Veggie Tales: The League of Incredible Vegetables
(Playing in All Stars, Treehouse and Toddler room on 10/31)
1. From the summer ice cream heist to his theft of the Fear-Dar, Dr. Flurry had a problem with stealing. Why is it wrong to steal? What should we do when we’re tempted to take something that doesn’t belong to us? Read Exodus 20:15-17  2. In this adventure, just about everyone had a fear to conquer. How many of them can you remember? If Dr. Flurry had turned the Fear-Dar on you, what might it have said? See how David responded to fear in Psalm 27:1-3 3. Could any of these Incredible Vegetables have saved Bumblyburg alone? Give examples of how each Veggie used his or her special talents to help the group succeed. Why is teamwork so important? Read 1 Corinthians 12:14-22 and help your children recognize their gifts. 4. LarryBoy is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to save a friend? How do people in your world make big sacrifices for those they love? Point to Jesus’ words about love in John 15:13, as well as the heroic way.  5.Not all heroes soar through the air and wear funny outfits. Do you have a real-life hero? Who do you admire, and why? Pray for that person, and ask God to make you the kind of person sure to become someone else’s hero.

In the Treehouse we are learning about God's plan for our lives. As we punch and kick our way through the martial arts tournaments, we will learn about patience, kindness, self-control, and prayer.

In All Stars we joined the crew of a cruise ship to learn about the life of Paul and his missionary journeys. On board we will learn where, when, how and why we should share the message of Jesus to everyone!

Corey Jones Children’s Pastor 404.788.9487

Natasha Lovelady Children’s Pastor Intern 678.378.3167

Hollie Adams
Children & Student Administrator 770.328.0695

Christmas Party / Parent's Night Out
$5 per child + a pack of pencils + glue sticks for Nicaragua school supplies  

Treehouse and All Star Students Friday, December 7th; 5:30-8:30pm

Hey kids, get ready for a night of Christmas fun! We will be playing games, singing some Christmas carols, enjoying Christmas crafts, munching on food, playing more games and having a ton of fun. Wear your PJ's, say goodbye to mom and dad, and get ready for some Christmas fun! And parents, this night is also special for you! We want you to have an evening of kid-free stress before the holidays get into full swing. So take the night to go out on a date, get some Christmas shopping done, or just curl up with a cup of hot cocoa by the fire!

shcc Thanksgiving offering


Lydia Cook
SoHills Kids Volunteer
Lydia Cook is a dedicated volunteer who serves the kids ministry with an open and loving heart. She is willing to step up and serve outside of her usual positions and puts the needs of others in front of herself. Lydia shares the message of Jesus’ love through her actions and her attitude while she serves. We are very thankful for Lydia's heart for children and are trilled that she chooses each week to pour into the lives of our kids!

Marissa Keeler
All Stars Student
Marissa is a sweet and joyful young woman. She is friendly towards everyone in her classroom and goes the extra mile to make sure everyone is good. Marissa is very intelligent and is the first to raise her hand to answer questions both in the large group teaching time and in her huddle room! We are very happy to have Marissa in All Stars, with her joyful heart and kind spirit, and know that God has big plans for her life!

Evan Templeton
Wunder Way Student
Evan is one of our friends in the Toddler class on Wunder Way. He has grown so much over the past two months and now loves to come play with his friends, pat his Bible and sing about Jesus! Evan's excitement is contagious and his sweet smile brings lots of joy to our class. Remember Evan that God made you, God loves you and Jesus wants to be your forever friend!

Family dedication (during 9:15 and 11:00 services)

NOV 28, DEC 2, DEC 12, DEC 19
All stars & Fusion parent seminars

sohills kids christmas party/parent’s night out

sohills kids volunteer christmas party

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