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Sumati Poultry Farm

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Post Kamptee, Mahalgaon Kapsi, Garla Village, Lihgaon Phata, Bhandara Road, Nagpur - 440002 | View Map Call:+(91)-9326061169 | Win iPad2 Also See :Chicken Supplier, Chicken Wholesalers,Broiler Chicken Retailers Edit This Indian Broiler Farm
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Nelson Square, Chhindwara Road, Nagpur - 440001 |View Map Call:+(91)-(712)-6507376 | Win iPad2 Also See :Chicken Retailers, Broiler Chicken Retailers,Chicken Wholesalers Edit This Realdoodh-Narayana Farm Produce PVT. LTD...
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74, Pioneer Residency Park, Wardha Road, Somalwada, Nagpur - 440015 | View Map Call:+(91)-(712)-2289557 | Win iPad2 Also See :Milk Product Manufacturers, Milk Product Manufacturers-Gowardhan, Milk Cow Manufacturers Edit This Deccan Poultry Feeds
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31, Geeta Mandir Complex, Cotton Market, Nagpur - 440018 | View Map Call:+(91)-(712)-3278533 | Win iPad2 Also See :Poultry Feed Manufacturers, Poultry Feed Dealers Edit This Techno Bird Poultries
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Panchgaon, Umred Road, Nagpur - 440009 | View Map Call:+(91)-(712)-2239667 | Win iPad2 Also See :Poultry Edit This Laxmi Agro Farms & Co
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77 Beldar Nagar, Dighori, Umrer Road, Dighori Naka, Nagpur - 440009 | View Map Call:+(91)-9860626108 | Win iPad2 Edit This Ethnic Dairy Farms India Private Limited
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Bisessar House, 5 Temple Road, Civil Lines, NAGPUR - 440001 | View Map Call:+(91)-(712)-6464868 | Win iPad2 Also See :Milk Manufacturers Edit This Nagpur Farm Services
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Krishi Seva Kendra, Subhash Road, Cotton Market, NAGPUR - 440018 | View Map Call:+(91)-(712)-2727833 | Win iPad2

Also See :Agricultural Product Dealers Edit This Vaishnavi Emu Farms
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Plot No. 249, Juni Sukarwari, Nagpur, Ganesh Nagar, Nagpur - 440009 | View Map Call:+(91)-(712)-2701864 | Win iPad2 Also See :Bird Repellent Dealers, Bird Net Dealers Edit This Shri Shail Medi Farms
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Plot No.3, Gokul Ghatate Layout, Civil Lines, NAGPUR - 440001 | View Map Call:+(91)-9922172488 | Win iPad2 Also See :Medicinal Plant Consultants, Medicinal Plant Dealers Edit This Aryan Dairy Farm
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59, Sidhart Apartment, Awalenagar, Takali SIM, Jaitala Road, Jaitala Road, NAGPUR - 440016 | View Map Call:+(91)-9175322965 | Win iPad2 Also See :Milk Manufacturers, Milk Distributors Edit This Shivam Dairy Farm
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Santra Market, NR Railway Station, nagpur gpo, Nagpur - 440001 | View Map Call:+(91)-9225224572 | Win iPad2 Also See :Dairy Product Retailers Edit This Saraswati Farms
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Behind Ambedkar Hostel Hinganghat, Nagpur - 442301 | View Map Call:+(91)-9096274653 | Win iPad2 Also See :Apple Fruit Retailers, Apple Fruit Distributors Edit This Ashriwad Herbal Farm Mushroom
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80, Ramdas Peth, Nagpur - 440010 | View Map Call:+(91)-(712)-2428639 | Win iPad2 Also See :Mushroom Manufacturers, Mushroom Retailers Edit This Babul Dairy Farm
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49, Reshimbagh, Sakkardara, sakkardara, Nagpur - 440024 | View Map Call:+(91)-(712)-2745587 | Win iPad2 Also See :Milk Dairy Edit This Gunvant Farm

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Anant Nagar, Nagpur - 440013 | View Map Call:+(91)-(712)-2439269 | Win iPad2 Also See :Beauty Product Dealers-Aroma Edit This Babul Dairy Farm
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Call:+(91)-(712)-2745587 | Win iPad2 Also See :Dairy Product Retailers, Curd Retailers, Milk Food Retailers Edit This Shri Shail Medi Farms
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Gokul, Plot no.9, Ghatate Layout, V.I.P. Road, Civil Lines, Nagpur - 440001 | View Map Call:+(91)-(712)-6501117 | Win iPad2 Also See :Plant Nurseries, Medicinal Plant Dealers Edit This Eco Farms India Pvt Ltd
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Shop No 17 1st Flr Shri Ganesh Chambers, Nr Mehadia Sq, Dhantoli, Nagpur - 440012 | View Map Call:+(91)-(712)-2453349 | Win iPad2 Edit This Farm For Sale
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At - Tirkhura, TH Umred. DI- Bhandara, Umred, Nagpur - 441203 | View Map Call:+(91)-9371145047 | Win iPad2 Also See :Farm, Farm Land Project Kundu Dairy Farm
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Budhraja Centre, Opp Liberty Cinema, `, sadar bazar, Nagpur - 440001 | View Map Call:+(91)-(712)-2252310 | Win iPad2 Also See :Manganese Sulphate Dealers, Manganese Sulphate Manufacturers, Manganese Sulphate Suppliers Edit This Aryan Dairy Farm
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At Post Ubali, Tehsil Kalmeshwar, nagpur gpo, Nagpur - 440001 | View Map Call:+(91)-(712)-2245430 | Win iPad2 Also See :Milk Distributors, Milk Manufacturers Edit This Emerald Farm
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71, P.T.S.Quarters, Chandan Nagar, Nagpur City, Nagpur - 440002 | View Map Call:+(91)-(712)-2707092 | Win iPad2 Also See :Agricultural Product Suppliers, Agro Product Dealers, Agro Product Distributors Edit This Star Farms
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B. N Compound, Industrial Estate., Uppalwadi, Kamptee Road, kamptee road, Nagpur - 440026 | View Map Call:+(91)-(712)-2640063 | Win iPad2 Also See :Vegetable Suppliers, Vegetable Vendors,Vegetable Wholesalers Edit This Pacific Herbs Agro Farm Pvt. Ltd.
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E-1, Vishnu Kamal, 160, Shivaji Nagar, Shivaji Nagar, Nagpur - 440010 | View Map Call:+(91)-(712)-2224760 | Win iPad2 Also See :Seed Retailers, Spice Dealers, Spice Wholesalers Edit This Rajat Tiwari Farm House
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Shankarpur, Indane GAS Agency, Wardha Road, Nagpur - 440015 | View Map Call:+(91)-9271299260 | Win iPad2 Also See :Farm House Edit This Farm Fresh Food Processors
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226 Hanuman Nagar, hanuman nagar, Nagpur - 440009 | View Map Call:+(91)-(712)-2703420 | Win iPad2 Also See :Frozen Food Product Dealers, Frozen Fruit Retailers, Frozen Vegetable Vendors

Broiler Farming project report
The broiler chicken production of our country is growing at the rate of nearly 810% every yea. The consumption of chicken meat has increased significantly during past two decades. Government is promoting this industry by providing subsidy. Considering the vast potential of this industry in employment generation we have included many poultry project reports in this site. We shall include many more project reports in coming months as per demand by our visitors. We request our visitors to inform us about their requirement by filling ourweb mail contact us form.Before starting a Hybrid Broiler farm the entrepreneurs/ farmers are advised to under go training on poultry farming. They can contact Local Animal Husbandry Department staffs/Veterinary College/agriculture university etc. for the purpose. They should also visit progressive broiler farmers and government/ agricultural university poultry farm in the locality. They must check the following points before starting a Broiler farm. 1. Availability of hybrid broiler chicks in local market 2. Nearness of the Farm to Veterinary Hospital, Animal disease diagnostic laboratory 3. Marketing facility of Broiler in local market 4. Availability of broiler feed & medicine in their locality.


(Back ended capital subsidy is available for this project subject to a ceiling of Rs 56,000/- for a unit of 1000 birds ( Rs 74,600/- for SC/ST farmers and NEStates including Sikkim). Subsidy shall be restricted on a prorata basis depending on the unit size, subject to a ceiling of Rs 2.80 lakh ( Rs 3.73lakh for SC / ST farmers and NE States including Sikkim ) for details visit our Subsidy(PVCF) page of our site.)

This project report has been worked out subject to the following conditions: 1. Hybrid Broiler Chicks will be purchased from commercial hatcheries for every batch. 2. Sale price of finisher birds will change in accordance with change in purchase price of feed & chick . 3.Bio-security measures must be strictly adopted. 5. The farm must be managed by the entrepreneur on scientific lines. Deep Litter Housing for broiler chicken Floor – One square feet floor space per bird is required for broiler chicken. The floor of the poultry house should be concrete cemented, strong & rodent proof ,and have slope towards door. Plinth should be 2ft. higher than ground. Walls-lengthwise wall may be only one foot high, brick wall on sides,4ft wire netting above brick wall should be supported with angle iron. End wall of poultry house should be made of bricks. Maximum breadth of poultry house should be 27 feet. There should be partition in every 500 squire feet. Roof – Roof of the poultry house may be of asbestos or tile. It should 12-ft. high at the center and 6-8ft. high on the side wall with 3ft extension of roof beyond wall to prevent rain water from entering poultry house.

Techno-Economic Norms 1 2 PARAMETERS Batch size Batch interval VALUE 1000+5% extra 52 days(45 days rearing +7days cleaning period) 5% 1000 Rs.15

3 4 5

Mortality of birds Cycle size Cost of day old chick


Cost of kg of feed






waterers Rs.10/bird

feeders etc.)
8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Cost of insurance medicine vaccine etc. No of batches/year introduced first year No of batches /year(sold) No of batch introduced 2-5 years No of batch sold 2-6 years Cost of kg of live broiler Average wt. of bird at the time of sale Feed requirement to attain 1.8kg body weight Rearing period Cleaning period Interest rate Rs.3/bird/year 6 6 7 7 Rs.50 1.8kg 3kg 45 days One week 12%/year


Repayment period

6 years


Sl no

Capital cost Construction of Brooder cum grower house one sq.ft/bird for 10000 birds @Rs.200/sq.ft Equipments for 1000 birds @Rs.15/bird

(Amount in Rs.) 200000 15000



Electrification & electrical installation



Feed store 100sq.ft@200/sq.ft TOTAL CAPITAL COST

20000 250000

Working Capital 1.
Cost of chicks 1030 @ RS.15/chick (5% extra for mortality 2% free fro hatchery ) 15450


Cost of concentrate feed@3kg/bird for10,00 birds @18/kg for first bath


3. 4.

Misc, expenditure i.e. electricity vaccine medicine insurance etc. including veterinary aid @Rs,3/bird/batch Total working capital




Total project cost


6. 7.
Margin money 15% of project cost


322500 48375

8. 9.

Bank loan Back ended capital subsidy under poultry venture capital fund under general category Back ended capital subsidy under poultry venture capital fund for ST/SC &farmers of north eastern states including Sikim

274125 56000




Project period (year) Amount in Rs. i ii 10815 0 iii 10815 0 iv 10815 0 v 10815 0 vi 10815 0


Cost of day old chicks /year@15/bird



Cost of feed for birds @3kg/bird Rs.18/kg

32400 0

37800 0

37800 0

37800 0

37800 0

37800 0


Misc, expenditure i.e. electricity vaccine medicine insurance etc. including veterinary aid @Rs3/bird /batch Total expenditure








43470 0 54000 0 3000

50715 0 63000 0 3500

50715 0 63000 0 3500

50715 0 63000 0 3500

50715 0 63000 0 3500

50715 0 63000 0 3500

a) Sale of broiler @ Rs.90/bird (1.8 kg @ Rs.50/kg) Sale of manure Sale of gunny bags Depreciation on shed and building etc@10%year Depreciation on equipments @15%/year Total Gross profit 1 2 3 54590 63660 63660 0 0 0 11120 12945 12945 0 0 0 4 5 6 63660 0 12945 0 63660 0 12945 0

b) c) d)




f) g) YEAR

72760 0 22045 0

Capital Costs


Recurring 434700 507150 507150 507150 507150 Costs Total Costs Benefit Net Benefit 684700 507150 507150 507150 507150 545900 636600 636600 636600 636600

507150 507150 727600 220450

- 129450 129450 129450 129450 138800 Present worth costs @15% DF 2073691.70 Present worth Benefit @ 15% DF Net present worth BCR IRR

295982.23 1.14:1 IRR=33.23%

Repayment Schedule Year Loan Outstanding Gross Surplus 1 2 3 4 Interest @12% Principal Total Repayment Surplus

274125 250000 210000 160000

111200 129450 129450 129450

32895 30000 25200 19200

24125 40000 50000 60000

57020 70000 75200 79200

54180 59450 54250 50250