. Oncea month. . This is an account inw h i c h any amount can be deposited and withdrawal in a short time. free debt card and free ABBS. Fixed Deposit Fixed deposit means an account of amount deposited in a bank for a fixed period of time. Saving Premium The saving premium a\c is a premium account that offers a variety of facilities likefree accidental death insurance of Rs 3 lac. no draft commission up to Rs 1 lac. the higher will be the interest rate. 1 lac. It is short term assets provide by the b a n k . The minimum balance required for SavingPremium Fund Accounts should be Rs. Unfixed Deposit The deposit provides the benefit of yield of a term deposit with the f l e x i b i l i t y t o withdraw up to 90% of amount at any time .The product is suited to people who wantto park their surpluses in fixed deposit and may require at times.