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1% adverse reaction to fluoride, Progress Report: Feltman, DDS, Dental Digest 1956; 62: 353-357: http://www. 1% adverse reaction to fluoride, Final: Feltman and Kosel, Journal of Dental Medicine 1961; 16: 190-99: Affidavit of Dr. Deloss Winkler’s trying fluoride sensitivity experience: Aliss Terpstra’s story of hypersensitivity to fluoride since birth in Grand Rapids, Michigan Hi Ken, You may use anything you need: I am hypersensitive to fluoride from any source – water, toothpaste, tea, drugs, baking powder, table salt, air pollution. Symptoms occur with exposure to fluoride whether accidental or known, just as with gluten in celiac disease. They disappear when fluoride exposure and intake is below the threshold of toxicity as with other poisons. This hypersensitivity is the result of chronic overdose from artificially fluoridated water since birth in Grand Rapids Michigan and exacerbated by low iodine and selenium intake common to the area of the Great Lakes Basin. This early accumulated overdose of fluoride in childhood, when fluoride intake is not excreted in urine but nearly all incorporated into rapidly growing bones, has adversely affected my kidneys, bones and endocrine system permanently. It has also increased my body burden of lead. I have many dental fillings and only 25 remaining teeth. I received NO dental benefit from fluoride ingestion in early life. Current science continues to confirm that this outcome is the norm, not the exception. Today at age 58 my body’s calcium homeostatic range is brittle and narrow; I suffer unpleasant and sometimes debilitating symptoms from any increase in fluoride intake including from water with more than 0.2 parts per million fluoride naturally occurring. I must purchase distilled water for all drinking and cooking needs, although the water provided by my city would be safe for me to consume if it was not artificially fluoridated. Drinking artificially fluoridated water at 0.6 ppm causes symptoms with one or two glasses, about 300-500 ml. Symptoms appear to be related to suppression of thyroid function, damage to gastric mucosa, alteration of electrolyte and fluid balance, release of a surge of bone-dissolving parathyroid hormone, and depletion of calcium by fluoride in muscles. I must therefore be very careful about choosing medications and what I eat and drink. General anesthesia with fluorinated drugs that metabolize to free fluoride ion may be fatal to me because of my inability to match increased fluoride in blood with increased calcium. I can become ill very quickly from exposure to fluoride. My symptoms are extreme thirst unrelieved by drinking water in any quantity, muscle tremors, joint and muscle pain, drop in body temperature, sudden onset of signs of diabetes insipidus with reduced renal clearance for glucose, gastric pain, bloating and diarrhea, headache, slurring of speech, blurry vision and rapid heartbeat. If exposure is large, repeated or is continued and unavoidable such as from fluoride in smog, I develop dry mouth with dehydration and round reddish dime-sized spots of inflamed and broken capillaries, on arms and legs known as Chizzola maculae. Drinking two liters of distilled water with several thousand milligrams each of calcium gluconate or lactate and vitamin C is somewhat antidotal. My case of fluoride hypersensitivity was confirmed in the Netherlands by Dr. Hans Moolenburgh as a clinical professional opinion without laboratory testing, in 2006. Dr. Moolenburgh is an internationally recognized authority on the clinical medical diagnosis of fluoride hypersensitivity. I was unable to be diagnosed in Canada as doctors are forced to by professional practice guidelines to endorse water fluoridation as safe and harmless and cannot order relevant blood or urine tests that would confirm fluoride toxicity caused by drinking fluoridated water.

I am part of the guinea pig generation of artificially fluoridated children, born between 1946 and 1955, conceived and raised on extra fluoride from industrial waste source, that was supposed to be followed by government researchers until adolescence to prove that fluoridation is safe and beneficial to teeth. The study was truncated from 20 years to 15 and then ended after only 6 years. Those of us quite clearly harmed and full of dental cavities were simply dropped from the study and made invisible. The entire edifice of fluoridation is a fraud built only by denying that harmed children like us even existed. Why any medical doctor would continue to deny that children are harmed from chronic ingestion of increased fluoride from corrosive industrial waste in drinking water is simply unfathomable. Aliss

Her story was published in Natural Health, January 11-14, 2011
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