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important to achive L0 KPI: - Neighbors already created all 1st tier & bothway, add 2nd tier if neccessary.

- No overshoot (downtilt if overshoot) - No H/W alarm (if have active alarm or intermitten escalate to project) - No interference (cek BCCH & MAIO & HSN) - check if hopping already activated (check GCELLHOPTP - FHMODE is RF_HOP)

If L0 still not achive, we can try below parameter:

SDCCH Block rate (for CSSR): -Increase IDLESDTHRES (2 to 8), to make dynamic SDCCH more aggressive (transfo rm TCH to SDCCH when TCH idle). -Increase CRH (Cell Reselect Hysteresis Parameters) from 8 to 10 or 14 db , for cells with high location update (cek counter - A3030F:Call Setup Indications (Lo cation Updating) (SDCCH), compare with total all Call Setup Indications to get LU percentage) -if SDCCH, TCH & PDCH blocking is high, make negative CRO ( PI (Cell Reselect Pa rameters Indication) = yes , PT (Cell Reselect Penalty Time) = 31 , CRO (Cell Re select Offset) = 3 to 10) -Increase RXMIN (Minum Access RXLEV)from 8 to 10 -add SDCCH (channel type) on GTRXCHAN, if TCH/PDCH not blocking

PDASR : -Add BCH (channel type) for cells with high paging deletion -increase CRH for cells with high paging deletion & high Location update -Add PDTCH (channel type) & Increase PDCHDWNLEV (from 80 to 140 or 160) if we c heck "EGPRS/GPRS TBF abnormal release due to no channel". -decrease BSAGBLKSRES (2 to 1) & increase BSPAMFRAMS (2 to 4) -check if there is transmission capacity issue, indicate by cells on the same AR M (transmission) having low PDASR, transmission need to extend. -LAC split if high paging deletion (last choice if BSC level having low PDASR).

add PDTCH (channel type) DCR: .check BCCH interference & alarm .RXMIN (Minum Access RXLEV) default 8 (-102 dBm) can change to 10 (-100 dBm) .225/240 (meaning 40 from 41 bit s trainning should be correct.then RACH will be accepted) HOSR: . .Increase PDCHDWNLEV (from 80 to 140 or 160) .audit neighbor .CALLRESTABDIS (Call Reestablishment Forbidden) from yes to no . add 2nd tier if needed .5).TBF drop : .increase Pbgt margin if target have many HO fail (better cell) .RACHACCLEV from -109 to -105 .Increase HOCDCMINDWPWR (18) & HOCDCMINUPPWR (10) . need to retune BCCH .increase min level offset for target with many HO fail. .check if interference (band 3 .RANERRTHRED (Random Access Error Threshold) . .Increase HOCDCMINDWPWR (18) & HOCDCMINUPPWR (10) for cells having high incomin g HO fail. 1st tier should be complete & bothway. can improve TBF drop but decrea se Throughput.increase Intercell HO hysterisis if target have many HO fail (uplink/downlink quality/level) . .