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editorial items appearing on pages 13. 68 a look at the centres that are flourishing with action Top 6 BusIness cITIes This ediTion of inc. copyright © 2009 and 2010 mansueto Ventures. The following are trademarks of mansueto Ventures. new York. imaging by Shigil narayanan . a glance at how sectoral performance has changed since 2009. IndIA 500 38 For the first time since we launched our ranking in 2009. LLc: inc. COver deSign by anil vK. new York. we brought in an eminent jury to refine our search for india’s top mid-sized companies. presenting india’s fastest growing companies under `1. which reserves all rights. magazine and are the copyright property of mansueto Ventures.net phOtOgraph by SrivatSa. The jury 42 58 the complete list The clAss of 2012 Top 5 secTors Some insights into the fastest growing sectors of the inc. LLc..500 crore The 4Th AnnuAl Inc. LLc.WorldMags. inc. 26. 29-31 were all originally published in the United states edition of inc. 23-24. WorldMags. india 500. 3-d 500 by midhun mOhan and imaging by Shigil narayanan. 500. magazine is published under license from mansueto Ventures LLc.net September/October 2012 34 Well Poised Know how dr Sreeni tripuraneni’s 4g identity Solutions has grown 395% over the past four years on page 50. also.

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contents September/October 2012 WorldMags. here are the 10 fastest-growing companies among the inc. | sepTember/ocTober 2012 WorldMags. my story: 76 `50–`100 crore Bharat Goenka Tally solutions 66 Genesis colors 74 Jakson 94 tops security 102 DFM Foods 4g identity Solutions 50 Dr Sreeni Tripuraneni 54 Prosenjit Roy Choudhury Illustration By Manav sachdev 78 `101–`500 crore barbeque nation hospitality M. india 500. their unique products and business models are equally exciting. Ravi ncL industries Our eminent jury highlights the 10 winners they find most promising. my story: jury’s pIck 82 `501–`1000 crore Sushil Mantri mantri developers Dr Dilip Surana micro Labs 90 `1001–`1500 crore it’s not just whopping revenue numbers that make our inc. india 500 companies worth a watch.net phOtOgraph by SubhOjit paul my story: . compAnIes we fInd excITIng narayana hrudayalaya 62 Dr Devi Prasad Shetty 70 Sanjay Gaikwad uFO moviez india 4 | Inc. Dhanuka dhanuka agritech 86 K. a closer look at our top of the heap. the `138-crore company’s ambitious founder. india 500 companies. here are the 10 companies that caught our eye.K. a photo portfolio of diverse workplaces of some inc.net compAnIes AT work fAsTesT-growIng compAnIes We divided the inc. you can’t miss this tale of arjun Walia. india 500 into four revenue brackets to uncover the star performers in each.104 on our list. no. By The numBers 96 sTIckIng To hIs guns a unique perspective—in true graphic novel style —on Walsons Security.

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Sample this thoroughly counter-intuitive guide to the art of leading people.contents September/October 2012 WorldMags. Can it tutor investors to put in `1. By Saurabh Parmar yes. it’s possible to drive rOi from social media 23 the Goods 14 the Dressing Room By Krishna Kumar is winning really that important or are there bigger things in life? tiny desktop computers with more muscle the website that makes market research easy roughing up rugged smartphone cases a new cooler for your laptop tech trends: testing out reputation-management services 6 | Inc. boring is good. 32 eLevatoR PItcH excelsior education teaches life skills to school students.net 20 23 18 14 07 editor’s letter 08 Behind the scenes 11 Launch Companies that kept the lakmé Fashion Week in style a shoe that guides you to your destination 18 Innovation stRateGy 29 LeaDeRsHIP leadership isn’t always about inspiration.net .5 crore? 20 Guest column viewpoints: personalising professional relationships Study reveals unhealthy sense of entitlement among indian employees indian restaurant Congress: a conference where the talk was all about food research Corner: Flat isn’t always the best way to go. hierarchies at work are healthy. Sometimes. | sepTember/ocTober 2012 WorldMags.

our 500 honourees and we. arguments and frustrations were often part of the journey to this issue. India 500 issue–our annual ranking of India’s fastest-growing companies—is both a mammoth task. But. and are constantly seeking to refine and improve the process. the slowdown has had a substantial impact. PeterSon Pj miDhun mohan. ART DIRECTOR: anil VK AssOCIATE ART DIRECTORs: atul DeShmuKh & anil t sR. if you can adapt efficiently and persevere with a smile. anSari oFFicE addrEss nine Dot nine meDiaworx PVt ltD a-262. Sector-5. have survived to tell the tale. The research team began their arduous work on the ranking sometime in early April. As they gathered figures. PhOTOGRAPhER: jiten ganDhi coMMUnity tEaM AssIsTANT PRODuCT MANAGER: rajat guPta salEs & MarkEting sENIOR vICE PREsIDENT: KriShna Kumar (+91 98102 06034) busINEss DEvElOPMENT MANAGER: arjun Sawhney (+91 95822 20507) AssIsTANT REGIONAl MANAGER (sOuTh & wEsT): rajeSh KanDari (+91 98111 40424) ProdUction & logistics sR GENERAl MANAGER (OPERATIONs): ShiVShanKar m hiremath MANAGER OPERATIONs: raKeSh uPaDhyay AssT MANAGER (lOGIsTICs): Vijay menon ExECuTIvE lOGIsTICs: nileSh ShiraVaDeKar PRODuCTION ExECuTIvE: VilaS mhatre logistics mP Singh. I hope you enjoy our story. when CEOs had laid out grand plans—of $1 billion turnover. the entrepreneurs we met over the past eight weeks had much less of the “superstar halo” that our winners seemed to wear in 2009 or 2010. shreyasi singh shreyasi. our problems might seem trivial.singh@9dot9. and cede control of the pages to our talented in-house research team of John L. But both. It has been tough. unlike the last two years. Defence colony. I could not help but see a connection. and the need to be nimble and adaptable in the face of changing realities. India. PrameeSh PuruShothaman c & hariDaS Balan MarcoM AssOCIATE ART DIRECTOR: PraSanth ramaKriShnan DEsIGNER: rahul BaBu stUdio ChIEf PhOTOGRAPhER: SuBhojit Paul sR. Compared to the dynamic companies who’ve made the Inc. and the many business obstacles they must have had to cross in their journey. mohD. new Delhi–110 024 for any querieS. rising costs and squeezed margins. and an absolute privilege. and acquiring global assets—interviews this year struck a more tempered tone. Plus. As it is every year.P. Defence colony. at 41 per cent. PleaSe contact uS at helP@9Dot9. this time too. For example. | 7 .in PuBliSheD. India 500 ranking. vIsuAlIsERs: manaV SachDeV & ShoKeen Saifi vIsuAlIsERs: SriSti maurya & nV Baiju sR. noiDa (u. we had to wait at every step for them to guide us and ply us with inputs before we could even begin doing our job.net letter MANAGING DIRECTOR: Dr Pramath raj Sinha PRINTER & PublIshER: anuraDha DaS mathur Editorial MANAGING EDITOR: ShreyaSi Singh AssIsTANT EDITOR: Sonal KhetarPal fEATuRE wRITER: ira SwaSti rEsEarch hEAD: john l.in WorldMags. They realise. PuBliSheD at a-262. DEsIGNERs: raj KiShore Verma Shigil narayanan & SuneeSh K DEsIGNERs: charu DwiVeDi. the Inc. delays.editor’s WorldMags. new Delhi–110 024 PrinteD at tara art PrinterS PVt ltD. Yet. India 500 mirrors the larger trends in our economy.net september/october 2012 | iNC. bringing out the Inc. CREATIvE DIRECTOR: jayan K narayanan sR. the combined growth rate of our honourees in the 2012 edition is the lowest since we began this ranking in 2009. The talk veered to keeping teams motivated in difficult times. Aman Shukla and Neha Kumra. growth (albeit of a less-scorching variety) can be achieved. a-46-47.) 201301 EDITOR: anuraDha DaS mathur Perseverance & Adaptability Undoubtedly. PuBliSheD anD PrinteD on their Behalf By anuraDha DaS mathur. PrinteD anD owneD By nine Dot nine meDiaworx PriVate limiteD. In fact. that sometimes you just cannot control it all. Khiangte. Since we’re just four years into the ranking. Khiangte MANAGER: aman ShuKla AssOCIATE: neha Kumra dEsign sR. It’s also the one issue in which the editorial team must step back. identified the jury and pored over hundreds of excel sheets. Contrast that with the heady days of our 2010 ranking when companies grew at an average 143 per cent! Clearly. as does the editorial team at Inc.

both in India and abroad.BEHIND THE SCENES WorldMags. Incognito has also produced digital media content for clients such as FedEx. the brainchild of brother-sister duo Shanela Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor. Bringing together all these aspects of media production and post-production under one umbrella is Incognito Media. Founded in 2007. BBC. | september/october 2012 . University College London and L’Oreal Group. Incognito’s 10-member team was responsible for producing videos at the Lakmé Fashion Week. WorldMags.net Companies at the Heart of Everyday Life Video production Streaming an event live and getting the story right is like making a piece of art with the right composition and colours.net 8 | INC.

Started in January 2009 by daman Choudhury and Ravneet Goraya. Backstage management The glamour of the runway is in stark contrast to the chaos backstage. Mumbai-based runway ensures there’s order off it too. Some of their past projects include MTV’s Cornetto Love Reels and the movie I Am directed by Onir. Elan has also worked for several big clients such as IMG Reliance.2012 6:30 p.m. Mumbai 12.net Model management Scouting for right talent is no mean task and Elan does that perfectly with its team of 15 people. an entertainment and sports management company. Started in 2012 as a joint venture between Kwan.08. this specialised talent agency has become well known for its eye to spot talent.net PHOTOGRAPH BY jITEN gaNDHI REPORTEd BY SoNal kHETarpal . Maybelline and UTV. Garnier. WorldMags. movie productions and other live events. television shows. To keep things in order on the ramp. emerging talent and creates commercial opportunities for them in the modelling and film space. and Sushma Puri.WorldMags. Elan identifies and nurtures young. They contributed more Indian models to Lakmé Fashion Week than all other agencies combined. Runway provides stage management and backstage management expertise to fashion shows. lakmé Fashion Week.

net .WorldMags.net WorldMags.

My trick—in your head. People. “the sweet spot lies where your personality as a boss and friend overlaps. Ideas. Gupta confesses that sometimes these relationships do get difficult to manage—how do you reprimand or confront your colleagues (read: ) when they slip up? still. It’ll help you understand them better. akhil. a Delhi-based It services and products firm. this finebalancing act is worth the trouble. try to swap positions with your colleagues.WorldMags. He. he talks about why he believes professional relationships should be made personal.me. Consider everyone your equal—seniors will appreciate your confidence and juniors will love you. co-founder of Green Apple solutions. does that by lunching regularly with his 24-people team. goes as far as to say he “loves” his colleagues. and you can inhabit it. It’s a very small area but it does exist.net News. he asserts. In his blog.” Conventional wisdom might dictate that it’s prudent to keep our professional and personal lives separate. for example. But Akhil Gupta. | 11 .net september/october 2012 | INC. lauNCh “Friendliness goes a long way at work.” Sans Boundaries vIewPoINts photograph by subhojit paul WorldMags.

The Culture of Entitlement. Indian Restaurant Congress 2012 was recently held at Hotel Claridges. managing these high expectations is a serious cause of concern. Commissioned to understand the impact of this “culture of entitlement”. in association with Bloomberg India and Cremica. conducted by advisory firm Zinnov. chairman & CEO. Unveiling of the Indian Restaurant Report 2012 Food for Thought. DC Strategy. employees from pedigreed business schools and educational institutions especially have a higher. editor-in-chief. for one.launch WorldMags. Gloria Jeans Coffee. Australia. said several heads of the R&D centres. Eat or Be Eaten and Consumption Analysis provided a fertile ground to brainstorm ideas. Mainland China was the Most Preferred Fine Dining Restaurant. India.net The Dangers of Entitlement Food veterans engage in brainstorming sessions A recent study. these high employee expectations are almost irrespective of their contribution to the company. highlighted the study. Travel Food Services. societal pressures and affinity for fancy titles is another contributor to these unhealthy expectations. Franchise India. Instead of wanting to improve their area of expertise. while Ekta Restaurant bagged the Best Highway Restaurant of the Year award. worryingly. various aspects of building a restaurant business. and innovative ideas that were revolutionising the industry—both globally and in India—were discussed. Leading industry voices such as Rod Young. found that employees (especially at the junior level) in R&D departments across multinational companies in India have a strong sense of entitlement. Sunil Kapur. The big brands were well represented too. embedding innovation and leadership in a company’s culture so that compensation and other entitlements become secondary. Zinnov recommends educating employees to deliver value both at the employee and managerial level. Suraj Kund. Delhi’s Rang De Basanti (themed on the blockbuster movie of the same name) was awarded the Most Creative Concept Restaurant.” reiterated Ritu Marya. chairman. 12 | INC. The sessions—Collaborating for Growth. Thought for Food Indian Restaurant Congress highlights why India’s food industry is primed for fast growth Organised by Franchise India Holdings. to counter this. as well as collaborating with industry peers to minimise competition for talent based on compensation alone. KFC got the Best Menu R&D and Innovation accolade. The awards were a mixed bag of known successes and newer. The convention began with the release of the Indian Restaurant Report 2012 which essentially sums up how Indians eat out. Innovation. The congress also provided an opportunity to encourage Indian restaurateurs by felicitating them with the prestigious Indian Restaurant Awards in 26 categories. “Sixty per cent of consumers eat out once in 10 days. more innovative formats. is a key casualty of this entitlement culture. Pepsi Co. | september/october 2012 illustrations by prameesh purushothaman c WorldMags. Tony White.net PHoto CoURtesy FRANCHIse INDIA . technically-inclined employees show a strong inclination for managerial roles which creates a pyramid imbalance. this leads to inflated demands for benefits. regional general manager. As the day progressed. Australia chaired some of these sessions. Clearly. Manu Anand. and Punjab Grill was conferred the Most Preferred Restaurant. oftenunrealistic perception of their own performance. The two day convention brought together all stakeholders of the restaurant business—from prospective restaurateurs to veteran suppliers. managing director. the study revealed that this was mostly due to the excess opportunities available in the Indian R&D market. in her introductory note.

the mixed groups created more sentences and reported less conflict than the high-testosterone groups. As in the first experiment.1 2. each group was asked to complete two tasks. without a clear chain of command. In the second experiment. Australia. a committee charged with developing product ideas will probably be more effective with minimal hierarchy—allowing everyone’s voice to be heard. some were asked to recall a time when a person had exerted power over them. the first task was to find as many words as possible from a scramble of letters and then create sentences from those words. many entrepreneurs strive to keep their organisations as flat as possible. Additionally.net research corner launch Why hierarchies are Good For Productivity (and too much testosterone is not) Disenchanted with the corporate world. others were told to describe a time when they were in charge. participants were asked to rate the level of conflict within their group.net INC. —April Joyner ThE TakEaWay one experiment required participants to work together to create sentences. members often become sidetracked with grabbing power and lose focus on the task at hand. office hierarchies help employees get more done. the second task was to list unconventional uses for common items. groups with varied levels of power were nearly twice as productive as were groups filled with dominant personalities. entrepreneurs should hire a mix of personality types within departments. Having too many dominant personalities in one team could create a toxic work environment. Big projects need a balance of leaders and followers. in some cases. found that when there are tasks that require teamwork. In the end. all low-power individuals. And that. “when control and coordination are really important.5 3 1 low PoweR HIGH PoweR MIxeD PoweR september/october 2012 | WorldMags. Again. all low-testosterone individuals. such as a paper clip and a brick. ThE FINDINGS the study. conducted by researchers from the business schools at Columbia University and Northwestern and the University of Queensland. participants were primed to think as leaders or followers by writing ThE mEThoDoloGy essays about past incidents in their lives involving power dynamics. In the first.5 3. But a recent study suggests that. the study included two experiments. a professor at Northwestern’s Kellogg school of Management and a co-author of the study. the mixed-power groups produced more sentences than the other groups. and a mix. But the group that develops the product will require a clear leader and welldefined roles. And certain projects may require flexibility in the chain of command.WorldMags. participants were grouped by dominance. For example. participants were placed in three types of groups: all hightestosterone individuals. each group had to work together to create sentences. participants could work together or individually. the low-testosterone groups also had less conflict but were less productive. each sentence required at least one word from each member of the group. too many dominant personalities could jam up the works. Afterwards. as measured by testosterone levels. on the basis of the essays. AveRAGe NUMBeR oF seNteNCes CReAteD Too many Bosses 5 4. people get more done when there are defined leaders and followers. but all three groups generated a similar number of uses for the household items. participants were organised into three types of groups: all high-power individuals.” says Adam Galinsky. | 13 . and a mix. then hierarchy actually helps the group perform more effectively.

who then went ahead and lost the finals to local favourite Andy Murray. the joy of victory is at best. for if everyone used the boy’s logic. He believes that participating is more important than winning. His reluctance to compete in tournaments stems mostly because he believes he’s just not good enough to beat others. at any time. Normally. and an executive coach specialising in transformational leadership. What then makes winning so important? Also. when pressed. momentary. Though he is a reasonably good player. I’m sure many of you would have watched Argentine tennis player Juan Martin del Potro’s shattered look after losing the semi-finals to Roger Federer.net Redefine Winning Are achieving the goals that you have set for yourself really the ones that will make you feel successful? A student at my tennis academy has a unique problem. Chances are that the pain of loss is a perillustration by shigil narayanan 14 INC. Consider how many times all of us use that logic as well. WorldMags. many of us may consider what I call the “Little Boy Logic” to turn our backs on competition unless we’re sure of victory. feel that del Potro or Federer became inferior after their respective losses? Does falling short of the title turn | these athletes into losers? It clearly doesn’t. a Bangalore-based tennis training institute.BY THE DRESSING ROOM KRISHNA KUMAR Krishna Kumar is the founder of Kinesis Sports. This logic was very much at play during the London Olympics where many participants came within a whisker of winning. we believe that participation is as crucial as winning. there wouldn’t be winners and no measure for excellence.net . one should compete only to win. he constantly refuses to take part in tournaments that our academy regularly organises. does winning really feel as amazing as it’s supposed to? While the pursuit of a challenging goal is both long and arduous. Did we. And. In his logic of things. it’s more sensible to not participate at all. and save oneself from the disappointments of a loss. | september/october 2012 WorldMags. However. if one isn’t sure of winning.

Fax www.WorldMags.net Promoting Knowledge and Learning GLOBALLY through PUBLISHING Pre-primary. New Delhi . Physics Business and Management. 4353 2501. JEE. Applied Sciences Biotechnology and New Technologies WorldMags.laxmipublications.com 113. 4353 2528 Telephone : 91-11-4353 2500. Mathematics. Primary and Middle School Books Secondary and Senior Secondary CBSE Schools Computer Books for the Educational and Professional Market Books for Competitive Examinations like IIT. PMT & others Engineering.110002. India. Daryaganj.net : 91-11-2325 2572. CBSE. Golden House. .

Second. though statistics indicate that alumni of lesser schools end up doing as well in life.net says: “Is the definition of success different from attaining fulfilment in life”? As is the case with most problems. Agassi reveals that he actually “hated” playing tennis but felt most fulfilled with his philanthropic venture. meeting professional and business goals only serve as a step towards adding value to the society. The third and final concept is to understand and accept that true winners set goals that bring shared value to the community. Yet. you can take the first step towards rewriting the definition of winning! Krishna Kumar can be reached at kk@intradconsult. And. the question would have remained the same for him—what next? Whether the competition is once every four years as at the Olympics. they set (or are set) targets of entering Ivy League universities. can there be a better definition of success beyond leading a single-minded life centred on impermanent. we must recognise that only those goals that help us accept and realise our potential can be described as winning goals. | september/october 2012 WorldMags. Would it be realistic for each and every sprinter to set a goal of running faster than Usain Bolt? Can every swimmer be asked to follow in the footsteps of Michael and shooters appear completely unruffled when they miss the bullseye? Instead of moping. The history of the world tells us of successful businesses failing multiple times before hitting pay dirt. many complained of a sense of incompleteness once the milestones were reached. it is important to approach victory without any fear of losing. often conveniently ignoring the fact that this metric does not necessarily culminate in one’s happiness. and entails a more sustained personal satisfaction? Additionally. They derive satisfaction from the small successes that everyday experiences provide them on this journey.net . As teens. learn from their mistakes and prepare for the next challenge. However. The corporate world would do well to follow this maxim while setting targets. I’ve worked with several high-achieving entrepreneurs and CEOs who have shared their personal joys of having won a new business deal. and overcoming obstacles to meet tough goals. Champion shooter Abhinav Bindra will undoubtedly confirm this. Acceptance of failure is what paves the way for winning as they innovate and continue to invest their time and energy to move towards their goal. First. like my young student who was reluctant to play the tennis match. we may end up with a more purposeful career. It is about doing it right the first time. the solution to this one too lies at the very beginning. If the long-term objective is to beat the competition—or even vanquish it—by grabbing significant market share. If we can use these components while defining our goals. What is more interesting is that in his autobiography. the sprinters and swimmers can definitely commit to working harder and smarter with the goal of becoming better at what they are doing—without necessarily worrying about a championship medal at the end of the road. the real issue is the way in which we define victory. Successful businesses fail multiple times before hitting pay dirt. having won the gold medal at Beijing Olympics. Adults measure success from a purely financial perspective. This brings me to the all important question.com INC. If you find yourself at that particular stage in your professional or business career where milestones are getting redefined.THE DRESSING ROOM WorldMags. However. For them. or on a daily basis in the business world. It’s not hard to fathom why. More often than not. or through a hostile acquisition so as to make a statement. it gives us less than we expect. Phelps when it comes to setting targets? The answer would be a definite no. seasonal goals? Or do we look beyond. it might be a great opportunity to ask yourself if the goals that you are setting are truly “winning goals”. Often the process begins (like in the case of my tennis student) from a very young age when a glimmer of talent is pushed hard at the cost of childhood fun. both in the short-term and the long-term. Should we redefine victory so that it’s more inclusive. and losing in the qualifying heats at London. Step into his shoes. These achievements took them long hours of arduous effort. In my many years as a leadership and executive coach. and a constant focus on developing business acumen and skills. Some of them have received rewards and recognition from their peers for their outstanding performances. the chances are that the satisfaction levels after such big-bang moves would be extremely short-lived. Kids push their bodies and minds until they become champions. Agassi ploughed sistent memory while the pleasure of winning is often fleeting in comparison. how does one do that? What constitutes a real winning goal? I consider three components to be critical drivers. Haven’t we seen champion archers back significant amounts of his prize money for setting up a school for underprivileged children. The story of legendary tennis player Andre Agassi comes to mind instantly. If we begin well—by defining goals that reflect our passion and dreams—we won’t be left with a sense of disillusionment on attaining them. into a more spiritual solution and consider what Lord Buddha 16 | Approach victory without the fear of losing. a win flatters to deceive—in other words. After both these events. these athletes accept their failures.

net .net WorldMags.WorldMags.

The GPS app uses OSM (Open Street Maps) which can be edited in order to update route changes.net Companies on the Cutting Edge “Usable technology is one that integrates into human life without the hassle of being a device. Ducere Technologies How it works Ultrasound sensors help detect obstacles in the wearer’s path. WorldMags. | september/october 2012 .” —Krispian Lawrence. co-founder.net 18 | inC. Routes can also be saved in the mobile’s memory to be accessed later if internet is not available.innovation WorldMags. and create varying vibrations at the tip of the shoe.

awards Innovator of the year. 2012 Finalist. In the form of vibrations—to the right. and the GPS-powered directions are sent to the shoe through Bluetooth. They knew the technology could create powerful devices for the visually impaired—but the challenge was in being able to come up with something that was as natural as putting on your shoes before leaving home. helps the visually-impaired navigate their movement to a desired location with the use of vibrations. but Le Chal’s real innovation lies in the fact that unlike most other navigational devices. Sharma says. Samsung Innovation Quotient awards 2012 WorldMags.net PhOTOGRaPh by SrivatSa REPORTEd by aditi annapurna . the shoe provides the wearer a more non-obtrusive communication. their haptic shoe. left.net Smart Feet Le Chal Ducere technologies Anirudh Sharma and Krispian Lawrence co-founded Ducere Technologies to create haptic or touchoriented communications and feedback tools. All one needs to do is feed in the final destination in the Le Chal Android app in the form of a voice input. This technology could’ve been coded into a waist belt. forward and backward—the shoe navigates the wearer to the destination.WorldMags. Le Chal. TR35 young Technology Innovators India. developed in August 2011 and now undergoing commercial tests.

articles and now even books that constantly hold forth on the power and wonder of social media. ROI is an even more pressing concern. which does not mean fancy.9 School of Convergence. illustration by shigil narayanan 20 INC. But “how many” isn’t enough. WorldMags. are still left asking—it sure seems interesting but how do I drive ROI out of it? For newer. tech-type jargon. fast-growing businesses. Social media is all around us—take conferences. gender. movies or food instead. several people and most definitely business builders. how does one take social media to the next level. seminars. your customers choose to listen and talk to you. works on logic and understanding your customer. a Delhi-based digital branding consultancy. but is it useful if it’s not really about your brand? This may sound quite silly but that’s exactly what most brands do on their social media pages. never fail to ask them “who”. location or even the kind of workplace. it takes a change in approach. He also teaches digital marketing at the Indian Institute of Mass Communication and 9. their numbers become irrelevant.BY GuEST column SauraBh Parmar Saurabh Parmar is the founder and CEO of Brandlogist. Create a content strategy which directly connects to your brand strategy. much like selling your products in | India. followers and views gathered on different social media platforms. that’s fine. In fact. social media allows for relevant targeting—on the basis of age. of course. Are they among your target audience or do they have a direct influence on your target audience? If they don’t. Decide the “about what”: Imagine if someone asks you about your brand and you start talking about music. or not being able to articulate the very behaviour traits that define their brand. So. Marketing on social media. much like marketing in the traditional medium. Of course.net . Relevant numbers is the key. By “liking” your page.net how to drive better roI from social media Don’t just treat it as a bullet point off your marketing list. | september/october 2012 WorldMags. Yet most brands miss out on this great opportunity by not sharing content related to the brand. Here are eight tips to drive the maximum bang for your buck by using social media for your brand: Focus on the who: One of the most common metrics a social media practitioner will throw at you is the number of “likes”. more than any other medium. but running your television commercial in Africa or Australia. look deeper. Despite this buzz. You are having a conversation. and what does it take to drive ROI through this medium? First.

Solve their concerns and turn their negative experiences to positive ones. or even your supply chain can come up for discussion. This reach is not just restricted to the popular 18-34 demographic group. not vertical: In most organisations. In today’s digital world. brands tend to focus only on the marketing aspect which constricts the impact. Contact Saurabh Parmar at saurabh@brandlogist. When they looked into the matter. That makes your marketing more real and dynamic as it tailors the message to what people are talking about anyway. and like any other diacomments we received from a regular patron of the restaurant was that the restaurant shuts at 11. the biggest metric is understanding whether you are connecting with your customer or not. there are many customers talking about your brand or your category. it leaves a distinct impression. helpful. The operating cost of doing this is lesser than the cost of traditional outbound marketing. When people come to your page or search for it. or liking them—rather than bringing a fewer. Choose the right metrics: Measuring helps you to evaluate the efficacy of your approach but the key is choosing the right metrics relevant to your approach. When your brand can be relevant. Social media. eventually leading to sales. more relevant group closer to purchase. a large part of these conversations take place on social media and can be detected and responded to. Compare this to print media. Detractors or those unhappy with your brand offer a great opportunity as well. There is even greater ROI in driving your campaigns through this media because campaigns are not just about contests. funny or interesting to your customer. it leaves a distinct impression. because social media is more viral in nature. Skullcandy and Jet Blue have built themselves using this approach.85 million readers. com. The restaurant management was surprised by this feedback because the official closing time was midnight. which is more than the readership of the top two business papers put together. september/october 2012 | WorldMags.4 million. and Dainik Jagran at 16. Twitter has around 15 million followers and LinkedIn has about 10 million members. These conversations can serve as leads which can be mined to provide brilliant insights. reach by not the number of followers but followerfollowing ratio. Instead of reaching out to everyone. they need to be convinced of its value. not the share of voice: Would you rather have more people who have heard about your brand. or a smaller group made of those who are more inclined to buy it? Seems like a no-brainer right? But. The 45-plus age group accounts for five per cent i. Your marketing agenda should be to spread their word and convince other potential customers through them.net Emphasise the tone of voice. Integrate your social media into all your divisions. people who like your brand. But that’s a very narrow approach. their impact and spread is much greater. Follow him on Twitter: @saurabhparmar. and tonality. Use social media to drive your campaigns: The primary medium you usually choose for your marketing is the one with the largest target audience base. But things have changed. Lego.WorldMags. market research or PR. Recently. brands need to target those who are already talking about similar issues.5 million of the users. 2. Facebook recently claimed it GuEST column logue. Brands like Skittles. relevant content.e. HR policies. everything from marketing. Share and facilitate: The best social media campaigns have primarily been by brands that go beyond sharing their own promotional or marketing messages to understanding their consumers’ passion points. think of a customer who is deliberating about buying a laptop and asking others for recommendations. they realised that the outlet’s local staff had begun to shut the restaurant 20-30 minutes before the normal closure time. Start by listening: Everyday. the restaurant chain increased its operations time which led to increased revenue and consequently an increased ROI from the campaign.net INC. One way to do this is to concentrate on your brand’s influencers i. funny or interesting to your customer. such as the relevant number of “likes”. Doing this well on social media is the key to foster connection. we helped launch a restaurant chain on social media. and consequently their campaigns’ ROI. | 21 . and help identify influencers. For example.20pm. Earlier. Even the most popular TV channels have an audience base smaller than Facebook. helpful. Understand social media is horizontal. where the The Times of India stands at 7. Yet. the cost of advertising is cheaper and your incremental cost decreases with the growth of the community. they are about exploring what can be done by getting people and your brand together. most companies still tend to focus on the “share of voice”—more consumers talking about them. like any other brand building mechanism is not a short-term numbers game but a question of building value for your customer. Also. When your customers are involved in the campaign from the word go. Social media is about building dialogue. frequency of response. One of the When your brand can be relevant. Instead of embracing this opportunity. customer experience. social media is typically restricted to a marketing checklist. crossed 50 million users in India. that wasn’t social media. This was a critical learning as by fixing it.e. or even somebody who has just posted a negative review of her new laptop.

net .WorldMags.net WorldMags.

6pound ChromeBox is a browser-only machine designed for cloud computing. cost: $329 PHOTO COURTESY SUBjECT (4) the affordable 2. and four USB ports.WorldMags. along with five USB ports and an antenna that boosts the system’s Wi-Fi signal. 4 GB of RAM.7-pound The Goods Best for Cloud Computing sAmsuNG series 3 ChromeBox The speediest Mini comes with an Intel Core i5 2. plus six USB ports. But it took 40 seconds to render a drawing. and rendered an AutoCAD drawing in 25 seconds.5 inches square.net Your Business Toolbox A New Breed of Compact Computers Tiny desktops get more muscle small desktop computers seem ideal for businesses.net september/october 2012 | iNC. which took about 90 seconds to boot up and load Gmail and 33 seconds to render an AutoCAD drawing. opened Gmail in 13 seconds. and rendering a complex drawing in the AutoCAD WS Web app in just 24 seconds.3 inches high and 7. cost: $449 Best for Multimedia Asus eeeBox 1503 Our runner-up. 16 GB of storage. Now. we were a bit underwhelmed with the Mini. and six USB ports. and 450 GB of storage. cost: $749 Best for Connecting to Wi-Fi LeNovo ThiNkCeNTre m92p TiNy This WorldMags. 4 GB of RAM. It booted in just under two minutes. and 500 GB of storage. given that they take up less space and cost less than full-size machines. It measures 1. It blazed through our test. It also has a Thunderbolt port that connects external devices at speeds up to 20 times faster than USB ports.9 GHz processor. the 2. 2. 2 GB of RAM. it also has a drive for playing and burning DVDs. During our test.9 GHz processor. has an Intel Atom 2.13 GHz dualcore processor. Here are four to consider. Not bad. cost: $799 model we tested.9-pound computer comes with an Intel i5 2. But they have a reputation for being light on performance. 4 GB of RAM. It has an Intel Celeron 1. | 23 . the worst time of the bunch. loading Gmail instantly.6-pound EeeBox. booting in four seconds. It started up and loaded Gmail in 1 minute and 40 seconds. companies are introducing mini machines that are powerful enough for business use. 500 GB of storage. —John Brandon Best for Connecting Peripherals AppLe mAC miNi The 2. Unlike the other models here.3 GHz processor. about the same as the other computers here.

age. cost: $49. I’ve used other market research tools in the past. I fill in my questions. BlackBerrys. I also like the fact that the completed surveys include limited LinkedIn profiles of respondents. The phone and case also survived a dousing with a hose. as well as the gender.95 Protection from: dust. I use the site’s basic service. I get an e-mail with a link to responses on the site. cost: $60 24 | iNC. we roughed up three of them to see if they are as tough as advertised. burial in sand. but it still worked. we’re figuring out how to scale our business.6-ounce iPhone case has a polycarbonate shell with a silicone interior and a retractable screen shield made of thick plastic. these rugged cases could help After shelling out a couple of hundred dollars for a new smartphone. Motorola Droid X2 and Motorola Milestone X. it survived being tossed out a two-story window and a moving car. a website on which people can rent tools for do-ityourself projects. After writing an introductory paragraph to describe the survey. the Defender has a clear screen protector. the phone’s screen cracked. To gain insight into what types of new tools we should offer. I launched Be Scrappy. a polycarbonate shell and a silicone skin. —Jennifer Alsever my favourite tool for doing market research priya sheth founder be scrappy san francisco MUST-HAVES A year ago. I’ve been using a platform called AskYourUsers.net is your smartphone disaster proof? if not. which costs $22 per response.The Goods Products + Services WorldMags. the Tank was the only case in our round-up to crack after a 25-foot drop onto concrete or break apart when thrown from a moving car. Within a couple of hours. AskYourUsers’s survey responses are much more detailed. —As told to April Joyner Protection from: dust and drops oTTerBox defeNder series Weighing in at 1. but it still worked (as with the other cases here. and being run over by an SUV. I can set up a survey in less than five minutes on the AskYourUsers site. and income of respondents. the Ballistic was unscathed after the rollover). Motorola Admiral. and HTC Evo 3D. When we backed over it with an SUV. you don’t want to worry about breaking it. We also doused it with a hose and buried it in sand.8 ounces. During our test. the phone’s back shattered. LG Nitro HD. It has a clear screen protector and water-resistant mesh over the speakers. Once a survey is complete. and buried in sand. but they were more about quantity than quality. shock and vibration TANk By CAse-mATe This 1. AskYourUsers sends e-mail notifications to appropriate “microconsultants” in its network. the phone remained unscathed.net . The case and phone survived drops from a second-story window and a car driving at 45 mph. cost: $49.9-ounce Ballistic is made of polymers and silicone. It’s been a great go-to tool whenever questions come up that I need answered quickly and in depth. sprayed with a hose. Placing an iPhone at risk.99 Protection from: drops.95 to $59. That said. Available for iPhones. Designed to provide militarygrade protection. When we ran it over with an SUV. drops and shock BALLisTiC hArd Core CAse The 6. I can specify how many responses I want. They spend 15 minutes answering the questions. and the Samsung Galaxy S2. Now. Available for iPhones. Rugged phone cases will keep your phone safe and set your mind at ease. | september/october 2012 illustrations by prameesh purushothaman c WorldMags.

Chilled out! refresh your laptop with this cooler
Workaholics, there’s some good news for

Products + Services

The Goods

you. Overheated laptops begging for a shutdown are now history with the range of new laptop coolers available in the market. Courtesy Digit, India’s leading personal technology magazine, we bring you a review of one such product, the Cooler Master Notepal X3. Let’s begin with the positives. The Notepal X3 is nice and portable. Plus, it’s well designed and looks snazzy thanks to the glowing LED lights surrounding the fan situated just below the top grille. It also weighs less than a kilogram which helps those constantly on the move. Just tuck it into your laptop bag, and carry it around. Getting it going is effortless too. The Notepal X3 connects to your laptop via a USB cord. To help you avoid losing one of your USB ports when you are hooking up the cooler, the Notepal X3 comes with an in-built port. Below the large-grilled surface top sits a big 200 mm fan which runs very quietly with almost no perceptible noise. The Notepal X3 claims to accommodate up to 17-inch laptops and it does so quite well. It also comes with extended rubber stands placed on its bottom panel for customised height adjustment. We tested these claims in our lab, and found the before-after comparisons encouraging. We took a laptop where the CPU temperature was recorded at 49 degrees Celsius at idle, and 73 degrees Celsius at full load. After turning the X3 fan on full blast, the idle and full load temperatures dropped down to 44

degrees Celsius and 66 degrees Celsius respectively. Hence, the X3 helped bring temperatures down by five to seven degrees Celsius. This performance is marginally lower than the earlier launched Cooler Master Notepal U stand. But the Notepal X3 sells at a 20 per cent lower price. Compared to the Notepal U

outlook is fine for scheduling meetings in the office. Two new smartphone apps are designed for organising spontaneous hangouts— an offsite conference or a sales trip, for instance.
uberlife’s free, locationbased iPhone app lets you create a post stating where you are or plan to be. Then, you can invite your Uberlife friends, Facebook friends and Twitter followers to join you. When someone in your Uberlife network comes within a half-mile radius of your phone, a window pops up to alert you. You can also view a list of nearby friends. The app displays local points of interest, including coffee shops and restaurants, so you can pick a place to meet. It also tracks responses to invites. Giddyup is like Evite for mobile phones. You can create an event and add notes, photos and locations, and then invite anyone in your phone’s Contacts folder. Other Giddyup users can reply with a yes, no or maybe; people without the app receive a text invite and can reply by clicking on a link for Giddyup’s mobile site. The free app, which is available for iPhones and Android phones, tracks replies and lets you hold group chats with invitees. Unlike Uberlife, it does not alert you when your friends are nearby. —John Brandon
september/october 2012


color: Black material: Aluminium, plastic, rubber weight: 0.9 kg connection: 1xUSB 2.0, miniUSB power: 5V DC, 0.28A warranty: 1 year

stand, the Notepal X3 looks much better though. Unfortunately, the look-and-feel upgrade doesn’t extend to its functional design. The Notepal U scores considerably higher there. Our verdict—the Notepal X3 is a good buy. It looks fancy, and delivers a decent performance at decent money. But, if you can shell out a bit extra, the Notepal U is the way to go. —www.thinkdigit.com

your facebook posts, optimised
Odds are that only about 16 per cent of your company’s Facebook fans are reading your wall posts, according to the social networking site. A new service called PostRocket can improve your reach. The service uses a proprietary algorithm, with analytics supplied by Facebook, to determine which posts get the most Likes, Shares and Comments. The software then suggests when and how often you should publish posts, what subject matter you should feature, and whether you should include links, videos and photos. You can also queue posts to be published automatically at optimal times. cost: Starting at $100 a month after a free 30-day trial —Jillian D’Onfro






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tech trends john brandon

people Are Talking putting reputation-management services to the test

eyejot’s video business card
Most company websites feature informational videos. The new Eyejot vCard app lets you add video to a digital business card as well. Here’s how it works: after downloading the app to your iPhone, add your contact information, links to social networks, and a photo. Then, use the app to record a video up to five minutes long and add it to the card, which you can share via e-mail or text message. You can include a map showing where you were when you sent the card, which also features a downloadable version of your contact information that can be imported easily into an address book. You can save up to five videos at a time on the app. Another nifty feature: the app can turn your phone into a name badge for conferences. Simply turn your phone sideways, hang it from a lanyard using a special case, and your photo, name and company name will appear. During our test, adding contact data to a vCard was a snap, but it took several attempts to record a video that looked professional. (For a more polished result, we suggest editing video on a computer or with Apple’s iMovie app, which costs $4.99.) It also took a while to upload the video. That said, we were impressed with the result. Eyejot plans to launch a vCard app for Android phones this summer. cost: 99 cents —Jennifer Alsever

About a year ago, I wrote a video-game review that prompted an outcry on dozens of blogs. I felt blindsided by the amount of negative feedback. As a tech journalist with a big web presence, I’m used to getting both kudos and criticism. But for the first time, I wished I had a way to manage my online reputation. Recently, I tried two services, Social Mention and MyReputation, to see if they could help. Social Mention is a free service that scours more than 100 social-media sites, including Twitter and Facebook, for mentions of your personal or business brand. To get started, I typed my name and Twitter handle in a box on the service’s homepage. Within seconds, a page popped up with a list of mentions preceded by red, green or grey dots indicating if comments were negative, positive or neutral given the words they contained (for example, lame or awesome). For the most part, the results were accurate. I was chagrined, but not shocked, to see dozens of negative mentions—mostly in Twitter posts—about my infamous video-game review. I spent an hour responding to my critics. Upon close examination, I realised the system incorrectly flagged a few comments as negative. For instance, one reader used the word embarrassing to describe a company I wrote about, not the article itself—or, thankfully, the author. The page also featured a few helpful stats summarising my online reputation. For example, my “sentiment” score of 9:1 meant I had nine positive mentions for every negative one. Not bad. The site also listed some of my most active Twitter followers, whom I spent about an hour thanking for their loyalty. MyReputation, a more robust service offered by Reputation.com, starts at $99 a year. It uses proprietary technology to search

any sites crawled by search engines. To kickstart the search, I entered my contact information, a few links to recent articles, and my LinkedIn job history. After an hour, a report appeared on my dashboard. Of all the mentions of me online, 97 per cent were neutral, 1 per cent were positive, and just 2 per cent were


BesT for

social mention (free) myreputation ($99 a year for a starter plan)

• Monitoring social media • Monitoring blogs, forums and review sites

negative. Phew. My “visibility” rank, which indicates how often my name appears on the first page of Google search results, was 30 per cent. The dashboard also included a list of hundreds of mentions of me, mostly in blog and story comments. I could sort the results by site category, search rank, date and tone, which helped focus my responses. (MyReputation can also post positive information about you online to improve your search-engine results, but a company representative said my web presence was too big for that service to be effective.) By the end of my experiment, I had a much more complete picture of my online reputation. More importantly, I had a better system for responding to fans and critics. After all, it’s one thing to find out what people are saying about you. It’s another thing to change the conversation.



iNC. | september/october 2012




New Delhi-110048 Tel. Off.co. Regd.: +91-1762-251411. Complete traceability is maintained for all honey from the farm level and is packed under most stringent hygienic conditions.O. we have now ventured into the field of retail packaging.net CERTIFIED FOR ISO: 9001-2000. Having proved our self in bulk supply.com. 326135 E-mail: kbc@kejriwalgroup. containing the natural flavors and vital enzymes tested in our lab accredited laboratory (based on ISO: 1 7 0 2 5 . if you are looking for quality honey from India.in Visit us at www.com WorldMags.co. P.net . Banpura. Greater Kailash-II.in Talk to us for quality products from india Unit: Village Jalalpur. USA and the Middle East. 22000-2005 FOR FOOD SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM E stablished in the year 1967.: +91-11-29219677/78/79 Fax: +91-11-29210985 E-mail: mail@kejriwalgroup. Punjab-140601 INDIA Tel. already packing for premier FMCG brands and Private labels for both domestic and international markets. Patiala Highway. Kejriwal started exporting honey in 1997 and within a short period it has grown as the premier Honey exporter to Europe. Kejriwal Group is a premier supplier of food products from India. Kejriwal is your answer.2 0 0 5 ) equipped with sophisticated instruments tomeet international quality and safety requirements. thus. Patiala.kejriwalenterprises. In short.: W-42. kejriwalhoney. Distt. The company has an ultra modern facility with a capacity to handle above 100MT daily the largest in India.WorldMags. Zirakpur.

but many of his insights are drawn from the hundreds of conversations he has had with business leaders. and authoritarian.” Under what circumstances might such traits be desirable? start with boring. vague. Seriously? Stanford leaders can gain more operating room to tweak decisions. for example. Sutton spoke with Inc. WorldMags. strategy Leadership Boring = good? Inspirational = bad? A thoroughly counter-intuitive approach to the art of leading For Bob Sutton. vague and emotionally detached to be a good leader.net Elevator Pitch Does Excelsior Education seem like a viable investment at `1. | 29 .net SEpTEmBER/ocToBER 2012 | INC.5 crore? page 32 professor Bob Sutton certainly believes so. Sutton has also become a kind of Wailing Wall for beleaguered managers (and managed) who share their tales of woe in response to books such as Good Boss. editor-at-large Leigh Buchanan about when good leaders go bad—and vice versa. leadership is not a set of abstract principles and behaviours but an expression of human comedy and tragedy. emotionally detached. this page. IlluSTRaTIon BY anIl T WorldMags. The Stanford professor knows the academic research. Bad Boss and The No Asshole Rule. “good leaders know when to be boring. Read on for other counter-intuitive approaches to effective leadership. and at one point you suggested.Leadership You need to be boring. Take being vague. Sutton says by not being too specific. you and I have been e-mailing about leadership traits. including some of Silicon Valley’s brightest stars. Recently.

Don Petersen was the CEO of Ford after the Iacocca era. the more you oversimplify things. emotionally detached? The more expertise you have and the more time pressure you are under. so he could concentrate on doing the work. He said it’s better to pay five game designers to sit around for a year and think about INC. Brad makes the decision. the press lost interest in him for a while. I remember interviewing Randy Komisar. I was originally thinking about this in terms of an employee who has to detach in order to deal with an abusive boss. Corruption and sadism? I guess so. Is there a single. even though you’re not sure what the right thing is. including Lucasarts. any outside attention is bad. and he was responsible for turning the company around. Sorry. Leaders carry such an emotional load that there are times you have to do it to protect yourself. Although there are some leaders with a lot of sadism. so far. Not even when you’re firing someone. the more authoritarianism may be necessary. is the nicest guy you’ve ever met. He didn’t want to do it. all you’ve got is bad news. After that. James Rosse. the more authoritarianism may be necessary. Politicians are very good at that. | SEpTEmBER/ocToBER 2012 WorldMags. But I would say the ability to understand how you come across to others. about his experiences as the CEO of a couple of gaming companies. for example. He told me a story about being invited to speak at the National Press Club. professor. he would ramble on for 20 minutes while looking at his feet. Lovely human being. He put up charts that were hard to read. Look at Tony Hayward’s performance after the BP oil spill. I would add persistent sexual harassment. it gives you more operating room. The best leaders tend to be moderately assertive. But when he had to talk about something like the lack of diversity on campus. Is there ever a reason to be emotionally detached from employees? There are two situations in which it’s a good idea to be boring. But in the end. they want you to step up. When is it desirable to be vague? No. you have to have the ability to not let it touch your soul. But you still have to sound specific. the director is king. At the time. Brad wants you to argue with him. that was safety. I thought it was brilliant. It’s really easy to become selfish and stupid. He wants dissension. Authoritarian was the last one. At Pixar. Ford had no good cars at all. If you’re not too specific. That doesn’t mean they are medium pushy all the time. it’s amazing what you will get away with. and then turned his back to the audience to talk about the charts. That’s the way it is. Stanford university That would be going through the emotions but not feeling it. he would be animated and exciting and charismatic. the venture capitalist. In tough times. what leadership traits are the first to go out the window? There’s a lot of research on the value of ambiguity.net . It means that they are good enough at reading a situation to know when to turn up the volume in terms of getting in people’s faces versus get out of the way. Others? The ability to look at things in a cognitively complex way. unassailable trait that every leader should possess? Everything is potentially assailable to an academic.strategy WorldMags. — BOB sUttON. He practised speaking in the most boring way possible. who directed The Incredibles and Ratatouille. The more expertise you have and the more time pressure you are under. In those 30 | Research shows that people prefer hierarchy to anarchy.net situations. One is when you’re working on something but. You succumb to the temptation to do something. huh? As long as you are winning and making money in America. The other situation is when you’re dealing with controversy. But then there’s that guy who founded American Apparel. Brad Bird. Under those circumstances. Stanford used to have this brilliant provost. You tend to grab the first decision. using the passive voice and long sentences. presumably. But I’ve heard CEOs of start-ups as well as big companies talking about how some board member or supplier or somebody is treating them like shit. are there traits that are never acceptable in a leader? Corruption and sadism. At the time. When he talked about something like the school’s Nobel Prize winners. If you have a track record and they have faith in you. But he and his PR chief decided he would go and give a speech about the most boring subject they could think of. are there circumstances in which desirable leadership traits work against you? Like being decisive? Being decisive is a problem when you act on virtually no information. The more stress you are under.

you can be in a room with three people and they all have different interpretations of how tough you need to be. There are prima donnas you have to make feel terrible to get them going. If it fails. If charisma is about you being an exciting. Claiming as much is like a diagnostic of arrogance and narcissism. If the company is a great success. The way you would give someone negative feedback at Google would generally be nicer than how you would do it at Intel. So. Every person I’ve ever met who told me they were a Level 5 leader was not. Mark Marquess has been the coach of the Stanford baseball team for more than 30 years. and half the time he’s being a nice guy. half the time he’s being an asshole.net . speaking of Jim Collins. just because they have different cultures. I liked that. they write a book—their pay goes up. How about toughness? strategy built up. the leader is a hero. he’s the villain. He argues that coaches have to be incredibly schizophrenic. It puts so much focus on leadership. It can be better to have people focused on tiny things that keep them enthusiastic about what they’re doing minute to minute than to always talk about the grand vision. What gets us to that grand vision is ordinary work. How about charisma? ing people. Is there ever a downside to being inspirational? The problem is.WorldMags. That’s a very Jim Collins-y kind of thing.net and discuss over lattes the game they are going to design than to ramp up 200 designers and have them create a bad game because you can’t stand not shipping something. WorldMags. That’s just a big ego display. Some of that is cultural. That’s because he really understands the people he works with. which combines humility and drive? Depends on the definition. And other players who lack self-esteem that needs to be That can get you in trouble. it’s ridiculous. then you’re not motivat- I think Good to Great does a great disservice as it perpetuates the tendency to give too much credit and too much blame to leaders for why things happen. emotionally articulate person who draws all the attention to yourself. Doing boring things well might be the key to success. There’s a study that shows that after people become superstar CEOs—they get a lot of press attention. what do you think of his Level 5 Leadership concept. but the performance of their companies goes down. because happiness is a function of what you expect versus what you get.

1 crore prICINg: schools are charged a base price of `2. A `2. Great! but will they be willing to give away 70 per cent of the shares? probably not. Because our module is incorporated into the curriculum. the Parthenon Group. The opportunity is huge with the universe of school students in India totalling 195 million children between six and 14 years of age. Can they tutor you to invest `1. mumbai WorK oN the prICINg WorldMags. Our course of 30 sessions—made up of interactive exercises such as role playing. try the B2C modeL It looks like a smart start-up with a realistic view on the future of its business. we have developed a year long course. the cost of customer acquisition is not very high and once the brand is built. Opdrage Venture Partners.500 “base price” for a school teaching confidence building is not cool. aptitude assessment. the costs for the sales force will increase sharply. kriS nair. If they want to reach out to pupils outside the top 100 cities. Also.net Anubhav Jain Dhruv bhushan Jaipur LoCatIoN: FouNders: Elevator Pitch excelsior education readies children for life beyond school. excelsior’s 2011 revenue was `15 lakh and their 2012 projected revenue is `1. do the saLes math . etiquette. throws up several opportunities for us. but the founders need to keep in mind that reaching out to 195 million children might be a big challenge.” —As told to Ira Swasti may 2011 8 LauNChed: empLoyees: 2011 reveNue: `15 lakh 2012 projeCted reveNue: `1. | september/october 2012 LOCATION COurTEsy sHAHEED rAJPAL DAV PuBLIC sCHOOL. managing partner. our research shows that of the 290 million (approx) children currently enrolled in K-12 schools. the significant gap between academic and non-academic services offered.000 a year. we are also assured of repeat business. We have already tied up with the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan of Rajasthan for the 67 KVs of the state as well as premier schools like Delhi Public School. Eduvisors.5 crore FuNdINg sought: sessIoNs oN: the experts Weigh In Finishing schools as a concept is good and so is excelsior’s offering. they could try selling to parents directly (not via schools) as not many have tried such a model. senior principal. we are confident less than one in 10 school manages to deliver life education effectively.500 per student per year confidence building. Although there are nearly ten lakh schools in India. Gurgaon abhinaV Mital. that’s 10 times ebItA. only 1.net Vijay Shukla. but I’m not sure about the pricing.1 crore. with the help of teachers. confidence and creativity among children. communication skills.5 crore? the pitch: “Academic knowledge may help a child excel at school but in the outside world. they need life skills to succeed. team tasks and interviews is designed to develop communication. If you study the tier 2 to tier 4 spending pattern in education. one challenge I can foresee is selling to schools efficiently while keeping the costs of sales in control. In a focused geographical area. pulling down the profit margins. At Excelsior. career counselling `1.6 million are enrolled in schools in top 100 cities with fees over `20. mumbai 32 | INC. the cost of customer acquisition will actually reduce with time.strategy WorldMags. Birla International School and GD Goenka School. managing partner. principals and life-skills experts to impart this knowledge to students. NEW DELHI expanding operations from rajasthan and Uttar pradesh to a panIndia presence FuNdINg sought For: the market potential for this business is huge and its need is widespread in big and small cities alike. they spend money on schooling or tuition and educational materials.

net PhotograPh by Subhojit Paul september/october 2012 | INC.WorldMags. | 33 .net Can Anubhav Jain and Dhruv Bhushan gain investors’ confidence? Confidence Contest WorldMags.

WorldMags. | september/october 2012 3-D 500 createD by miDhun mohan imaGinG by shiGil narayanan .net WorldMags.net 34 | INC.

500 crore.net september/october 2012 | INC.WorldMags. WorldMags. yet. these companies have made good on their mission of growth.net AlwAys At It! the economy has slowed down and the mood is grim. unveiling india’s fastestgrowing companies under `1. | 35 .

the list includes companies from 66 cities across the country. from Amritsar in Punjab to Modakurichi in Tamil Nadu. this list of 36 | WorldMags. So. Taking top spot in our sectoral ranking is food and beverage. on an average. It’s the fastest-growing company on our list with a whopping 1. there were also several undiscovered gems that are now shining through. | september/october 2012 WorldMags. As always. many of our readers might not have even heard of this `71-crore company which owns Taaza. this year’s ranking also saw 376 new companies debut on it. and textiles and garment—have. for example. the ranking also represents the dynamism prevalent in India’s mid-size segment. the grocery retail chain in southern India. Our fourth edition of the ranking isn’t disappointing on this account. though. the nature of business that these companies have embraced and their performance from April 1. the composition of this mix has changed this year.net W newcomers is full of surprises and great stories. growth rates of our top five sectors this time—food and beverages. What is equally interesting is the mix of companies on the list. marked their entry into our ranking. while wellknown companies like Tally Solutions and Gujarat Natural Resources. 2011. real estate and construction. India 500 are the insights and glimpses it offers us into the Indian economy.net . the combined growth rate of our 500 honourees in the 2012 edition is a modest 41 per cent. Spread across 40 sectors. Yet.. dropped by 12. 2007 to March 31. This slowing of pace hasn’t made a dent on the diversity of the companies in our list though. So. when seen in the context of previous years. Each year. From a combined growth rate of 143 per cent in 2010. largely due to the slowdown felt in many sectors and expectedly. share of sectors like real estate that flourished during the high growth years has dropped. the pace of growth having slowed down. Take our top company. Overall. Each of these characteristics is clearly visible in the sectoral break-up. steel and ferrous metals. even while as many as 124 companies from last year’s ranking continue to be on the list. India 500 chart for the first time since we began our ranking in 2009. As a consequence. This INC.6 per cent. But. even as IT & ITeS has braved the slowdown to maintain its place. Arunjyoti Enterprises. Similar to the previous years.231 per cent growth rate over the past four years. that has raced up to the Inc. our fastest-growing companies come from a diverse mix of sectors. IT and ITeS. transition and slowdown. Evolving constantly hat we value most about the opportunity to bring out the annual Inc. It squarely mirrors three distinct characteristics of the current economy—diversity.

and is a huge roadblock when one begins to train the spotlight on this segment. Ranking methodology aveRage gRoWth Rate (%) oveR the past fouR yeaRs 143. We’ve also included companies who registered through an online campaign we launched in February 2012.net at It! the inc. (iii) between `501—`1000 crore and (iv) between `1000— `1. the challenge of understanding private companies that aren’t required to furnish financial information remains daunting. It’s also why the discovery of hidden gems and chronicling their successes gives us such a great sense of accomplishment. we’ve seen that to be a winner. IMI Mobile and UFO Moviez India.500 crore. We wish many more will find a similar benefit from what we at Inc. the chosen companies were picked independently by the research team from its in-house database. But.6 4. india 500 (%) 11 FooD & beveraGe 9. India are driven by—to identify and highlight a pool of high-growth. as of Fy 2010-11 positive sales growth for the last three years ReseaRch stRategy We initiated the ranking exercise by creating a master list of more than 5. it would be to solicit greater participation from the midsized community. Disproportionate to the importance mid-sized companies have in the Indian economy at large. Who We assessed independent indian companies with sales turnover between `50 crore and `1. cutting-edge companies like One97. the company’s line of business.7 2011 41. sugar and rubber. the group’s sales turnover should not exceed `1.4 real estate & construction auto ancillaries import & export INC. the top 10 in each category were selected. one requires focus and determination. as is evident from the constantly changing mix of companies in our list. Khiangte.00 2012 top 10 sectoRs: sectoRal shaRe in inc. India september/october 2012 | WorldMags. Each year. However.500 crore. as we continue to dig deeper for insights and marshal more figures. to account fairly.2 it & ites 8.2 DruGs & pharmaceuticals chemicals plastic proDucts geographical diversity is evident in the category of companies— from innovative. india 500 ranking methodology has been designed and developed by the Inc. we divided companies into four segments: (i) revenue below 100 crore.alWays WorldMags. these companies were compiled from the following sources: inc.8 4. if the company belongs to a group. the ranking seeks to identify and recognise fast-growing independent companies in the indian mid-size segment.000 companies across 40 sectors.net steel & Ferrous metals 37 . we are encouraged by the fact that gradually more companies are opening up to share their numbers with us. —John L. both the depth and quality of data available is unfortunately inversely related. exciting and rewarding. sometimes the risks might not work. india 500 in-house data: our research team has compiled a database of more than 3. As we’ve chronicled 500 stories of growth each year. to great performances in old economy sectors such as textile. (ii) between `101—`500 crore. | 8 textiles & Garment 5.500 unlisted companies over the last five years online media campaign: registrations from online media campaign that ran over the past nine months nominations: nominations from industry associations or chambers of commerce and private equity firms the selected companies were assessed by our team in consultation with our five jury members. Inc. India research team. the parameters included sales growth over the last four years. head of research.46 2010 62. Yes.2 3.45 2009 52.6 3. high-performance companies. it is this vibrancy that makes tracking these companies compelling.6 8. If we could wish for something more for our next year’s ranking.500 crore. year of incorporation and business leadership.

| september/october 2012 WorldMags. accounting and consulting. He has also served on several RBI committees and is actively involved in advanced financial research through his association with the RBI promoted CAFRAL. restructuring. 38 | INC. INdIa 500 JURy For the first time since we began our ranking in 2009. our eminent jury has helped us refine our ranking. we decided to bring in a jury to help us identify India’s fastest growing mid-size enterprises. which ran a special situations fund and spawned several new businesses. growth. He founded and is the chairman of Tranzmute Capital and Management. managerial input and capital. finance. and their contributions have been both useful and informative. across different industries. A chartered accountant by education. Seshadri focuses on the creation of business wealth by working with families and first generation entrepreneurs. he has over 30 years of experience in the fields of business strategy.net photo Courtesy subjeCt . an entity designed  to provide his strategic insights. WorldMags.The INC.net NarayaN K SeShadri Kavil Narayan K. investment management. He had earlier founded Halcyon Resources and Capital.

Frank worked on debt and equity transactions in Africa. more than 10 of them spent in India. and Arabic Studies from Georgetown. photograph by JIten gandhI WorldMags. Frank is a UK citizen with MA degrees in Classics from Oxford. where he heads the corporate finance team in India.7 million acquisition of the African operations of Zain. the Middle East and Eastern Europe. where he worked first for UBS Group.net . and Bharti Airtel’s $10. Prior to arriving in India.net Frank Hancock is the managing director of the investment banking division at Barclays Capital. Barclays Capital.5 billion privatisation of New Delhi and Mumbai Airports. Based in Mumbai. Frank has over 25 years of experience in investment banking. During his career. Frank has helped create some of the largest M&A transactions in India including TATA’s $13-billion acquisition of Corus PLC. then ABN AMRO Bank and later. the $2.ramachaNdraN FraNK haNcocK Giri Giridhar WorldMags.

He obtained a PhD from the Cranfield School of Management. entrepreneurship and strategy and has over 33 years of experience as an academic. He has also authored or edited six books and has extensively published in reputed Indian and international journals. He has also been associated with the FBN International for several years.The INC. Hyderabad. UK and India.net photograph by a. and has served on various advisory committees of the Government of India. INdIa 500 JURy WorldMags. | september/october 2012 WorldMags. He has specialised in family business. 40 | INC.prabhakar rao . UK in 1986 on a comparative study of the small enterprise policies of Japan. World Bank and SEBI.net NarayaN K SeShadri Kavil Kavil Ramachandran is the Thomas Schmidheiny Chair Professor of Family Business and Wealth Management at the Indian School of Business.

and earlier as the regional finance director for Asia. Prior to this. Aditya Birla Retail and Shoppers Stop. This experience has been built across several sectors such as FMCG.ramachaNdraN FraNK haNcocK Giri Giridhar WorldMags. covering M&A and strategy at London. he has also worked for ITC.net september/october 2012 | INC. Ahmedabad. Singapore. He has spent several years with Diageo PLC. Giri has had an extensive international experience having lived and worked in London. | 41 . based in Singapore.net Giri Giridhar is the global CFO of Wockhardt. IL&FS. financial services and now pharmaceuticals. He is a chartered accountant with an MBA from Indian Institute of Management. photograph by JIten gandhI WorldMags. Dubai and India. working as the business development director.

| september/october 2012 WorldMags.231% 597% 429% 395% 288% 285% 281% 274% 269% 203% 153% 136% 134% 122% 118% 107% `3 lakh 42 | 2007 turnover `71 crore 2011 turnover INC.WorldMags. COMPANY Arunjyoti Enterprises Tinna Viterra Trade Barbeque Nation Hospitality 4G Identity Solutions Diamant Infrastructure Veritas (India) Gujarat Natural Resources Polygenta Technologies Spectacle Infotek Edserv Softsystems Aseem Global NewAge Fire Fighting Vyapar Industries Southern Ispat & Energy Anant Raj Industries Swan Energy GROwTH RATE (%) 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 Rama Medicares Artemis Medicare Services Arihant Superstructures Point Red Telecom Vikas Granaries IMI Mobile Chandra Prabhu International Micro Secure Solutions Mahalaxmi Rubtech Enzen Global Solutions Arcotech Santaram Spinners Horizon Infrastructure Delta Corporation Sumeet Industries Firstobject Technologies Gateway Rail Freight 106% 104% 102% 102% 100% 99% 98% 97% 96% 93% 91% 90% 85% 85% 85% 85% 84% 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 1. NO.net Our class Of 2012 The honourees the most comprehensive ranking of India’s fastest-growing mid-sized companies.net .

India 500’s top five sectors— garment and textile.net september/october 2012 | INC. | 43 .WorldMags.net 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 Chromatic India Supreme Infrastructure India Jaihind Projects Arcee Ispat Udyog P & R Infraprojects UFO Moviez India Jain Infraprojects Simon India Eastern Gases Sanraa Media Baramati Agro Gravita India Linkson International Cameo Corporate Services Sezal Glass MARG Lancor Holdings Shekhawati Poly-Yarn J Kumar Infraprojects Cerebra Integrated Technologies EMC Gangotri Iron & Steel Polyplex Corporation Mediaone Global Entertainment Sankalp Forgings Axiom Cordages One97 Kamadgiri Fashion Confidence Petroleum India Cox & Kings Nitin Fire Protection Industries Puneet Resins Timbor Home Kemrock Industries & Exports BMw Industries Apollo Metalex Private ARSS Infrastructure Projects Educomp Solutions Mittal Corporation Sequent Scientific Hythro Power Corporation Concurrent (India) Infrastructure 81% 80% 80% 80% 80% 78% 76% 75% 74% 73% 73% 73% 71% 70% 70% 66% 66% 65% 64% 64% 63% 63% 63% 63% 61% 60% 60% 60% 60% 60% 59% 59% 59% 59% 59% 59% 59% 57% 57% 57% 57% 57% 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 First winner Industries Shiva Texfabs Vakrangee Software Usher Agro Hindustan Cargo R S B Transmissions (I) Ashoka Buildcon BVG India Glodyne Technoserve Technofab Engineering Liberty Phosphate Raunaq International Niraj Cement Structurals Aqua Logistics Driplex water Engineering Supreme Tex Mart MBL Infrastructures Som Distilleries & Breweries Vikas Global One Rajputana Stainless Everonn Education Shree Bhawani Paper Mills Simplex Projects Tirupati Inks Bartronics India Vidhi Dyestuffs Manufacturing Symphony Pincon Spirit walsons Services Om Metals Infraprojects ZCL Chemicals Narayana Hrudayalaya Gitanjali Brands Ruchira Papers Astral Poly Technik Parekh Aluminex Crew BOS Products Maan Aluminium Tally Solutions Shiv-Vani Oil & Gas Exploration Services Manjushree Technopack 56% 56% 56% 56% 55% 55% 55% 54% 53% 53% 53% 53% 52% 52% 52% 51% 50% 50% 50% 49% 49% 49% 49% 49% 48% 48% 47% 47% 46% 46% 46% 45% 45% 45% 45% 45% 44% 44% 44% 44% 44% The Mumbai-based company ranks seventh in one of Inc.” — SURENDRA KEDIA. See page 58 among the top 10 performers in the garment & textile sector “The ToughesT parT of my job is To bring abouT a change in ouTlook in a labour inTensive indusTry like ours. co-founder WorldMags.

” — P.D.net . 44 | INC.The class Of 2012 INC INDIA RANK WorldMags. 6 th 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 130 131 132 “the hardest deCIsIoNs we have had to make are arouNd orgaNIsatIoNal struCture. | september/october 2012 WorldMags. MUNDHRA.net COMPANY NAME Jai Bharat Gum & Chemicals Tops Security PNC Infratech Paladion Networks Thanga Mayil Jewellery RPP Infra Projects Smruthi Organics eClerx Unique Organics Riddhi Siddhi Gluco Biols Malu Paper Mills Flexituff International Goenka Diamond & Jewels Baba Arts Ganesha Ecosphere Geodesic Mayur Uniquoters Genesis Colors Vijay Home Appliances Shilpa Medicare Blossom Industries Salzer Electronics Southern Online Bio Technologies NHB Ball & Roller Aarey Drugs & Pharmaceuticals S T Cottex Exports Motif India Infotech Nu Tek India Black Rose Industries Mavens Biotech Ganga Papers India Asian Granito India Choksi Imaging Kiri Industries Jindal Cotex Omnitech Infosolutions Camex Glory Polyfilms GROwTH RATE (%) 155 156 157 158 159 160 161 162 163 164 165 166 167 168 169 170 171 172 173 174 175 176 177 178 179 180 181 182 183 184 185 186 187 188 189 190 191 192 193 194 195 Su-Kam Power Systems Gujarat Foils Adinath Bio-Labs Everest Organics Core Education & Technologies GVR Infra Projects T & I Global Cross-Tab CMI Dr Agarwal’S Eye Hospital Famy Care V-Guard Industries Diamond Power Infrastructure Bafna Pharmaceuticals Shri Lakshmi Metal Udyog Benzo Petro International Tijaria Polypipes D S Kulkarni Developers Associated Pigments Pratibha Industries Nile Murlidhar Ratanlal Exports Arch Pharmalabs L N Industries India Kaveri Seed C & C Constructions Solar Industries India Tulsi Extrusions Dujodwala Products VMC Systems Mazda Colours Atul Auto Loyal Textile Mills DFM Foods Emmbi Polyarns Devi Fisheries A2Z Maintenance & Engg Services E4E Healthcare Business Services Haldiram Bhujiawala Prakash Steelage Sunil Hitech Engineers 38% 38% 38% 37% 37% 37% 37% 37% 37% 37% 37% 37% 36% 36% 36% 36% 36% 36% 36% 35% 35% 35% 35% 35% 34% 34% 34% 34% 34% 34% 34% 34% 34% 34% 34% 34% 34% 34% 33% 33% 33% 117 118 119 44% 43% 43% 43% 43% 43% 43% 43% 43% 43% 42% 41% 41% 41% 40% 40% 40% 40% 40% 40% 40% 40% 40% 40% 39% 39% 39% 39% 39% 39% 39% 39% 39% 39% 38% 38% 38% 38% highest three-year sales CAGR in the top sector of Inc. India 500’s top sector. India 500—food and beverage. co-founder 133 134 135 136 137 138 139 140 141 142 143 144 145 146 147 148 149 150 151 152 153 154 among the top 10 companies in the food & beverage sector Blossom is the eighth fastestgrowing company in Inc.

had ranked 270 in our 2011 Inc. WorldMags. India 500 ranking.WorldMags.net 196 197 198 199 200 201 202 203 204 205 206 207 208 209 210 211 212 213 214 215 216 217 218 219 220 221 222 223 224 225 226 227 228 229 230 231 232 233 234 Synergy Property Development Services Acropetal Technologies Orbit Exports Indo Count Industries Noida Medicare Centre Rishabhdev Technocable Anupam Industries Lumax D K Auto Industries Emmsons International Nakoda Ortin Laboratories Avon Organics Richa Industries Man Infraconstruction Camson Bio Technologies Insecticides (India) Saptagir Camphor Simmonds Marshall Net 4 India JHS Svendgaard Laboratories KND Engineering Technologies Talwalkars Better Value Fitness Simbhaoli Sugars Vippy Spinpro Relaxo Footwears Ess Dee Aluminium Dankuni Steels Troikaa Pharmaceuticals Fiem Industries Compuage Infocom Teesta Agro Industries VST Tillers Tractors Arshiya International Anmol Biscuits Photoquip (India) wim Plast Haldyn Glass Vizag Seaport Ganges Manufacturing Company 33% 33% 33% 33% 32% 32% 32% 32% 32% 32% 32% 32% 32% 32% 32% 32% 32% 31% 31% 31% 31% 31% 31% 31% 31% 31% 31% 31% 31% 31% 31% 31% 31% 31% 31% 31% 31% 31% 31% The class Of 2012 moved 34 places up from our 2011 ranking 235 236 237 238 239 240 241 242 243 244 245 246 247 248 249 250 251 252 253 254 255 256 257 258 259 260 261 262 263 264 265 266 267 268 269 270 271 272 273 274 Globus Spirits Twilight Litaka Pharma Asahi Songwon Colors Galaxy Surfactants Ontrack Systems Panoramic Universal Subex Damodar Threads Amira Pure Foods Manjeera Constructions Micro Technologies (India) North Eastern Carrying Corporation Kallam Spinning Mills Bheema Cements V-Trans (India) Shree Ajit Pulp & Paper Parksons Packaging Keventer Agro Hindustan Gum & Chemicals Greenply Industries NHK Spring India Vishnu Chemicals Eastern Treads SKM Animal Feeds & Foods (India) Gayatri Bioorganics Ramaraju Surgical Cotton Mills Bliss GVS Pharma Hindusthan Engineering & Industries Neo Corp International Hathway Cable & Datacom Accentia Technologies Howrah Mills Tera Software Nissan Copper Himatsingka Seide Gili India Asia Motor works Rainbow Papers Allcargo Logistics ICSA (India) 30% 30% 30% 30% 30% 30% 30% 30% 30% 30% 30% 30% 29% 29% 29% 29% 29% 29% 29% 29% 29% 29% 29% 29% 29% 29% 29% 29% 29% 29% 29% 28% 28% 28% 28% 28% 28% 28% 28% 28% The Pune-based company that acquired Bricio Pharma in 2010. | 45 . moved 28 places up from our 2011 ranking This Delhi-based company had ranked 271 in our 2011 Inc.net september/october 2012 | INC. India 500 ranking.

the momeNt you stop.The class of 2012 INC INDIA RANK WorldMags. as loNg as the moNsooNs stay oN Course. you kNow what’ll happeN to you. aNd I thINk we’re well oN our way to gettINg there. DHANUKA. co-founder 46 | INC.” M.net COMPANY NAME IKF Technologies ABM International Mandhana Industries Career Point Frick India Raja Forgings Indian wood Products Suprajit Engineering ATS Elgi Bhagwati Banquets & Hotels Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Selan Exploration Technology Tirumala Milk Products Jhaveri Flexo India Chemcel Biotech Mantri Developers Ramkrishna Forgings Fermenta Biotech Vinati Organics Indag Rubber Maveric Systems Aarvee Denims & Exports Yogindera worsted Ester Industries Annik Technology Services Grabal Alok Impex Devans Modern Breweries Tirupati Sarjan Nitin Spinners Kovai Medical Center & Hospital Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Company HSIL Shaily Engineering Plastics AGS Transact Apcotex Industries Avanti Feeds Dhanuka Agritech Sangal Papers Smita Conductors GROwTH RATE (%) 314 315 316 317 318 319 320 321 322 323 324 325 326 327 328 329 330 331 332 333 334 335 336 337 338 339 340 341 342 343 344 345 346 347 348 349 350 351 352 353 Hind Agro Industries Jupiter Bioscience Prasol Chemicals Alom Extrusions Himadri Chemicals & Industries Oriental Containers Fancy Fittings UTV Software Communications Responsive Industries Parakh Agro Indutries Aparajitha Corporate Services New Globe Logistik Arvind Remedies Privi Organics ABM Knowledgeware Neoteric infomatique Advance Enzyme Technologies Sacheta Metals M & M Machine Craft Ozone Overseas Kancor Ingredients Sogo Computers Future Focus Infotech BS TransComm Zarhak Steels Persistent Systems Locuz Enterprise Solutions Goyal Proteins Popular Vehicles & Services Sharda Motor Industries Apollo Pipes Capital Foods Jasch Industries Accutest Research Laborataries (India) UIC Udyog Rajdeep Buildcon Antrix Diamond Exports Astron Research Spectra Motors Ecoplast 25% 25% 25% 25% 24% 24% 24% 24% 24% 24% 23% 23% 23% 23% 23% 23% 23% 23% 23% 23% 23% 23% 23% 22% 22% 22% 22% 22% 22% 22% 22% 22% 21% 21% 21% 21% 21% 21% 21% 20% 275 28% 28% 28% 28% 28% 28% 28% 27% 27% 27% 27% 27% 27% 27% 27% 27% 27% 27% 27% 26% 26% 26% 26% 26% 26% 26% 26% 26% 26% 26% 26% 26% 26% 25% 25% 25% 25% 25% 25% “ruNNINg a busINess Is lIke rIdINg a bICyCle.” — SUSHIL MANTRI. | september/october 2012 WorldMags.K.net . founder 276 277 278 279 280 281 282 283 284 285 286 287 288 289 290 291 292 293 294 295 296 297 298 299 300 301 302 303 304 305 306 307 308 309 310 311 312 313 “we aIm to be a `1000-Crore CompaNy by 2015-16.

WorldMags. GUPTA.net september/october 2012 | INC. | 47 .net 354 355 356 357 358 359 360 361 362 363 364 365 366 367 368 369 370 371 372 373 374 375 376 377 378 379 380 381 382 383 384 385 386 387 388 389 390 391 392 Sportking India Talentpro India HR Adi Finechem Rain Commodities Suryalakshmi Cotton Mills Cavinkare Gimpex Technical Associates Kisan Irrigations Amines & Plasticizers C L Educate (formerly Career Launcher India) Nezone Tubes Take Solutions Lohia Starlinger Anjani Portland Cement Gujarat Reclaim & Rubber Products Pudumjee Hygiene Products Hindusthan Vidyut Products M K Shah Exports Avon Ispat & Power Veeras Infotek Reliance Jute Mills (International) Seaways Shipping & Logistics Ruby Macons NCL Industries EMI Transmission Apollo Earthmovers Jullundur Motor Agency (Delhi) San Engineering & Locomotive Menon And Menon Laxmi Publications Ginni International Devi Sea Foods 3D PLM Software Solutions Tamarind Tours Jakson Maheshwary Ispat OCM India Matrix Comsec 20% 20% 20% 20% 20% 20% 20% 20% 20% 20% 19% 19% 19% 19% 19% 19% 19% 19% 19% 19% 19% 18% 18% 18% 18% 18% 18% 17% 17% 17% 17% 17% 17% 17% 17% 17% 17% 16% 16% The class Of 2012 393 394 395 396 397 398 399 400 401 402 403 404 405 406 407 408 409 410 411 412 413 414 415 416 417 418 419 420 421 422 423 424 425 426 427 428 429 430 431 432 Bhawani Industries Ankur Chemfood Holostik India Essel Shyam Communication VLCC Healthcare Blue Cross Laboratory Aries Agro Venus Garments (India) Skipper Positive Packaging Industries Patton International Beekay Steel Industries Sanden Vikas (India) Micro Labs East India Commercial Company Titan Energy Systems Elofic Industries Bharat wire Ropes Penam Laboratories Path Infotech Tulsyan Nec Brother Computers & Software (India) Mohindra Fasteners Sunrise Containers Ori-Plast Falcon Marine Exports Zensar Technologies Star Delta Transformers Sunstar Overseas Rane T R w Steering Systems Shivalik Agro Poly Products Lona Industries Darcl Logistics Metal Link Alloys John Distilleries P Go Go International Minex Metallurgical Sayaji Industries Sparsh BPO Services Premier Road Carriers 16% 16% 16% 16% 15% 15% 15% 15% 15% 15% 15% 15% 14% 14% 14% 14% 14% 14% 14% 14% 14% 14% 14% 14% 14% 14% 13% 13% 13% 13% 13% 13% 13% 12% 12% 12% 12% 12% 12% 12% “to beCome a suCCessful eNtrepreNeur. founder “we started as a famIly ruN busINess wIth a very CoNservatIve approaCh.” —U. but Now my vIsIoN Is to make It a truly professIoNally ruN CompaNy. founder WorldMags. develop goodwIll aNd the easIest way to do that: keep your word eveN If It Comes at a Cost.K.” —KISHORE GUPTA.

| september/october 2012 WorldMags.The class of 2012 established in 1974.net COMPANY Elgi Ultra Industries Surya Foods & Agro Chiripal Industries Madhu Jayanti International Cosmos Industries GROwTH RATE (%) 471 472 473 474 475 476 477 478 479 480 481 482 483 484 485 486 487 488 489 490 491 492 493 494 495 496 497 498 499 500 Gem Sugars Eastman Cast & Forge Harsha Engineers Unimark Remedies Carnation Industries Seksaria Biswan Sugar Factory western India Plywoods Overnite Express Rasi Seeds My Home Industries Agrocorpex India Deepak Cables (India) BLR Logistiks (I) Asiatic Colour Chem Industries Delta Paper Mills Natural Sugar & Allied Industries Score Information Technologies Vanaz Engineers Maya Entertainment Amrut Distilleries Kejriwal Enterprises Sudhir Gensets Marikar (Motors) Peerless Hospitex Hospital & Research Center Advance Steel Tubes Ranba Castings New Consolidated Construction Company Teamlease Services Lotte India Corporation SPML Infra 6% 6% 6% 6% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 4% 4% 4% 3% 3% 3% 3% 2% 2% 2% 2% 2% 2% 2% 2% 2% 1% 1% 1% 1% 433 434 435 436 437 438 439 440 441 442 443 444 445 446 447 448 12% 12% 11% 11% 11% Pioneer Urban Land & Infrastructure 11% Samrat Forgings Pricol Antarctic Industries India Carbon Roots Multiclean Powerica Metro Tyres Avon Cycles Talbros Engineering Simplex Engineering & Foundry works wellcome Fisheries Ravi Dyeware Company Aspinwall & Company Lubi Electricals Cement Manufacturing Company Cotmac Electronics Nekkanti Sea Foods Lyka B D R International Hexaware Technologies Precision Infomatic (M) BCH Electric Iris Computers Khanna & Company Steel Raviraj Foils Lamina Suspension Products Gharda Chemicals Ghatge Patil Industries Chandigarh Distillers & Bottlers ATO (I) Karthik Alloys Group Pharmaceuticals Kandoi Transport 10% 10% 10% 10% 10% 10% 10% 10% 10% 9% 9% 9% 9% 9% 9% 8% 8% 8% 8% 8% 8% 7% 7% 7% 7% 7% 7% 7% 7% 6% 6% 6% features among the top 10 companies we find exciting See page 70 449 450 451 452 453 454 455 456 457 458 459 460 461 462 463 464 465 466 467 468 469 470 Iris Computers started operations in 1996 with a modest turnover of `5 crore and is today a `800 crore company. this coimbatorebased company enjoys 53 per cent share of the automotive instruments market.net . IT giant 48 | INC. INC INDIA RANK WorldMags.

WorldMags.net The precision of marketing analytics.com | +91 (22) 30163665 .net Contact: maximizeroi@direxions.direxions. for over two decades.com Building Profitable Customer Relationships More precision marketing insights @ www. www. The warmth of insightful customer engagement. Maximizing returns on marketing investments Better Targeting Higher Impact Greater Response More Loyal Customers Increased Brand Equity We use insights from customer data to drive response.com WorldMags. We have delivered improved ROI for many of India’s most valuable companies. build customer value and profitable relationships.cartesianconsulting.

Tripuraneni has the answer. Here. patients employees and 17 offices across India brought into emergency rooms are in just six years. to arrive at this list. he started Andhra Pradesh and moved to the University of Bath. They are in 2011 Revenue through that exciting journey. and unable to tell us their medical `55. Often. shock. 4G Identity Solutions. | september/october 2012 WorldMags. technology. in Vascular Surgery.500 information of patients who were brought to the hospital’s emergency rooms. it’s critical to be 50 | INC. 4 history. these top 10 throw up several exciting growth stories in sectors as diverse as food and identity solutions. A vascular surgeon by profession. Top 10 Companies LisT Arunjyoti enterprises tinna Viterra trade Barbeque Nation Hospitality 4G Identity Solutions Diamant Infrastructure Veritas (India) Gujarat Natural resources COMPANY polygenta technologies spectacle Infotek edserv softsystems THREE YEAR GROWTH 1231% 597% 429% 395% 288% 285% 281% 274% 269% 203% Dr Sreeni Tripuraneni the power of persuasion What happens when foresight. he takes us accident or trauma victims.net .net fastest growing companies these companies are at the top of the heap in our ranking. UK. I was given the responsibility of getting (FY11-12) with more than 1.WorldMags. To effectively begin treatment within the golden hour (the first hour within the attack). we calculated their sales cAGr from April 2007 to march 2011. patient records as part of my course in Medical and has grown it into a `100-crore venture Informatics.87 Cr As tolD to NItHya NaGaratHINaM ImAGING by PeterSoN PJ photoGrAph by SrIvatSa no. topping the charts—our Number one—is Arunjyoti enterprises which runs the taaza chain of departmental stores. a biometric identity for Mastersbegan when I started My connection with biometrics working on electronic and security solutions provider in 2003. read on to get to know some of these companies better. knowledge and entrepreneurship come together? 4G Identity Solutions founder I did my MBBS from Siddhartha Medical College in Dr S. and have their feet firmly pressed on the growth pedal.

WorldMags. It could revolutionise governance systems in India.” WorldMags.net “Biometrics could easily be the solution to governance issues at the grass roots interface level.net september/october 2012 | INC. | 51 .

Of course. That wasn’t encouraging.26 quadrillion iris matches were completed by 4G Identity Solutions in just 60 days. we are fairly risk-averse and willing to endorse proven success rather than invest in uncertain promises. We had to devise a solution to identify beneficiaries of the government’s BPL housing scheme. That 4G has significantly contributed to this growth in the identity market. It was a mammoth task. Ibm and Infosys among others. for example.26 quadrillion iris matches within 60 days.net acquainted with a patient’s medical background. I soon realised my biggest challenge would be to create awareness about the immense potential of this technology among government officials and even others. Founded in 1997. But. she will be required to produce a variety of certificates to establish her identity. he saw an opportunity in the temporary staffing space and moved into it. With biometric technology powered by a centralised database. and challenges that are catalysts. I realised that even with my company. With that in mind. we thought we could leverage this opportunity. co-founder and Ceo. Biometrics can be incredibly powerful in many such instances of governance. and has been an important player in the implementation of Aadhar. and ensured correct identification of the intended beneficiaries. 336 It & Ites chennai Future Focus Infotech “My job’s toughest part is to discern between challenges that are detrimental. subramanian has honed his skills to find the catalyst in every challenge. and one that really gave us the opportunity to showcase our ability. and a UNFP programme to strengthen PDS no. The Aadhar project doubled our turnover. We haven’t looked back since. the company started out as a plain vanilla It company but within a few years transformed itself into a talent training solutions provider for the It sector. 4G’s first milestone came in 2005 when we won an Andhra Pradesh government contract. I had always been motivated to serve people. We used iris recognition to help eliminate duplicate claims and records. I began my foray into the utility of biometric technologies beyond medical applications. the company closed a deal with tcs and today has Wipro. I began by pitching the idea to the state government in Andhra Pradesh.Fastest growIng coMpanIes WorldMags. I saw a huge potential for this technology in India. In order to claim a government scholarship that is due to her. So in the early years. Take a poor student from a village. It could revolutionise governance systems in this country. I would have the opportunity to create great value and benefit for a large mass of people.v. As a doctor. “When the y2K crisis hit. in its clientele.” says subramanian. the student’s identity can be established in a matter of seconds. Future Focus Infotech.net .”   M. Public Distribution System (PDS) infrastructure for delivery of subsidised food items in Andhra Pradesh. I returned to India in 2003. SuBraMaNIaN. These multiple points of interface result in delay and frustration. Persuasion is thus a very crucial skill for an entrepreneur to have—how do you sell a futuristic idea to a government? As a country. infrastructure using multi-modal biometrics in Orissa. is something that I feel the proudest of. soon after. leaving medicine to become an entrepreneur wasn’t an easy decision. In fact. but not just the y2K crisis. and we have been involved in its conceptualisation. today India boasts of the world’s largest identification exercise—Aadhar—based on iris recognition technology. This project was the tipping point for us. for civil applications. It opened up a stream of projects for organisations like the Delhi Police (automation of house guard records). my main task was to create a market for this technology. But slowly things started moving for us. During the 2008 global slowdown. I realised that biometrics could easily be the solution to governance issues at the grassroots interface level. Seeing the power of how biometric technology enabled this firsthand. | september/october 2012 WorldMags. This education was difficult. We completed 6. has literally shaped his company’s future by focusing on challenges. 6. enrollment and execution. from `55 52 | INC. We were awarded the project in 2010.

WorldMags.net WorldMags.net .

I joined the Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology in Bhopal. the CEO of Barbeque Nation. things didn’t go as planned. and I sat for all those interviews. It introduced the concept of a live grill on the table. nearly 30 lakh foodies dine at these restaurants. but the details should be worked out dynamically to meet the demands of that time. joining a new `102. a new four-star hotel in Indore as a manage2011 Revenue ment trainee. We are in the process of obtaining a patent for noise removal algorithms in fingerprint recognition. quick responses have become crucial. It helped me become the jack of all trades and in seven years. I couldn’t appear for interviews with the big brands that came to campus. It wasn’t just another eatery opening though. Even here. this hospitality streak has helped Choudhury grill up a restaurant business flavoured with profits. After my school. Lakshmi Tripuraneni. things turned out differently because I couldn’t clear the medical exam. My sister. Alas. a few companies came late. Looking forward. So. The Miele Guide has also listed it in the Top 100 Restaurants of Asia. As tolD to SoNal KHetarPal ImAGING by PeterSoN PJ photoGrAph by SrIvatSa My childhood dream was to follow my father’s footsteps. The potential for biometrics is immense. Today. | september/october 2012 WorldMags. especially in developing countries. Looking back. 3 INC. Fortunately. and requires constant modifications. Getting a team together is a daunting challenge for any start up. We are in talks with other Asian and Middle Eastern countries to make similar programmes for them. The first-mover advantage has certainly contributed to our success. Maybe I am. I am confident that technology innovation combined with our early-mover advantage has made us unbeatable. was a great source of support. Shared passion is the soul of a successful business organisation. But Aadhar is just the beginning.Fastest growIng coMpanIes WorldMags. I was heading the Indore property. During campus placements in my final year in 1995. Of course. A business plan lays down the broad framework that leads to the realisation of the vision. Much like the perfect kebabs his restaurants serve. We have a well chalked-out business plan for both the short-term and the long-term. no. especially one which works in a niche area like ours wasn’t easy. not only in the domestic market but also overseas. Yet. planning becomes very difficult. Choudhury opened the first outlet of Barbeque Nation in Mumbai’s Pali Hill in 2006. That advantage has been bolstered by having patented technology. They all offered me a job. Of course. It’s contagious. building a company. 4G has a bright future. We didn’t have to battle competition because we were the pioneers in civil applications of biometrics in the country. and become a pilot. But I think that works for the organisation. In today’s environment.net . Family and friends tell me I am almost obsessively passionate about 4G. you cannot jump into a venture without having an idea of the depth of that field.net crore in 2010 to `110 crore in 2011. But. you can’t rest easy. a business plan can be rendered useless by a dynamic market. And I ended up joining Sayaji Hotel.41 Cr hotel was a great idea. Our problems were amplified because there weren’t many biometrics professionals around. 54 | BarBeque NatIoN HospItalIty Three Year GrOWTh | 429% the people’s business proSenjiT roy ChouDhury Ensuring people are high on food is what drives Prosenjit Roy Choudhury. as were five of my friends who have been with me since the beginning. I fell ill with Hepatitis B.

Fastest growIng coMpanIes WorldMags. Innovation comes only when you give your people the space to act and lead.” WorldMags. | 55 .net september/october 2012 | INC.net “I don’t believe a people’s business needs to be vigorously process driven.

logic isn’t always the next year. feedback. I don’t believe eagle eye on the business’ 2012-2013 a people’s business needs to operations and customer aIMING For be vigorously process-driven. a pool-side fiscal year so there will be a total of 46 restaurant. getting customer feedback into an art— Needless to say. F&B is a touchyin Bangalore in 2007. and in the same spirit. our Learning remote management was a attrition was half of that of chains like game of patience and persistence. who has been my mentor and each of our outlets to rate their guiding force. for us. MD of Sayaji call 20 per cent of our customers from Hotels. We have honed this format offered. 2010-2011 you don’t have a robust and In the first year. At 37 per cent last year. ease of booking and So. First. ambience. That 2008-2009 relentless.” energy & Utilities no. I McDonalds and KFC that have attrition ensured that all guns were firing at the rates as high as 75 per cent. and regularly collect feedback from our customers. I wasn’t right logically. Sajid Dhanani. and it’s a people’s first restaurant was set up `84 Crore business. But. I kept an `150 Crore engaged team.net . and people started Innovation comes only when patronising the brand. we guests. the tough part is to come up with strategies that take into account. they are. I made that a priority for the 2009 and we have been growing at a hotel. In in different cities across India our business. I think of them as our mentors. Our tele-caller teams more. you trust your people and give them the Confident. It was also a necessary tool to CAGR of 27 per cent for the past three expand new avenues of business. But. We are adding 24 more outlets this we started Kebabs Ville. `52 Crore The restaurant business is experience could not. we introduced the outlets in India by 2013.” says the mD of this manufacturer of transformers. years. and 12 more feely business. “some business decisions may seem good in the short-term but have a huge impact in the long run.Fastest growIng coMpanIes WorldMags. and Barbeque Nation’s first gives us a clear picture of how 2006-07 outlet in January 2006 in each outlet is faring. It also `4 Crore Pali Hill taught me what 10 enables us to take immediate 2007-08 years of my hoteliering corrective measures. paramount. business was hit in 2008 because of we have 1. Sometimes. restaurant retail side of the F&B industry. | september/october 2012 WorldMags. long-term approach is what one needs to follow during unsteady times. customers aren’t Thing were going great. None of this concept of a live grill on the table which could have been possible without our was an instant hit. prepared for what was coming next. the format was a huge it’s the key to our growth. I did not industry like food. In 1999. hygiene. the We have established an R&D cell to excitement of having done this died. manageable. This Guest opportunities. when a conservative. Our methodology for this is work became monotonous. we have been have the expertise of running a chain of successful in keeping our attrition restaurants across multiple locations. hit for our property. I am like that myself. But eventually.600 people working for us and I am proud that in an attrition-afflicted the economic downturn. The restaurant `250 Crore+ I like to give our people was getting a good response flexibility and independence. ascertain where we stand from the turnover trail* planning and setting up a customer’s point of view. suggested I explore the experience on the food. I moved to Mumbai to study the market and look for prospective business responsiveness of service. and can address both short-term and long-term priorities. I wanted unique to India. The first five Satisfaction Index helps us to months there—researching. we opened three outlets space to act and lead.net Because I was interested in F&B Things began to improve by midservices. as the global markets tossed and turned. Founder and MD soUrce: BarBeqUe natIon hospItalIty the fable of the slow and steady tortoise trumping the hare is a lesson Gupta had a chance to relearn in 2008. INC. There is no way you with an investment of `2 2009-2010 `102 Crore can have happy customers if crore from Sayaji Group. same time. Later in 2005. Plus. Here. Today. 420 Star Delta Transformers bhopal Kishore Gupta. changed its name to Barbeque Nation to More than 30 lakh people eat at our do justice to the wide array of cuisines restaurants each year. the slowdown led several people to take hasty decisions. 56 | “Being too aggressive can sometimes lead to disaster.

net .net WorldMags.WorldMags.

steel & Top Five secTors: by share oF number oF companies 11% Food & Beverage 8. India 500 total sales total sales of 500 of top 5 CompaNIes (fy 2010-11) seCtors (fy 2010-11) WorldMags.net top 5 sectors food & beverage.403 Crore INC. | september/october 2012 .6% Steel & Ferrous Metal 9. It & Ites.2% IT & ITeS Real Estate & Construction 8.451 Crore `85.net infographics by srIstI maurya `1.78.4% 8% Textiles & Garment 48% 58 | The top five sectors contribute nearly half of the total sales of Inc.WorldMags.

of Companies Growth Rate(%) 55 37 19 19 35 26 13 WorldMags.697 `20. in crore (fy 2007-08 to fy 2010-11) 56% 45% `15.547 sales oF Top 5 secTors (fy 2010-11).net ferrous. real estate & ConstruCtIon. ComPanY name 3 Year groWtH (%) sector profile No.WorldMags.904 `13. textIles & garment average growTh raTe oF Top 5 secTors `20.net september/october 2012 | INC. | 59 .697 cr 26% 250 cr Vikas Granaries Vikas granaries baramati agro Usher agro som Distilleries & breweries pincon spirit Jai bharat gum & chemicals Unique organics blossom industries t & i global Kaveri seed 100 73 56 50 47 44 43 40 37 34 55 Number of companies & sectoral growth rate 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 2009 2010 2011 2012 44 79 93 103 117 125 137 161 179 49 No.670 `15.175 42% 33% 26% textiles & garment food & beverage it & ites steel & ferrous metal real estate & construction Food & beverage Top 10 Companies no. of Companies Total Revenue 3 year CAGR Median Turnover Top Player 21 `20.

of Growth Companies Rate (%) 54 49 29 47 47 42 33 2009 2010 2011 2012 60 | INC. of Companies Total Revenue WorldMags. steel & fer Top 10 Companies no. Top 10 Companies ComPanY name 3 Year groWtH (%) 42 `13.904 cr 45% 142 cr 4G Identity Solutions 4 9 24 32 47 53 4g identity solutions spectacle infotek micro secure solutions firstobject technologies cameo corporate services cerebra integrated technologies one97 Vakrangee software glodyne technoserve bartronics india 395 269 97 85 70 64 60 56 53 48 Number of companies & sectoral growth rate No. | september/october 2012 WorldMags. ComPanY name 3 Year groWtH (%) 3 year CAGR Median Turnover Top Player 47 `15.net .top 5 sectors iT & iTes sector profile No. It & Ites.175 cr 33% 182 cr Southern Ispat & Energy 14 27 37 45 55 58 68 69 72 95 southern ispat & energy arcotech arcee ispat Udyog gravita india gangotri iron & steel sankalp forgings bmW industries apollo metalex mittal corporation rajputana stainless 122 91 80 73 63 61 59 59 57 49 Number of companies & sectoral growth rate 130 No.net food & beverage. of Companies Total Revenue 3 year CAGR Median Turnover Top Player no. of Companies Growth Rate (%) 63 58 48 49 32 57 47 45 60 78 84 100 2009 2010 2011 2012 steel & Ferrous metals sector profile No.

of Companies Total Revenue 3 year CAGR Median Turnover Top Player WorldMags.rous. textIles & garment real estate & construction sector profile No. | 61 6 5 .net 4 4 5 5 4 3 2 1 september/october 2012 | INC.547 cr 56% 302 cr Diamant Infrastructure 5 15 19 29 30 35 36 38 40 49 Diamant infrastructure anant raj industries arihant superstructures horizon infrastructure Delta corporation supreme infrastructure india Jaihind projects p & r infraprojects Jain infraprojects marg 288 118 102 85 85 80 80 80 76 66 Number of companies & sectoral growth rate 120 100 90 80 60 40 20 0 2009 2010 2011 2012 119 No. of Companies 1 42 3 2 7 2010 3 2 2011 8 2012 4 3 WorldMags.net Top 10 Companies no. ComPanY name 3 Year groWtH (%) 8 13 28 Growth Rate (%) polygenta technologies Vyapar industries santaram spinners sumeet industries shekhawati poly-yarn Kamadgiri fashion first Winner industries shiva texfabs supreme tex mart crew bos products 274 134 90 85 65 60 56 56 51 44 41 `15. of Companies Total Revenue 3 year CAGR Median Turnover Top Player no. of Companies Growth Rate (%) 71 42 57 39 77 56 40 Textiles & garment Top 10 Companies sector profile No.670 cr 42% 289 cr Polygenta Technologies Number of companies & sectoral growth rate 60 50 1 31 51 61 76 77 91 112 57 40 30 20 10 0 2009 34 20 1 29 1 14 41 2 6 5 4 42 3 2 No. real estate & ConstruCtIon. ComPanY name 3 Year groWtH (%) 40 `20.

000 to `65. six years. I came back to India in 1989 to This stint became my real training ground. help set up a 140-bed cardiac and taught me the biggest research institute at the BM lesson in the health care Birla Hospital in Kolkata. Today. Mr Birla surgery at the West Midlands helped speed up the coming back when he Cardiothoracic Rotation Programme in offered me the opportunity to start the UK.27 Cr my family—to go abroad for most days. photoGrAph by s. and began working at the Guy’s research programme at the Birla Hospital Hospital. In 2001.000. | september/october 2012 WorldMags. I used to see 2011 Revenue This is almost a tradition in about 100 patients a day. not even one of studies but to come back and those patients could afford a work in India.25. It helped us evolve our methodology. industry. Top 10 Companies LisT COMPANY Anant raj Industries cox and Kings educomp solutions rsb transmissions (I) three YeAr GrOwth 118% 60% 57% 55% A heArty business As told to MaHesH RavI Dr Devi PrasaD shetty Narayana Hrudayalaya shiv-Vani oil & Gas exploration services riddhi siddhi Gluco biols Genesis colors core education & technologies V-Guard Industries 45% 44% 43% 40% 37% 37% Dr Devi Shetty is a celebrated heart surgeon but his genius extends way beyond the surgical scalpel. On `477. that beginning has grown into a 14-hospital chain across 11 cities in the country. RadHakRIsHNa ImAGInG by PeteRsoN PJ I did my basic training in cardiac plans to settle down in UK.net . and come up with a more comprehensive analysis of our ranking.net jury’s pick For this fourth edition of the Inc. We also requested our jury to pick their favourites—here are the 10 companies which made it to that coveted list. identify deserving companies. India 500 ranking. we brought in an eminent jury for the first time.WorldMags. a 1. Heart no. London. After working there for he had built in Kolkata. I too never had cardiac operation. bringing down the cost of heart surgery from `1.000-bed hospital in Bangalore. 107 62 | INC. Here. he started Narayana Hrudayalaya.

| 63 .net september/october 2012 | INC.WorldMags.” WorldMags.net “I am confident that India will become the first country in the world to dissociate health care from affluence.

you can do it up to a certain scale. how many bills you have written off. you first have to measure the parameters and then set new targets. it is an economic problem. and everyday at noon we get an SMS with the profit and loss account of all our hospitals. eclerx’s founder. Looking at it at the end of the month is like preparing a post-mortem report.000 at the Narayana Hrudayalaya. we have 14 hospitals across 11 cities.000 then. Both are okay by me. Along with this metric. If you don’t measure. and is reported back to us. MuNdHRa. What’s really important is that we don’t believe in charity. and highlight any issue they want to—like a stinking toilet in the hospital. we have brought down the cost of a cardiac procedure to `65. and still remain profitable. that’s the ideal situation. We work with a wafer-thin margin. a company’s balance sheet shows the financial health of the organisation. “We have doubled in size every three to four years. All they need to do is use a pre-fed speed dial on the phone. others think of it as a social commitment. The administration team then looks into the problem to fix it. every department gets a note with the complaints that fall under its scope of work. fouNdeR Although the going has been good—the mumbai-based Kpo company has grown at 43 per cent over the last three years— tough decisions have been a constant in the journey. and the right side—costs you have reduced. They are also given deadlines for corrective action. Like health parameters show whether you are healthy or not. d. | september/october 2012 . I knew technology would be the key to running our hospitals efficiently.d.net Plus. For instance. Today. And. If you want to improve. A profit and loss account is an indicator of efficiency. Profit to me means that you are running your enterprise in an efficient manner. And almost 47 per cent of the rural population and 37 per cent of the urban population of India either borrow money or sell assets to pay their medical bills. it’s not possible to make a difference. Technology helps us achieve that. we have set up a system wherein all staff members have the ability to register the smallest complaints through their phone. I realised that till medical practitioners don’t reduce the cost of surgery and make it more affordable. you will have to stop. If you want to do something for free. how many poor people you have helped.” It&Ites eclerx mumbai dr shetty holds the record of having performed over 15. When you tally up the left and the right side.net surgery cost about `1. 124 “structures and people responsible for your success in the past may not be the right choices for the next set of challenges. This monitoring is key. and strive hard to keep our nose above water.top 5 sectors WorldMags. Some people think of it as a business. you can’t get better. Getting the report daily is information for you to take the right step. Narayana Hrudayalaya was conceived to deliver just that. India’s health problem is not really a medical problem. We live in a country where the government spends 1 per cent of the GDP on health care. says p. you can take remedial measures. A balance sheet should point you to the right vital stats on both the left side. no. Everything fed into that speed dial gets registered.25. Hence. Soon. By looking at the profit and loss account on a daily basis. mundhra.”   —P.000 heart surgeries. after 22 years since working at the Birla Hospital. Another key learning for me has been that most people just don’t know how to 64 | INC. WorldMags. we have to continually rethink organisational structures and create new roles to make sure we are future-ready. we also get results on each hospital’s mortality and morbidity. That is not scalable. It’s what we constantly work towards. At the end of each week.

5 million heart surgeries a year. It was tough persuading my colleagues and the hospital administration that this can actually be done. In 1997. In fact.” Now. But.2 billion-plus people requires 2. 152 It & Ites mumbai omnitech Infosolutions “Managing unpredictability and mapping proposed business plans to market dynamics. and said they didn’t do that many surgeries even in a month. we can’t bring about that change in America.” —atul hemani. Our low-cost models will require `15-18 crore against the standard `70-80 crore to set up a hospital. are the constant challenges when running a business. This time. We are moving to a very interesting scenario in the country. Most recently. we can’t be happy with a solution or business plan for a 50-100 bed hospital. Fortunately. says Gupta. just off the United States.net believed me. Most of them laughed at me. This project give us the chance to demonstrate to the world the work we’ve done in India—to demonstrate how to bring down health care costs while improving health care delivery. hospitality and real estate. But. I stayed focused on the task and within two years of starting out. Even government hospitals are becoming like that. We have slowly shown the world at large that increasing the capacity of hospitals and the amount of work done in a day reduces the amount that people have to pay. founder since it was founded in 1991 to make security holograms. I am very excited about our first international project. trading of aromatic chemicals.WorldMags. as a country. It’s unfair to push that cost to patients. jury’s pIck no. Gupta. I am confident that India will become the first country in the world to dissociate health care from affluence. you have to make Americans change the way they deliver health care. is a great beta-site for medical innovations that can attract American attention. Making people believe that it is possible to build something big was a huge challenge for me. 395 manufacturing Holostik India noida —u. and build marble-floored. the company has diversified into multiple verticals—warehousing of iron and steel. That is not going to make a difference. think big. As Indian doctors working in India. the Cayman Islands. we have got an opportunity to work there. They said. would have access to high-tech health care when they are sick. an independent country.000 every year. “Yes. founDer september/october 2012 | WorldMags. when I started the Manipal Heart Foundation at Manipal Hospital in Karnataka (at the behest of my family because we have roots there) I told my colleagues that it is possible for each one of us to do 10 surgeries in a day. the real challenge lies in attracting and retaining good talent.000 beds and we want to do it in the next five years. and our nurses and doctors can go work there. where even those who might continue to live in slums 10 years down the line. air-conditioned hospitals. that’s possible. India with its 1. yet. We are building a $2-billion health city with the government there. we only manage 90. I raised that target to 50 surgeries a day.000 applications from American doctors who want to work there. | 65 .k.net INC. each of our surgeons was performing 12-15 procedures a day. America sets global standards. Right now. I don’t understand why we ape western models in India. The response has been very exciting—we have already received close to 1. Plus. the Cayman Islands recognise Indian medical degrees. people no. Soon after. So. managing these seemingly unrelated verticals of his growing business group isn’t his toughest obstacle. I have learnt another critical lesson about the health care business—if you want to transform the way health care is delivered in this world. our target is to create 30.

sanjay Kapoor. Genesis Colors Three year growTh 40% new Delhi no. 134 WorldMags. Jyoti Narula sensed a business opportunity in the “ugly ties” he saw the news presenters wear. he set out to explore what he could do with designer ties in India along with his colleague and co-founder.net 66 | INC.companies aT WoRK WorldMags. Having had enough of the 9to5 routine in a software company followed by a bank. the duo roped in designer satya paul to design the first range of ties in 1992. | september/october 2012 . women’s wear and accessories. Narula was anyway happy to break out of the corporate world. bold designs the satya paul brand signifies.net Fashioning Success When news channels were sprouting by the dozens in the early 1990s. and a growing repertoire of ties. so. satya paul is today the company’s flagship brand with 40 exclusive stores across the world. and eventually took over the designer label in the late 1990s. more than a thousand skilled professionals work in the digital design studio and production facilities in mumbai and Gurgaon (pictured here) crafting the dramatic.

net WorldMags.WorldMags.net photograph by subhojit Paul reported by ira swasti .

six centres—Delhi NCR. Kolkata.net .TOP 6 CITIES Top 6 Cities Revenue share WorldMags. Hyderabad.231% 33 141 32 HYDERABAD MUMBAI BANGALORE MUMBAI Barbeque Nation Hospitality 429% 30 CHENNAI KOLKATA Jain Infraprojects 76% Top Player as per Three-year Sales CAGR DELHI & NCR Tinna Viterra Trade 597% CHENNAI Edserv Softsystems 203% BANGALORE Point Red Telecom 102% 68 | INC. Here’s how the top hubs stack up. Bangalore and Chennai —corner much of the business action. of Companies 89 40 DELHI NCR KOLKATA HYDERABAD Arunjyoti Enterprises 1. | SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2012 WorldMags. DELHI NCR 20% HYDERABAD 6% 7% KOLKATA 28% MUMBAI BANGALORE 7% 6% CHENNAI No.net Not surprisingly. Mumbai.

net WorldMags.net .WorldMags.

just revolutonise the way movies were exhibited.WorldMags.” 70 | INC.net .net “We didn’t want to change the creative fabric of the film industry. | september/october 2012 WorldMags.

net september/october 2012 | INC.500 theatres. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the support and guidance of Vijay Jindal. Honestly. But. As the president of technology and new projects. Since it clapped to action in 2004. so. we had around 6. It was a huge success. He’s happy to let his `200-crore (FY11-12) digital cinema company do the talking. unique products and immense market potential.200 crore to the film industry annually. as 70 per cent of all movies released in India come from their network. Agarwal’s eye hospital e4e c l educate powerica THREE YEAR GROWTH 78% 63% 60% 54% 43% 37% 37% 34% 19% 10% a blockbuster success Avid cinema-goers may not have heard of Sanjay Gaikwad. 39 WorldMags. but he isn’t complaining. | 71 . COMPANiEs WE FiNd ExCiTiNG UFO MOviez india Top 10 Companies LisT COMPANY UFo MovIez INdIa emc one97 bVg India eclerx cross-tab dr.WorldMags. we realised this no. I conceptualised and implemented Playwin. get to know our most exciting better. the then MD and CEO of Zee and their group chairman Subhash Chandra. We had a turnover of ` 750 crore in the first year itself. the co-founder of UFO Moviez India. it has digitised 3.000 online terminals on our network. the Inc. But I had to leave Zee in 2003 to move to Delhi and join Apollo Tyres. This didn’t work out though. India’s first online lottery. The market for online lottery was 2011 Revenue growing at a promethean pace those days. `108 Cr Within six months. each one of these has an impressive combination of smart entrepreneurs. My co-founder Narendra Hete suggested we start our own company that provided infrastructure for online lotteries. and made overall profits of ` 200 crore. We’ll definitely have our eye on them. As told to SoNal Khetarpal ImAgIng by peterSoN pJ photogrAphs by SrIvatSa Sanjay Gaikwad My career began with the Zee Group in 1997. here it is—our research team’s pick of the companies that got us up to take notice. and contributes `1. We named it Valuable Group and started work in 2004. I owe them whatever business acumen I have now. India 500 give us an opportunity to identify some very exciting companies.net each year. and a turnover of `3 crore a day. and I shifted back to Mumbai to look for another job.

From the beginning. | september/october 2012 WorldMags.net . Club X is a UFO@Home 72 | INC. Most theatres were still using analog prints when we started out. We wanted to give them a significant value proposition by offering time and cost advantages for multiple stakeholders—film producers. and we wanted to tap that opportunity. So. tisements that run during film screenings. In exchange. We told them we would digitise their theatres for a small amount of rent. so. They put in `90 crore in the firm. Similarly. UFo has digitised 3. In the digital format. generates a larger box-office collection. we asked them to give us the revenue from the adver- In the analog system. they discovered the untapped potential of the plastic packaging industry. That. Essentially. We are the only ones in India to use MPEG-4 format to deliver movies. UFO Moviez was conceptualised a year later with `10 crore as start-up capital. distributors. wouldn’t be a long-stay business. India 500 companies is: 43. a cinema hall owner has to buy a film’s print for up to `60.000. we came up with a rental scheme.”   brothers vIMal KedIa aNd SUreNdra KedIa used to manufacture flexible tea packages in Assam when on a visit to bangalore. we introduced a low-cost 3D technology seeing the sudden influx of 3D films. We offered that too.000.5% the average age of these companies is: 18. Fortunately. The industry’s benefit was at the centre of our business model. So. I believe our ability to develop technologies in time to catch new trends has helped us in our growth. Switching to digital technology had a one-time set-up cost of around `7 lakh which discouraged many theatre owners initially. UFO Moviez was a capital-intensive enterprise because of the equipment costs.500 movie theatres across India. a film print costs up to `60. Other players are still using MPEG-2 where the size of movies is ten times bigger and they have to be delivered physically through hard drive which presents many logistic challenges.000. theatre owners and movie watchers. the print costs around `10.coMpanIes We fInd excItInG WorldMags. Apollo Tyres came on board as a financial partner. today. in spite of high profits. Yet. and moved to bangalore to set up manjushree technopack in 1984. we began to look at different technology avenues. In the analog system. the 200-people company has a total capacity of 50. In the digital format. We made brisk progress in the first few years. Bringing down the price of the film’s print helps the movie to be released in more centres. they shut shop in Assam. KT Vision in Mumbai’s Vasai neighbourhood was the first multiplex we digitised.000. We wanted to mitigate our risk of being too dependent on one vertical. we completely dropped our lottery business in 2006. Digital film prints need digital theatres for broadcast. we set a very clear objective for ourselves.000 mt per annum and clocks a turnover of `300 crore. theatre owners had to be persuaded to go in for digitisation. We didn’t want to change the content or creative fabric of the film industry.6 Manjushree technopack years no.net fun facts the average threeyear sales caGR of Inc. Lottery is a highly irregulated and risky segment in India. 116 plastic products bangalore “there should be a fair mix of both domestic and export businesses to fight the global slowdown. For example. in turn. only `10. In fact. The market to digitise theatres and deliver movies via satellite was big in India. we have an invitation-only Club X initiative too. We only wanted to revolutionise the way movies were exhibited.

In 2011. We used moviebeam’s technology to expand our domain too. It tells you that others believe in you and your team. Several show screenings were adversely impacted because of that. Not every seed you plant bears fruits. directly to a consumer’s home. It is an online satellite-based ticketing system that provides minute to minute box-office information to the concerned stakeholders of the movie business chain leading to transparent. it’s necessary to ensure they are winning too. to make sure they are included in our growth strategy. that we may not be a very pretty business. an interactive learning platform for virtual classroom teaching. no.coMpanIes We fInd excItInG WorldMags. They can pay per-view. we also launched a new product called IMPACT Ticketing Platform. One such facility was providing VOD services to the hospitality sector in the US. it’s picked up among celebrities and wealthy entrepreneurs.  Q: What is the toughest part of your job? dealing with procrastinators at work. You can’t earn fame alone. I try and do that for all of my 800 employees. When people trust you with their money. Recently. Q: tell us something that you’d like to change about yourself? my weight. I was extremely touched when the whole management team joined hands to solve the problem. We reengineered that technology to create different digital media platforms. Thankfully. It is at times like these that you feel life is worth it. first-show screening. and could not do any more installations to achieve our targets. it’s great encouragement. But. we acquired a company called moviebeam in 2008. We raised our first private equity funding of `140 crore from UK’s 3i Group. there was a technical glitch in some of the projectors installed by us. Q: What has been your biggest learning from the slow down? our business has stayed strong throughout the slow down. I should lose some. managing director of Kancor Ingredients. We’ve already installed the system in 80 schools. and aim to set it up in another 800 over the next six months. and we are excited about introducing this in India. If your team comes through in such tough times. Although it’s priced at `15. Success comes with team effort. In this quick rapid fire about his business philosophies. we tried to pep things up. and even offered salary cuts. For example. So getting your team right is the most crucial aspect of being an entrepreneur. I’d like to think we have managed to do that to some extent.net september/october 2012 | INC. It enables consumers to get high-definition video content on demand. It might seem so but not every idea we had has worked. spice extracts and natural food products. As the owner. In 2007.000 per show. so what I have learnt is. spicing it up Kancor Ingredients Food products Kerala spices are a way of life for sanjay mariwala. but we are pretty solid. Providence Equity Partners invested a further `360 crore in the company. We currently have 250 screens on IMPACT. Service that can stream movies simultaneously as a first-day. We were in a cash-out situation. I am glad we shut it down—it was the right decision to let that business die. and gives you profits. an ernakulambased company that specialises in trading of essential oils. This has been a heartening vertical to get into. we had started a digital signage business in 2007-08 but there was a lot of competition so we had to drop it and we lost a few crore in the process. you have to try and create that win-win for everybody. faceless transactions.net Garam Masala was the first hit movie to be broadcasted digitally by UFo in 2005. Each of these platforms has given way to new revenue streams for the film industry. We didn’t want to be left behind so we created Edubeam.  Q: What in business takes you the longest to decide? people decisions. | 73 . In keeping with our effort to expand the entertainment market. or in government departments. 334 WorldMags. and makes you win. The educational sector has been buzzing with technological innovation. that was a momentous time for us in other ways.

companies aT WoRK WorldMags. Jakson is in the midst of developing a 20 mW solar power plant in rajasthan. Jakson has seven manufacturing plants across India.000 DG sets a year. who took charge of it in 1990 when it was only a $5-million company. including its 12. recognising that solar energy is the way forward in the power sector.net 74 | INC. It has also been accredited with crIsIL’s highest rating (se 1A). this 1.net Powering Ahead sixty-seven years after Jakson was founded by satish Kumar Gupta. sameer and sundeep.800-people manufacturer of silent DG sets. awarded to companies for superior financial strength. switchgear and power distribution equipment. the future looks sunny too. Jakson is led by Gupta’s sons. a $250-million company. they have grown Jakson exponentially. | september/october 2012 . Jakson Three year growTh 16% noida no. today. In these past two decades.5-acre switchgear plant in Greater Noida (in the picture) and genset plants in Daman and Jammu with a capacity of more than 15. today. has undoubtedly come a long way. 389 WorldMags.

WorldMags.net PhotograPh By Courtesy Company rEPortEd By ira swasti .net WorldMags.

Here’s what we found: Tally SoluTionS Three Year GrOWTh | 44% Bharat Goenka `50cr to `100 cr top 10 compANIes: NO.net .000 customers and a turnover of `230 crore (FY11-12).net BY THE NUMBERS | 50-100 cR. So. My father was the `85. But. Goenka and Bharat Goenka in 1986. and then calculated each of their sales cAGr over the last four years to figure out the 10 star performers for each revenue category. My father couldn’t understand how to no. Tally Solutions today has more than 7. COMPANY Arunjyoti enterprises 4G Identity solutions diamant Infrastructure Gujarat Natural resources polygenta technologies NewAge Fire Fighting chandra prabhu International santaram spinners Firstobject technologies THREE YEAR GROWTH 1231% 1 4 5 7 8 12 23 28 32 395% The Bookkeeper’s Journey As told to mahesh ravI 288% 281% 274% 136% It would be a rare Indian business that hasn’t used Tally. India 500 list into four revenue categories based on the companies’ 2010-11 revenue figures. I was very interested in science and technology as a student at Bishop Cotton School. 1001-1500 cR We divided the Inc.S. 101-500 cR.9 Cr first one to test the software.WorldMags. | september/october 2012 WorldMags.50. they were facing some accounting problems. But Goenka isn’t stopping till he gets to more than four million customers in the next three years. Founded by the father-son duo of S. 98% 90% 85% I was in high school when I began helping my father in his textiles business in Bangalore. 114 76 | INC. the testing lasted all of two minutes! The software was fine but the user interface was elementary. At that time. the ubiquitous accounting software. and I thought I could use technology to help solve them. 501-1000 cR. I developed some software to help address 2011 Revenue some of these accounting challenges.

000 customers. If you look at our growth story. Fortunately. But. we had around 4.50. we were clear we wanted to grow our product portfolio. Our aim in the early years. This especially resonated with our SME clients. We never strived to have a single. when we launched it. or were wary of adopting a new technology. one that will help us achieve explosive growth. The mass market has always been our focus. and there would be no looking back for Tally then. That growth will mostly come from two geographies. one has to continually innovate and transform. sales weren’t easy. not compel us to bring down our targets. I told him he should type in “T001” to enter a transaction. 412 Path Infotech It & Ites Noida —Pankaj ratra the co-founder of the Noida-based It company believes that when times are good. I see this as a positive disturbance. But. We focused on our users and put ourselves in their shoes. sharp growth and it is important to recognise that opportunity. In the years ahead. That principle has been my main driver through all these years. When you think big. I need to plan and design a new environment to manage four to six million customers. I truly believe that Tally is poised on achieving something remarkable. “However.50. as now. mutual benefit and growth is guaranteed. | 77 . My father always used to say— there are two kinds of businesses. of companies in the `50 to `100 crore revenue bracket 115 48 140 2010 2011 2012 No. I need to work backwards from that success point somewhere in the future. entrepreneurs often forget the importance of investing in the future for they tend to believe that it is only going to get better. But. We made sure we never let ourselves get swept away in the services boom during the late 1990s and early 2000s. those that use Tally. Today. WorldMags.000 customers in 1991. What my father had told me during my first software demo was something I can never forget—“Remember that we’re not doing computerised accounting. large anchor client. Many of our clients would have inhibitions. Bangalore after school. Their fear of technology disappeared since they didn’t have to know any code. of course. Staying committed to our core offering has also been a key aspect of our success. The drive to push through changes is critical. an ambitious enterprise must “design for scale”. and create new boundaries. has been to get Tally into as many businesses as possible. Instead of keying that in. We now had the foundation for a fast-growth company. right after I finished college. there was no looking back. We identified this market as our biggest opportunity. Along with optimism. Managing this exponential growth is a challenge. you have to assume that your business plans and objectives will be achieved. patience is a key trait for entrepreneurial success. We began Tally in 1986. Often. and those that will use Tally. But. not the exchange of product for money. To work in this mode. From the very beginning. But. we expect turbulence in the economy. he turned to ask me what my software’s objective was—to help the programmer. success follows. We constantly bear that in mind as we step into new markets and develop new products. and be prepared for glory. to the structural changes I need to make in the present. You have to be an optimist. It would’ve been very easy to jump into that. I returned to the drawing board and came back to him with another demo.net september/october 2012 | INC. we both knew we had arrived. or to help the user? I remember being taken aback by this sharp insight. Staying on the product path requires a lot of patience. In fact.” he’d said. For instance. my career was already charted. We are also steadily expanding our global list of clients. and design for scale. we have close to 7. No. we believed we weren’t in the software business. You can’t let delays dampen your enthusiasm. It wasn’t just about selling the product. and we are targeting four to six million customers within the next three years. we had to begin with selling the benefits of using computers for business to our customers.000 customers. When you work with the principle that business is about the exchange of value. the “no codes” concept in our software was a significant technological breakthrough. We were in the business of “making business better”. but accounting on computers. When he began to use the new version seamlessly.” he says. the Middle East and Africa. people and their skills enhancement. once we overcame this initial skepticism. Tally has learnt to manage 7. the market we operate in allows for sustained. But. Despite this. the 2008 slow down taught us that we should continue to stay invested in new ideas. Simplicity that can work for everybody is the cornerstone of our solutions. To transcend levels. in the early years. In fact. to be adept at change.by the Numbers WorldMags. inculcate the ability to adapt. But I understood what was required. I went to National College.net begin using it. products.

not the exchange of product for money.by the Numbers “When you work with the principle that business is about the exchange of value. | september/october 2012 WorldMags.net . mutual benefit and growth is guaranteed.net 78 | INC.” WorldMags.

an agro-chemical and seeds company. Farmers would travel from there to Delhi with cash to buy pesticides. why pesticides are so misunderstood. established in 1960. Agarwal. | 79 .1 Cr company. As told to shreyasI sINgh ImAGING by PetersON PJ pHotoGrApH by subhOJIt Paul no. This move served us well. he started a different line—trading in fertilisers and pesticides.net `101cr to `500 cr top 10 compANIes: NO. we got a chance to acquire a sick unit—Northern Indus—which was one of the oldest pesticide units in India. we set up Dha2011 Revenue nuka Pesticides as a public limited `486. So.by the Numbers WorldMags. doubled its turnover in the three-year period between 2008 and 2011. we had a turnover of `7 lakh and three or four molecules in our portfolio. 311 WorldMags. It’s then that we began to think about having our own unit instead of being dependent on other companies. In 1985. is confident it can continue as he looks ahead to harvesting revenues in the range of `1. finance was our key chalseptember/october 2012 | INC. We got good success in our foray into the South. When my elder brother finished his graduation.S. It’s a run that M. and we would mostly import from Manchester. the company’s MD and co-founder. Dhanuka. Even as the company looks ahead. We began our first office in Hyderabad. from `250 crore to `500 crore. who co-founded the company with his elder brother R.net Our ancestral business was in textile. so high was the demand that the manufacturing companies couldn’t supply the quantity of orders we’d book with them. and what the next decade looks like for them. Dhanuka seeds of GrowTh Gurgaon-based Dhanuka Agritech. I joined him too. tells us how it all began. much like other businesses at that time. In fact. COMPANY 2 tinna Viterra trade 3 barbeque Nation Hospitality 429% 6 Veritas (India) 285% 9 spectacle Infotek 269% 10 11 13 Vyapar Industries 134% 14 southern Ispat & energy 122% 15 Anant raj Industries 118% 16 swan energy 107% edserv Aseem softsystems Global 203% 153% THREE YEAR 597% GROWTH dhanuka agriTech Three Year GrOWTh | 25% M. Dhanuka. In 1980. Andhra was the biggest market for pesticide consumption then. and introduced a few north Indian pesticide companies in the South. After I got my bachelor’s degree.K. By the mid-1980s.000 crore by 2015-2016. and take it back. Through the 1980s.K. he said he wasn’t interested in a business that was based on long credit cycles.

China produces more than 500 million tonnes. Even now. if we look at the bigger picture. his business successfully year on year.000 crore and Indian companies in the agricultural sector don’t have that kind of revenue even right now. Each new molecule takes two to four years of trials before it can be introduced in India. Add to that the rising demand of India’s growing middle-class because of rising levels of income.” —AnAnt MAloo. m. We have partnerships with leading global companies such as DuPont. Plus. Our aim always has been to introduce global standards in India. In 1992. Things look good for Dhanuka on the management side too. But. followed by Japan. as long as the monsoon stays on course. Taiwan is at the top. Last year. I think we’re well on our way to getting there. More than anything else. It wants more nutritious foods. | september/october 2012 WorldMags. foUnDER AnD CMD No. I hope. it’s not a very relevant debate. India has 148 million hectares of cultivable land. In fact.by the Numbers WorldMags. of companies in the `100 to `500 crore and `500 to `1000 crore revenue brackets 245 259 224 142 95 92 `100 to `500 cr `500 to `1000 cr 2010 2011 2012 80 | INC. But. It isn’t easy. In the next two years. our cultivable land is dwindling because of urbanisation so we can’t afford to produce less right now. we plan to launch two new molecules that are both under trial at present. it’s a debate that needs to be put into context. 66 timbor home Wood & Wood products Gujarat “ It is an inherent characteristic of humans to get complacent. India recorded its highest production of food grains at 257 million tonnes.net . given the sheer number of mouths that need to be fed in India today. In any case. Sumitomo Chemicals and Nissan Chemical Industries. Pesticide is a highly regulated industry in India. In comparison. Sample some facts. in fact. We are not against organic agriculture. our consumption of pesticides is one of the lowest in the world. and my brother’s son—working with us over the past few years. our next generation has the perseverance and patience to keep upgrading our portfolio of molecules.net lenge. But. and grown much faster if we got that support. Actually. we could have done much more. As I mentioned. coming up with a new molecule isn’t really something our industry is ready for even now.K. Having said that. On the other hand.500 BSc and MSc graduates who do this across the country. you can get your registration in four years. we are spending a large amount of money in getting these new registrations because the newer molecules are more eco-friendly and require lesser quantities of chemicals to be used. no. Barely 35 per cent of all Indian farmers use pesticides. dhanuka has grown eration because ultimately. To come up with a new molecule. we aim to be an `1. Yet. we add two crore people to our population each year—that’s like adding one whole Australia. China has 128 million hectares of cultivable land. if you’re lucky. Right now. they are poison. We have to counter many misconceptions about pesticides. we launched first molecule by DuPont in India. But their production is more than double of ours. India has one of the lowest pesticide uses. If you think about it. Looking back. With these molecules introduced. you need to spend `10.000-crore company by 2015-2016. the real milestone came for us in the early 1990s. We’ve been successful in doing that. he incurs a huge loss. educating farmers is a key focus area for us. There is huge opportunity in agriculture. In fact. They want to have strong partnerships with local partners who can give them access to respectable market share. international companies can’t navigate in India alone because we are a country of six lakh villages. this is something I’d not like to see at timbor. Moreover. fertilisers and pesticides—are equally important for agriculture because if a farmer spends on the first two and the crop dies because of pests. vegetables and poultry. We have three members of the second generation—both of my sons. We welcome it. all the three agri inputs—seeds. Even though NGOs advocate organic farming. we now have nearly 1. the next ten years look very exciting. there is no despite the never-ending debate over doubt that pesticides must be used in modorganic farming.

net .WorldMags.net WorldMags.

net “Those who run after you before to give you money will run after you to get their money back during a recession.WorldMags.net PhotograPh by name tk Gutter Credit here .” 82 | INC. | september/october 2012 WorldMags.

by the Numbers WorldMags.our Pune properties to them. A few years (around the estate. Hyderabad and Pune. Mantri has more than one crore sq ft of constructed area to its credit including 6. when our father was looking to diversify his busiInstead. we decided cut expenditure. and `717. I wanted to be a civil engineer. But. becomes a developer and gradually developers found themselves in financial rises to take on the city’s biggest developer. trouble. Dubai and father was a wholesale dealer of textiles. Many town. I had to man. and to shut down our textile division to totally focus on finishing projects quickly. Everytime we tried to sell ill.000 homes and 20 commercial and educational projects across Bangalore. That changed my life. The general mood was that every My elder brother Sunil was also completely developer would meet the same fate. my father fell from South India. My quently travelled to Abu Dhabi. stop unviable projects. a focus on realty. Up Sharjah. in 1983. that recession taught me some great business lessons. Chennai. What’s next? Retirement. we decided to build a real estate vertiyou before to give you money will run after cal.6 Cr buy a property in South India. around that time. Because he was hospitalised. there was a recession too. long-term business opportuThat resolve got stronger nity in Bangalore. Thirteen years hence. as he plans to take it a little easy now. claims Mantri. I 2011 Revenue Each one of them wanted to loved being in business. Many of our buyers there were until I was in Class 10. `501cr to `1000 cr top 10 compANIes : N0. | 83 . I after watching the Amitabh founded Mantri Developers Bachchan-Sanjeev Kumar there even though the property market was starrer Trishul in 1978. Slow downs don’t ter in the movie inspired me to get into real scare me though. a business needs to tighten its belt. Those who run after ness. So. months. decided that was what I wanted I realised this meant a great to do for the rest of my life. no. But. In fact. Bachchan’s characa little slow at the time. COMPANY sumeet Industries supreme Infrastructure India baramati Agro J Kumar Infraprojects emc polyplex corporation Axiom cordages confidence petroleum India Kemrock Industries & exports THREE YEAR GROWTH 85% As told to Ira swastI ImAGING by PetersON PJ Sushil Mantri 31 35 80% 44 73% 52 64% 54 63% 56 63% 59 60% 62 60% Photo courtesy subject 67 59% Because of the real estate business. So.net ManTri developerS Three Year GrOWTh | 27% BuildinG forTunes Inspired by a 1978 Bollywood blockbuster. years after we began real estate.net september/october 2012 | INC. three you to get their money back during a recession. Sushil Mantri veered away from his family’s textile business to start Mantri Developers. In 1999. a real estate company in 1999. 290 WorldMags. I freI grew up in Pune in a business family. taken up by the movie. I wanted to be like him—a young late 1980s) after we began our Pune realty man who comes from a small city to a big business. We poured all our returns from the textile business into real estate. they’d ask us to come up with a similar age his business for two development in Bangalore too.

In 2005. I’ve been in business for more than three decades now. I learnt a very valuable idea when dealing with investors or clients— always under promise. Residents were invited to buy these apartments. At that time. But. So. the response was tepid. Grp formerly known as Gujarat reclaim & rubber products. Morgan Stanley invested `300 crore in Mantri. And even though this is one of our smallest projects in terms of size. The largest apartments then were about 2. Following those lessons. | september/october 2012 WorldMags. and we preferred a private equity infusion instead of launching an IPO because when a small-sized company goes for an IPO. running a business is like riding a bicycle. it has given us an incredible amount of visibility and brand equity. The moment you stop. of Companies & Growth Rates in the `50 to `100 crore and `100 to `500 crore brackets in 2012. we successfully launched our first residential project Mantri Woodlands in 1999. thought it was a crazy idea and advised me not to go ahead with it. Many people.500 sq ft. 6. So. Initially when we had launched those apartments. I wanted to build single-story. you can get good rates from them. it gets lost in the crowd. 50 41 learning from here was that real estate project becomes popular not because of who has built the houses. more than in good times. we designed 800900 sq ft apartments. The key 84 | 112 After watching this hit movie of the 70s. Our turnover was around `300 crore then. give a conservative estimate of your deliverables. Now. contractors and labour. eventually my gut paid off. it’s this brand equity that helped us get Morgan Stanley on board as an investor. much like the type you find in Mumbai. the government had allowed FDI in real estate. you know what will happen to you. mainly because we got our customer target right. From affordable homes. “For the first three decades. it has sales footprints in nearly 54 countries. we gradually moved to ultra-luxurious apartments with the Mantri Altius project in 2001. I believe the deeper the recession. and just be the chairman. In hindsight. I wanted to change that mindset. and interviewed each and every applicant before letting them live in Altius. We developed a screening process for buyers. We got a phenomenal response. For me. but to secure this growth in the future. that was the right decision. I look forward to the day when I’ll stop being the MD-cum-chairman of Mantri Developers. The “club membership” concept helped us get together like-minded people who made for a great community. the company was run as a family business which helped us build a strong foundation. Basically.net . sushil mantri set out to play the role of Amitabh bachchan in real life. The company had then launched a scheme of offering its employees interest-free loans. Even now. you aren’t as well off as those who live in bungalows.” GrP INC.000 sq ft apartments that had rooms as large as those in villas. you can really win your customers for life if you demonstrate strength during this period. 369 rubber & rubber products mumbai rajendra gandhi.by the Numbers WorldMags. you need to build an organisation of entrepreneurs who’ll lead and steer the company through its challenges. people used to believe that if you live in flats. Overachieving your targets is the biggest positive impression you can leave. In fact. Instead of painting a rosy picture. and over deliver.net no.000 million tonnes of rubber every year. With a capacity of processing 45. Someone has rightly said that good judgment comes from bad experience and good experience comes from bad judgment. We focused our marketing efforts on Infosys employees. `50 to `100 cr No. And a year later. Also. I am looking forward to my son—who has recently joined us—to pedal away so that I can take a back seat and retire in the next three to five years. and kept the price below `10 lakhs. you just have to keep pedalling. I was convinced that there was a niche market for Altius. Founder and mD started by Gandhi in 1978. we wanted to make affordable housing because apartments in Bangalore used to be quite large in those days. It established us as a differentiated real estate player. but because of those who live in them. But. of companies Growth rate `101 to `500 cr No. many people know us because of Altius. 259 recession isn’t an isolated phenomenon— it equally impacts your cement supplier. the greater the opportunity it offers for increased growth. is one of the world’s largest makers of reclaimed rubber from used tyres. including my housing finance company officials.

net .net WorldMags.WorldMags.

I was sent to the Delhi Cement Research Institute to learn cement manufacturing. | september/october 2012 WorldMags. my father never stopped looking `500Cr for better opportunities. When he took over Nagarjuna Cements. In 1979. I was almost pushed into the company after my Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Andhra University. On its part. His real inheritance was a cherished dream—to build a business. Ravi has nurtured his father’s dreams to build a pioneer cement and building materials company with 10 manufacturing units spread all over India. Although the chemicals business was 2011 Revenue profitable. I grew up seeing my father’s unyielding determination and hard work. Here. Ravi inherited more than an infant cement business from his father. 378 86 | INC. In fact. whatever the odds. we continue to run that chemical manufacturing unit till today. he founded Nagarjuna Cement Limited (NCL). Twenty years later. Looking back. His experiences deeply influenced me. and the twists and turns on its path to becoming a building giant. My family’s journey of entrepreneurship began in not very happy circumstances. and industries like cement were therefore getting a fillip. He identified the opportunities and needs of the market well because there was a great demand for quality cement at that time. His first break came in the early 1970s.net ncl induSTrieS Three Year GrOWTh | 18% K. My father’s entry into the cement business was a result of his entrepreneurial instincts. My dream was to join the Indian Air Force. my father needed technical expertise. The drought was symbolic of my family’s struggle in those years. As the eldest of four sons. So. he takes us through the dramatic journey of the company’s early years.by the Numbers WorldMags. My father was forced out of agriculture by a three-year long drought in the mid 1960s. no. He also went on to start his own pharma business but that was unprofitable too. As told to NIthya NagarathINam ImAGING by shIgIl NarayaNaN pHotoGrApH by srIvatsa I hail from an agricultural family in a village in coastal Andhra Pradesh. my father struggled for a long time as a sales representative in a pharma company. He backed up identifying the opportunity by studying the market really well before taking any further steps. he gave up his own dream of an engineering career in the Indian Air Force. After leaving our farms. It was becoming hard for NCL to meet functional demands given our lack of technical background. the government was encouraging infrastructure development. when he stumbled on the chemicals business. But. but only a handful of suppliers.net . Ravi always sTay hunGry K.

” Gutter Credit here PhotograPh by name tk WorldMags.WorldMags.net september/october 2012 | INC.net “Business is essentially about two things only— customers served and employees who make that possible. | 87 .

There’s huge potential for building infrastructure in India today.” —RAjESh AGGARwAl. This string of expansions took up huge amounts of investment. But. But the electrical engineer in me was excited with the possibilities. believes ravi.net Soon.by the Numbers WorldMags. My father and I had a tiff over this issue. our dealers came to our rescue. Over the last decade or so. it helped us tremendously in servicing the demand. our workers volunteered to give up some of their benefits. We began commercial production in 1984 with a capacity of 66. and logistics were a huge challenge for us. We almost came close to selling the entire cement division. we found it nearly impossible to meet our delivery deadlines because of under-developed logistics. and we didn’t want to compromise on that core requirement. as our orders increased. and are currently exploring joint venture proposals from the Middle East and other markets. there was a lot of talk about renewable energy and the government opened up hydel power generation to the private sector. Innovation has been the key reason for us in being successful. Unlike consumer retail. we were ready to expand. Soon. 211 Food products Insecticides (India) New delhi “ the more you educate your customer. we have enjoyed the fruits of our innovation and good work.000 tonnes every year. The following year we opened a pre-fab facility in Himachal Pradesh that produced wood cement particle boards using West German technology to replace wooden panels. Following your gut might seem irrational but it can be very insightful. I was hooked for good. Mattapally was a remote location. demand was so brisk that in 1989 we had to enhance our capacity to 1. For example. My father used to tell me that if you don’t want to stop growing. Our first cement plant was located near the Mattapally limestone deposits in Nalgonda districts. They offered to defer interest payments on their fixed deposits with us for a few months. Following your gut might seem irrational at times but it can prove to be very insightful. of companies Growth rate no. my Air Force career could never take off but I’m thankful for the serendipitous turn of events. We forayed further into building materials beyond cement. Yet. the market here is less fickle and reluctant to changing brands if they are satisfied with one. the construction industry in India showed great promise. NCL was facing severe financial difficulties.98 lakh tonnes per annum. We decided we would buy our own fleet of trucks. For example. By the beginning of 1990. that was overwhelming. Truck services to and from Mattapally were unreliable. of Companies and Growth Rates in the `500 to `1000 crore and `1000 to `1500 crore brackets in 2012 92 35 34 33 `500 to `1000 cr `1000 to `1500 cr No. So. This period—from 1992 to 1995—reinforced my conviction that business was essentially about two things only—customers served and employees who make that possible. | september/october 2012 WorldMags. It was the right time for us to do this as the government was offering financing options. With economic reforms in 1991. This has always been the guiding principle of my vision for the company. stay hungry for more. once you establish quality and reputation. Business was brisk. Of course.net . After crossing a turnover of `500 crore in 2010. I undertook extensive feasibility research and found that hydel power plants were quite self-sustainable. the greater is the acceptance towards your products. we opened two RMC plants in Hyderabad and Vizag. we produced a bone-china ceramic material using natural gas for the first time in the country. But. around 1995. we pioneered in the field of building materials such as laminated cement bonded particles which have given us a considerable edge over competition. In fact. you have won the loyalty of the customer. In fact. I was confident the possibilities were bright. This plant turned out to be a great idea. So we are constantly expanding. and became a captive power source for us during times of crises. And. no. and need little maintenance after the initial investment. By the early 1990s. It was a risky financial decision for us. business should be run by gut. But to my pleasant surprise and great relief. In the building industry. It contributed significantly in taking the turnover to `750 crore in 2011. we had a `22-crore turnover. It was a radical digression from our core business. In 1992. We built a 16 MW plant near the Tungabhadra Dam. Personally. Managing Director 88 | INC. in retrospect. But the quality of limestone was unbeatable.

please apply at The winners will be felicitated at a gala event in Mumbai in December 2012. email id and contact number of the nominee on 2012 cfonext100@cfoinstitute. If you are a CFO or a non-finance professional – please nominate a team member/ colleague by sending us the name.in APPLY NOW Event by www. A 35 – member strong jury of leading CFOs – most of them winners of our CFO100 programme will identify.WorldMags. evaluate and pick the winners.cfoinstitute. WorldMags.in/cfonext100 If you are one of our future winners.net FOR THE FIRST TIME IN INDIA! DO YOU DO YOU KNOW KNOW AFUTURE FUTURE A CFO? CFO? NOMINATE YOURSELF OR YOUR COLLEAGUES TODAY! The CFONEXT100 is a first-of-its kind initiative from CFO India magazine.net . to identify and recognise 100 of the brightest rising stars in the field of finance – future CFOs.

net .” 90 | INC.WorldMags. | september/october 2012 WorldMags. a part of me wonders if i could have done more for the company if i had that degree.net “ i regret that i couldn’t do an MBa.

as it was then known. I offi`1431. Although I was quite involved in the 2011 Revenue business during my college days. a pharmaceutical distributor then. My own entrepreneurial instincts were honed by the environment at home. Dr Surana is formulating a new success story with his fastgrowing exports business. cOMPANY 40 Jain Infraprojects 49 mArG 70 Arss Infrastructure projects 59% 71 educomp solutions 82 Ashoka buildcon 108 Gitanjali brands 115 shiv-Vani oil & Gas exploration services 44% 126 160 167 diamond power Infrastructure riddhi siddhi GVr Infra Gluco biols projects THREE YEAR 76% GROWTH 66% 57% 55% 45% 43% 37% 36% Micro laBS Three Year GrOWTh | 14% Dr Dilip Surana makinG of The medicine man Dr Dilip Surana literally grew up in Micro Labs. 406 WorldMags.WorldMags.500crore (FY11-12).net september/october 2012 | INC. My father. 6. and I wanted to carry his baton when I grew up. Because the market was growing in the early years. Not surprisingly. | 91 . That gave me the chance to watch closely how Micro Labs grew from a start up into a company to be reckoned with. In those days. establishing the company wasn’t very difficult. and seeing him transform a small business venture into a large company over the years.000 people generic drugs company. My father was a first-generation entrepreneur. Micro Labs is today a `1.net `1001 cr to `1500 cr top 10 compANIes: NO. At that no.8 Cr cially joined Micro Labs in 1983. there was a great demand for quality pharmaceutical products and little competition. As told to NIthya NagarathINam ImAGING by PetersON PJ pHotoGrApH by srIvatsa micro labs was started as a small manufacturer of pharmaceutical preparations in 1973 in Madras. Now. sealed Surana’s choice of a career. thought this was an opportunity that ought not to be missed. he was my role model. He has clearly come good on his gene pool. His father started the company in the early 1970s. after completing my Bachelor degree in commerce from Bangalore.

Yet. Tamil Nadu.by the Numbers WorldMags. both domestically and for exports. I couldn’t imagine not being in the thick of action. I have a two-pronged strategy—reactive and proactive. I had initially planned that I would go back to studies after a few years. we opened two new manufacturing facilities in Hosur. in a large organisation. No.”   ashOk reDDy. | september/october 2012 WorldMags. a market research agency. I regret that even now. There’s still a long way to go. I have to say—a part of me wonders till today if I could have done more for the company if I had an MBA. We certainly had to double our efforts to retain our market share. Even in these specialisations. customer satisfaction and most importantly. whether it is processes or profitability. Those years were frenetic with activity and growth. Compared to the developed countries. India was a relatively patentfree market. and taking on reactive positions ensures sustainability. before exploring the research and development of new drugs. the co-founder of teamlease services. International players started looking at India and before the TRIPS (Trade Related-aspects of Intellectual Property Rights) agreement. it received Best Managed Brand Award by CMARC. cardiology and neurology. Those are currently our two focus areas. We are confident we can craft a good brand. ethics. something we didn’t need to focus on as much before. That delay has lasted three decades now! But. of companies in `1000 to `1500 crore revenue bracket 65 34 2010 2011 41 2012 92 | INC. Through the 1990s. We treat people as our primary capital. as of now.net . Our first export to the US a year and a half back set that in motion for us. Still.net time. Commensurate with the demand for medicine. people. we have made inroads into all five continents. It goes without saying that your team is indispensable to the company’s survival and growth. becoming an international player of significance is my personal goal now. But that decade brought in significant changes in the pharma industry. patents aren’t a threat to our business yet because the disease pattern in our country is very different from that of the western countries. we have to create a very strong brand value. More than anything else. We had great success in promoting Dolo 650. competition grew steadily too. So. and grow over the last decade. Four things are the pillars of any successful business—quality. a staffing company. My brother also joined the company a few years later. In the mid-1990s we decided to branch out into specialisations like diabetology. our branded anti-pyretic drug. we need to keep exploring new markets. My philosophy has always been to become the master of one trade first. Of course. believes planning is the cornerstone of action and prefers to spend most of his time on pondering over all fronts of the business. Today. Managing competition—especially from the many smaller players who have come up strongly in the generics market—has been a bigger worry for us. we grew briskly. We’ve set up an effective system for the free-flow of communication to ensure even a front line employee’s concerns and achievements reach the top management. In the last few years. Plus. Most patented drugs cater to lifestyle diseases which are not as common here. As far as being proactive goes. But. Being proactive enables growth. Communication plays a key role in making this happen. and taking on reactive positions ensures sustainability. We have a twopronged strategy at Micro Labs— proactive and reactive. Being proactive enables growth. it’s growing. That is probably why I couldn’t extricate myself from the business to do an MBA. That was a big deal—the United States is a market very few foreign players get access to. before jumping into action and execution. and exports contribute nearly `450 crore to our turnover. we still have very few patents registered here. the company was overloaded with orders. our Goa plant exclusively focuses on export. we continued to focus on generic drugs as our core competency. it’s not easy to completely do away with a hierarchical structure but we have tried to ensure that this hierarchy is merely structural. 498 services bangalore teamLease services “We believe that sunshine is the best disinfectant and it is best to air issues for debate before making a decision. In 2010. no. not cultural.

CRM ntation.IT S ec . C ust Epicor So lutions omization. Ro Infrastruc uting. E Service D r se Remote In nd User C elivery frastructu rvices omputing re Manag Consulting ement & Integra tio . Delhi.600 017. Upgra des. Phone : +91 44 42199500. Trichy.net tic Product S ales & Precisio HP Exclusiv eR Experience etail Showroom Zon Return-to-B e ench Servic es Precision Galaxy The bus Precision iness t ransfor www.th eprecis mation iongrou enabler p. T. Firewall. Support Locations: 60 locations Pan India www. Networking & S ecurity.in Precision Logical A cces Identity M s Solutions ana InnaIT-CB gement Solutions S– BioNIX – Security solution fo Secu r Co Certified U red access for Unix re Banking System ID Enrollm environm ent Kits ents Financial Inclusion Kits FP & Iris b iometric p roducts Biometri c Converged Co Cisco Sele mmunication Soluti ct Partner ons Switching .net Branch Offices: Mumbai.Warran Managed Services – ty Support – Data Cente Ou Hosting & Datacente tsourced Hybrid IT r. Pre ture mis Proactive Management Serv e cabling Network M ices on Cisco Sele ct Partner itoring & Support Techserv e Business So MS Dyna lutions Focus mic Impleme s NAV. Inte C@MPI gration.Me urity Assessments ssa .theprecisiongroup. Madurai.IT H n Services ealth Che ck . Server & S ckup & Dis torage Co InsTIL ITS nsolidatio M Applica aster Recovery n tion Pan-India Pres HP Platinu ence mB Microsoft usiness Partner Larg VMware E e Account Reselle r nterprise Business Partner n InfomaWorldMags.Vir ging tua . AX.Ba lization. 1st Floor. S T – Cam upport pus Mana gement S olution Corporate Office No: 22. Coimbatore. Fax : +91 44 42199502 WorldMags. Pune. Bangalore. Chennai . Habibullah Road.in Precision Techcone t .Nagar. Hyderabad.

companies aT WoRK WorldMags. | september/october 2012 .net WorldMags.net 94 | INC.

and turned it around into a `738 crore security services giant by 2011. the company has been quite aggressive in the recent past. 118 WorldMags. acquiring security companies in India and abroad.net photograph by Subhojit Paul reported by ira SwaSti .WorldMags.000 security personnel every year.000 people. In the last four years. the firm also runs six training academies (Faridabad one is shown here) across the country to impart training to more than 25. a 100 per cent stake in Guardwell Detective services. a leading security company in southern India.net safe and Sound Dr Diwan rahul Nanda took over an ailing security business run by his father with a turnover of `30 lakhs in 1992. toPS Security Three year growTh 43% MuMbai no. Nanda has made three acquisitions—a 100 per cent stake in UK-based shield Guarding. and a strategic stake in Adtech systems with which it entered into the only vertical it was absent in—system integration. With a workforce of around 93.

walia Moved to london as a ManageMent tRainee at FoRd. delhi. india e-magazine. heRe i coMe! theRe’s no stopping Me now! lOOONDON!!! 96 | INC.. aRJun walia Began his entRepReneuRial JouRneY—BY selling gYM eQuipMent.. But eventuall a coRpoRate JoB Y won out in the choice oF a caReeR and Right aFteR his gRaduation.Sticking WorldMags.net cartoon strip based on story done for inc. | september/october 2012 WorldMags. stephen’s college. 104 while still a student at st.. may 2009 ...net to hiS gunS | walSonS SeRViceS | NO. early 1990s heY.

IllustratION WorldMags. | 97 . walia decided iF he couldn’t Match theiR FancY degRees. walia Met 12 otheR ManageMent tRainees FRoM top univeRsities acRoss the gloBe. pm WorldMags.net september/october 2012 | INC.netManaV SachDeV at the FoRd oFFice in london. he’d outwoRk theM.

. with a deal to RepResent two BRitish coMpanies.whY don’t i do that? how aBout staRting MY own secuRitY coMpanY? zzzz. Young la d.30pM. But when he Reached his paRents’ house.... | september/october 2012 WorldMags. he was in FoR a nastY suRpRise...... CONGR But..... zzzz. and soon his peRseveRance eaRned hiM the “Most haRdwoRking ManageMent tRainee” title. . while otheRs woRked FRoM 9aM to 6.net AT UlAT IO aRJun! Y NS. his entRepReneuRial uRge didn’t diM.wAIT.. walia was at it FRoM 6aM to 9.. WorldMags. aMaZing! this guaRd is asleep on dutY! india cleaRl needs tRained guaRds who Y can keep ouR hoMes saFe.30pM.. ou have a BRight ahead! k FutuRe eep it up .walsons serVices so. he decided to Move Back to india in the Mid90s... 98 | INC.net .

he knew that otheR than g4s. all otheR secuRitY FiRMs in the countRY weRe Just MoMand-pop outlets.WorldMags. SO RONG wR BH theR! You didn’t w wHAT’S al JoB like You Ro o KIDAARS! g Y CHOw go get a Re to suppl .net september/october 2012 | INC. Bac k aBRo ck! hwa T despite his dad’s disappRoval.000 in 1996. st ephen’s studY at st ad. walia Founded walsons seRvices with `23. WorldMags. | 99 . a gloBal secuRitY giant.net walsons serVices N??? IT YOU.

net .net Business gRew steadil in the FiRst Few YeaRs. he waited FoR MoRe than 45 Minutes while the Bpo’s ManageMent sipped coFFee.walsons serVices WorldMags. he landed up FoR a Meeting at 1. ha ha ha ha 10 0 | INC.30aM. to win a contRact FRoM a laRge Bpo client in guRgaon. | september/october 2012 WorldMags. as in Fact. Y But w alia w aMBitious FoR MoRe.

Finall at aRound 2.15 aM, Y theY called hiM in.

walsons serVices

THE CONTRACT IS YOURS! we had called thRee vendoRs FoR this Meeting. onl You Y tuRned up. we wanted to see which vendoR’s leadeRship will Be availaBle in tiMes oF cRises.

since then, theRe has Been no stopping the ` 138-cRoRe coMpanY. swedish secuRitY giant secuRitas even Bought a 49% stake in walsons, in 2008.

g4s still has the top slot in the secuRitY Business in india, with neaRl 35% shaRe oF the MaRket. But Y we’ll Be theRe soon! we‘ve alReadY estaBlished a RoBust netwoRk in oveR 180 cities in india and have oveR 20,000 eMploYees woRking FoR us. FoR the last thRee YeaRs, walsons has Been gRowing at 46%. and i ain’t stopping till i BecoMe a

BeFoRe MY 55th BiRthdaY!

The end..


september/october 2012




10 1

companies aT WoRK


Gorging On
For those who grew up in the 1980s and 1990s, putting crax corn rings on their fingers was as much fun (if not more) than biting into the crunchy snacks. the popular munchies were the first packaged snack food manufactured by DFm Foods, a business division of the Delhi Flour mills company that was later separated into an independent listed company in 1995. promoted by mohit Jain, and conceived and established by mohit satyanand, the `172-crore company has the capacity to produce nearly 16,000 tonnes of snacks every year in their two plants in Ghaziabad and Greater Noida (in the picture). Apart from crax, the company also makes other low-priced snack brands such as Natkhat and a range of traditional namkeens. DFM FooDs
Three year growTh


New Delhi



10 2

INC. | september/october 2012


photograph by subhojit Paul reported by ira swasti

Undoubtedly.PUBLISHER’S NOTE WorldMags. but many other factors count in equal measure. and I wish you courage and luck for the future! Anuradha Das Mathur Publisher. our jury members asked us for information that isn’t readily available for privately-held companies. India INC. There’s no question these companies are trendsetters. India. India 500 listers. We have not assessed “subjective” matters. every year at Inc. have we—as a magazine—weighed them on the right things? To answer some of these questions and open up our ranking to some serious scrutiny.000-crore mark. and pushed us towards clarifying our own objectives from this ranking. We are privileged and grateful for our jury’s involvement. do each one of us in our capacity as promoters run a business that is honest? Do we segregate the company from the family? Businesses have run successfully for a long time without contemplating these issues with any level of seriousness. high-performance companies. our stars continue to charge forward. despite our keenness we are compelled to abandon our idea of listing only privately-held companies because of this reason. Also. Yet. we added a pre-eminent jury to our selection process this year. presumably to achieve scale. it strikes me that Inc. Quality of growth. Inc. I look forward to the day when this courage is used in equal measure for some of our subjective parameters. we have discovered some critical “things to think about”—both for us. In fact. India is privileged and proud to identify and celebrate high-growth. hire. in the current environment. Even for public companies which form a bulk of our sample size. corporate governance and promoter reputation were the most prominent concerns raised by our jury. There is lip service but many of us slip up. we celebrate the fourth anniversary of the Inc. Shouldn’t we look beyond top-line growth obsession—to hit the `1. For now. our annual ranking of India’s fastest-growing mid-sized companies. and for our Inc. Expectedly. but with what trade-offs? Have they been exemplary on disclosure? Are these companies well-governed? Can they stand up to the test of time on various parameters of corporate integrity? Finally. invest and focus on productivity. It takes courage to stay true and stay honest. expand.net Courage Beyond Numbers 500. As always.net . India 500 honourees will lead the way for others into the next decade? Will they be respected? Most fundamentally. But is that mindful and high-quality? Each company in our list has definitely demonstrated success. corporate governance and levels of disclosure? But as I contemplate the future. In a year with falling growth and global economic uncertainty. processes and technology. congratulations for the present. not future potential. and where we grow? Several companies in our list belong to groups with disparate businesses. Inc. But. In several cases. India tarnished their image and long-term prospects—how would we begin to judge our ranked companies for their promoter. in the current and the long-term. Most importantly. we defended our process which does not (currently) consider these parameters because our primary objective (for now) is to rank “performance”. courage comes easy. insights and inputs. India 500 list but ranked companies continue to innovate. India and our 500 rankers must think seriously about the jury’s concerns. though. the external environment has shaved off a few percentage points from the average growth rate of the Inc. or the $500-million threshold? Shouldn’t we also look at how we grow. it was exciting and inspiring to discover companies that make India tick with their optimism and grit. India 500 companies as we go forward. details are not handy. they also raised an interesting set of issues. does that mean everything is hunky-dory? Are we right to expect that our Inc. going forward we’d like to develop a more comprehensive measure of “respect”where growth is a must. While in the short term. For high-growth Inc. | sePtember/october 2012 WorldMags. where several celebrated entrepreneurs have succumbed to temptation and 10 4 | This year.

net Branches : Bangalore lll Chennai Mumbai Pune l Hyderabad Kolkata l Haridwar n : Resident Rep..Futuristic Models Available Today from SUMITRON SOLDERING STATION l Two Connection l Powerful Years of in Electronics Assembly & Repair 25 with Unmatched Support of our Engineers Ports Thermal Recovery l Function Sleep l Power Shut-Off Auto l Excellent DESOLDERING TOOL Thermal Recovery prevents Clogging by Sucked Solder lDesign with Nozzle Lock Safe Function l Detachable handle for use as Gun type or Straight type lDesign New REWORK SYSTEM l A Multi-Station for Soldering.. Desoldering and SMD Rework with a Single Unit l Graphic LCD Panel for Easy Viewing Large and Operation l Excellent Thermal Recovery l Compact Design AIR . Medium & Low Modes to suit different worksites & jobs l Free-standing Ducts for Exact Placement at Suction Spot l Powerful Suction l Operation by use of Silencer Unit Quiet l Replacement Notification Function Filter ensures excellent filtering efficiency at all times l Excellent THERMAL WIRE STRIPPER T 801 – – – – Stripping Performance Does not damage wire cores Does not Cut Strands Cuts Insulation Cleanly Strips Superfine Lead Wires With Ease All Hakko Products are Stocked & Supported in INDIA by SUMITRON WorldMags.PURIFYING FUME EXTRACTOR RoHS l Adjustable Air Volume – High. .net W Products from E for Lead-Free (RoHS) Applications N .WorldMags.

net .WorldMags.net WorldMags.

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