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The impersonal hand of government can never replace the helping hand of a neighbor …….. Hubert Humphrey
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The Man Who Predicted Fon Doh’s Demise
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The Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Board
(Undemocratic and unresponsive) Is they need for reform? Pg. 3

Doh Gah Nyamngi III(Galabe

xpressing the Love of Christ for over 50years is the Mission statement of the THE MP SEAT FOR THE OKU /NONI Cameroon Baptist constituency alternate to the NONI section of Convention Health Board the CPDM according to 2007 truce. ? NONI community not ready to play second Service which was created in 1975. This Fidel again.

Upcoming Council Paliamentar aliamentary And Paliamentar y Election. Election


Health Board was borne from the ashes of the medical services which started with two giant hospitals- The Banso Baptist Hospital in 1949 and the Mbingo Baptist Hospital in 1952. The main

aims of these hospitals which were run in those days by missionaries were to provide clinical and public health assistance to the challenges facing Cameroonians. ...

The Bui Administration Lauds the Oku Mayor - Ngum Jerome for Great Strides in That Municipality Pg. 11
LOUD WHISPERS-from America


ORWARD, is the 2012 campaign slogan of the U.S Democratic Party, and the message that will hopefully steer President Barack Obama to a second mandate as leader of the free world? When this slogan was first introduced I wondered how vague and simplistic it sounded especially after reminiscing

the punch the 2008 slogan ‘HOPE”carried.But as the November 6 elections nears, it isn’t hard to decipher that ‘Forward’ was masterfully calculated by the Obama camp to carry far more weight and meaning than ‘Hope’. As you may know, many Americans are not satisfied with Barack Obama’s first term in office. The campaign

of hope and change that ushered him to office almost turned out to be a nightmare for most. Expectations were high, but the new President had a full plate. He was facing an economic meltdown, two wars and a formidable foe in Republicans, who will stop at nothing to make him a one term president.



The Bible Society of Climate Change: The Predicaments of Cameroon Farmers in the Lake Inaugurates Its Bamenda Office Chad River Basin Heifer Cameroon SupAkwa Community Akwaya Community ported Farmers WelEnjoys Energ Supply Enjoys Energy Supply come the Bio-gas For the First Time in Its First Technology in the History Histor y N.W. R.
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news paper trailing per, dev’ story v’t The kilum 24 news paper, trailing the dev’t stor y……….
“High in the slopes of Sabongari hills, an unexpected and harsh prolonged dry season drought has withered the potato crop, for the thousands of farmers’ peopled along the slopes and depending on the meager resources for a livelihood. These farmers have lost not only a stable food crop from which they feed, and source income for emergency needs but have lost seeds for the next farming season, These peasants like their kind anywhere around the world are just hour’s away from bad news, “hunger and malnutrition”. The challenges of rural people like the illustration above present a classic problem in communication about development. How best can we bring these unheard voices to the public scene is why k24 news paper is in your hands. The issue of communication about dev’t in very divisive this century, while there still remain much debate about the best ways for societies to develop, the aim of the k24 news paper are universal. The goals are to fight poverty by suppressing those who suppress development and the establishment of basic norms covering essential elements of life. Some Journalist and reporter’s are enthusiastic about development and the role of government in managing these resources. Others feel that development is creating new forms of exploitation, fresh challenges to democratic governance and a long gap between the rich and the poor. For the K24 news paper, the stakes are very high. We are craving to create a pool of knowledge in which the government and citizens of this country will act. We have made a challenging preference and how we have chosen to cover the development issue is significant to our mission. We will also celebrate the way development has created winners, at the expense of tracking the uneven effects of growth and reporting how the poor, the losers and the marginalized must cope with these inequities. As an informed citizen of the 21 century, you should already know that a well informed people make for a better world. You can bet with us because if the old English adage is true to you that a good journalist is only as good as its sources then k24 has found a fertile ground to germinate get inside!!!

The Man Who Predicted Fon Doh’s Demise
Che J Ambe


e was described by many who knew him as a tiger/ warrior, despite being one of the illustrious sons of the region. His politicking was brute force and intimidation. He emitted terror to his neighbors and rivals. Informants were implanted everywhere in the village feeding him with minute by minute information on visitors to the village. Though he fought several tribal and political wars, none of those were able to snuff life out of Balikumbat’s Ozymandias . Under him, Balikumbat was always in the news for the wrong reasons; two Fons at once, war with her neighbors etc. A culmination of these miscreants must have angered the gods and a bite from them was inevitable. His demise might have come as a surprise to many but his uncle who predicted the gnawing effect of the ancestors on the no nonsense Fon Doh Gah Ngwanyin 111 of Balikumbat. Unable to contain the opprobrium, the kingmakers headed by one Doh Tangsi on Oct,8 2006,enthroned Fon Doh’s uncle- Galabe dubbed Fon Doh Gah Nyamgi III,as a defacto Fon in a special compound at the foot of the hill. His duty as he told this reporter was to “panel beat” the damaged cherished tradition of Balikumbat. As a custodian

and guarantor of the tradition, the late Fon Doh he said forfeited the throne of Balikumbat when he gave John Kohtem two vicious slaps and a kick before signaling and tasking his thugs to kill him on August 20, 2004. Balikumba tradition he emphasized bars a Fon from seeing a corpse nor beating somebody with his hand. He described as cadgers adorers of the sacrilegious Fon Doh. To demonstrate his firm grip on the throne, Fon Doh employed the tactic of divide and conquer. He lured/coerced a new set of Kingmakers headed by one Doh Ghaha’a. He equally lambasted his uncle as an old illiterate man, deceived by the losing SDF party .Though acknowledging the fact that fons don’t see corpses, Doh Ghaha’a dismissed Doh Tangsi as having defiled tradition in 1999 and thus ceased to be the chief kingmaker in Balikumbat. He equally described as hearsay/ heresy the assertion that Fon Doh saw a corpse. He described as idiotic for someone to be claiming legitimacy to the balikumbat throne. Balikumbat Fons he said are enthroned at the Hill top not the valley. Equally acknowledging the fact that Fons are enthroned at the hill top not the valley, the de facto Fon appealed for calm for ancestral justice to rein .Peace he vowed will reign in Balikumbat as the gods of his ancestors will render justice on fon Doh thus cleansing the clan from his boundless abominations. It finally came to pass this 2 month ago as a sturdy. Fon Doh suddenly disappeared; a rare occurrence in the Northwest. It happened almost six years after his uncles’ emphatic words that Fon Doh’s days were numbered. Who says the gods are dead?

wa wa es, High water waves, mistaken for mistaken for poisonous Gas at Lake explosion at Lake earl Oku early 2012?
Murron Edward Jr


he fear factor triggered by some press organs in the NW Region was scaring following public allegations that poisonous fumes had jetted out and over lake early this year. The allegation which spread like wild fire in a dry bush, started from a mere picture photographed by one traditional herbalist in the close knot mountain village of IchimOku name Sunwiyen. The picture or image which Sunwiy pictures portrayed had similar characteristics with the Nyo’s explosion fumes which occurred in August 21st 1986. Owing to the fact that Lake Oku is a crater lake and anything could happen within the lake, the pictures created a nightmare not only within some villages very close to the lake but across the north west region. Rumors of an eminent poisonous gas explosion were son to fill the air. To take caution the forest area of the lake was dreaded by most

peasant farmers in Boyo and Bui Division. The Lake Oku considered a gift of nature to the Kilum Mountain and fondly called Mawes by the Oku’s was now seen as a plaque. As soon as the news got to Yaoundé, a delegation from the Ministry of scientific research and re-innovation was charged with the task of ascertaining the cause of the much trumpeted “fountain like fumes” over the lake. Almost close to the end of the year, many Cameroonians are still in a state of doubt as to what happened in the Lake Oku and if there was any explosion as was fanned in the press and certain skeptic individuals.. While most publications carried conditional statements, and analysis pending a scientific investigation in the lake, some free thinkers across the country merely attributed Dr Sunwiy’s pictures to a computer graphics design only intended to scare Cameroonians.

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Checks and Balances

The Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Board W
hen the early CBC Missionaries came to Africa they provided medical and school facilities as a way of motivating their followers to Christ Jesus, The CBC health board was or is no exception. Since 1975, when the CBC health board got its autonomy as an independent body under the Cameroon Baptist Convention the CBC, the services has witnessed great strides- expanding in leaps and bounds, but this entire success story doesn’t credit the undemocratic and unresponsive management at the CBC Health Board operations. However it will be useless to say the CBC Health Board or CBCHB as it is called is successful when the woe’s of its over 9000 workers are beginning to reach a dangerous level of intensity and proportion. Incredulously most CBC Health board worker’s are everyday carried by their own fury, for punitive transfers, frequent dismissals and iron fist management , the over centralization of power in the palms of one man, favoritism and corruption. DISMISSAL’S Every year score’s of worker’s within the CBC Health Board are terminated from work or from duty as people there prefer to call it under very humiliating circumstances by the CBC Health Board Director Prof Tih Pius. These sackings precipitated by minor crimes and grievances calls to question the credibility of the CBCHB as a Christian body. Most senior staff of the institution have being sent parking for minor mistakes that would have been talked close doors giving room for a lot of silly speculations. Though indiscipline and irresponsible behavior is not permitted any where within the CBC working cycles the recent dismissals have exposed the CBCHB to a lot of criticisms. Critiques think the lack of dialogue and forgiveness within the institution is leaving a stern on the services. The health board which for many decades to day has been headed by Prof Tih Pius might have every justification for firing workers randomly but it may seem those who are left behind at the job have no lessons to learn from such administrative measures. With out ignoring the fact that too much discipline leads workers to criminal tendencies every day a worker is shown the door for this or that meaning that there is a problem. The Holy Book recommends us to forgive 77x7 as a way to tolerance and love. But they are lot of workers who have being fired at the CBC Health Board cycle just by the administration to selfishly stamp their authority at the top. Some of these dismissal letters speak volumes of hatred and greed. Simply put baseless. The case of a dismissal letter which we procured the names of the concern withheld —-have some of the sentences in the dismissal letter reading like — this decision is non negotiable…. its final and cannot be reversed —” This just because the concern opted for a study leave. Many have asked how an institution which is governed by a professor can be waging war against workers who want to go for further studies. Is it good for the CBCBH to believe only in its own kind of in service training….many have also asked in silence. If the CBCHB big man had genuine reasons from stopping this particular young man from undertaking his further studies, the content of the dismissal letter would not have been an ultimatum. The strong worded letter made the dismissal letter took more a fight. But why do workers need a further study? Isn’t this to meet up their wishes and demands….yet salaries are never increased and the workers work on the same peanuts and allowances. War betides any one who tries to apply for a job elsewhere and is caught. When public examinations are launched CBCHB spices cum government websites and notice boards in search of clues as to

(Undemocratic and unresponsive) Is they need for reform?

which of their worker applied. A hand full of workers has being shown the door on this strength. Many have argued that all senior staff of the CBCHB are aging but no one gap between them and the junior workers is wide like a deep ocean….some pundits have said this looks like a selfish way to consolidate power. Most of these aspiring workers are feeling cheated and no doubt most of them close the door behind them before the management ever think s so. The pains and shame these dismissed workers face with their wives, children and relatives is often unbearable. Came to think of the sacrifices that these sacked workers make either in their houses of worshipcame to think of an administrator, who has spent years on training within the services and has grown through ranks and file and just because of knocking a hospital car which he used on for an assignment is fired or a senior staff who is terminated for allege financial scam. As the CBC Health Board workers big and small continue to face the anger of their bosses, it is still not very clear why all senior staff of a whole formidable health board like that of the CBC can be recruited and dismissed by one man. Reliable reports say while the young energetic and hand working managers and senior

staff of the board are fired, some old men who are supposed to have left the institution years back are retained to defend the interest of the patron.. One Ngam Joseph who is reigning havoc and instilling fear in the hearts and minds of God.s workers in BBH Nso is a gossips issue now in all CBCHB cycles while This Mme Ndzenyuy Rose who is known to be transcribing infos for the ears up stir is still jogging around. R and J as they are now called were supposed to gone on retirement by 2005 but their abilities to defend their boss at board meetings are paying off well. The case of J is worse because he has turned BBH in to land to settle scores. R daughter is a sexual conductor…who is quoted to have tested all the joy sticks of the senior staff out there. Some have gone on punitive transfer because of her Eve fruit. It not known how she does it but it might seem she has some mystical powers. When will she be sacked and no one expect her to go any where as they isn’t any query letter in her file.Does it mean she has guts? Fear of J and R is on gear at BBH. One irate worker of the CBC Health Board who spoke to K 2 4 checks and balance expressed fear and grief when she alleged that the last daughter of the director who trained as an eye specialist in Indian performed a professional misfit when she was retained for work at Mbingo Baptist Hospital, but to compensate her for laxity and her professional waywardness she was instead sent for further studies in Kenya “if it were other people son or daughter they will just fire” the worker cried. The highest pain for any organization is to live under bad leadership. The present CBCHB leadership seems to have deviated from the objectives of the fore fathers and the only way for things to change is for the truth to be spoken by those up there and down rather than trying to hide under smiles when many can’t face their daily woes. No doubt why all CBC general secretaries have often been very desperate in the face of all these atrocities. However in the words of a French writer Victor Huge “as for how you pray, the words do not matter if they are sincere is anyone praying sincerely about this” Checks and balances Next Issues………… - Embezzlement at the CBC Health Board clearing house at Douala etc……. - Overview concentration of power in one head…………….. Aniweh J.Neba is a research fellow the international reporter project in Uganda and cameroon

High water waves, mistaken for wa wa es, mistaken for explosion at Lake poisonous Gas explosion at Lake Oku touristic facilities at the A k24 news source in earl early 2012? lake Oku site in the the ministry of scientific Africa with the same
research and innovation at the ministry in Yaoundé, said strong winds that resulted to high waves in the now almost open lake basin caused the jetting of the lake waves in to the air to produce the fountain like image which raised a stir according to the pictures photographed in February 2012 at the foot of the lake. The scientists said that they did not erase the need for appropriate scientific research at the Crater Lake and that after asking questions and following every clue, the credible scientific research led them to other crater lakes in kind of high fountain water waves in certain months of the year. He quoted Lake Tangayika in Kenya as a good example. Though the official state scientific research report in Lake Oku is yet to be made public, it is no doubt that the alleged poisonous gas explosion was just high water waves that formed the fountain like structure. The prompt reaction of the government to the crisis and the silence which has followed sine then gives credence to the above arguments. In as much as the issue is now waved with the finger, good will Cameroonians are advised to report any unnatural occurrences at our crater lakes to the appropriate authorities, our source at the ministry advised. The mayor of the Oku council has lofty plans to provide recreational and

upcoming months. These facilities will attract tourist and visitors to Oku and will be an income earner for the municipality. A Government sponsored ring road project which run through the Lake Oku Mountain to Donga mantung Division is one sure catalyst to galvanize the wish of Mayor Ngum Jerome who has scored huge points in his task in disenclaving the sun division.

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By John Paul Nkwain

Climate Change Fact Sheet
change related • disasters in a typical year. By 2015 this number could grow by 50% to an average of more than 375 million people. Food Security: The • most optimistic authoritative predictions say that between 740 million and 1.3 million people may be chronically hungry by 2080.

Climate change and impacts
• livelihoods: by 2020 yields from waterfed agriculture in Africa could be down by 50% Disaster: Almost 250million people around the world are affected by climate

Water: If supplies from the Himalayans in South-Asia will face water shortages, the Aaron k YANCHO basin of the Ganges SEAT done is home to half a THE MP SEAT FOR THE OKU billion people. (curled /NONI constituency alternate from ox farm)

Upcoming Council And arliamentar liamentary Par liamentar y Election. Election


he basin has a surface area of 1 million square miles around it, including the far north region of Cameroon.

Crying for Cr ying for Water in Chad Riv River Basin Chad Lake
Congo and Central agricultural output has African Republic. fallen in the Lake Chad river basin even as the The Basic climate changes put an Resources already fragile situation to a mess. In the far north region of The story of the Cameroon all the river Lake Chad basin is exactly beds have dried up and the what scientists have been food crops on the farm echoing worldwide. This is fields have turned into dry a simple eulogy in response sticks in the sand dunes. to the climate changes, the As families try to make the unsustainable land use most of the scanty systems, lack of water and resources women and forest destruction. children trek long distances crying for water. As one tour the far north region of Cameroon, the land is fast turning in to a desert as the inhabitance live in near famine conditions

The Chad Lake Lake basin
Since this once might inland sea shrunk by 90% in the 1970’s this region has become one of the poorest regions of the world. Yet even as the Lake Chad shrunk, the

The Global International Waters Assessment, in a study of the region published by the United Nations, says the Lake changed from short and back again to its original size. The fishermen off the shores chased this shifting pattern.

to the NONI section of the CPDM according to 2007 truce. NONI community not ready to play second Fidel again.


Dried up Part of Chad Lake Basin
population of the region grew. An estimated 37 million people now live here, many of whom migrated recently from the Sahel region just to the north where arid land is turning into a desert. The combination of disappearing resources and the increasing demand is making an already fragile poor region even poorer. Crop production has fallen as water becomes very increasingly scarce. The Lake Chad Basin is occupied by Cameroon, Niger, Nigeria, Chad, Sudan, Ivory Coast, The grazing of livestock and the destruction of the forest for fuel wood advances the encroachment of the desert. This year the dry season has extended to seven months and only three bags of grain and millet can be a family’s source of primary income and three square meals in a year. This bad situation is becoming precarious as the farmers plant too much food crops and too densely on the same pieces of land. This is killing and exhausting the soils. The sad story is that

As time is passing, this irregular pattern has witnessed another story. The Sahel region which covers the basin right up to the north of Sahara is drying up and in the last 30 years the UN, in a report, said the Lake Chad basin area has attracted “the most substantial and sustained decline in rainfall The Evidence measured anywhere in the world today.” This is Change in the Lake Chad blamed on the rising ocean basin is constant and the temperatures leading to people who made their global warming. homes are learning to make the most of this with Local Peoples’ in the available resources dilemma around. They farm and harvest their crops in the As the Sahel dries up, extreme conditions, many of the people who sometimes following the are nomads are chasing rainy season which is the south of the basin in always uncertain.This search of arid land. But as year the rainy season has the lake shrinks the rainy skipped for about seven season is fading out as months from November to well. June with a dry and very As the population in the dusty weather. basin grows and its climate According to the farmers changes, the locals are in the far north region of striving to make the most Cameroon, Lake Chad of the limited resources basin flooded regularly in available in the region and history providing fertile to control the disappearing soils for the subsistent resources. farmers in the area. But because of it extreme The normal life out there shallow nature the Lake is not ease as the farmers fluctuated dramatically struggle to adjust with the making the farming shifting river beds. activities in the basin and area uncertain.

t was at the BB91 beer parlour corridors in Kumbo town capital of Bui division that the section presidents of the Bui 3 section of the CPDM represented by Soh Patrick Keming and the Bui 5 section represented by Nform Forgwei Alfred striked a deal to alternate the parliamentary seat from oku –Noni constituency in the upcoming council and parliamentary election and with no council area and tribe playing second Fidel. According to the minutes of the consultative meeting which K24 news service procured and signed on the 21 st May 2007, the meeting had the following top notch cadres within the Oku/NOni constituency of the CPDM. Kwei Andrew AngoBui 3 sub section youth president [MP-Aspirant at the time] NFORMI Andrew CHIABui 5 council candidate. Shey Nfon Ndinyun Doris Beri Bui five council WCPDM section president.] SHEY NFORMI FLORENCE SAKGHEBui WCPDM Section president. Mngo Emmanuel NsanenBui 3 YCPDM section president. Shey Dr Nchanji Ndi Germanus CPDM resources president Bui 5] Kibuh Nilian Nsanen Bui 5 YCPDM section president. These CPDM cadres on behalf of their respective sections also according to the truce agreed that the elected MP candidates would be seating together with some elites and experts to decide the proportionate use of the micro-projects grants for the benefits of the Oku/ Noni people. It’s on this terms that the Noni community has being

bracing up to grap the MP parliamentary seat and swearing not to play second fidel at the up coming election. Going by the May 21 st 2007agreement Noni elite who spoke to k24 on the basis of anonymity said the partnership agreement was meant to compensate the Bui 5 section for having aided Oku severally to pick a CPDM parliamentarian seat within a vibrant opposition terrain. As the Nonis relay on the support of their Bui 3 CPDM comrades to clinch the victory, the content of the truce and this now public communiqué is generating fury and waxing tongues within the Oku Bui III section of the CPDM. Some barons within the Bui III section of Oku who spoke to the k24 news paper but asked not to be quoted argue that the truce was meant to lure the Noni Bui V section of the CPDM to giving a yes vote to the Oku CPDM aspirant at the time. Others simply see this communiqué signed between Soh Patrick keming and Nform Forgwei as a non event, on the strengths that no legalized authorities had certified the deal and like one youth averred “anything written on behalf of a political party and not on its letterhead, duly signed and forwarded to the right quarters was or is just bull shit of paper”. As the months burn out to the next elections, its not really clear what the may 21 st 2007 “letter like” communiqué was meant to achieve but isn’t it true that politic is a game of interest. It will not be a mistake to say that no real political agreement s can be stroke in beer parlors…in a well conceived democracy this can happen only in the ballot box. Don’t be fooled Saah.

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Farmers armer Make Small Scale Farmers Who Make an Cameroon Economy impact on Cameroon Economy.
Ambe Forkwa


he small scale farmers in the Foumbot community of the western region of Cameroon had for generations relied on food crop production mainly for an income. With good farming practices entirely absent over the years production thinned down. It was this need to find alternatives to this dependency on the market for food crops that some two self help groups came together in 2005 to form the “Societe Des Eleveur De Vache Laitier De Foumbot “COOVALAIF. Members of this cooperative had seen how Heifer International Cameroon donated animals assisted some communities to achieve their needs for food crop self sufficiency and income A key to COOVALAIF success was to apply for a Heifer International Cameroon dairy farming assistance in 2006. In 2007 HPI Cameroon shared in the wish of this cooperative and to ensured a long term development of the cooperative members, the farm families received hands on training on integrated livestock management where animals and crops complemented one another, group dynamics, sanitation and hygiene, gender equity and composting. At the end of the coaching some 34 farm families were offered farm input and financial support to construct livestock barns and to put their skills in to test. The joy and the dreams of the cooperative members were complete when Heifer International Cameroon rewarded some 34 farm families with 34 heifers and 3 bulls to be catered for by the cooperative. Thanks to HPI Cameroon extension staff that the leadership of the cooperative coordinated the different operations in the small scale family farms. “With the right assistance I dedicated my best and time in the project” one of the cooperative members Fonka yayei said at the time. In the opinion of another member Ntainti Renatou the animal waste provided fine fertilizer for their food crop farm fields. Surely beyond imaginations the cooperative members were premier food crop harvesters in their community. “I harvested 5 bags of beans and 25 bags of maize in just one year” Fokou Mama rejoiced. The production of fresh milk was also over whelming. The 34 farm families feed on the milk and deliver the extra to the cooperative every morning for marketing. By marketing through the cooperative the farm families knock out middle buyers who bought fresh milk and food crops at cheap prices to satisfy their whims and caprices over the past years. Thanks to the timely financial contributions of the cooperative members that equipment was bought for the process milk in to yogurt, butter and cheese. This added value to the product source a lot of income for the cooperative. To advocate the wellbeing of animals owned by members the cooperative hired and paid veterinary extension workers to give advice and carry out weekly routine checks and vaccination. At the same time, responding to the needs of the members with financial assistance and hands on training. “The cooperative has piloted us to immeasurable success” Abdoulaye Njumavoui said. Sourcing all their cash through the small scale projects this HPI Cameroon supported cooperative in the foumbot town have made an impact on Cameroon economy and are model farmers for all striving self help group across the country. Average annual household income for each farm family has increased from an initial 215,000fcfa in 2008 to 1.5million in 2012. Besides feeding well, cooperative members are using the available income to pay

Crying for Cr ying for Water in Chad Riv River Basin
When the lake flooded large scale of agricultural production took place in the area but today sand dunes have taken over the farm fields. Some projects to irrigate farm land instead drain away fertile wetlands. As the streams were diverted, farming along the basin diminished. Without the plant cover, the temperatures in the soils raised and water in soils evaporated swiftly. animal management and other ways of improving nutrition and hygiene in their homes. The knowledge, most of these groups are earning is key to the development of their lives and homes.

for the emergency needs of the children and close ones while others have bought landed property and expanded in to poultry and goat farming. Each week each member saves at least 5000fcfa in the revolving fund of the cooperative. When the cooperative started in 2007 their initial working budget stood at 2million fcfa but today it stands at 12million cfa. “We have plans to buy a feed and palm kernel processing machine for the cooperative in the near future which will process and deliver quality feed at almost no cost to our members and community” explained a board member of the cooperative. Thanks to the collaboration of the Cameroon government that the COOVALAIF cooperative has built an office premise worth 25million Fcfa with 30% of this amount coming from the member’s contributions. In 20011 during a national organized agro pastoral show in Cameroon the cooperative emerged the best small scale farmer self help group in Cameroon in the production, processing and marketing of milk and it’s by products. This was reciprocated by an encouragement letter and envelope from Cameroon president Paul Biya. Success in the COOVALAIF cooperative has proven that livestock can help even indigenous people to improve their livelihoods contrary to the notion that it was a thing for the Fulani pastoralist. The membership of the cooperative has increased from 34 in 2007 to 48 today and from 34 heifers the cooperative members have 78 dairy cattle with over 16 bulls marketed by members for an income. Some 21 farm families have put the POG pledge in action within the cooperative to enhance the entrepreneurial abilities within the community. There‘s renewed hope and love in every household as farm families and their children center around their projects to source their needs. The cooperative is sensitive to gender issues reason why three women are on its management bench. Despite the effects of the climate changes that have affected food crops production negatively in the region brought in by the prolonged dry season members of the cooperative are very hopeful to keep meeting their production capacities. In remembrance of HPI Cameroon support this COOVALAIF cooperative members have given their dairy animals symbolic names like Joy, Peace, Love and Dan West to immortalize their self fulfillments. The ability of this cooperative to influence markets prices for farm produce in the entire region has enabled this small scale farmers to have a positive impact on Cameroon’s economy which depends mainly on food crop production for survival.

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One of the beneficiariesMama Bitang has awakened her life and that of her family with 9 dependents. This widow has fought poverty too well with Heifer donated animals (sheep) and mentoring through her As the mismanagement of Femmes Ambiteuses the land by the desperate common initiative group. poor is increasing, the vegetation is also lost Unfortunately this stitch in time is not enough as the As one tours the region means is limited. People farm land and roads are who live in this basin are buried under sand dunes seeing little or no benefits and as the people strive for from international efforts to more in nothing, the basin help them. In 2008 an is prone to violence.Many international organization villagers tussle for water Global Environment resources and grazing Facility mapped out a 20 fields. And for many year plan as a start to a people daily life is revolution to reforests the changing as violence is land and change water also encroaching. diversion policies in the area but the task has been In the Nigerian section of too slow. the Lake, some villages are buried under sand According to Heifer dunes as the desert International Cameroon extends south wards and only 3% of household in the many people are far north region of becoming “environmental Cameroon with 6 million refugees”. people have access to potable water. In the nearby Sudan’s region of Darfur, this AS an urgent remedy is situation has reached crisis sort, the efforts to institute proportions as at least broad base policies is not 200,000 died since civil helping at all, because the war broke out there in basin is fragmented by 2003. The United Nations controversial policies laid secretary general Koffi down by the different Anan called it “no governments around the accident|” that the violent Lake basin and the in Darfur erupted during unnecessary numerous the drought in the Sahel tribal conflicts. where precipitation has declined 40% since the With limited means or 1980’s. He also attributed infrastructures, information strife in Burkina Faso, dissemination is poor, Somalia and the Ivory making it a challenging task Coast to a “similar volatile to educate people on the mix of and water issues at stake and to insecurity”. introduce broad base policies. A development organization -Heifer And despite the best efforts International Cameroon is of a community that helping the villages in the depends on one another, it far north region of remains difficult to Cameroon to make the overcome the stultifying most of the resources on effects of the droughts. the ground. Farmers under And who doubts that various organizations are Violence erupts where taught simple ways of resources are scanty. pasture establishment,

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How To Look After Your Husband
Have dinner ready plan ahead even the night before, to have a delicious meal on time. This is a way of letting him know that you have been thinking about his needs. Most men are hungry when they come home and the prospects of a good warm meal are part of a warm welcome needed. Prepare yourself. Take 15 minutes to rest so you will be refreshed when he arrives. Touch up your make up, put a ribbon in your hair and be fresh looking. He has just been with a lot of work weary people. Be a little more interesting. His boring day may need a lift. Clear away the clutter, make one last trip through the main part of the house just before your husband arrives, gathering up any school books, toys etc. Then run the duster over the tables. Your husband will feel he has reached a haven of rest and order and it will give a lift too. Prepare the children. Take a few minutes to wash the children’s hands and faces (if they are small), comb their hair, and, if necessary, change their clothes. They are little treasures and he would like to see them playing the part. Minimise the noise. At the time of his arrival, eliminate all noise of washer, dryer, dishwasher or vacuum. Try to encourage the children to be quiet. Be happy to see him. greet him with a warm smile and be glad to see him. Some don’ts. Don’t greet him with complaints or problems. Don’t complain if he is late for dinner. Count this as minor compared to what he may have gone through that day. Make him comfortable. Have him lean back in a comfortable chair or suggest he lay down in the bedroom. Have a cooling drink ready for him. Arrange his pillow and offer to take off his shoes. Speak to him in a low, soft voice. Allow him to relax and unwind Listen to him. You may have a dozen things to tell him, but the moment of his arrival is not the time. Let him speak first. Make the evening his. Never complain if he does not take you out to dinner or to other places of entertainment. Instead try to understand his world and pressure, his need to be home and relaxed. THE GOAL: try to make your home a place of peace of peace and order where your husband can renew himself in body and spirit.

Anniversar Celebr sary bra Anniversar y Celebrations
In the company of Love Ones, Treasured relatives and the Oku community in Bamenda-Dr Nkaimbi Alfred of Douala Celebrated The 1st Birthday of his son Afa Derex B a i n k o n g In Bamenda, Admist laughter Emmanuel and Pomp Afa

The Ichim Oku Cultural and Development Association Celebrates Its 9th anniversary in style / December 2012
Ngum Henry Nbann

The close knit mountain village of ichim Oku with some seventeen thousands inhabitance will be nine years old in modern civilization this December 2012. Since the Ichim development association was formed in 2003
Ahead of the 9th anniversary of this year’s development fiesta and congress,the national president of Ichim Development Association Mr. Keng Wilfred Nshom, has in an Open letter to all IDA son’s and daughters nation wide called on them to sink their differences at whatever level and to stand up as one people so as to make this year’s event a remarkable success. Mr Keng Wilfred noted that the Unity of IDA was its strength and the bigger the Association was better in achieving unbelievable goals for the community. This year’s which event which happens from the 21 to 23rd December 2012, is expected to mobilize over 77million for the construction of an ultra modern community Hall, which will host seminars, annual general meetings receptions, cultural events and IDA offices to quote the national president. . IDA Branches nationwide have been strategizing how to meet up with their respective budget lines and expectations. In Yaoundé, IDA Branch President Kenkoh Solomon Kesam has drawn a road map for his branch on how to collect the necessary dues for this upcoming event. The IDA Yaoundé branch which has been a formidable think tank for the mother association is dreaming of piloting this year’s event in populace and cash. The bamenda branch which is hosting the national president of IDA has planned a fund raiser for November 4th in OCDA Bamenda meeting house as from mid day. To ensure that all IDA branches are keeping to the wish of this year ’s event the national president of IDA is on a contact tour to all IDA branches across

turned one last October 22nd 2012.



he publisher chronicle News paper !!!

At a time we at K24 were still shaking our babies napkins ahead of her delivery, the news of your wife’s death made us cry. We know this is probably not much consolation to you in this dark moment, but take courage. May God bless and comfort you/ family in this time of need and may your departed wife rest in peace for all eternity.

Mr. Ken Wilfred IDA National President Cameroon to beef up preparation ahead of the event and to reinforce his message of unity and solidarity.. This is the first time in its history when IDA Promises to be a crowd puller as all sons and daughters of ichim roll their sleeves ahead of the event. The village had of Ichim fai Ndifon has also visited Bamenda to hold a working session with the national President. since its creation in 2003 the Ichim development association has completed a potable water project estimated to cost more than 50million fcfa, constructed some 5 modern classrooms for the new government secondary school Ichim, and rehabilitated and furnished the premises of the Ichim integrated health centre. The Ichim-Oku village is renowned for its dense population in the Oku municipality, and noted for solidarity and a community spirit in every action. The people are also gifted in choral music. The famous Njang of bey nii nkwaa and the enticing Ngwekoh juju dance which incarnates the ancestral heritage of some of the Ichim Oku forefathers gives the community a high sense of traditional culture and dexterity.

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is first and foremost a unique academic community where students, faculty and staff, administrators and guests interact in the pursuit of personal and professional educational goals as stated in the Vision, Mission and Guiding Values of the institution. FLEXCOM INSTITUTE promotes

opportunities for all and supports diversity
in all of its programs. The institute non-discrimination policy protects and preserves the dignity and integrity of all of its members. Expect Challenge. Achieve Distinction.

The Administrative Secretariat Campus A’ City Chemist Round-aboutAbove City Chemist Pharmacy Bamenda Cameroon P.O Box 97 Bamenda - Cameroon Cameroon +237 33 36 23 49 Flexcom Institute is located in the North West Region of Cameroon, Bamenda. The Administrative Building of the institute is Campus A’, Located above City Chemist Pharmacy Building and campus B at the MItacul House at Sonac street Bamenda or contact them on Tel.237 77755889 / 96181122.

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eaping double dividends technolo hnolog Reaping the double dividends of this technology:

Aaron k Yancho

Heifer interna national Cameroon supported Heifer inter national Cameroon suppor ted armer welcome mers new technolo hnolog far mers welcome this new technology.
Njong Santa and Mbei Santa communities in Mezam Division of the NW Region are learning to make use of Biogas technology installations to trim utility bills and to avoid fetching or cutting trees for firewood. Through this Bio-gas, some 100 House holds in these communities who have adopted this technology into integrated dairy cattle farming are enjoying double dividends. At most no cost, this affordable renewable green energy, bio-gas also provides a byproduct called Slurry) that is a rich crop fertilizer. More remarkable is the fact that the bio-gas units are very easy to install, simple and cheap to run and require little or no maintenance in the first few years of In Cameroon Heifer project international Cameroon with the support of the small grant programme (SGP) of the United Nations Development Programe (UNDP) has assisted farmers in these communities to learn how to build and install the 4 basic units of an underground Biogas plant, “the inlet, digester, gas holder and outlet). The inlet is where these farmers deposit manure (animal waste) the digester is a dome shaped thing made of bricks attached to the inlet, in an airtight chamber where bacteria breaks down the waste until it separate bio-gas and the organic compost the slurry. The gas holder receives the bio-gas energy before it is channel through pipes for domestic usage. The outlet channels the slurry to a dump pit where it is used to repair farm land for crop production. Over the years these rural communities in Cameroon had depended on fuel wood for cooking. The cutting of trees reduced soil fertility and encouraged deforestation. These firewood sources also gave a lot of smoke that caused harm to the eyes and the lungs. Using bio-gas for cooking improves hygiene conditions for these rural women, as pollution is eliminated. It has also drops work load on fuel wood for women and girls, and above the Bio Gas energy installations have improved sustainable natural resource management for these communities.


County Director HEIFER PROJECT Cameroon- smile for Heifer supported farmers

ome small scale farmers supported by Heifer international Cameroon to restore land production potentials and to reduce the green house gas emissions, while improving their livelihoods at the Kedjom Ketinguh, Bali Nyonga, Bamendakwe, Akum,

installation. Over time, the plants, which are installed through self help cooperatives pay for themselves, reason why hundreds of farmers in most rural communities in Cameroon are striving for this renewable energy.

hydro power: Mini hydr o power :

Cheap and affordable energy for the rural Cheap afforda dab energ for rur ural communities in Cameroon. communities Cameroon.
CAT Cameroon boasts ener gy supply in Remote Akwaya Community. CAT Cameroon energ supply Remote Akwa Community unity.


erosene lamps and sore eyes were once routine elements of grading student’s home work at the Akwaya community for many decades.. But a mini hydro power installation plant has dramatically changed all that this October 2012. Mr. Enong Mathias can now proudly go through the pile of books stocked on his table, without worrying that the onset of darkness will put an end to his night work thanks to this new mini hydro energy. Today, Cameroon remote villages like Akwaya in the South West Region of Cameroon are tapping this free and clean energy source from sunlight and waterfall to generate electricity in their homes and to meet up with their dreams of civilization. The Akwaya locality with a population of over 15000 people mostly subsistent peasant farmers is one of Cameroon landlocked area, with modern communication gadgets alien to the people as a result of no access road network to the area and the absolute lack of energy supply. Communication to the outside was a nightmare to the local people, and the proper functioning of government structures in the area was only a wish. A government installed and run telecenter powered by a generator in the area was only to assist the fortunate class reach beyond the boarders of the community. These huge challenges nib the economic potentials of the area in the bud, pitifully, school children and students in the area, used kerosene lamps to get their assignments done. For the student community of the locality the best alternative was to do their home work before sunset. Thankfully this is now a headache of the past. A mini hydro-power funded by the Akwaya council at the cost of 42 million has gone into use. According to the director of CAT/center for appropriate technology Cameroon Njini Victor. The contractor of the mini-hydro-power the hydro power is delivering 18watts of clean, free energy in 3 phases which means industrial appliances are already under use. According to Njini Victor eleven government offices, nine households and twelve business premises and some major streets are already lighted. To ensure a sustainable

life span of the project, some seven council workers have also been trained to mange the energy system, including maintenance, billing of clients and its security Besides e n a b l i n g government offices to function properly and for civil servants to do their jobs well, communication with the outside world is a possible reality for the people of the Akwaya community. A lot of average income, peasants are harnessing this new mini hydro energy power fortune to run small businesses. Entrepreneur Ebai James operates a maize grinding mill with reliable all round available 24 hours energy supply; he can work into the wee hours of the night to meet the demands of his customers. The price of a call, at the telecenter once run by a generator has also drop, due to the hydro energy supply. The excitement at the landlocked Akwaya communities is high and the energy supply is sure to unlock the great potentials of the locality.

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Bible Cameroon The Bible society of Cameroon · Launches its operation in the NW Region of Cameroon Launches opera Re Cameroon
By Baka Derick

he bible society of Cameroon is an interdenomination organization that opened its doors in 1959 in Cameroon and was inaugurated on the 12th January 1961, thanks to the then prime minister Charles Assale. The bible society of Cameroon has as objectives to Advance the gospel of Jesus Christ among the people of Cameroon. This task is achieved thought the translation, production and distribution of bibles in the various local languages across the country. The bible society of Cameroon is credited for the highest translations in Africa with 48 new testaments and 14 complete Bibles. These bible translations have been achieved in joint projects with the Cameroon bible translation society (CABTAL), the Summer Institute of Linguistic


(SIL) and the Lutheran bible team and the Lutheran Bible Team (LBT). The bible society of Cameroon also operate some literacy and holistic projects like the teaching of

communities on how to read and write their local languages, the congregation of children to study the bible through games and the rehabilitation of teenage street mothers in to income generating activities

and the fight against HIV/ AIDS. In the North West Region of Cameroon, the bible society of Cameroon has translated the Holy Book into eight languages with the Mugarkaa language having the complete bible. The bible society of Cameroon has also produced audio and written forms of the good news of Christ to facilitate comprehension and understanding in the communities. On November 3rd 2012, the office of the bible society of Cameroon will be inaugurated in the city of Bamenda with Mme Nduku Anne Mercy as the Pioneer regional delegate for the North West Regions of Cameroon. This event will bring together all Christian denomination with affiliations to the bible society of Cameroon and a match

National OCDA Report breeds Contro ersy sy. National OCDA Financial Repor t breeds Controversy. B.da Branc Reponses. anch for clarity!. The B.da Branch Reponses. Calls for clarity!.
Tamfu Donald Ngek

pass across the city will launch the day which will eventually see the government delegate of the Bamenda city, the North West Governor and the country director of the bible society of Cameroon Dr Luc Gnowa delivering Keynote speeches. The inauguration of the Bamenda offices and its subsequent Operation will meet the people of the North West Region closely with the gospel. According to Mme Nduku Anne Mercy her vision will be to see lives and communities surrendering to Jesus Christ. It should be recalled that the bible society of Cameroon celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2011 and an award for excellence from the Cameroon government and the international community in their un relentless fight against discrimination and stigmatization for people living with HIV/ AIDS in Cameroon was for the bible society of Cameroon and icing on the cake.


he financial report of the Oku palace construction projects has raised controversy among some Oku cultural and development association’s branches nation wide. The financial report signed 1014/2012 and caption “detail expenditure analysis of the Oku palace projects” failed short of the expectations of the OCDA Bamenda branch. This financial report which was not signed by

the national president of OCDA Shey Ngamkong before an onward transmission to the various OCDA branches came at the request of the national assembly meeting of the association which held at the Oku Fons palace on some months back In a reaction to the report in a letter dated August 19th 2012 (letter which we procure) the Bamenda branch of the Oku Cultural and Development Association alerted the attention of the National OCDA president to what they called

the short-comings of the report. The letter decried the unspecified expenditure heads like in the case of Kengah Hans-10000fcfa, or Hiring of bike to Bamenda- 12000fcfa without any specifications or explanations.. The same letter also decried what the Bamenda branch allege as “multiple and controversial recordings .ie cement 1 and 2 or communication credit to the engineer, 9500fcfa. The letter also queried that loan’s appeared as income and

as paid expenditures. The Bamenda branch however called for the separation of the Oku palace construction financial report from other OCDA related projects and expenditures. To ensure what the letter called open transparency and accountability, the Bamenda branch demanded a description to every expenditure like “assistance to Oku Doctors” etc . Conclusively the letter to the national president and the management committee of the Oku palace project appealed for

an urgent more explicit financial report to be issued in order to shun controversy and ill feeling. Attempts to talk to the national president of OCDA and his exco on the issue were fruitless but k24 source’s say the OCDA national exco will meet soonest in conclave to admen the financial report. This present OCDA regime is credited for having initiated many development projects without the Oku fondom of late.


he Oku fondom which constitutes a subDivision of its own is made up of over 87.00 in habitants as of the 2005 population census. This population statistics keeps Oku next to Bamenda 2 in terms of population in the entire of North West Region of Cameroon. Being one of the descendants of the Tikari, Oku was reduced down to a mere lot within Jakiri sub-division with its sit situated within the Nso Fondom. It was based on this intentional act of

The oku Opinion leader writes to the Oku Community
reduction that Oku suffers the lost of her splendid identity. As if this was not enough, the Nso society to maintain their authority in Bui, the Oku people were encouraged through insults (which were quite undeserving) to show a lot of disenchantment about what concerned their own fondom. After relegating Oku to the background by putting them under Jakiri subdivision, they did not get extinct because the message of polygamy was correctly preached and the population

grew. Finally when the Oku fondom survived elimination and grow constantly they gave their entire strength to one Fon who today stands alone as the traditional pillar mediating between the people and the government. It will be recalled that as a tool of resistance, many Fons in Oku have been harsh and stern so as to repress traditional exigencies from foreign fondoms Gradually, those who ever embrace the western ideology through their education seem to have been taught for the most part the techniques of ever clinching on to power and threatening the youths. Gradually also, the old boys and their techniques have droped because the new Oku has experience the presence of very young talented persons. The first youth in the list who has moved to the top in his career and made Oku known at the international arena is Messi Mathew

Kinkoh Emmanuel: coordinator Oku Opinion Leaders

Ngangwa. Other youths at the scene are Ngum Jerome,Shey Mkong Nicholas, Ngum E m m a n u e l , Ta t a Confidence, Kumbong Martin, Ngokse Francis, Hon Kivei Andrew just to mention a few.they have
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from LOUD WHISPERS - from America
Regan Yuh Virginia USA Staff writer


hat moment is just a few weeks away, when millions of Americans go to the ballot to decide whether Barack Obama deserves four more years. The argument against him is compelling. He is accused of not being able to turn the economy

around, not being able to contain a staggering unemployment, seeing through a do-nothing Congress, instituting an unpopular health reform (Obama Care), fomenting class warfare and apologizing for the greatness of America. This is the punch line of the challengers, the

Republican Party and their presidential nominee Governor Mitt Romney, who ironically is a baggage of his own. Mitt Romney is a sharp contrast in almost every sense of the word. Romney the son of a millionaire will subsequently enter record books as by far the richest

The oku Opinion leader writes to the Oku Community
taken over the baton of command and are promising. In the past, the oku man did not believe in himself and stayed mute to negative decisions taken against him. Today, Baijong Ezekiel as young as he is, is the principal of a high school. This same portfolio could not be proposed for Mr Ndishangong Tadius and that is why he is retired as the vice principal. Though frowning on the attitude of some young men who have remained to philosophies’ with the old boys, by hanging around where power resides so that they can sacrifice others for their whims and caprices, it is clear that no change can be abrupt. At the present, political leadership in Oku is shaking because those at the grass roots either do not know their role or the know it and do not want to work it out. P O L I T I C A L LEADERSHIP Councilors should get to know their roles and play with vigour so that Oku can develop. They should learn to sit with development committee members of their quarters and design and plan project for the people. They should seek funding from GO both within and without the country. In political leadership, reflection should be made before any choice is made. Good people should be brought in while bad ones disappear. Sympathy should not be brought to the political scene. People should be chosen by merit, individual should avoid monopolizing powers as much as they can and be honored for doing so. AGRO FORESTRY Modern agro forestry techniques must have to be developed. Let the fertility of land be made possible through natural techniques. All Irish potatoes villages should be given a push so that this sector can fetch more income. Coffee farms should be revamped especially with the new java and the new coffee company (OLAMCAM) this could help bring about a change in the standard of living. Also, that the exploitation of the forestry should fall under a degree of surveillance so as to ensure sustainability. The lake found in mt kilum should be given a new resort by providing both play ground as to revamp the tourism sector in the Oku fondom. OKU HONEY Negotiations should be made with external bodies and companies so that a plant could be put up for the purification of the Oku Honey to face international competition with courage and confidence. OKU IN THE DIASPORA Those Oku sons and daughters living abroad should remember the land of Mkong Moteh and support Oku financially, morally and even spiritually so that the traditional sanctuary of lumetu can stay untempered with. OKU OPINION L E A D E R S ASSOCIATION. Being a recently created civil society, this association is charged with the duty of educating people on good leadership reconciliation techniques. They also hold firm to the dictates of modern governance which cannot go without advocacy and lobbying. The Oku we have today as earlier said is no longer the Oku of yesterday. The Oku now love their tribe and cannot avoid standing to defend it at all times. Let the people hold fast to their dreams and count on hard work with every individuals asking him/her self what contributions he has made to take Oku from where in the past to the present position and what he intends to do in the future. Thanks . Kinkoh Emmanuel Njiah. Coordinator Oku Opinion leaders Association.

man to ever run for US presidency. He is described by the Democrats as being out of touch with the common Americans and lends more credence to the voice of his critics with an erratic behavior, some of which include, heading a c o n t r o v e r s i a l company (Bain)which is being accused of vulture capitalism, always switching sides to accommodate his political perspectives,(flip flopping},building a multimillion dollar mansion in these harsh economic times, placing a 10.000 dollar bet during a debate, dismissing 47% of the population as lazy, having offshore secret bank accounts in Switzerland and the Cayman islands, paying less taxes than the average American among others. With all these dents on Romney’s image and his unpopularity even in his party, you may want to wonder why Republicans are still backing him with hundreds of millions of dollars, making this the richest ever fought elections in history. It’s simple; they will do anything to kick barack Obama out of office. However Mitt Romney is also a bonafide business man, with 25 years of acumen and extremely successful at what he does, he is also credited for transforming the 2002 winter Olympics from shambles that fraught with corruption, to a highly successful event. This no doubt qualifies him to be the ideal person to turn the economy around from a

deficit to surplus if he is voted president. Obama, for his part, is far from that ebullient candidate in 2008 who promised hope and change, but he remains a very debonair and likeable person to most Americans. The political facts on the ground suggest a tight race, with many bumps on the road for both candidates. Obama was recently handed a beating from Romney, during the first presidential debate, making him (Romney) bounce back from the polls and reviving his base. However obama still retains a gargantuan support from women voters, and minorities such as blacks and latinos. But as the unemployment rate still remains way below average, it is hard to tell who undecided voters will trust to lead through 2016. Thus what are the real differences between Obama and Romney, Obama institutes universal health care for all Americans, Romney wants to repeal it in favor of individual health care? Obama wants a tax raise only for the rich while giving the middle class an opportunity to grow, Romney believes in trickledown economics, with the view that raising taxes for the rich who are by the way the employers,wont help the economic recovery. Obama is cutting defense spending and trying to steer away from conflict zones. Romney wants to

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expand American military might. Obama supports the dream act, whereby immigrants who were born or brought to the U.S, while young will be granted residency, Romney wants to repeal it, and encourages self deportation of immigrants. Obama supports gay rights, Romney objects. The difference in their personalities too is stark, while Obama is a product of a single mother who had to endure poverty and racial prejudices; Romney on the other hand was born with a silver spoon. Re-enter the 2012 Obama re-election campaign slogan “Forward”, while Republicans and Romney are bent on making Obama a one term president, it creates an opening for many Americans to see that some of their attempts and challenges are still deep rooted in race and colour, while others are just trying to return to the policies that got the country into trouble in the first place. Meanwhile President Barack Obama, has gone forward to end the Iraq war, withdrawn thousands of troops from Afghanistan and drawn a road map to end that war, repealed the ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ policy allowing for gays to serve in the military, introduced the ‘Dream Act’, instituted a universal health policy ’Obama Care’, stabilized the economy, and is running away with Cont’d pg 10 the bumper sticker “General Motors is alive and Osama Bin Laden is dead”.

By Tamfu Donald


t was a visibly elated S D O for Bui Division, N. Mesape Bernard who presided at the traditional annual administrative, management and store accounts session at the Elak ultra community conference hall on September 26th 2012. Addressing the top notch of the municipality, the mayor, Ngum Jerome and some 38 councilors of the municipality in attendance, the SDO exalted the entire municipality for its dynamism and profound commitment to the goals of development. The administrator singled out Mayor Ngum Jerome as a deeply ariented leader, with a high sense of purpose and development. The SDO thanked the councilors for their peace and fruitful deliberations. Mr. Mesape Bernard called for more level headedness and collaboration within all the council stakeholders in order to keep the formidable development track record at the municipality going. The

Administra Division The Administration of Bui Division lauds May Jer erome Mayor Ngum Jerome
thousands, eight hundred and fifty two (439,165.852) FCFA, for revenue in 2011 as against two hundred and eighty five million two hundred and fifty one thousands one hundred and sixty eight in 2010. According to the mayor the expenditures of the Elak council progressively move from two hundred and fifty four million and sixteen thousand , six hundred and eleven (254.016.01611)FCFA to four hundred and nineteen million eight hundred and twelve thousands four hundred and forty nine. The mayor saluted the sacrifies of the revenue collection teams in the proper discharge of their duties. While acknowledging the public investment credits that were also available in the council coffers, the mayor called for more extra efforts, from his colleagues to make the situation much better in the upcoming years. The session was attended by the DO for Oku, the MP for the Oku

SDO called on the councilors to shun black stabbing and rancor, which as he put it was a road block to the success of the municipality. Mayor Ngum Jerome was tasked by the SDO to ignore detractors and blackmail and to be steadfast in his duties. In a welcome address during the opening of the session the ebullient mayor Ngum Jerome said the accounts of the Elak council stood at four hundred and thirty nine million, one hundred and sixty five

One of Mayor Jeromes’ achievements at the Oku Council

Noni constituency, HRH the Fon of Oku and some political bigwigs of the municipality . Highlights of the session included heated debates and deliberation and the adoption of a working plan. Highlights of mayor Ngum Jerome achievement that were heighted during this 2011 administrative, management and store accounts session include the following

Construction of a bridge over review Ketumele Enlargement of the Elak motor park Construction of sales points Assistance to schools within the muniscipality Construction of classrooms, purchase of equipments for the council and a Prado vehicle No.LT.673cu

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