"STORMY WEATHER" Written by Yiannis Cove (+44) 7531-691-197

right then. Come onnnn. with most people on the dance floor. Please? PEPPERMINT BUTLER LEAVE! NOW! .. YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE MY DATE. okay back to partying Finn. I’m just. FINN What’s wrong buddy? JAKE Huh? Aww nothin’. He looks behind and spots it. PEPPERMINT BUTLER Sorry Ice King.. FINN walks away and carries on dancing. NOW HOW WILL I GET IN? THE ICE KING is outside of the castle trying to get into the prom but is being stopped by PEPPERMINT BUTLER. FINN (CONFUSED) Al. EXT.INT. JAKE is wandering around aimlessly. Princess Bubblegum gave me strict instructions not to let anybody into the prom without a date.NIGHT It’s PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM’S ANNUAL PARTY and everybody is enjoying themselves in the BALLROOM. I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU DIDN’T SHOW UP! I DON’T CARE IF YOU’RE SICK... LUMPY SPACE PRINCESS OH MY GLOB BRYAN. ICE KING But how am I supposed to get a date now? Everybody is already inside. looking very nervous. PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM’S CASTLE . PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM’S CASTLE . ICE KING Oh please let me in! I just want to enjoy the party like everybody else. I’m all good now. JAKE (CONT’D) And here it is! Woo.NIGHT LUMPY SPACE PRINCESS is angry and screaming down her phone. looking for the punch.

JAKE taps the microphone. ICE KING Alright! Geez.NIGHT JAKE climbs up onto the stage where the band are playing and grabs the microphone. JAKE (CONT’D) Lady. PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM’S CASTLE . ICE KING (CONT’D) Oh come on guys. I love you so much and now that we are having a baby I want us to be together forever. ICE KING walks away sad. what are you doing? JAKE Lady. Of course I will! . it’ll just take a second. Clouds appear and rain starts pouring down on him.2. I don’t really know how to say this sort of stuff so I’m just going to get to the point. head facing down like he is CHARLIE BROWN. JAKE (CONT’D) Lady. Not cool! ICE KING runs and takes shelter under a tree. could you come up here please? I’ve got something to ask you.. LADY RAINICORN (IN KOREAN) Jake. Will you marry me? LADY RAINICORN (IN KOREAN) Oh Jake. Heeeey! LEAD SINGER JAKE Sorry. INT. JAKE gets down on one knee and shows Lady a ring.. JAKE (CONT’D) Excuse me! Could I have everyone’s attention please? Everyone stops dancing and looks up at him. She approaches the stage. LADY RAINICORN is shocked. somebody’s a grumpy Gus.

LUMPY SPACE PRINCESS Uh only EVERYONE! Get a clue you. whoa. LUMPY SPACE PRINCESS pushes the ICE KING. LUMPY SPACE PRINCESS OH MY GLOB! This cannot be happening. LUMPY SPACE PRINCESS Ugh GET OUT OF THE WAAAYYY! The lightning becomes more powerful and closer to them. ICE KING Whoa. The crowd all cheer.3.. At that moment it hits the tree and conducts with them. ICE KING (CONT’D) Princess.. PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM’S CASTLE . ICE KING Wow. EXT. away from the castle. whoa. . that was some crazy lightning.. Get your own tree sista. They scream and grab each other backing into the tree. Lightning strikes. LUMPY SPACE PRINCESS (SCREAMING) (CONT’D) AHHHH! LUMPY SPACE PRINCESS runs to the nearest tree which also happens to have the ICE KING underneath it. has anyone ever told you about how super fresh you look? LUMPY SPACE PRINCESS is still looking down whilst brushing dust off of herself. This one’s mine. They wake up from a puff of smoke and start brushing themselves down. Why is SHE getting married? Everybody knows I’m the hottest princess! LUMPY SPACE PRINCESS rushes off. don’t you. He stops mid-sentence and looks at LUMPY SPACE PRINCESS with gushing eyes..NIGHT LUMPY SPACE PRINCESS is staring through a side window at what is happening inside.

I’m sorry man. Can’t we just go now? I haven’t even seen Lady since I proposed. JAKE Of course she can throw it.DAY FINN and JAKE are in their living room talking. We can go see her soon. FINN I know. LUMPY SPACE PRINCESS (CONT’D) ..4. FINN AND JAKE’S HOUSE . FINN . right? This storm is cray cray. I’m so bored.hunky man you! They stare at each other lovingly for a while before grabbing each other and kissing. You gotta do it mayne. FINN (CONT’D) PB said she wanted to throw you guys an engagement party. It’s been going on for days. INT.DAY SUBTITLE: 2 DAYS LATER JAKE Ugh Fiiiinnn. You’re still my number one right? Always! They bump fists.. Just gotta wait for this storm to pass. INT. FINN Dude! I can’t believe you were going to propose to Lady and you kept it a secret from your best bud! JAKE Yeah I wanted it to be a surprise for everybody. She looks up and sees ICE KING. FINN AND JAKE’S HOUSE . It’s been days since we left the house and this storm is going nowhere. You know she’s the bees knees of parties.

FINN No Jake this is serious. FINN Aww man! Okay I’ll see you when it ends then I guess. CUT BETWEEN: INT.5. PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM’S CASTLE . I’ll call Princess Bubblegum and tell her we’re coming over. She’s been testing it and it’s no normal storm. FINN Jake and I are going to come over to talk about his engagement party. . I can’t tell what’s causing it yet but it’s dangerous. I’ve been running tests on it and it’s no normal storm. hey Finn.SAME AND: INT. JAKE What? That’s baloney! Let’s just go now. FINN picks up the phone and calls PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM. how’s it going? PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM Oh. JAKE What? What did she say? FINN She said the storm is too dangerous to go out in and to wait until it passes. PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM Oh no Finn. We have to stay here. don’t go out in that storm. FINN I know dude. FINN AND JAKE’S HOUSE .SAME Hello? PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM FINN Hey Princess.

PEPPERMINT BUTLER Please don’t speak to me. INT. PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM’S CASTLE .6. The princess is in her laboratory.SAME PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM is in a lab coat and running a bunch of tests. Thanks Peppermint Butler. PEPPERMINT BUTLER Hello Finn and Jake. FINN Coolio. PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM’S CASTLE . We’ll head over after breakfast. Okay then. JAKE Finn! Wake up! The storm is over! FINN is sleepy eyed and unwraps himself from his burrito sleeping bag. FINN (SLEEPY) I told you it would pass soon. INT. I’ll lead you to her now. . JAKE Dude look. Awesome! JAKE EXT. Everyone’s out there but us! FINN Jake you know what the Princess said. I’m sure it’ll be over soon anyway.DAY PEPPERMINT BUTLER opens the door to FINN and JAKE. FINN AND JAKE’S HOUSE . INT. JAKE Awwww. He sees lots of people out in the storm walking around.LATER JAKE is staring out of the window. FINN AND JAKE’S HOUSE .MORNING JAKE comes running into FINN’S room and jumps on his bed.

She sits down in her chair. PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM (CONT’D) Anyway. PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM Oh hey guys. FINN Psycho storm. I have some of the rain water from the storm and I’ve been running tests on it but so far nothing. FINN awkwardly laughs and scratches the back of his head. I’m glad you’re here. so princess. FINN Yeah. I have no idea.7. I wanna keep this a surprise then! PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM Really? Well okay then. She looks up from her test. . what’s the scoop on this thing? PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM Honestly. JAKE (TOGETHER) Hey Princess. I guess just show up on the day. right? JAKE I never thought we’d get out of the house. Would you like me to show you? JAKE Oh I didn’t know Lady had planned it already. you’re here to plan the party. FINN and JAKE gasp in an overdramatic way. He gives FINN an annoyed look. FINN (TOGETHER) Hey Princess. PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM (CONT’D) Yeah I’m really surprised. I’ve been speaking to Lady Rainicorn about it and we came up with some great ideas so far.

They spot the ICE KING and LUMPY SPACE PRINCESS holding hands and kissing. ICE KING and LUMPY SPACE PRINCESS walk over to them. stop! You’re embarrassing me. FINN Rightttt. both got struck by lightning in the storm and suddenly loved each other.SAME FINN and JAKE are walking back home. LUMPY SPACE PRINCESS blushes and giggles. The usual story. CANDY KINGDOM . FINN Seriously dude? You begged me for days to come and now you want it to be a surprise? JAKE It’ll be like Christmas! EXT.8. Jake do you see that? JAKE Eww what is going on? FINN I think I’m gonna hurl. FINN and JAKE have a scared look on their faces.. ICE KING Hey guys! Haven’t seen you in a while. how did this happen? I mean how did you meet? ICE KING Oh you know. FINN OH MY GLOB. . FINN Ho. little of this.. FINN and JAKE look at each other confused. LUMPY SPACE PRINCESS Oh my glob babe. little of that. They start to walk off. What’s different you ask? Oh just my sexy hot princess girlfriend. Okay well we will see you around I guess.

congratulations. YUCK! INT. PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM’S CASTLE . We should tell the princess..LATER FINN and JAKE are mid conversation with PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM. PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM (CONT’D) I figured out what’s been going on! FINN What is it? PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM Look around you Finn at all of the people.. Everybody is starting to arrive and there are lots of odd couples showing up. This helps in a big way now that I possibly know what the storm did. FINN Okay Princess. JAKE You’re telling me something’s up! They are gross enough alone but together. FINN .NIGHT It’s JAKE and LADY RAINICORN’S engagement party. . FINN. Good luck! INT. I hope so. JAKE and LADY RAINICORN walk in and PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM rushes over to them.9. PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM’S CASTLE . PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM (CONT’D) Hi Lady. PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM Guys! Guys! She pauses for a do you think it was the storm that caused it? PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM Oh glob. She kisses her on the cheek and then carries on. FINN (CONT’D) Dude something’s not right there. Notice anything strange? He looks and sees the odd couples. I’ll look into it more.

We just need to figure out a way of getting it to all of them. The punch! The punch! The punch! The punch! FINN (TOGETHER) JAKE (TOGETHER) PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM (TOGETHER) LADY RAINICORN (IN KOREAN) (TOGETHER) PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM Jake and Lady. They all stop and think to themselves.. JAKE So what do we do about it? PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM I’ve been working on an antidote and I think I’ve cracked it. can you get up on stage and start making a speech to distract everyone while Finn and I slip the antidote into the bowl? JAKE Sure thing Princess. FINN and PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM finish pouring the antidote into the bowl. They start to look around and spot the punch bowl. Lady and I are so happy together. JAKE (CONT’D) I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who came. JAKE taps on the microphone.10. . FINN and PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM carry a giant bottle of the antidote over to the punch bowl. FINN All of the couples don’t look right. PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM Exactly! The lightning storm must have tricked them all into falling in love with each other.. JAKE and LADY get up on stage. JAKE (CONT’D) Hello everyone. If I could have your attention please.

JAKE (CONT’D) . what’s up losers.and we just wanted to make a toast. Everybody rolls their eyes in disgust. FINN motions over to JAKE and points to the punch bowl.. FINN Well. all is not lost. At least there is still some of this amazing punch left for you guys. . They too get the weird look in their eyes. FINN It’s working! PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM Yes. Everyone takes a sip of their drink and starts getting a funny look in their eyes. We made it. FINN hands them both a glass and they drink it.11. please head over and grab yourself a fresh glass of punch. JAKE (CONT’D) Okay. LUMPY SPACE PRINCESS Hey. Plus it’s our engagement party so you have to listen to us. Hey where is everybody? PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM You were so late everybody already went home. ICE KING LSP wanted to make a fashionably late entrance.. But before you do so. here’s to Lady and I. thank goodness. Now that we’re all ready. It’s a new flavor that you will all love. She’s so great like that. People start running out of the castle. ICE KING and LUMPY SPACE PRINCESS walk in. They all look at their partners and scream. Everyone shrugs and walks over to the punch bowl and starts serving themselves a new glass of it.

she’s still better than gunter. LUMPY SPACE PRINCESS STOP LYING! I’M GETTING OUT OF HERE! LUMPY SPACE PRINCESS runs off out of the castle while on her phone. ICE KING Yeah me too ba. CUT TO: CREDITS. oh glob what have I been doing? This is odd.. . ICE KING What a cry baby. LUMPY SPACE PRINCESS What did you do to me? I don’t love you! ICE KING I didn’t do anything. LUMPY SPACE PRINCESS (CONT’D) Bryan are you there? Please take me back. You were the one who seduced me. You wanted all of this. ICE KING Meh..12. Am I right guys? FINN How are you so calm about this? That was LSP you were making out with for the past week. LUMPY SPACE PRINCESS What was in that? It made me feel weird.

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