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Presentation on Lesson Observation – for the Algerian Inspectorate

Appendix 5d - OTTP Lesson Observation Schedule
(for OTT to observe colleagues)

OTT to complete this form for lesson observations of other teachers in school. Teacher: School: Subject: Year Group: Date &Time of Day:

Relation to previous lesson

Content of lesson

Literacy YES / NO

Citizenship YES / NO

ICT Component? YES / NO

Numeracy YES / NO

Lesson Plan Seen? YES / NO

Phil Silvester CBE –

What are the intended learning outcomes of the lesson? (What are pupils intended to have learnt/be able to do by the end of the lesson? this is not what they will actually be doing, i.e. an activity, but what they will have learnt, or be able to do)

Presentation on Lesson Observation – for the Algerian Inspectorate

Differentiation (by teaching strategy, task, questioning, outcome, support? (How does the teacher meet the needs of the differing abilities in the class, SEN pupils, EAL pupils within the lesson?)

Deployment of TA(s)/other adult in the various sections of the lesson (How does the teacher use TAs or other adults to support pupil learning and their own teaching?)

Lesson observation notes (What actually happened in the lesson? What teaching strategies are used and how do pupils respond? How does the teacher achieve the intended learning outcomes above? Use the observations prompt sheet you have been given to help you. NB If instead of double-siding it you copy this form onto two sheets stapled together, you can use the back of the first sheet to continue this section as you are likely to need more room) How was learning assessed in this lesson? (How does the teacher assess what the pupils had actually learnt and that the intended learning outcomes had been achieved e.g. use of questioning, pupils recording of work, self/peer assessment, testing, homework)

Reflections; useful aspects for your own development observed in this lesson (What have you learnt from observing the learning and teaching in this lesson that will help you in your own teaching?)

Phil Silvester CBE –