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Mutia : Hi, you must be a new student here. Chicha : How do you know?

Mutia : you are weari ng a new uniform. Chicha : you are right. What about you? Are you also a new student? Mutia : I am in the second year. Which class are you in? Chicha : X D. How do you like studying at this school? Mutia : I like it very much. Most teachers here are very disciplined. Many graduates from this school are admitted to state universities. Chicha : That’s the reason why my parent want me to study at this school. Praise the lord. I got a good score and was accepted, Mutia : I do. I take traditional dances and science club. Have you decided which one to take? Chicha : Not yet. The school really has a lot of extracurricular activities. I like too many of them. Mutia : You may not take more than two, you know that? Chicha : Oh, I thought I could take three or four. Mutia : If I may suggest, why don’t you jointhe traditional dance club? It’s interesting to know and to learn a lot of traditional dances. Chicha : I’ll think about it over. Thank you very much, any way. Mutia : Hi, we have talked much but we do not know each other yet. I’m Mutia. What’s your name, please? Chicha : Chicha. Nice to talk to you, Mutia. Mutia : Nice to talk to you, too. Chicha : Bell is ringing. I have to go back to the classroom. Bye Mutia, see you. Mutia : Bye Chicha. So long.

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and programmed instruction ( instruction delivered in a graded sequence of steps. and most changes in teaching methods became nothing more than short-lived fads.. The other prommising technological advance is in biochemistry and genetic engineering . teaching machines (mechanical devises that present systematic instruction to students ). The revolution in computer and comunications technology holds out hope that all students will connect with more information and more people thanever before. medical researchers conduct studies on the brain and central nervous system in hopes of discovering ways to enhance memory and intelligence. But the promise generated by much of this news technology proved illosory. may have far greater effects on educational practise than their predecessors.Educational Technology Many technological innovations of the 21st century have promised breakthroughs in the methods and effectiveness of teacing. For example. Innovations in these fields suggest that certain barriest to learning. suct as short attention spans or faulty memories. and that learing might became more individualized. usually by means of a computer or other device ). Some of the most promising innovations ancluded film strips and motion pictures.. however. migh one day be reduced by means other than the traditional reliance on sheer effort alone. Two very different technologies. .