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NAME: ___________________________________________________ BATCH AND ROLL NO. :______________________________________ SET A - SUBJECTIVE QUESTIONS (20M) 8) Draw stress strain diagram for mild steel under tension test. Show proportionality limit, elastic limit yield point, ultimate stress and breaking point in the diagram. Also draw stress strain diagram for a brittle material.(3M) 9) Define Modulus Of Rupture, Modulus Of Resilience And Modulus Of Toughness. (3M) 10) A simply supported beam of 6 m length is subjected to 3 vertically downward forces each of 5 kN magnitude at distances 2m, 3m and 4m from left support. Calculate the reaction at the supports. (2M) d) W cosec The force induced in string BC due to load W , as show in fig 1, if e) W sin f) W cos g) W cot h) W cosec Moment of inertia is the a) Second moment of area b) Second moment of force c) Second moment of mass d) All of the above Gauge length of 20 m long bar of 10 mm diameter will be a) 50 mm b) 100 m c) 50 m d) 100 mm Static friction is always dynamic friction. a) Equal to b) Greater than c) Less than d) Any of the above Coefficient of friction depends upon a) Area of contact only b) Nature of surface only c) Both a) and b) d) None of these

1) State Lamis theorem. (1M) 2) State Polygon law of forces. (1M) 3) Define a) Static friction b) dynamic friction c) angle of friction d) angle of repose. (2M) 4) State advantages and disadvantages of friction. (2M) 5) State assumptions in truss analysis. (2M) 6) Draw SFD and BMD of a simply supported beam having concentrated point load W at centre. Show max values on diagram(2M) 7) State the equation of pure bending and pure torsion. Write name of each term involved. (2M) SET B - OBJECTIVE QUESTIONS 1. The process of finding out the resultant force is called .. of forces. a) Composition b) Resolution 2. The moment of a force a) Is the turning effect produced by a force on the body on which it acts b) Is equal o product of force acting on the body and the perpendicular distance between a point and line of action of force c) Is equal to twice the area of the triangle, whose base is the line representing the force and whose vertex is a point about which the moment is taken d) All of above 3. A couple produces a) Translatory motion b) Rotational motion c) Combined translational and rotational motion d) None of the above 4. Lamis theorem cannot be applied in case of concurrent forces. a) Agree b) Disagree 5. The force induced in string AB due to load W , as show in fig 1, if a) W sin b) W cos c) W cot