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Presentation on Lesson Observation – for the Algerian Inspectorate

Appendix 5a - (Older Style) LESSON OBSERVATION AND ASSESSMENT Date of Observation:_____________Time:_____________ Teacher:_________________________ Lesson Observed:________________No. of Students:_____Staff Present:_____________________
(A) Excellent (B) Good (C) Satisfactory (D) Developmen t Needed (E) N/A

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The teacher’s classroom is well organised The teacher plans effectively and sets clear objectives that are understood The teacher shows good subject knowledge and understanding The teaching methods used enable all students to learn effectively Students’ work is assessed thoroughly The teacher communicates appropriately The teacher has high expectations in relation to behaviour and manages challenging behaviour effectively The teacher displays good leadership and teamwork The teacher makes effective use of time and resources Homework is used effectively to reinforce and extend learning



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Conclusions and Feedback Strengths: Areas for Development: Teacher’s Comment (optional):