The Paraguay Reader

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236 & 238

History, Culture, Politics PeTeR LambeRT & andRew niCkson, ediToRs
Latin America Readers
504 pages, 35 illustrations (incl. 10 in color), paper $27.95

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adiós niño
The Gangs of Guatemala City and the Politics of death deboR aH T. Levenson
208 pages, 30 illustrations, paper $22.95

Religion and state Formation in Postrevolutionary mexico
ben FaLLaw
360 pages, paper $25.95

making samba
a new History of Race and music in brazil maRC a. HeRTzman
368 pages, 17 illustrations, paper $25.95

Culture of Class
Radio and Cinema in the making of a divided argentina, 1920–1946 maTTHew b. kaRusH
288 pages, 12 illustrations, paper $23.95

adiós muchachos
a memoir of the sandinista Revolution seRGio R amíRez
Translated by stacey alba d. skar American Encounters/Global Interactions
264 pages, paper $23.95

beyond shangri-La
america and Tibet’s move into the Twenty-First Century JoHn kenneTH knaus
with a foreword by Robert a. F. Tenzin Thurman American Encounters/Global Interactions
384 pages, 23 illustrations, paper $25.95

Fevered measures
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Public Health and Race at the Texas-mexico border, 1848–1942 JoHn mCkieRnan-GonzáLez
440 pages, 17 illustrations, paper $26.95

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black France/France noire
The History and Politics of blackness TRiCa danieLLe keaTon, T. denean sHaRPLey-wHiTinG & T yLeR sTovaLL, ediToRs
344 pages, 4 illustrations, paper $25.95

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236 & 238

Toussaint Louverture
The story of the only successful slave Revolt in History; a Play in Thee acts C. L. R. James
edited and introduced by Christian Høgsbjerg The C. L. R. James Archives
248 pages, 10 illustrations, paper $23.95

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an Historical account of the black empire of Hayti
maRCus R ainsFoRd
edited and with an introduction by Paul youngquist and Grégory Pierrot
392 pages, 18 illustrations, paper $27.95

obeah and other Powers
The Politics of Caribbean Religion and Healing diana PaTon and ma aRiT FoRde, ediToRs
376 pages, 9 illustrations, paper $27.95

The sexual Life of english
Languages of Caste and desire in Colonial india sHeFaLi CHandR a
288 pages, paper $24.95

The making of the middle Class
Toward a Transnational History a. RiCaRdo LóPez & baRbaR a weinsTein, ediToRs
Radical Perspectives
464 pages, paper $27.95

money, Trains, and Guillotines
art and Revolution in 1960s Japan wiLLiam maRoTTi
Asia Pacific
464 pages, 125 illustrations (incl. 19 in color), paper $25.95

The Pariahs of yesterday
breton migrants in Paris LesLie PaGe moCH
272 pages, 8 illustrations, paper $23.95
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Foreign Front
Third world Politics in sixties west Germany Quinn sLobodian
Radical Perspectives
320 pages, 24 photographs, paper $24.95
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bourdieu and Historical analysis

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PHiLiP s. GoRski, ediToR
Politics, History, and Culture
448 pages, paper $27.95

236 & 238

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The Great enterprise
sovereignty and Historiography in modern korea HenRy H. em
272 pages, paper $24.95

improvising medicine
an african oncology ward in an emerging Cancer epidemic JuLie LivinGsTon
248 pages, 14 illustrations, paper $23.95

The other zulus
The spread of zulu ethnicity in Colonial south africa miCHaeL R. maHoney
Politics, History, and Culture
312 pages, paper $24.95

image matters
archive, Photography, and the african diaspora in europe Tina m. CamPT
256 pages, 128 photographs, paper $24.95

Poverty in Common
The Politics of Community action during the american Century aLyosHa GoLdsTein
392 pages, 17 illustrations, paper $26.95

somebody’s Children
The Politics of Transracial and Transnational adoption LauR a bRiGGs
376 pages, 7 illustrations, paper $25.95

Challenging social inequality
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The Landless Rural workers movement and agrarian Reform in brazil miGueL CaRTeR , ediToR
544 pages, 45 illustrations, paper $27.95

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aloha america
Hula Circuits through the u.s. empire adRia L. imada
392 pages, 80 illustrations, paper $24.95

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236 & 238

a new deal for all?
Race and Class struggles in depression-era baltimore andoR skoTnes Radical Perspectives
384 pages, 40 illustrations, paper $26.95

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in search of First Contact
The vikings of vinland, the Peoples of the dawnland, and the anglo-american anxiety of discovery anneTTe koLodny
448 pages, 10 illustrations, paper $27.95

vertical empire
The General Resettlement of indians in the Colonial andes JeRemy R avi mumFoRd
312 pages, 14 illustrations, paper $24.95

River of Hope
Forging identity and nation in the Rio Grande borderlands omaR s. vaLeRio-Jiménez
392 pages, 22 illustrations, paper $26.95

new approaches to Resistance in brazil and mexico
JoHn GLedHiLL & PaTienCe a. sCHeLL, ediToRs
416 pages, paper $28.95

How a Revolutionary art became official Culture
murals, museums, and the mexican state maRy k. CoFFey
248 pages, 54 color illustrations, paper $24.95

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