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Post Script:
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1T r1L h hT hhT r0 XLT H Adf`T r0'

The assumption that Geez was the language of Adam is not to be
undermined, let alone simply discarded. As to my allusion to Hermes, I tried to
indicate elsewhere that this fact can be established in such a way that even the
academic community may recognize it as confirming to scientific method:
(please pay attention to the footnotes as well)

Once hermeneutics established itself in philosophy, the term has come to
be associated with Hermes,
who is identified with the Egyptian god
Thotha god credited with the discovery of language and writing, even
of the logos doctrine!
In this relation, one may recall the myth about a
goddess named Tefnet, whose homeland E. Junker held is Ethiopia but
was induced by Thoths persuasion to come to Egypt.
Bleeker believes

B. von TURAJEFF, Zwei Hymnen an Thoth (ZS 33, 1895) A. The inventor of the
hieroglyphic signs as he was held to be, Thoth is said to have supervised the writers of The
House of Life, which is considered by some as a training college, even as a sort of university
devoted entirely to the composition and study of books. C. I. BLEEKER, Hathor and Thoth:
Two Key Figures of the Ancient Egyptian Religion (Leiden, 1973) 137, 140f.
ibid. p. 129.
that events related to the myth occurred in historical surroundings.

Strikingly, assuming that Hermes was the Greek name of the Ethiopian
sage Thau Thau-Harama, Mathole Motshekga even asserts: This
Ethiopian (or Black African) sage, was the father of philosophy,
theology, etc., and Ethiopia (or Black Africa) not only established the
first University at Annu (Heliopolis) but also laid the foundation for
international schools of philosophy and sciences!

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fh0T HT0H A A' 0/ J/ f`d0 hT' hL
UALf hXhX 0 H4m A1/ r9 h 1' r11 (its potentials)
A1d H1h0 0A 1n 0Jf` hhJT 1rn fJ0 Adf`
AT1 H0/ X' 01AHd h1XT A 0 Hh0rd `10
10` A T'AUd hhX0' h hXL19`d h H`dAT
h ` A9 mf10 0X L hmf10 0t J
010 10L 0r0 TA

0JHr1 hTd h90`
L T1 0& hT1 /0h"` hAUT T' L

Ibid. 128
MATHOLE MOTSHEKGA, The Renaissance and the African Educational dream =
Installation and Inauguration Ceremony Speeches = Vista University Library Services (Online
2003). The fact that the first Egyptian and Ethiopian month is called Thoth by the former,
and Maskharam by the latter, underpins Motshegkas assertion. Maskharam is namely a
derivative of khrma/khrm! And an association could even be made between the
Geez word mat, which means anger or rebuke, with the notion of Ma-a-t, that
characterises Thoth as a legislator, a lord of justice: I, Thoth, the lord of ma-a-t
[justice], I teach ma-a-t to the gods, ... BLEEKER 136. There is also the story about Punt,
the secret land of gods, which now is likely to be identified with Ethiopia. Such findings as
those which the Adventures in the Bone Trade and many other historical and archaeological
researches have discovered (Luci) indicate that all roads have been leading to Ethiopia. Yes,
owing to this, some have so flatly asserted that It seems that we all belong, ultimately, to
Africa. ROLAND OLIVER, The African Experience (1991) i. Hence the academia seems now
to be only confronted with a moral question as to how to approach the history of this
paradoxically rich-but-poor country; whether to continue discovering the RICHNESS of her
culture and preserving it, or to direct its attention towards things that may cost dearly in
the marketplace of political opportunists, such as reproducing pictures of those diseased
from hunger.