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1. I ___(see) Tom and Mary last night while they ___(do) shoppng. 2. ___you ever ___(play) basketball?

- Yes, I ___(play) it while I _____(study) at university. 3. We ___(meet) Tom at 5 tomorrow. Woud you like ___(come)? 4. Why are you tired? - I _____(work) in the garden. 5. We ___(have) this car since 1995. 6. If we ___(have) time, we ___(go) to the cinema. 7. How long ___you___(write) that letter? - For 3 hours. 8. Where's Jim? - He ___(not go) with us. He ___(work) in his office. 9. If I ___ (be) you, I ___(not do) it. 10. Last week the letter ___(send) to all teachers. 11. How (much/many) butter is there? 12. She lives ___(far) from the school than me. 13. He ___(not have got) any kids. 14. When Tom was a child, he ____(fall) off the tree. 15. My school ____(equip) with computers. 16. She promised ___ (bring) the money. 17. She didn't let me ___(go) outside.

Ubacite jednu rec:

18. I went to the baker's ___ buy bread. 19. You ___not drive too fast. It's dangerous. 20. What ___ your friends like? - They're great people. 21. Jim ___ come to the class next Tuesday. He's not sure. 22. They worked ___ all their lives.

23. I think you ____ have a rest. 24. We don't have a house. ____, our flat is really very big.

Kako biste rekli na engleskom:

25. nema veze - ____ mind 26. zaspati - ____ asleep 27. oslabiti - lose ____ 28. zadrzi kusur - keep the ____ 29. zaliti se - make a _____ 30. odluciti - ____ a decision 31. uciniti uslugu - ____ a favour 32. zemljotres - _________ 33. guzva u saobracaju - ____ hour 34. tusirati se - have a ______ 35. cuvaj se - take _____

FINAL TEST ( EXCAMPLE OF TEST) Unit 1 I. Question words (UPITNE REI) Choose the correct answers. 1. When/What 2. Whose/Which 3. How often/How many 4. Why/Who did your family go on holiday last year? bag did Paul find? do you go to the cinema?

are you studying English? languages does your girlfriend speak?

5. How many/How much 6. How/Where

does your boss get to work?


Tenses (VREMENA)

Complete the sentences with the correct tense of the verbs. Use short forms where possible. 1. My sister ______ 2. She ______ the guitar in a rock band. (play) playing when she was eight years old. (start) Europe with her band. (tour) in Paris for the first time. (play)

3. This month she ______ 4. Last night they ______

5. The band _____ on tour every year. (go) 6. Last year they ______ to the United States for six months. (go) Unit 2 I. Present Simple / Continuous (SADANJA VREMENA) Click on any mistakes in the sentences. If there isn't a mistake, tick the box. 1. What are you read at the moment?

2. On Fridays I'm never go to bed early. 3. Jim doesn't drives to work every day. 4. Sarah thinking it's a great party. 5. My boyfriend live near me. 6. Richard smokes 60 cigarettes a day II. Short answers Match the questions and short answers. 1. Does your brother work at home? hasn't. 2. Have you got a new motorbike? 3. Are the children at school? 4. Do you like going to the theatre? 5. Has your girlfriend got a car? didn't. 6. Did I give you back the money? D A B C No, she Yes, he does. No, I don't.

Yes, they are. E F No, you Yes, I have

Unit 3 I. Adverbs (PRILOZI) Click on the words in the correct order. 1. homework quickly. English did He his 2. in interested cars. really is My boyfriend 3. You ten exam. have to finish the minutes exactly 4. rang. I was phone sleeping peacefully the when 5. still speak mistakes. but English make slowly I 6. You carefully weather. to drive have bad in


Past Simple / Continuous (PROLA VREMENA)

Match the questions and answers. 1. What were you doing when I rang you? 2. Where was Jim going when you saw him? A B They were cooking dinner. He was ironing a shirt. She was going to a I was doing the washing They were driving to He was going to the bank.

3. What was Jack doing when the doorbell rang? C friend's new house. 4. Where were they going when they crashed? up. 5. What were they doing when you arrived? London. 6. Where was Ann going when she got lost? D E F

Unit 4 I. Articles (LANOVI) Choose the correct answers. 1. James always has a/the/- lunch at 1 o' clock. 2. My sister is doctor a/the/- in India. 3. We go to a/the/- bed late at weekends. 4. My boss is a/the/- happiest person in our office.

5. My brother was so ill he was in a/the/- hospital for two weeks. 6. What a/the/- horrible day!


Count / Uncount nouns (BROJIVE /NEBROJIVE IMENICE) Choose the correct answers.

1. There is a/are some/are a changing rooms on the ground floor. 2. There isnt a/isnt any/arent a newsagent's in this town. 3. We haven't got much/some/many shoes in the sale. 4. I'm going to the shops because there isnt much/isnt many/arent any bread left.

5. I bought a lot/a little/a few sandwiches in case you were hungry. 6. I didn't have any/some/little cake with my tea.

Unit 5 I. Future forms (BUDUE FORME) Match the sentences. 1. We're having a party on Saturday. centre. 2. Kim's going to study medicine. wedding. 3. I'm going to look for a new flat. morning. 4. Jo's English is fantastic. languages. 5. Sue's getting married in the spring. 6. Ron's going to give up smoking. A B C D E F I hate living in the town She's invited me to the He decided to stop this She really enjoys learning She wants to be a doctor. Would you like to come?


Verb patterns (GLAGOLSKI OBLICI) Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs. 1. I'd like ______ my own house next year. (buy) 2. Sue's looking forward ______ shopping in the sales. (go) 3. We're going ______ married next year. (get) 4. Pete hopes ______ famous before he dies. (become) 5. We're thinking of ______ a new car when we've got enough money. (buy) 6. Patricia would love ______ law when she leaves school. (study)

Unit 6


Comparatives (POREENJE) Click on the words in the correct order.

1. as Spain. isn't hot as Germany 2. than Greece. Britain is wetter 3. A Peugeot. expensive than a is more Rolls Royce 4. as fast A isn't a Mini as Ferrari. 5. than Whales elephants. heavier are 6. nearer Paris is New York. than London


What ... like? Match the questions and answers 1. What do you like about London? city. 2. What's London like? tennis. 3. Do you like watching sport on TV? 4. What's Sandra like? generous. 5. Who does Sandra like? amazing! 6. What sports do you like? F D A It's very big, and it's an exciting B C I like football, rugby, and Yes. But not golf.

She's really nice, and very E I like the night-life. It's

She likes Peter and Jane.

Unit 7 I. For and since Click on the words in the correct order. 1. been My parents have years. fifty married for 2. car the since had Mike's 1990. Same 3. other years were We've since known each three old. We

4. Tim and Denise been have States since living they got in the married. 5. you. You've lost since again I last weight saw 6. this awake been I've morning. since o'clock six


Present Perfect Click on the words in the correct order.

1. with argument an her Sarah's boyfriend. Had 2. a I've prize in lottery. won first 3. Jack's homework. to his forgotten do 4. My his leg. friend's broken 5. just a tourists seen have Those ghost. 6. tired because much My slept sister's recently. she hasn't Unit 8 I. Should / must / have to 1 Match the sentences. 1. My brother has hurt his back. book a table. 2. You must try that new restaurant in town. doctor. 3. Julia has to get up at 5 a.m. tomorrow. 4. I think you should have a haircut. English classes. 5. The meeting starts in five minutes. appointment. 6. I have to speak English in my job. bed early. A B C D E F But you have to He should go to the We must hurry. You should take Yes, I must get an She should go to


Should / must / have to 2

Choose the correct answers 1. I'm glad I dont have to/shouldnt wear a uniform at work. 2. I think she must/should go to university. 3. You really dont have to/shouldnt eat so much chocolate. 4. We don't think you must/should travel abroad alone. 5. You have to/dont have to be 18 before you can drive. 6. I dont have to/must do some studying for my exam tomorrow.

Unit 9 I. First conditional (PRVI KONDICIONAL) Match the sentence beginnings and endings 1. How will she get there 2. I'll go to university 3. Will your sister take the job 4. If Lucy doesn't invite us to her wedding, flight? 5. Jack will have a party on Friday supermarket. 6. If the local shop's closed, F E B A if I pass my exams.

if they offer it to her? C if his parents go away. D if she can't get a

we'll go to the

we won't give her a present.


Time clauses

Complete the sentences with the correct tense of the verbs. Use short forms where possible. 1. I ______ James the news as soon as I see him. (tell) away. (be)

2. The neighbours will look after our plants while we______ 3. Let's go for dinner when the film ______ . (finish)

4. I ______ to Kate until she apologises. (not speak) 5. After you ______ that book, can you lend it to me? (read) 6. We'll have to get changed before we ______ . (go out)

Unit 10 I. Passives 1 Click on any mistakes in the sentences. If there isn't a mistake, tick the box. 1. Thousands of tulips is grown in Holland. 2. English is spoke in many countries. 3. A prize will be give for the best picture received. 4. Troy was seen for many people. 5. My glasses are made by plastic. 6. Has been your brother invited to the party?


Passives 2 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs.

1. We ______ to Sally's party last week. (invite) 2. So far, thirty complaints about the programme ______ . (receive) 3. Many improvements to healthcare ______ in the 21st century. (make) 4. If your money ______ carefully, you'll be rich one day. (invest) 5. This hotel ______ in the 18th century. (build) 6. Two million of these cars ______ last year. (sell)

Unit 11 I. Phrasal verbs (FRAZALNI GLAGOLI) Click on the words in the correct order.

1. them sure on. you Make try 2. him. get with on doesn't She 3. I'm this afternoon. after looking them 4. off? turn you television the Please can 5. run of out have We milk. 6. rubbish away. I'm this going to throw


Second conditional (DRUGI KONDICIONAL) Match the questions and answers 1. What would Chris do if he won the lottery? umbrella. 2. What would you do if you lost your job? 3. What would you do if the bus didn't come? 4. What would you do if your video broke? one. 5. What would Kylie do if Joe asked her out? 6. What would you do if it rained? the shop. A B C D E F I'd borrow an She'd say yes. He'd give up work. I'd find another I'd get a taxi. I'd take it back to

Unit 12 I. Present Perfect Simple / Continuous Complete the sentences with correct form of the verbs. Use the Present Perfect Simple or Continuous. Use short forms where possible. 1. How long ______ flu? (have) 2. We ______ the house all morning. (clean) 3. I ______ abroad for a year, but now I'm going home. (live) 4. Oh no! We ______ the last bus home! (miss)

5. Alan ______ French since September. (learn)

6. How long ______ Jim? (you go out with)


Tenses Choose the correct tenses.

1. I ve written/ve been writing/wrote my story all day and it's nearly finished. 2. How long do you live/are you living/have you lived in this city? 3. When did you buy/have you bought/have you been buying your new car? 4. It is wonderful news that he s passed/s passing/s been passing his exams. 5. I ve started/started/start my new job two months ago. 6. We know/ve known/ve been knowing each other for over ten years now.