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November 2012





(Psalm 127) 5:45 PM Rotary 7:15 PM AA Meeting 7:00 PM Musical Practice Call to Fasting and Prayer

(Psalm 128) Noon Retirees Luncheon 7:30 PM Bball Outreach

3 (Psalm 129) 10:00 AM DVPA Mtg.

Regular Sunday Schedule: 9:30 AM Sunday School for All Ages 11:00 AM Morning Worship 5:30 PM Choir Practice 5:45-7:15 PM Jr. High Youth Fellowship 7:30-8:30 PM Sr. High Youth Fellowship

Mens Retreat
9 (Psalm 135)

(Psalm 130)

(Psalm 131)

11:00 AM Communion Deb Conner Speaking Mens Retreat Close Daylight Saving Time Ends

6 (Psalm 132) 9:00 AM Men's Bible Study

(Psalm 133) 6:30 AM Prayer 6:30 PM FWAI Harvest/Pilgrim Game Night 7:00 PM Musical Practice

(Psalm 134)


(Psalm 136)

No Bball Outreach

5:45 PM Rotary 7:15 PM AA Meeting

Ladies Trip to Lancaster

11 (Psalm 137) 6:30 PM Trustees Meeting Clothing Drive Ends Scrip Orders Due 18
(Hebrews 1) Carry-In Luncheon and Musical Practice After Church 7:00 PM Council Mtg. Food Drive Ends (Hebrews 8)


(Psalm 138)

13 (Psalm 139) 7:00 PM Board of CE Meeting


(Psalm 140) 6:30 AM Prayer 6:30 PM FWAI Youth Time and Adult Bible Study 7:00 PM Musical Practice


(Psalm 141) 1:00 PM Ministerium Meeting 5:45 PM Rotary

7:00 PM FWAI Comm. Mtg.


(Psalm 142)


7:30 PM Bball Outreach

(Psalm 143) 9:00 AM Mens Fellowship Breakfast Followed by Workday

7:15 PM AA Meeting


(Hebrews 2)

20 (Hebrews 3) 9:00 AM Men's Bible Study


(Hebrews 4)


(Hebrews 5)


(Hebrews 6)


(Hebrews 7)

6:30 AM Prayer 7:00 PM Thnksgvng Eve Community Service Here

No Bball Outreach

7:15 PM AA Meeting Thanksgiving 29 (Hebrews 12) 30 (Hebrews 13) 7:15 PM AA Meeting 7:30 PM Bball Outreach 7:00 PM Musical Practice



(Hebrews 9)


(Hebrews 10)

Musical Practice After Church

28 (Hebrews 11) 6:30 AM Prayer 6:30 PM FWAIC Hanging of the Greens

Monthly calendars are subject to change. Please feel free to contact the church office to confirm events.

November 2012

Dear Church Family and Friends, I recently watched Madame Blueberry (Veggie Tales) for about the 25th time with my Grandson Nathaniel. Ive got the songs, dance moves, and lines from the story down pat. The story begins with a berry, who is very sad (blue), because she is not content with the things she has. So she keeps trying to get newer and better stuff so that she will be happier in life. But she never gets happy and by the end of the show she discovers that one cannot purchase happiness, but that happiness comes into our lives when we have thankful hearts. She learns this lesson from a little girl who had shared the secret with her in the form of a song. In the end Madame Blueberry winds up becoming a very happy berry. Given that this is the month containing Thanksgiving Day, I was reminded of a passage of Scripture (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18) that I read recently in Eugene Petersons The Message translation of the Bible. Be cheerful no matter what; pray all the time; thank God no matter what happens! This is the way God wants you who belong to Christ Jesus to live. When I read the passage again for this article, it appeared to me that the pray all the time part was a bit out of place. I pondered why-so, then it dawned on me because so often when I look to God in prayer it is more about asking for and not thanking for. If you add a shot of gratitude into the phrase pray gratefully all the time then the passage flows much more smoothly. I recognized, in spite of lifes difficulties, that I have many more reasons for choosing to be thankful and grateful. How about you? Need help? Here are the words to the little girls song, perhaps theyll prime your pump. I thank God for this day, for the sun in the sky, For my mom and my dad, for my piece of apple pie! For our home on the ground, for His love that's all around, That's why I say thanks every day! Because a thankful heart is a happy heart! I'm glad for what I have. Thats an easy way to start! For the love that He shares, 'Cause He listens to my prayers, That's why I say thanks every day.

Pastor Bill

Personals . . .
Dear Church Family, Thank you for the wonderful luncheon as an expression of your love and appreciation. Kim and I are truly blessed. WE enjoy dining at Gianinas and the Cheesecake Factory as well and will think of you when we use your gift cards. Gratefully yours, Pastor Bill and Kim

Thank you to everyone for the food, cards, visits, flowers, and especially prayers during my recent surgery and continuing recovery. I am convinced your prayers helped me through! Love ya, Vicki Kumpel

Gems of Wisdom from Our Seniors Life consists of both sunshine and rain. It takes both to make a rainbow. Darlene Brown

To Our Church Family and Friends, It is a wonderful experience to be part of a loving, thoughtful, and giving church family. Thank you so much for the delicious Pastors Appreciation Luncheon you provided. (Special thanks to Ann Kelm and those who planned the luncheon and worked in the kitchen.) We also appreciate the well wishes, cards, and gifts. All of these and more are expressions of love. We love you, Pastor Emeritus Al and Gerry Conner

Harvest In-Gathering Now through November 18

In John 21:15-17, Jesus instructs Peter to feed His Lambs and care for His sheep. We should always be alert to others needs, both spiritual and physical. In this season, our efforts turn specifically to feeding the hungry and restocking the Helping Hand Club of Gloucester Citys food pantry. You may bring your donations to the church now through Sunday, November 18th. If each person brings 2 items per week, it will yield over 1,100 items! Items particularly needed, but not limited to, include canned pasta, tuna, boxed cereal, peanut butter and jelly. This event is for people in our own backyard, and you will be blessed for participating! Thank you! Tom Kumpel, Sunday School Superintendent

Scrip Orders Due: November 11

See Pastor Ron or Cindy for details!


Wednesday, November 7, 6:30 PM ~ Game Night! Wednesday, November 14, 6:30 PM ~ Kids Club, Youth Time, and Adult Bible Study with Andy Griffith. Wednesday, November 21, 7:00 PM ~ There will be no dinner this evening. Please join at our church with other Christians from our community for the Ministeriums Thanksgiving Eve Service. Pastor Ron will be speaking. Wednesday, November 28 ~ Hanging of the Greens. Please watch your bulletin for details.

At our October meeting, we began with the First Commandment, and we also talked about some of God's creation from Genesis. Mrs. Ritchie brought a pumpkin, and, in story form, she told all about the wonderful parts of a pumpkin created by God and the different things pumpkins were used for over the years. As she told the story, every time the word pumpkin was mentioned the children had to pass a pumpkin to the right. The person left holding the pumpkin then had to answer a question about a pumpkin and then pass the pumpkin to someone so they could be asked a question. This was all followed by a pumpkin craft. Since there is much to do to prepare for the Christmas musical, our Kid's Club time for November will be used for musical practice at 7:00. Congratulations to Abby, Dalton, Summer and Violet for answering questions given to them this summer. They had to search the Scriptures for the correct answers!

The Christmas Cupcake Musical is being planned to be performed during the morning worship service on December 16th. Here is the schedule of practices for the month of November. All begin at 7:00 unless otherwise noted. Thursday, November 1 Wednesday, November 7 Wednesday, November 14 Sunday, November 18 right after church. Sunday, November 25 right after church Thursday, November 29

Missions Trip to the Philippines

What a trip! On this trip to the Philippines, we saw the results of the Children of Promise program. Many children who started in the program are now leaders in youth and childrens ministries in their respective churches. Many are now going on to further their education in many fields, serving our Lord in different capacities. Thank you, congregation, for your financial and prayer support. God is working through you, helping to give kids hope! In His service, Tom Kumpel

Call to Prayer and Fasting

The Ministries Council calls the Church of God to set aside a day of prayer and fasting for the general director succession process. As you have been informed, the Ministries Council Succession Committee has been seeking the input of the church and preparing the process for the search for the future general director of Church of God Ministries. The search was launched on Tuesday, September 4, 2012, and will continue through November 1, 2012. The Succession Committee requested that the church be in prayer on Thursday, November 1. Please commit to this time of concentrated prayer for the Church of God. We ask that you faithfully pray for this process, in the following ways:

Pray for the Holy Spirit to lead every element of the search and that each person involved will be open to Gods movement. Pray for the Succession Committee as they research all applicants and recommendations. Pray that they will be open and submissive to Gods Spirit. Pray for the person God is preparing for this role. Pray that God will call with clarity, that God will bring blessing upon the candidate as he or she moves through the process, that God will make it clear to the Succession Committee that this is the person, and that God will prepare the family involved. Pray for the Ministries Council as they guide the church during this critical time. Pray for Dr. Ron Duncan as he prepares to move into his next phase of ministry. Pray for the Church of God during this pivotal time in the life of the reformation movement.

Our young adults will be collecting clothing and other household items to help those less fortunate than us. A & E Clothing Corp. will sort and ship these items to the immediate needs of the Marian Center Charity Organization with shelters throughout New Jersey and will then send items over seas. They will also donate .13 cents a pound to our organization just for collecting the items! This is a win/win situation, so please donate! Items should be placed in bags and taken to the porch of 107 Baynes by Sunday, November 11. Donations Include: Wearable clothing, shoes, handbags, belts, scarves, ties, hats, bedding, curtains, tablecloths, towels and stuffed animals. If you have any questions, please contact Cindy Kumpel or the church office at 456-3364.