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Presentation on Lesson Observation – for the Algerian Inspectorate

Appendix 5j - OfSTED Evidence Form (varies)
Evidence form – S5
Date Time of day / / Observation type (please tick one box only) Lesson observation Work analysis Discussions Focus (inspection trail or main purpose of the Context (lesson objective or description of activity)

Inspection №

Inspector’s OIN

EF № Other

Year group (s) Evidence

Information gathered for lesson observations only Grouping Gender Subject MC SU SA SL O (see footnote1) codes B G MI

Present /NOR

Evidence of SMSC


Use for grades if there is sufficient evidence:
Achievement of pupils Behaviour and safety of pupils NQT ITE provider Quality of teaching Leadership and management ITE route

Time spent in this lesson (mins) Running EF? No of lessons included in running EF If yes, cumulative time (mins) Special focus, complete if necessary



Grouping codes: MC = Mixed ability class; SU = Setted, upper ability; SA = Setted, average ability; SL = Setted, lower ability; O = Other

September 2012